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  1. Sam Day to do 80 at hooker then? Or to spell with Will Milner? Or Beau Falloon to get some match fitness on DR?
  2. 2015 Championship Squads

    It's Ryan Millard that's signed for us. Can also add Greg Worthington to Leigh now I believe
  3. A bit of fun....

    Good to see the licensing system has produced such a competitive England squad!
  4. Bostock and Powell

    Can understand the Powell signing, just. But Bostock? No better than what we have at all.
  5. Barrow coach quits!

    They probably have more chance now, has he ever won a grand final that his team has got to?
  6. today.

    How many times have you ever seen a touch judge do that before? Probably never. I wonder why he didn't come trotting in on his horse when Dewbury knocked on twice and then received head and feed at the scrum, who knows. At the end of the day the officials were incompetent, rather than biased. You played well and lost, blaming the officials won't change that instead look at the positives and take them in to the 9 games you have left to play and you'll comfortabley be clear of Whitehaven and Keighley.
  7. Toulouse V Featherstone .Sat 4pm

    They'll be knackered playing 2 games in 1 day!
  8. the moaning leigh thread as started

    Where's the moaning? And the thread looks like it was started by a Rovers' fan that didn't attend the match. No one likes bad winners.
  9. Tonight

    Thought our defense, which has been strong all season was atrocious today, two soft tries from acting half back summed that up. Thought they played to the conditions better than we did, the few times we had the ball we dropped it. Oh well, chance to make ammends straight away, our next game is Toulouse away is it not?
  10. Rovers team news in the YEP

    No Welham or Steel? Coady and Saxton in for them?
  11. O/T - New England Coach

    Taken Bradford from consistent playoff performers to a mid table mediocrity side, cracking appointment
  12. Proud

    Yeah, big mistake really obviously underestimating the number of travelling fans. The steward infront of us with the gloves on looked like he'd just come to start a fight and his attempts to goad fans into fighting was disgusting for someone in a supposed position of responsibility. Some good rugby on show today, they didn't look that good with Bridge at stand off. I can't remember a half of rugby where we haven't got a penalty either but I think that happened today, not sure Hicks needed to get the home bias out today and should have let the minor infringements go with the gulf between the two teams.
  13. Ref is........................

    Nice that they've given us someone to make sure we won't win (on the slight off chance that it's close) a la Catalans.
  14. sheffield injuries

    Turned out well for them
  15. liam finn

    Good job we didn't have a "good" scrum half like Ben Black playing for us today