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  1. Fair points there Brooksy.
  2. Correct decision, ludicrous it even went before the disciplinary.
  3. ^^^^ 👏👏👏👏
  4. More players than Chewy were pretty slack defensively on Sunday, see the highlights on YouTube. Where is the evidence he doesn't like being tackled? If he ran at the line a bit more then I'm sure this discussion wouldn't be happening,maybe as I say the creativity of the halves is stifled by the game plan we employ, just a thought? Not exactly a side that plays free flowing RL at the minute are we. Easy to single the halves out when they "appear" to not do much with the ball, don't have to though when we play so tight to the ruck generally.
  5. Hi pal, can't see it being over 750\800 tbh if we played at BP. Too many people that stay away blame the ground/Chris Hamilton etc as has been discussed ad nauseum on here. Even if/when we move back to Oldham I can't for one minute imagine the crowd suddenly rocketing to 1200-1500. I truly hope I'm proved wrong,the club and players deserve the support. The folk who go and have travelled to the various home grounds enjoy the rugby and the camaraderie on the terraces, I dont know but maybe someone does ,when was the last time we averaged over 1000 at home games even at BP etc? We need to get the younger generation back to the rugby somehow and bolster the loyal 700 or so by any form of marketing and advertising we can muster. Crowds of 1200-1500 average should be well within our sights. No matter where we play or what the club do it never seems to happen. My bet is for the Batley game wherever it is played the crowd will remain relatively static. I'm not trying to start arguments here,just merely pointing out the facts.
  6. I'd rather not play at BP personally, soulless with 5\6\700 in. That stands if we actually ever went back there at any point permanently. Let's all gaze at 3 empty stands. Not for me thanks very much.
  7. Don't forget Chewy is only still a young lad learning his trade, Naylor alludes in his post match interview that he isn't happy with the backs as a whole. Read into that what you will. We do seem to lack that little bit of creativity to break defences down, wether that is because of the game plan we have or down to individuals. As long as anyone who pulls the shirt on gives 100% which they always do then I wont be complaining.
  8. Hull KR v Oldham last season was another big shock, probably level with Swintons win imho. Another huge one was in 1989/90 Oldham beating the then World Champions Widnes at Naughton Park,with all their stars like Tait,Offiah,Sorenson,Currier,Grima,Koloto,Myler et al in the quarter final 16-4, Second division Oldham at the time too, was an awesome day that one. Overall, although I'm biased that was the biggest shock I can remember. In the Finals then of course it has to be Sheffield vWigan
  9. Well done yesterday, had a bit too much class for us in the end. We didn't use the ball very well at all and some close to the line defence was suspect at best. Best team on the day won. Ref was terrible for both sides. Great set of supporters too, on each visit we have made to PO Road over the last two seasons, a few Fev fans have made the effort to speak to us and wish us well. Great banter in the Last Orders after the game as well. Two sets of fans dancing,singing and having a good time without any hint of bother. That's the way it should always be in our great sport. Best of luck in the next round and we look forward to welcoming you to BF in the league.
  10. Agree with the above, annoying when its a crucial home game but cant be helped. As Clifford says the pitch does need the work and it seems like had all things been equal we wouldn't have missed a home game so no blame attached to ORLFC or Staly Celtic, the damage the pitch took in the terrible weather has extended the time needed for repairs. Oh well wherever we end up, hopefully the majority of fans will understand that this is unavoidable and will travel to whichever ground we go to.
  11. Tough game today as always at Fev, enjoyed the day though if not the result. Fev fans both at the game and in the pub after were a credit, had a right good banter with them. The game was a mixed affair really, Fev didnt really look uncomfortable apart from the spell just after we scored. Oldham never gave in but we lacked the nouse to break the defense down. Best team on the day won, next week at Dewsbury is far more important in the grand scheme of things. As stated above good turn out of Oldham fans today, we can concentrate on the league now and maintaining Championship status.
  12. Cheers Clifford. We will give them a shout for you. Always tough at Fev, should be a good match. TBH the cup is a distraction as far as I'm concerned, of course I will be travelling hoping for an Oldham win but part of me wants us out of the damn comp. The days of massive shocks are long gone, none of us Champ teams has a cat in hells chance of winning the cup. As for the money aspect, well of course it comes in more than handy but depends on the draw, even having said that in 1989 we played the World Champions away (and won) in front of 16,000 or so at Naughton Park so we got a massive payday and a semi v Warrington (Less said the better), IF we win at Fev and get Batley/Dews or such like its not exactly a jackpot in terms of finance. The Cup is now so biased towards SL its unreal, the only thing that matters to me is maintaining Championship status, long term that will get us more money and keep confidence of the club and lads than a potential drubbing against one of the SL boys for a payday of ,if its a poor draw,a split of 1600 or so souls, the cup run did us no favours last season as good as it was at the time. Still hope we win cause its our club, I would never back against us no matter what. I just honestly think in the grand scheme of things the League is a 100% more important. See all the travelling Yed army tomorrow. Up the Yeds!
  13. He ain't Codding Wozz,just knows his plaice,referees these days are right sprats unless they have been bunged a few squid.Turbotulant times for the red(hall)snappers. On that note I shall get my coat 😂
  14. Reviewed I agree with Dave, but charging a player for that is ludicrous. Luke Gale got a ban for touching a ref on his shoulder,Houston cleans Bentham out and gets nothing. These clowns that run our game need a major shake up.The disciplinary is a flawed system, Joe Taira of Rochdale cracks a player on the floor and gets a red card, charged with grade B striking which carries the same punishment 1-2 matches as the alleged offence of Lippy? Major review of the disciplinary is needed before the game loses all credibility.
  15. Lippy charged with contact with a match official (grade B). The incident is on the Oldham v Swinton match video at 41.20. Are the RFL on something? Clearly he would have run in front of the ref had the referee not stepped in his way! If he gets anything for that its a disgrace after the recent not guilty of Houston of Widnes wiping out Phil Bentham with a huge tackle in the back. There is absolutely nothing Lippy could do to avoid contact when the Ref steps into his path. The RFL disciplinary is a total joke system, far too inconsistent. It needs sorting out asap.