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  1. Did the council not write off a load of money when we gave up Whitebank? Maybe that is the £80k difference? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/oldham-rugby-club-surrenders-lease-11873398.amp
  2. Keighleys official Facebook page reckon they were the better side . Not massively convincing but a much needed win, our confidence looked shot early doors but grew into it today and got the job done. Huge test at Town next week. Crooky was excellent , the try saving tackle was immense. Hewitt gets bagged every week on here, no wonder his confidence seems low, we don't exactly showcase the half backs with our style of play, we could play Cooper Cronk at 7 and he would look sheeite. Gwaze needs time to develop, he is not ready even at our level and offers little so not a loss for me. We desperately need to get Nelmesy back in the fold, we are lacking fire in the front row. Law is bang average and a bit of a penalty machine. Overall rating today against a very poor Keighley side is 6/10 for me. Job done but improvement needed for the trip to Borough Park next week.
  3. Benty is incredible defensively, maybe he doesn't make many yards but then the whole pack don't exactly rip up trees, the props last week had 37 carries between them less than 10 a prop on average,with very limited meters gained,that's terrible. The pack stats overall going forward were abysmal. Backs stats on paper look good but just shows that meters made to no end product are worthless. Defensively the stats are very high yet we concede 31 points, due to errors and the crucial missed tackles. Whittel 5 carries for 21m is same gain as Benty with one more carry but no criticism of him? 8 carries from Langers is also under par. The whole side were useless last week, no point picking out players because every one of them was responsible for a shocking performance. It's done now, we have to move on and hope this week the players redeem themselves after the horror show.
  4. Quality player Beharrell, some very good players in the Donny side also. Simple fact is we were dire, not just 1 or 2 players, literally all of them. I honestly can't remember a performance as bad in a long time, Bradford 82-0 was shocking ,as was (I'm told Keighley away last term) but Sunday was the absolute low for me. Conditions same for both sides yet Donny threw the ball like a dry day and we couldn't hold it for toffee. 2 or 3 completed sets is disgraceful. Boas's try was a carbon copy of the week before, same pass intercepted and same result, do we ever learn? No idea what was wrong, players playing hurt? No plan b? Horrendous day at the office? Take nothing away from Donny, full value for the win and showed every single deficiency we have. Brought us back down to earth with a bump. For the first time I remember I couldn't even bring myself to clap Oldham off, it really was that bad. Where do we go from here? Well it can only be up after that performance, hopefully back on the horse this week but I ain't counting my chickens, Keighley will be smarting from the tonking we gave them,if we ain't on the ball another defeat is on the cards. Whatever is wrong needs sorting sharpish or the season is done.
  5. Oh blimey, seems like a very strange decision to DR from both clubs on that evidence Clogdance, both of us struggling for bodies at the moment to make a 19 and short on squad numbers overall. If that's the case it's crazy that the clubs agreed to it, just breeds frustration (from our point of view) that we get no one in and adds to the hatred of DR, and from your point you can't afford to send us anybody even if you wanted to. Madness. Anyway good luck for the rest of the season, always enjoy our trips to the LSV.
  6. True, forgot that bit tbh
  7. Ah yeah I forgot that tbh, good point.
  8. I agree for the most part, this 1895 cup is a distraction we can do without. I wish this week's fixture was a league game backing up from last Saturday's excellent performance. I want us to win every game we play,but tbh this week on/week off league,1895 cup format is terrible for getting a consistent run going and also dampens enthusiasm. We can only play in this godforsaken cup and hope we get a win and maybe a bit of a payday next round. We are thin on the ground for players at the moment too, any more injuries on Sunday and we are at crisis point. As I said on the DR thread, play Leigh lads this week on DR and keep ours out if they ain't 100% for next week's league game. Use DR to our advantage for once in the tin pot cup.
  9. Now we have lost Johnno for few weeks, Bridgey, Langer's and Maders doubtful for Sunday's game,is this week's fixture a game we should be getting DR in for? Loans I guess probably take a bit longer to organise than DR and are for a min of a month. We are very thin on the ground if all these players are hurt. Use DR to our advantage for once and throw a few Leigh lads in for the 1895 and save our lads for the assault on the league.
  10. Thanks for putting the fixtures on Old Frightful, it is appreciated. Batley Bulldogs v Rochdale Hornets Dewsbury Rams v Swinton Lions Leigh Centurions v Workington Town Oldham v Doncaster RLFC York City Knights v Newcastle Thunder Barrow Border Raiders v Bradford Bulls Halifax RLFC v Sheffield Eagles Widnes Vikings v Featherstone Rovers
  11. Oldham Bears??? Doncaster must have a bye then,we ain't been Bears since 1997
  12. Oldham were excellent today, best away performance for a long time. Keighley weren't great tbf but I don't think the coach going had much effect. Oldham pretty much dominated throughout and could have had 2 or 3 tries more but for dodgy finishing . Didn't expect to put 50 on Keighley, suffice to say the travelling Yeds fans and the players were ecstatic at the final hooter. Shaping up to be a very interesting league, no clear favourite and most games are incredibly competitive, hold onto your hats from now til the end of the season!
  13. Played some great stuff, defence solid, Mr Sweet gave us not a lot as per usual. Downside Johnno went off with what looked like a jaw injury. All in all a brilliant effort from the lads. Best away performance for a long long time. Up the Yeds!
  14. No point complaining about DR really, part of the modern game I'm afraid. As discussed previously it has never worked for us so far,but look at York's DR with HKR, made a huge difference to them escaping League 1, it might not sit right with a lot of people and I understand that, but if we do get players from Leigh and Nobby accepts them,as long as they give 100% for us and help us try and escape League 1 then I'm ok with that. Realistically with our budget and squad size we need an option to bolster the ranks at crucial stages,we can't afford a squad of 27-28 of our "own" players and certainly couldn't afford a "Gareth Hock" unless it's on DR. We have lost 4 players out of an already small squad, Nelmes,Grimmer,Kershaw and Jones-Bishop, if DR is the only way we can get players in then so be it. Will people be complaining if we achieve promotion with a couple of Leigh players in the team? I doubt it.
  15. Well after taking stock and being so incredibly frustrated this is what I think.... The players clearly are good enough physically, to gain leads against all the "promotion" rivals has not been a problem,mentally we are fragile. They are fit enough and can play decent stuff to get into these "winning" positions. Now then, the problem is our end of game management is dire, why do we never just play a boring set,drill the ball out and turn sides around? It was roasting on Friday and with Hunslets big pack, surely it would drain them a bit and of course kill time. It's not just the Hunslet game either,closing out games is our Achilles heel and teams know if they chip away at us we are vunerable in tight games. Taking 2 points with Huns on a team warning was ridiculous,that penalty should have been run all day long. We need someone to stand up and take control of the game, Bowman is experienced enough to take the heat off Hewitt in those circumstances. In short we lack a leader, there was one standing at the game in Palf, how we could do with him at the moment. No matter what folk think of him he is a leader for sure Everytime a melee occurs or a side gets under our skin,we lose all sense,we look rattled and unsure of ourselves. It's going to be a big ask now to claw back lost points away at Town and Hunslet, teams are going to take points off each other all season but we are definitely now behind the 8 ball, we can't afford many (if any) more defeats. We desperately need a big prop,an enforcer to get amongst it when the going gets tough. This season is rapidly becoming a "what might have been" already, just like the last 2 seasons really, we need some sort of change imho, wether that is the coach,a new game plan,different player combinations. It's truly mystifying why we continue to throw games away like this. Oh well, consigned to the history books now and the long trek to Wales awaits us. Gee whizz it's never easy being a Yed is it lol Up the Yeds!
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