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  1. roughyed34

    London Skolars Away

    Just got in lol. Long day but worth it. The London double header bit Skolars right on the arris with what I suggest a lower crowd than what it would have been as a 3 o clock k.o at their own ground. Most Broncos fans they expected to support the league 1 club were sat in the club watching Widnes on the screen,while our game was on. Fair play to the Skolars fans I spoke they were also gutted not to be at home and did say they would rather have been at New River. Strange move to switch the game, clearly there was more to it than the "fans want to watch both games". Pity we probs will never know the real reason behind the move. As for the game, we did well. One try chalked off for nothing but hey, we are used to dodgy decisions 😂. All in all a professional performance, we await our fate now with the York/Haven game. If we go to Odsal next week then so be it, one throw of the dice in pretty much a winner takes all battle. If Haven win then that's us done. The lads did the job today and massive credit to a very decent Oldham contingent who made the trek down to London.
  2. roughyed34

    Big Ben, Nelmesy and Hooley.....

    Ah right. Thanks Dave. Confuses the life out of me this disciplinary system.
  3. roughyed34

    Big Ben, Nelmesy and Hooley.....

    All three handed a 1 match penalty notice from the RFL disciplinary tonight. I assume that rules them out for Saturday? If it does and things go to plan and we win and Haven lose, they will return to face .....Bradford in the playoffs. If they can play this week it rules them out of the playoff if we get there. I know which game I would miss if I could lol.
  4. roughyed34

    Oldham prop Ben Davies sent off for...

    One match penalty notice for Ben Davies.
  5. roughyed34

    London Skolars Away

    Good stuff from Oldham this, well done to the club for ensuring we don't have to pay the double header price if people don't want to. Best of a poor situation not of our clubs own making.
  6. Feel for Skolars fans who are in this situation,doesn't seem right to me for you guys to be messed about with either. From what I have read it seems like a few Skolars fans cant make the game now as well as some Oldham fans who have had to drop out of the trip. I hope that Oldham fans (and Skolars) who do not wish to watch a "double header" will not be charged £20, after all till this ridiculous move occurred tickets for the league 1 game were on sale for £12.50! People may say you can watch 2 games for £20, frankly I have little interest in the Broncos game (no disrespect to either club) It will be interesting to see how many of the Broncs/Salford game supporters will stay for the second game. Salford fans will be wanting to get away I should think after their game. As for the crossover of fans I suspect it would probably not impact the crowd massively had the game remained at New River. It will most likely be a "manufactured" crowd figure for the league 1 game at Trailfinders because they will take the attendance from the previous game also as usual at double headers. Leads me to think that there is another reason for this late change of our game both kick off time and venue other than the "fans" want to watch both games and Skolars were scared of a "huge" impact on their last home game. Always enjoyed our trips to New River and it's a shame that we won't get there this year. What's done is done, we can't change it. It doesn't make it right though. The Skolars have always been very welcoming to our fans and it's such a shame that your last "home" game has been mucked about with. Wish Skolars all the best for the future, it's certainly not the fans fault all this rubbish.
  7. roughyed34

    London Skolars Away

    I sort of understand that "London" fans have a certain % of crossover between the two clubs but what I can't get my head around is surely there is a loyalty to one or the other. If you support Skolars then watch them at New River, same with Broncos at Trailfinders. If there is a clash of fixtures you pick the side which you are a proper fan of. If there is no clash then of course if you feel that way watch the other game too. Some Skolars fans are angry that they can't make the game due to change of kick off time for their home game due to prior commitments and said with the uncertainty they may not renew season tickets next season. If this is the case that so many Skolars fans watch Broncos then why do they have their own ground etc, surely they would be better having double headers every week at Trailfinders and therefore probably improving crowds for both clubs and promoting the game in London from one base? It strikes me that fans in London seem to support "London" not a specific club with the way the reason for the move of our fixture has occurred. Yes the RFL dropped a nut with the Broncos/Salford game being moved but if the only reason for our game being moved is so Skolars fans can watch the Broncos. That's not a valid reason to mess with our fixture imho. Unfortunate for Skolars that this clash occurred but they should have still had to play the game at their home ground. Clearly don't have much faith in their own fans to attend if they have to do this. As Dave said,some fans have booked accommodation on the other side of London,travel has been arranged etc. Zero regard for our travelling fans. Long day ahead Saturday, should be home for 1am ish. Lovely. Things we do for this club eh 😉
  8. roughyed34

    Oldham prop Ben Davies sent off for...

    Anyone else hear Scott Naylor say this or just you Mick? I spoke to Ben after the game and he confirmed he said "how much are they paying you?" Which he also confirmed on Twitter.He denied vehemently he mentioned Bradford specifically and the question was aimed at the RFL Having said that I'm sure Big Ben wishes he hadn't said anything as words like that are always going to be taken by a ref as an implication of bias/bribery even if it was not intended that way. Ban coming no doubt, probably quite hefty for "questioning integrity". Wait and see what the charge is and see what Mr Rossleigh puts in his report. Only Ben and the ref know what was said and in what context. He was only asking what we all want to know anyway 🤣
  9. roughyed34

    Supporters Player of the Year

    Nah he is rubbish 😂😂
  10. What's the actual crossover of London fans? So London has two teams, with a fan base that supports London rather than one team or specific club? If that's the case why are Skolars crowds not similar to Broncos then? We now have to travel to London to a different ground when people have booked accommodation in the area near New River.Transport plans have to change. That's ok then is it? Kick off time changed to benefit London but to hell with travelling fans. Yeah massively sensible. How are Skolars/Broncos splitting the gate? Changing a venue/ko with 3 days notice in this case is crazy. As above some Skolars fans cant make the game either and seem disillusioned with the sport, is that benefitting Skolars too?
  11. roughyed34

    London Skolars Away

    Your having a laugh RFL? Changing our kick off to 5.30pm on Saturday at Trailfinders instead of New River because Skolars fans also watch Broncos? Seriously???? All this because they moved the Salford game at short notice. What a crock of old ******! Disgraceful this, why did Oldham agree to this rubbish????
  12. roughyed34

    London Skolars Away

    It has been a funny old season, full of what ifs again. Hey ho,typical Oldham really. We have a chance now to go to London and get a win to finish the regular season (as Dave says we need to be 100% London ain't no pushovers) and if the results go our way another shot at the Bulls at Odsal. It's not over just yet, personally it's been a great season with the Yeds fans who may I add have been magnificent this year both home and away, frequently outnumbered away but making their presence felt vocally and being incredibly sporting applauding both sides off the pitch at every single game, win or lose.Huge credit to our supporters for that. We may be few but I wouldn't swap our fans for anything, a more sporting ,humourous,passionate bunch you would be hard pressed to find. We moan at times but only because we love this club and care deeply about it. The players have been brilliant, they have lacked nouse at times and made crucial errors in certain games but excuses have never been made for the poor performances. Thanks to each and everyone of them for the pride and determination they have shown wearing our shirts and the blood and sweat they have shed for the cause.The ovations they have received from us i hope have shown the appreciation we have towards them all. The people who have run the club especially Anne Kearns in Mr H's absence deserve some credit too,not easy to take the flack while the main man is recovering, Nigel and the rest of the staff including ORSA, and the coaching team take a bow for everything they have contributed to the club this season. We can still go up, it's a last chance saloon scenario but we cling to a bit of hope that something may go our way for once. If we do make the playoffs it would be great to see a travelling army backing the lads at Odsal. May not have been the greatest season in our history results wise but it's been a pleasure to spend time with our fans and also those friends from every other club. Up the Yeds!
  13. roughyed34

    Chris Hamilton

    Last I heard (couple of weeks ago) he was doing ok but recovery was taking longer than predicted. No more than that I'm afraid. No idea who represented us Whitworth, I assume it was Mr H also. I think he will wait till our season is over and then I reckon we will get more news then.
  14. roughyed34


    It wasn't far off that Clifford if I remember rightly 1400 odd in that day in 2015 I think .
  15. roughyed34


    Capacity was set at 1100 so almost a full house.