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  1. Law Cup comes home

    Grim but not unexpected really, as has been said admission price was pretty steep for a "friendly", people working,folk with other commitments in midweek,kids at school the following day. I bet most midweek games historically across RL attract a lower attendance than those played on a Sunday especially friendlies,the Roughyeds following was pretty good considering but still way down on what we would normally take to Hornets on a Sunday affy.
  2. Law cup week 😁

    Superb performance from the lads, Reid looks like a belting centre in the making, if there are highlights watch his dummy it was worth the admission alone. Solid team performance. Good following from Oldham tonight, and on that showing it should be a very decent season.
  3. Rochdale Looking For Payment Reductions

    Think that will depend on what the restructure brings. If SL becomes franchised then the only way we will see Championship/1 is if there is indeed a breakaway. What's the point otherwise if there is no chance of promotion? The RFL should have released the format/structure for 2019 at the end of last season not the coming one. Not much time for clubs to adjust to the changes. At least clubs would know where they stand and what realistically they could achieve this season.As for Big Nige etc It needed a shake up at the RFL but I feel SLE have an agenda to become the controlling body and will eventually integrate the RFL into that organisation at professional level. Hornets may have made errors in budget etc but I ain't gonna criticise that when we seem to have more tax problems in a season than soft mick and that's supposed to be budgeted for!! A lot of clubs at Championship/1 level exist on a very fine line and no financial stability. That's partially because the "support" and distribution of central funding is so biased toward SL and the Champ top 4. Rochdale won't be the last to suffer financial problems this season, more will follow I'm sure during the season.
  4. Rochdale Looking For Payment Reductions

    Endemic of the game at the lower echelons I'm afraid, clubs desperate to stay in the Championship.With the changes at the RFL/SLE it will get worse I reckon. Money from Sky etc is poorly distributed now down the pyramid and with SL definitely looking to run the whole RL scene in this country,the future for all lower clubs is very precarious not just financially but their very existence as sporting teams. Think Hornets are saying they lost some sponsors Spud and thats the main reason for the shortfall. They are right with Toronto and Toulouse though, away fans are vital to clubs (yes we all could do with more home fans) but the loss of us and Bradford will cost them c2000 paying fans. Big loss to Hornets that, as it would be to most clubs on low budgets. When SL announce the new super plans I'm getting the vibes that us at the bottom of the food chain will become redundant. Franchises and feeder clubs,that's all SL want,stuff the rest.
  5. Law cup week 😁

    Pitch tonight looks like Blackpool beach, hope no players from either side get hurt on that. Rochdale FC fans seem to think it's dangerous,can see turned ankles/knees galore on that. On the plus side I heard the sand had 20% off the price 😂 (sorry Hornets fans!)
  6. Josh crowley

    Correct chaps, retired from the game. Shame really,great player even if he defected to the dark side.
  7. Law cup week 😁

    Aye just seen the highlights from the Dale game v Blackpool.Pitch looked reasonable at first but cut up something shocking near the end of the game by the looks of things. Seems like the football fans are bemoaning the state of the pitch after the work last year seems to have failed,some even suggesting legal action against the folk who did the work. Hope it gets sorted soon, do the footy club hold sway on when the pitch is playable for Hornets?
  8. Law cup week 😁

    Yeah thanks Tyrone, spot on info. Hope they get it on for Wednesday. Now obviously nothing can be done about the weather but if the pitch is in such a bad state and Rochdale FC are playing Tuesday as well (which I reckon has a sway on this weekends postponement,could be wrong though) it could be a real problem if it continues to be poor weather,according to fans on Dale FC board they say 80 tons of sand are ready to go down on the pitch and the pitch is shot to bits.I can see the Law Cup 2018 disappearing for this year especially if the football club kick off about the pitch. Guess we will wait and see. Be a real shame if it doesn't happen.
  9. Law cup week 😁

    If thats right it will be a poor crowd i reckon.
  10. Law cup week 😁

    Happy days the Rugby is back. Looking forward to this one,be nice to see our ex players and those that have swapped to the better side,always fun at the neighbours. Hope as usual we have a good following at Spotland. Let's do this! Up the Yeds!!
  11. Happy New Year

    Happy New year mate and to all Yeds everywhere.
  12. New shirts

    Agree with that,Dave is a massive asset to the club. I shudder to think what the club's social media/web presence would be without his help.
  13. New shirts

    Totally agree TAOHAF, it's not that hard for someone with marketing expertise to do. As for new shirts, eBay has a few signed Summer Bash 2017 ones available 😉. Most clubs have had their gear out for weeks or if not weeks then certainly before Xmas.See the Shirts thread in the main forum. The club is farcical on shirts/merch. CH cries on about revenue,but does absolutely nothing to increase it. I know people were trying to get scarves etc for Christmas presents to be told there was none at all. Joke. You can't even buy a season ticket now because it's past Hamilton's cut off point for crying out loud. I have defended CH on numerous occasions but this close season with no presentation night for fans,no shirts/merch,season tickets being put on limited sale ( people/kids may have got money for Xmas and wanted to buy,but now can't), it's beyond a joke. Anyway,a week to the Law Cup,wonder which shirt we will play in? If it wasn't for a great set of fans and players,I would consider turning it in. It's embarrassing. See the travellers at Spotland.Up the Yeds!
  14. What's you're christmas wish?

    For the team-Win the Law Cup, have a successful season in League 1,avoid a crippling injury list and enjoy another season of Rugby following our team all over the country meeting friends from all other clubs.Sammy Gee to come out of retirement . From the club front, i dont wish for anything cause it wont happen lol. Always proud to be a Yed no matter what the politics are, those lads in Red and White doing their best for the club and town will do for me, thats what makes me proud to be a small part of ORLFC no matter who runs the ship.
  15. Adam clay

    Yes,he is having time out of the game to concentrate on work projects. May be back at some point but don't count on it.