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  1. roughyed34

    2019 season tickets

    Rumours abound that fixtures are due around the 25th for Champ/League 1. Not sure how much truth is in them though. Probs right Baron, murky waters still around Leigh and Keighley are delaying things.
  2. roughyed34

    2019 Squad and signings

    Really happy about Bridgey, made a huge mistake, took the punishment and will return stronger next year. He was having a belting season before "the incident", quality signing for us.
  3. roughyed34

    Players Awards Night

    Explain what? That Anne has done a sterling job in the chairman's absense, that she stepped in to help the club and ensure that the club continued to operate, that Anne organised a successful and enjoyable end of season awards night, that Anne has been approachable and took the job on in difficult circumstances,that Anne actually cares about OUR club. The standing ovation she received from those present on the night was born of respect and gratitude for all the work she has done. It's a pity you Little no it all, can't show the same respect and dignity by posting yet another post that is negative,tedious, and frankly bringing personal relationship speculation into posts ( which afaik is an untrue statement you make and has nothing to do with you anyway) is lower than low. You really are a grub.
  4. roughyed34

    History of Oldham Amateur District League

    As Clifford alludes to, the point is SL pick the crop of local talent from all over including Oldham, young lads are picked from amateur clubs and watched from a young age and injected into this system. Below SL academies in the main (few lower clubs excepted) there is no opportunity for these or other lads to play in a setup that leads to a first team appearance. The old pathway of colts, A team, first team is pretty much dead at lower league level. That's the way it is, there is not much point in Oldham trying to compete in the market for local talent at the moment , not because the players are not good enough or Oldham wouldn't want them,but because the system of not having mandatory A team/reserves/under 20s/under 18s is not in place across all of Rugby League's pro divisions. If the club/RFL were to reintroduce the U20's competition I wager you would see more local lads in that side, you simply can't pull a kid out of an amateur setup at 16/17/18 and expect them to just waltz into semi pro rugby or higher (it happens occasionally but not that often). They need a starting point. The way the game is structured under first teams at the moment means only a certain few sides can offer that opportunity. I would love to see a reserve side at Oldham full of local lads trying to earn their spurs,it's worked before with our brilliant last crop of u20s that made the step up and it would surely work again. Until the reserve grade is made compulsory ,Oldham amongst other clubs will struggle to get the local boys in. Doesn't matter how much Oldham do or do not watch local talent, the fact remains that the SL clubs will always be a bigger draw. Maybe Little no it all can go to the amateur games and send his recommendations in to Scott and Pete on the back of a postcard,sure they will be grateful of the scouting reports he will provide. 🙄
  5. roughyed34

    2019 Squad and signings

    Wish granted 😀. Best centre we have at the club. Excellent news to keep Zack, had a great season last year.
  6. roughyed34

    2019 Squad and signings

    Nice to see another youngster getting a chance, good luck to the lad. After a slow start the Roughyeds express is gathering pace! Up the Yeds!
  7. roughyed34

    2019 Squad and signings

    Agree, good to see new blood coming in. Good signing this, decent player Bowman. Keep um coming Yeds!
  8. roughyed34

    2019 Squad and signings

    Great bloke, great player. Always gives everything and absolutely loves Oldham. Squad is building nicely, I have a sneaky feeling we will go well this coming season.
  9. roughyed34

    2019 Squad and signings

    Decent when he played which wasn't enough imho. Seemed to be on the fringe really and also did his back in which meant he missed a few games also. We probably didn't see him at his best. If he gets game time he will be a solid signing for you guys.
  10. roughyed34

    2019 Squad and signings

    Aaron Jones-Bishop signed! Great signing for us! Great night at the awards!
  11. roughyed34

    2019 Squad and signings

    Glad to see Gaz continue with us, did well last season. Looking forward to tonight's mysterious announcement now 😀
  12. roughyed34

    2019 Squad and signings

    Good news! Does the hard work, tackles well. Good to have Ben with us again. Solid signing , keep um coming Yeds!
  13. roughyed34

    2019 Squad and signings

    Another good ,solid signing. More experience to the side for next season, good work Oldham and welcome Ritchie!
  14. roughyed34

    2019 Squad and signings

    Nice, looks promising. Big lad, if anything like his brother he will be aggressive and direct too with no lack of skill. Welcome aboard the Roughyeds express Ben!
  15. roughyed34

    2019 season tickets

    No apologies needed ,I don't dispute what you say Sheddings I don't know much about it tbh, just had a little look out of interest and gleaned that bit of info from t'internet. Like you say we seemed to have a decent lottery thing going on, I thought it was just from our club,seems there may be more to the workings of it than meets the eye. I wonder if people are put off joining if this is right, wondering what money Oldham actually get from it and thinking they may be "helping" other clubs and have a lesser chance of a win if all the clubs are involved? Interesting, maybe the club should clarify it and make a push to get more members if it helps the club in some way. Then again marketing is nonexistent at ORLFC. 🙁