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  1. roughyed34

    Biggest Derby in Oldham - official club site. Bit of info here and a contact page,maybe someone from Rangers could fill in the blanks for a wiki page?
  2. roughyed34

    Newcastle Thunder Friendly

    Oh well, was looking forward to this one too. Can't beat the weather though, unfortunately even with a 4g pitch (contrary to popular belief) they are not "all weather"-technical stuff to do with the little rubber pellets and so on. Can't imagine the surroundings would have been too great either, never mind it's "Summer Rugby" they keep telling us 😂
  3. roughyed34

    Newcastle Thunder Friendly

    Spoke briefly to Roger Halstead last week at Swinton asking why we were playing Newcastle in a friendly, his answer was that "Nobby wants a look at them", read into that what you will. After a very good preseason so far against Championship opposition it will be interesting to see what happens on Sunday (weather permitting), very strong looking Newcastle squad although missing Gill and Finn should provide a good test for our lads. To be honest apart from possibly a bit of psychological advantage, its just another run out before the season starts in earnest in a couple of weeks. Looking forward to what promises to be another good match although i wont be reading too much into the result. A win would be great but more importantly at this stage its another 80 mins for the lads to gel and get used to each other and try some systems out in a match environment. A good performance and no injuries heading into the opening league game in a couple of weeks will do. Hope we get a decent crowd in, plenty have been asking for reduced admission and the club have responded by cutting the price for this game. Up the Yeds!
  4. roughyed34

    Chris Hamilton

    Fear not my friends, Mr H put in an appearance at Swinton last Sunday! He had a little chat with our travelling fans and I'm happy to report he looked very well and was in good spirits. He said he is doing OK and is looking forward to attending more games this season although taking it step by step. Genuinely, I was very pleased to see him as I think every fan who saw him was too. P. S. Seems like Lalar finds it hilarious that people are glad that a human being is well after major surgery. Just shows the mentality of the troll 🙄
  5. roughyed34

    Swinton Friendly

    Clearly Nobby doesn't think so making him skipper again this season.
  6. roughyed34

    Swinton Friendly

    Decent game today. First half superb, second half Swinton bossed it. Overall a very encouraging performance, couple of our lads suffering with illness today but put a great shift in. Windy conditions for the kickers and those missed points cost us at least a draw. Ref was indifferent for both sides and I don't think I have seen linesman on the field of play as much as today. Seemed like they were almost trying to be "second" refs. Still believe this is the best Oldham squad we have seen for a few seasons, looks very promising for the league campaign. Swinton definately a cut above Hornets on that performance and should do ok. Always a good day at Sale and friendly fans and staff too. Wish them all the best for the season.
  7. roughyed34

    Law Cup

    Outstanding from Benty and Calland, work from all the forwards incredible.Backs impressive also. Brilliant stats from the Law Cup both in attack and defence, Bodes well for the season. Thanks Brooksy
  8. roughyed34

    Swinton Friendly

    £14 on the door for adults i have been reliably informed by a Swinton pal. Hopefully another good match and performance, looking forward to it.
  9. roughyed34

    Today's game

    Decent turn out from Hornets fans, not much to shout about though. No offence but off that showing it will be a long season for you guys in the Championship. Expected a bit more tbh, didn't seem too much cohesion or even spirit in your side today. Oh well, hope you can improve and stay in the Championship and we can join you. Good luck for the season.
  10. roughyed34

    Law Cup Competition

    Great result, played well and didn't get involved with some of Hornets dodgy tactics. Well worth £14 for that! What a game from our boys, can't fault anyone, plenty of pride and passion, bit disappointed with Hornets efforts in the Derby as a Championship side. Couple of great Hornets fans we were talking to at the far end,great lads and true RL fans. Onwards to Swinton now, I think this one will be a big test for us. Worky fans across social media reckon they are the mutts nuts this season, hmmm let's see on the 17th Feb when they come to us. I fancy they might have a shock. All looking good so far for the Yeds, Law Cup in the locker, one more outing against Championship Swinton, a weird friendly v Newcastle and then the league action begins... Can't wait.
  11. roughyed34

    Law Cup

    Max of 5°C but fine apparently, Sundays forecast..... So far. No probs there then, pretty tropical for Oldham in January 😁🍹🌴⛱️
  12. roughyed34

    Law Cup

    Thanks Logic, I must have missed the release from the club about the price for the Newcastle game lol. Means that the average price for the friendlies (if people attend both) is £12. Can't complain at that.
  13. roughyed34

    Law Cup

    90 mins of overpaid Nancy's rolling on the floor at the slightest touch, full time players who couldn't care a monkeys and don't have to get up to work the next day for a £10 or 80 mins of pride and passion, blood and thunder, a local Derby pride of the A627M and bragging rights for a whole season for an extra £4?? It's a bargain! Don't see what the problem with £14 is tbh, it's normal admission price against a team in a higher division.Worky charged £15 on the gate for their "friendly" v Haven last weekend and got over 1000 there, and are charging the same for this week v Hudds (although you could get a £2 off earlybird ticket for each game) We still have to pay our costs and everything else, as I said earlier it could and maybe should have been a ticket offer for both the home friendlies. The club has to charge full price because we simply can't afford to lose money, and even if you reduce the price there is no guarantee that more fans will attend. Reducing ticket prices is not necessarily the answer to increasing crowds.
  14. roughyed34

    Law Cup

    Haha, most likely Baron.. Mind you i wouldnt mind a crowd of 852! Not sure what to expect crowd wise really, im gonna go for a conservative 511. Leave our ringers alone, they aint a bad addition to any squad :)
  15. roughyed34

    Law Cup

    Possibly, it's a fine line though between lowering prices on the hope of a bigger crowd or maintain the price with the regulars plus hopefully some new additions. Catch 22 in some ways. Might have been an idea to do an offer on tickets for both the home "friendlies" say, £22 for both or something like that in advance. Even pay on the gate at £14 this week and get a ticket for the Newcastle game for £8. We assume of course that standard prices will apply to the Newcastle game, that's not been confirmed obviously and maybe there is something in the pipeline. We shall see pal.