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  1. Having spoken to Lewis at presentation night I was joking with him and said "if you go to the Hornets then expect the usual welcome we reserve for our nearest and dearest",his reply was "I wouldn't want it any other way". He really had a lot of time for Oldham and the fans,still does I reckon,whatever shortcomings people saw in his game the fact is he was a great captain for us over the last 4 years and gave his all in every game,but he now wears the old enemies colours. Regardless of that, I for one will give him a warm welcome back to BF, hope everyone else does too. Should be a cracking match in prospect.
  2. I'd be thinking Turner,Diskin,Tyson,Grimshaw,Chisholm,Leatherbarrow,Hewitt,Joy,Owen,Neal,Chappell,Wood,Gee. Sub's. Ward,Clough,Hughes,Spencer. Leave Adam Clay out after a knee knock last week if he ain't right, Harry Warburton would be unlucky to miss out after a couple of good games but might be a bit much in the derby battle for the lad. Obviously with Langers,Burke,Davies,Thommo out and Kieran Gill joining us for the season proper, I expect our side will look quite a bit different in a couple of weeks. If the DR players are correct as above,before anyone moans about DR again,we would be struggling with numbers without a couple of additions!
  3. Ah right, fair enough Watersheddings. Like it or not though we will use DR during the season. In an ideal world we would have a first team squad of maybe 25/26 players but we can't run to that unfortunately, I'm ok with DR as long as our own players (when fit) don't suffer.
  4. Tandle, if that clause was in a players contract and a club offered those terms he would be within his rights to go. Bradford can't just sign contracted players at will!
  5. Not really that worrying re.players. Players at other clubs will be contracted and therefore Bradford would have to pay compensation to them. There is nothing to stop them signing players (as there isn't for other teams) as long as the transfer rules/contracts are adhered to.
  6. From the camera angle looks like Dave Hewitts try at the end was deffo onside! Not sure how the ref gave a knock on just prior to the try,looked like the ball went backwards to me. Lots to work on for the coaches this week. Thanks for the info Lifer.
  7. Glad you prove about Hornets fans what we have been saying for years pooing dog plus Baron suggested that ditty a few posts ago (Yawn).Fancy the mods might be removing that effort. Come back when you have had your treatment please.
  8. Irony is a subtle art fifties 😀
  9. Premier sports in the UK showing all Toronto's games starting Sunday v Hull 2pm k.o. Totally irrelevant to the Yeds of course, we have the small matter of the Law Cup 😉
  10. Looked good today your lads, great effort and some lovely tries. I assure you though we didn't have DR players in at our own lads expense! Out of our squad of 21, 2 were at prior engagements, 5 on the injury list and one I have no idea about. Warburton who played on the wing is a trialist. If we hadn't used DR you wouldn't have seen a game today! Anyway we will see what happens during the season, our biggest problem is the injury list at the moment, the Oldham side you saw today is nowhere near our first team really but as they say you can only play what's in front of you and there were quite a few stand out performances from your lads, who in fairness deserved a win today. All the best for the season.
  11. Could you please tell me Watersheddings, which two players you are referring to who didn't get a game today? Turner,Clay,Tyson,Warburton(Trialist),Leatherbarrow,Hewitt,Neal,Hughes,Spencer,Gee,Davies,Chisholm,Nield and Joy all played. Owen and Ward had prior engagements. Grimshaw,Chappell,Langtree,Thommo,Gill are on the injury list. No idea where Burke was today. So as you can see, we needed the DR players today to even have a full squad to put on the meadow,we generally use our first team players with a couple of DR players from Hudds, we didn't have much choice today but utilise the Hudds lads. No Huddersfield player was picked over a genuine Oldham player, we didn't have enough fit bodies without them!! Be interesting to know who the two players who missed out were then for the DR players to come in? Bearman the game was played at Barrow because Scott Naylor asked for it to be played there, he uses the trip as a tough ground to go to and a bonding exercise for the players. Nothing to do with the reason you insinuate. Anyway, Barrow played well today, would have won if your gobby number three hadn't been trying to banter with the Roughyeds fans behind the posts, he said "your not clapping anymore" and looking at the fans while Hewitt dived over for the last second try. Priceless.The look on his face was a picture. Good to see the big lad Brad Brennen(?) having the banter with the Michael Van Gerwen chant we gave him. Good luck for the season,you will go well, well drilled side with some good rugby played and some big units and pacy backs. Good effort today!
  12. Watersheddungs:- Four DR players actually, Smith,Dickenson,Ormsby and Mikey Wood. One triallist in Harry Warburton. The players seemed happy enough considering without the DR players we wouldn't have had a team out today due to injuries/absentees.
  13. It was our right side that was suspect today, Ormsby in the centre with Warburton/Chisholm outside him. Toals tries were a result of our defence being to compressed leaving Barrow an overlap every time. Probably the center/winger were exposed due to the defensive pattern we played. Leatherbarrow scored a lovely try cutting through the defense beautifully. His kicking and general play was good today too. We needed the DR today, no Wardy Grimmer Owen,Chappell,Thommo Langers,Burke,Gill so we would have struggled to get a 17 on the pitch without them. No real standouts for me today, decent work rate from all the lads. If i had to pick a M.O.M I would go for George Tyson. Strong defense and always a danger with the ball.
  14. Tough old game today on a heavy pitch, definite improvement from us this week. Poor defense on the flank helped Toal to his haul but well finished all the same. Sammy Gee off with a head injury,possible concussion? Gene Ormsby played at center on DR from the Giants but didn't look that interested tbh. Tyler Dickinson,Mikey Wood and Danny Smith all did well from the Giants and Harry Warburton was more than useful again on the wing. An improved performance,not quite there yet but we go again next week in the Derby. 6/10 overall from me.
  15. Second row should be ok really, Burke has played there before for Wales,Thommo could slot in there plus I doubt we will start with Chappell and Tyson in the centres, what about Gill? Tyson and Chappell can go second row and I guess will swap positions as Nobby sees fit. Halfbacks are fine, Leatherbarrow and Hewitt to start with options from Owen,Hughes,Grimmer if necessary. Full back possibly a problem as we only have Turner really, and the wingers are thin on the ground. Could have done with more back cover imho (hopefully Nieldy has done enough and can cover). Notwithstanding any Giants players in the equation I would like to think we will start the season like this :- Turner,Clay,Gill,Tyson,Chisholm,Leatherbarrow,Hewitt: Joy,Owen,Neal,Chappell,Langtree,Thommo. Subs: Ward,Hughes,Gee/Grimshaw,Burke/Davies Our first team looks certainly stronger overall. Time will tell but I fancy we will be fine