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  1. OLDHAM RLFC V ROCHDALE HORNETS SUNDAY 23RD JULY BOWER FOLD, STALYBRIDGE KO : 15:00 Referee: G HewerTouch Judges: G Jones Andrew SmithReserve Referee: M MannifieldM Com: K LeylandTime Keeper: F Hawley
  2. Another big ask this week, but if we keep our system strong like last week and do the basics well again, it can be done. Fev are a fine side with a good set of ball playing forwards and backs that can score from anywhere. Backs to the wall effort again from the lads and I'm sure we can give them a game. I'm hoping we can pull this one off but realistically its probably the hardest of the 3 remaining games, no injuries this week would be a bonus!! Good luck lads, me and the missus are on hols for 2 weeks as of Saturday, I guarantee you I will be sitting round the pool with a cold one twitching like a rabbits bum come kick off time on Sunday Get behind the lads as always, our support was noticed and has been acknowledged by the Chairman and players in the last few games as a big help to lifting the side, roar them boys on no matter what happens. See you at the Hornets game! Up the Yeds!!
  3. 35 tackles from a stand off is immense. Pretty good stats all round. Adam Clay has to be close to player of the season, his contribution in every single game is impressive.
  4. Just got to say one thing.. what a performance, awesome from every player wearing our shirt. Funny how the negative brigade have gone quiet???? George Tyson was a giant today,fantastic performance from him. Having said that could not fault anyone, the reaction of the fans today said it all, tears, not of defeat or despair but of pride. Thank you to each and every player who fought for us and got us home. The fans were great, the stay at homes missed a belter today. Proud to be a fan of our club. We are in this together,same again next week lads, win or lose, show that commitment and we won't be far off. One love,one team,Oldham RLFC.a
  5. Don't know about DR, merry whistleblower is Mr Ben Thaler. OLDHAM RLFC V TOULOUSE OLYMPIQUE XIII SUNDAY 2ND JULY BOWER FOLD, STALYBRIDGE KO : 15:00 Referee: B ThalerTouch Judges: Andy Tolley C SmithReserve Referee: J BarrM Com: C MorrisTime Keeper: M Heptinstall
  6. Oh well,hopefully the long standing fans who have had enough will miss a Yeds victory come Sunday 😁. If they feel that way then fine,rather have them not going than being negative. Even if we lost every game and those lads continue to play busted,I wouldn't desert them,we all have a moan about the chairman and coach,but the lads deserve every fans respect for continuing to fight our cause.No matter what issues people are fed up with the players are doing their best and I find it pretty disrespectful that people have "had enough" when we are still fighting for our place in the championship. We all have our gripes about what could/should be done better. The Chairman for all his faults still manages to get an Oldham team out on the pitch every week on very little money. Some people seem to think we should go out and sign players like Hull KR can,it's never going to happen. As a rough estimate Oldham get around £150,000 a season in gate money,Hull KR get over £1.5 million! Huge disparity in the scheme of things between the haves and have nots in this division. We do well on the money we have available. The communication lines from the club to the fans has got pounds better thanks to Dave Naylor and the Chron by the venerable Mr Halstead,but they can only report what the club release to them and I agree that is poor,the Chappell situation is a prime example. Everyone in the ground will be behind the lads 100% on Sunday, do we really care how many people are in the bar for crying out loud,we don't make no money out of it! Glad you will be there on Sunday Tandle, hope you will see a victory!BTW not having a go at you in this post,or anyone else for that matter. I just have a bit of a siege mentality at the minute! Lets get the faithful few rocking BF on Sunday. We can do this.
  7. Absolutely Clifford, what really annoys me not only this case but others,if they charge someone then it must be dealt with,the offence must be deemed serious enough to bring a charge. Otherwise it shouldnt even go to the disciplinary hearing stage and be "no further action after review". It is an independent board as you say but it's still the RFL who are the governing body. Too much inconsistency across all the disciplinary outcomes, it needs sorting. Don't know about Sammy, nothing posted from the RFL.
  8. Galbraith case adjourned to a later date. Typical ,they have only had 4 weeks to investigate it.Why charge him then if they are going to mess about? Must have had some grounds for it. Spineless gets,should have been sorted tonight one way or the other.Farce yet again from the circus. 🙈
  9. True Bryan, I should have said if found or pleads guilty then it should be a maximum ban.
  10. Maximum ban,end of story. No place in the game for that sort of thing. Disgraceful.
  11. The vocal support recently has been immense,same again Sunday hopefully. As for the game,well hopefully some good news this week on the injuries would certainly be a boost. Whatever happens we must remember that we are having to play a busted team at the moment and the lads are trying even though they ain't 100% fit. As long as they continue to give us everything then at the moment we can't ask for anything else. Bit of a waiting game I'm afraid this week to see who is available for another crucial home game,Toulouse don't seem to travel all that well,our continued support could just make the difference,should certainly be a partisan home crowd. Be a massive fillip if we can pull this one off. Fingers,toes and everything crossed. In terms of a team we can put one out for sure, injuries excluded to a point. Nield,Clay,Pearce-Paul,Adamson,Chisholm,Sam Wood (if available),Hewitt. Burke,Gee,Neal,Langtree,Bent, Thompson. Subs. Hughes,Adebiyi,Ward(hopefully),Davies. Bit mix and match but a side nonetheless. Hopefully some of the injured lads will be ok to come back in. Especially Tyson,we missed his defence and aggression badly on Sunday.
  12. Tandle the injuries argument is totally invalid, we picked up 3 more injuries on one of the widest pitches in RL yesterday!! The style of play has no bearing on the dreadful injury situation. If the pitch at the Vestacare is to be shortened/narrowed then that would require RFL dispensation as would the under minimum standards capacity. It's a non starter for me. The fans opinion in general is to stay at Stalybridge,it's the most suitable ground within spitting distance of Oldham with enough facilities to cater for all games. It's been a good home for us,and I personally enjoy watching RL at the venue. Guess we will see what happens.
  13. Fair call Yed17, from the terrace the consensus was Ormsby was garbage. If there was racial abuse then I hope it's been reported,no place in our game for that sort of rubbish. If it was heard then maybe you can report it and the steward to Bradford. That sort of abuse sickens me. I understand what you are saying with Scott and I agree that he has done well until now. I just genuinely believe he has taken us as far as he can. We won't give up,that's for sure. Let's hope for some players back next week! All the best.
  14. It's incredibly tough, our lads that are fit ( well kind of fit) give everything. Ormsby was a total and utter disgrace today. Gave him benefit of the doubt after the Barrow pre season but he topped that today, didn't give two hoots all game. Arguing with Bradford fans,hands on hips most of the game,pictures with Bradford fans and players after. Total joke.Poor Jamel got left out for that annoying person. Anyway back to the situation we find ourselves in, Naylor has to go. It's simple as that,the players have no confidence and are scared of making errors. Steve Nield had a cracking game at fb, most of the lads did everything they could but they are busted. It hurts to see them playing half fit because they have to.We simply dont have the numbers to replace injured "first teamers".Bradford played well today make no mistake, but they played an almost unrecognisable Oldham side. It's not over......yet. Yes it looks bad and it is bad, but a few players back and things could change, remember we play all the other sides around us once again in the eights. As it stands it definitely does not look good, the lads who care are hurting,believe me. We have to believe that we can turn this around,even in 3 defeats the support from the terraces has been fantastic,stick with them and let's get behind this side again against Toulouse. They will need our vocal support again. I know its not easy and I think we are all upset and frustrated at the mo. We go again, it's not over til it's over. Up the Yeds!
  15. True lads,but just as an aside remember where Scott played for Bradford when their side was based heavily on forward power and domination.(Gameplan sound familiar?)That Bradford side must rank as the biggest side ever to take a SL field,even their backs were giants. I suppose we also take into account it's Scott's first head coach role so effectively he still has lots to learn. If you have played to a system for a long time maybe it's ingrained into you and change is difficult.