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  1. 2018 Squad and signings.

    Nice! Welcome back Jack! Was a pity he left in the first place, didnt get much chance back then. Another decent signing for us
  2. 2018 Squad and signings.

    What a superb signing, good player is Benty. Get the back cover in now and we are looking very good indeed. Done brilliantly with signings, for all those including myself who knock CH, one thing for sure is he has done the job with this squad we are building, fair play. Looking forward to the pre season friendlies already!
  3. 2018 Squad and signings.

    Might get him for a couple of crates of lager 😂
  4. The Future of ORLFC

    Fair do's , cheers Dave for the clarification,I'm pretty glad to hear that,but still unconvinced that this restructure will not screw the lower division clubs.Truly hope I'm wrong.
  5. Whitebank/vestcare stadium.

    Which injuries were specifically caused by 5 drives and a kick? Joy-dislocated shoulder making a tackle.Owen- leg caught in a challenge, Lepori-ankle gone in an nothing tackle,Neal broken jaw taking the ball in, Tyson- reoccurrence of knee injury. Spencer broken ribs in a tackle. Langtree-bicep injury. These injuries tend to occur to forwards (and backs) when they take a ball in occasionally,we were just unlucky they all came at roughly the same time and decimated the squad. Nothing to do with the style of play,our squad was far too thin at the start of the season.We simply didn't have cover for the injuries without getting the loan lads in. Now I'm not saying our style of play is in any way that entertaining but it didn't cause all the injuries,other clubs including Swinton and Rochdale suffered injury problems but the difference was they were more spread out and didn't arrive in biblical proportions at seemingly one time like ours did. The injuries certainly didn't help but ultimately the reason we got relegated is because we couldnt finish teams off,even when we had big leads. The injury /style of play excuse is rubbish,we should have had enough points in the bag even with the injury crisis and the 5 drives and a kick style. If we had finished Hornets off twice, Batley at the regional arena,and Halifax away we would have stayed up. It's all water under the bridge now anyway. Anyway back to the original topic......Roll on next season, I'm looking forward to it already at our revamped "home", it is what it is, Vestacare will always have detractors due to the past and the lack of terracing\cover. Maybe it will come in time,I hope so,and maybe that will encourage more to come to games. As I said previously,lack of cover is probably the only negative,for the crowds I expect we will see ,there should be plenty of space on the barriers for fans to watch the game,if it rains bring a brolly!!
  6. The Future of ORLFC

    I wasnt there so cant confirm it either way tbh Yed, just what someone in attendance passed down the line. Maybe it was misconstrued/misheard i dont know. Guess we will find out at the end of next season
  7. 2018 Squad and signings.

    Joe Burke going back to Wales for personal reasons, won't be at Oldham next season. Told me that personally after the last game. I'd be incredibly surprised if there has been a volte face in the meantime. Neildy will be ok at FB, maybe Ecclestone or Johnson can also slot in there. As has been said before,we need more backs yet though.
  8. The Future of ORLFC

    Well financially maybe Bedford, all hinges on the restructure imo.One season left for RL as we know it most likely.
  9. Anthony Crolla Event

    Good shout pal 👏👏
  10. 2018 Squad and signings.

    Be right ,we will just bring in a plethora of loanees haha
  11. 2018 Squad and signings.

    Starting line up sorted Chief 👏. Definitely looks better than I anticipated heading into pre season training etc. I hope we have learned our lessons over the last couple of years and like you say add to the backs. That team as it stands looks pretty competitive to me, is it January yet?😁
  12. 2018 Squad and signings.

    It's not that bad Fifties 😁. 17 players signed on , another 6 perhaps and possibly DR and we are fine. I quite like the look of the squad so far.
  13. The Future of ORLFC

    If Sky go then so does central funding,relevant to the future of every club including Oldham.
  14. Whitebank/vestcare stadium.

    Sad news that after all the hard work done at the clubhouse/ground ,if it's confirmed. Some people just can't help themselves,hopefully if there is CCTV then these malcontents will get their just desserts. These scratters can't be happy unless they are ruining a facility that has been built to improve the community as we have seen on many occasions. P.s.There has been nothing reported so far on AVRO's twitter feed about any issues.
  15. New Book - Against all the odds

    My apologies Dave, must have missed that one.Sorry pal.