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  1. Halifax in the Cup

    Tuesday 7.30pm confirmed.
  2. Halifax in the Cup

    Definitely is a cracking pub, always welcoming there too. Sampled a couple of the real ales last time. Spot on.
  3. Halifax in the Cup

    Three Pigeons is the usual venue of choice mate. Not far at all from the ground. HX1 2LX is the postcode for it. See you there.
  4. York City Knights

    Great stats as per usual Brooksy. Some very good stats from the lads,was indeed an excellent game,probably one of the best I have seen in recent times including SL. Credit to both sides.
  5. Oldham away.

    Well played York. Fantastic game and brilliant fans.Even though we lost it was a pleasure to speak to your supporters. Not much between the teams, quality game of rugby league.
  6. Team Sunday

    I wouldn't say we are confident of the win at all. Huge game early in the season for both clubs. Should be a cracking match, we have looked pretty strong so far but also know that York are a quality outfit and should be there or thereabouts come the end of the season. Really looking forward to this one. Safe journey over to your travelling fans.
  7. Hemel Stags at home - GAME OFF

    Irrelevant now. Ref inspected the pitch ,game was called off. We move on to the York game.
  8. Shhh.. we like being under the radar 😃. True.We haven't conceded a point yet in the season proper,0-14 at Haven then 42-0 against Fev Lions, but not expecting it to stay that way this weekend! In some ways bar a couple of notable exceptions,this season's ORLFC squad is as good, if not better,than last seasons Championship outfit imo. Should be a belting game on Sunday against York, first real home test for us. Be a quick game too on the 4G pitch. Looking forward to it.
  9. York City Knights

    No Wilko mate? Should be a good match this, York will be a tough proposition but our defence has looked solid. Concentrate on our completions and doing the basics right and we won't be far off. Looking forward to this one. Johnson,Holmes,McComb,Reid,Eccleston,Crook,Hewitt,Joy,Wilko,Neal, Langtree,Bridge,Spencer(if fit)/Bent. Hughes,Nelmes,Briscoe,Bent/Rasool Possibly DR to come in also. Tbh I don't think we need them at the moment,but the boss will make the right choices I'm sure. Love this predict a team stuff haha.
  10. Hemel Stags at home - GAME OFF

    Correct call to postpone it. Shame we couldn't play though to keep the momentum heading into the York game.
  11. Hemel Stags at home - GAME OFF

    Avro's tweeted this pic of the ground this morning.
  12. Hemel Stags at home - GAME OFF

    Funnily enough UR I was reading earlier about removal of snow from 4G. 😉 It's AVRO's call if they decide to try and get the game on at the ground but with circumstances around transport etc it might not matter even if the ground was ok. Hemel traveling, our players and fans also. With the conditions at the moment,even if the pitch was playable, I'd still call it off. Can't be healthy for the players to play in -8/9 wind-chill or fans to watch for that matter. Better to call it off early, let the lads have a bit of a relax and come back next week fit and well for the York game. Knowing Mr H it will be called off about 10am on Sunday 🤣
  13. Featherstone Lions

    Some great stats there. Cheers pal.
  14. Hemel Stags at home - GAME OFF

    No phillipw I didn't. I used to live in Rhodes, moved back to the UK in 2012 and resumed following the Yeds,RL was just starting to get a foothold in Rhodes then.Still follow the fortunes of the Knights via friends and FB. Nice to see the lad get a chance,RL clubs should look more at Greece and surrounding areas,the new Balkan league has some varied sides and seems to be growing pretty well. Stevo I'd set off now pal! Hope the game will go ahead, always good to see you both.
  15. Hemel Stags at home - GAME OFF

    Definitely a chance to put some points in the "for" column, give Hemel respect ,as we do for all teams,keep doing what we have been doing in previous games and should be a good winning margin come full time. Hopefully the weather will allow us to play although according to our mate @chadweather on twitter it doesn't look like it will warm up anytime soon! Be good to play this weekend with the York game looming,that will be our first real home test of the season so far. Hope the lad and dad that usually come up from Hemel travel,missed their valiant chants of "Heeeemmmellll!" and their Chairman is a bit of a star as well.Bit of extra interest for me too,as Hemel have a lad who used to play for my local side in Greece (Rhodes Knights).Stefanos Bastas he is called,decent player by all accounts. A win,decent score,no injuries and the Roughyeds Express rolling on would be fine and dandy.