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  1. I dont think Kappa is as tight as Errea, with Errea I had to go up 2 sizes, so going up one size should be ok, tried a Kappa Coat on, on Monday and the sizes where right, I am a 2XL and thats what size fitted.
  2. your not going to be shouting "Come on Oldham Roughyeds" either, it's either "come on Oldham" or "Oldham Oldham Oldham" or "come on the Yeds" cant think of a time when someone shouted "come on Oldham Roughyeds"
  3. That's Dave Murgy and Sammy Gee!!!
  4. So after the words from Samir Tahraoui this morning, what do you all think the scores will be when we meet this season with our closest friends? Do you think it will be a grudge match?
  5. have you ever thought about bringing some Retro shirts out?
  6. being honest, the quality was spot on, I have seen soom cheap and nasty ORLFC shirts over the years, but Errea are really tops items,
  7. Cheers ML, a few other fans might want to take note, rather a few tight shirts last season lol
  8. Yeah was a great day @ shedding that day!!! those girls didnt last too long though with the cold weather
  9. Sammy Gee would be perfect, Langers not vocal enough, nor are many others to be honest, But in Scott we trust!!
  10. Question ML why are your sizes so small? Im a big lad and norrmally get 2XL, I had to get a 5XL shirt, Now I said I'm a big lad but I'm not a 5XL.
  11. Wont take long for the knockers to come out!!!
  12. Hi Guys If any of you guys managed to get your photo taken yesterday with Roary the Roughyed you can view your pics here. http://www.roughyeds.co.uk/the-club/gallery/summer-bash/ ​ Many thanks for yesterday, your a credit to your club and your town, good luck in the next round. David Murgatroyd Oldham RLFC Photographer
  13. If any of you guys managed to get your photo taken with Roary yesterday you can find yours photos here http://www.roughyeds.co.uk/the-club/gallery/summer-bash/ ​ Up the Yeds Murgy
  14. Both ideas sound good, and can only help Oldham go forward.
  15. The plans are in place AK They were on show years ago at the public meeting in the social club. And it looked good But we don't have the money HOTB You talk of a new ground, fantastic great news you got 5 million? Nor do I sadly If is a big word If we had this If we had that We have got what we have. they have to try and do the best with what little money they have Lick of paint here and there If everyone walks away we have nothing and wishing it better don't work sadly Keep smiling