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  1. Bradford Match

    David, do you have the video from behind the try line as Gilly runs towards us?? I must have watched that video 20 times, and grin like a Cheshire cat every time I do, has anyone seen the Bradford video of the game, I think he was an Oldham fan, gets more excited than what Gerald does!!
  2. Bradford Match

    with hindsight would you still go with this?
  3. Toulouse

    Keep the Yed flag flying high! Is anyone taking any flags to France and does anyone know where the large "No Guts NO Glory" flag is? Not seen it in a long while.
  4. Toulouse Info

    Few songs to be sung on the day J'adore Oldham!! Nous ne faisons pas partie de Manchester!! Just for KEV Nous faisons!!
  5. As an Oldham fan and the keeper of the Lion at Oldham, Your New Pit pony is great, Hope Fev take him to away games, and if so we will sort a dance off at half time between him and Roary.
  6. South Sydney

    Thought it was 16-16 mate Thought we played well against them, but then Wires and other British teams hammered them!!
  7. Leisurewear and training kit now available

    I dont think Kappa is as tight as Errea, with Errea I had to go up 2 sizes, so going up one size should be ok, tried a Kappa Coat on, on Monday and the sizes where right, I am a 2XL and thats what size fitted.
  8. Who Changed The Forum Name?

    your not going to be shouting "Come on Oldham Roughyeds" either, it's either "come on Oldham" or "Oldham Oldham Oldham" or "come on the Yeds" cant think of a time when someone shouted "come on Oldham Roughyeds"
  9. Flash Sale

    That's Dave Murgy and Sammy Gee!!!
  10. Oldham V Rochdael 2017

    So after the words from Samir Tahraoui this morning, what do you all think the scores will be when we meet this season with our closest friends? Do you think it will be a grudge match?
  11. Flash Sale

    have you ever thought about bringing some Retro shirts out?
  12. Flash Sale

    being honest, the quality was spot on, I have seen soom cheap and nasty ORLFC shirts over the years, but Errea are really tops items,
  13. Flash Sale

    Cheers ML, a few other fans might want to take note, rather a few tight shirts last season lol
  14. Back at Bower Fold

    Yeah was a great day @ shedding that day!!! those girls didnt last too long though with the cold weather
  15. Captain

    Sammy Gee would be perfect, Langers not vocal enough, nor are many others to be honest, But in Scott we trust!!