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  1. # beatbythebabies Town 

  2. Seems like Dopelands finest fans have been misbehaving and kicking off in the bar as well , the season hasn't even started and they are at it. No been a very good day has it
  3. Defeat at Newcastle next week and Dopelands finest will looking for a new coach
  4. 30-0 so far, whopps . Foster out !!!
  5. Great night last night for Jason's do, great turn out, nice to see the Town old and new players there, also the board support there captain , pity they all didn't turn up tho
  6. I see we have missed out on Todd Carney he has just signed for Salford !!!!
  7. Looking forward to Jason's do this Friday, should be a good night, I hope Jas is sticking to orange juice, match on Saturday mind marra
  8. Excellent news, well done all involved,I am a bit surprised we have managed to pull off a signing of this nature, Stuart has all the experience and versatility to move us round the park and will be a great for the younger players to learn from, keep them coming Town
  9. That's great news Gary, well done, keep it going .
  10. Ye friendly's are to try combination's and blow the cob webs away, it will show the new lads what hard work is required even in this league !!
  11. Did you go down marra, if so who played well ?
  12. Thanks Gary for the update , I think all us fans realise the problems we had last season but people are very concerned about having a completive squad and not being "short " and on the back foot , a few signings will hopefully put fans at ease a little, I am personally looking forward to seeing these young players develop and grow but they will need time and some older experience players to help them develop, it will certainly be an interesting season. UTT
  13. I agree, come on Town tell us something plz
  14. Thanks for the update marra, even a little bit helps
  15. Read it again Big Mac.