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  1. Second row or 13 I think .
  2. Good luck Gordon, well done Town , welcome to Town marra.
  3. Didn't you only have a 3 man bench today ? I would have been throwing in the kitchen sink and free pizzas to get him to sign, I hope you haven't run out of cash already
  4. Well done Swinton, I hope you all enjoyed your day, great result, great club and great fans to . ( Town fan )
  5. Nice to see Swinton winning today and I see Caine Barnes ex Seaton and Wigan youngster has signed on loan and played today for them, I wonder if we were in for him ?
  6. Cant blame them poor souls in Fatland, after years of munching the sweet stuff no wonder they were queuing so long . Looked more in the queue than was at the match today as well
  7. Does anyone know where in Cockermouth the Cumbria Master are playing tomorrow please.
  8. ps good luck for the rest of the season, I think you will do really well next year , hopefully in a couple of years we can join you too.
  9. We are marra and good eye sight to
  10. Oh what a pity !!!
  11. Looks like some of you lot need to go to specsavers marra
  12. Nowt in it eh, pity RFL didn't agree with you , and yes I did see the tackle !!
  13. I think these punishments should reflect the time the injured player is out, it was a nasty piece of work form Dallimore , the same as Ferres on Gildart , rugby league is a hard enough sport without these sort of tackles on players, and it has to stop !!
  14. That's terrible news pal, he was playing well for Town and looked like he was enjoying it up here, I hope it isn't to bad for the lad , if Dallimore gets 5 games it wont be enough
  15. Wont be out as long as Macauley pal