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  1. Thanks Gary .
  2. Gary can you tell us what the update on the lottery is please as it looks like this is still ongoing, I understand things are getting done but any news on this would be appreciated thanks.
  3. Stuart was top tackler by a country mile, only the coach can comment on why young Prior wasn't picked, but we need to stop pressing this self destruct button, how many games have we lost/thrown away with silly plays, we had the chance to win that game on many occasions, they played the ball faster and picked scraps of our stupid plays , we play like a bunch of loveable puppy's that roll over and want there belly's rubbed instead giving it to teams, we seriously need to grow some -ollocks and give it back !!!!
  4. I heard we may be losing a couple of loan players as there time is up.
  5. Thanks Gary.
  6. Good looking squad , but not Fitzy and Phil Joseph, any reason why?
  7. Or big Phil .
  8. No Fitzy ?
  9. Tee back tomorrow !
  10. 50 mins in second half !
  11. 28-29 that was to close !!!!
  12. Welcome to Town Jake.
  13. Welcome to Town Joe, hope it all goes well .
  14. Good luck to young Sam, hopefully we can get him back in the future, has got to do what's best for him, all the best marra .
  15. Still there.