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  1. Really enjoyed it down at BP today its a great little ground and great to be close to the action gray pies as well! only negative as others have said is not being able to have a pint around the ground and the two day camel ride to the toilets, good attendance of near on 900 and a good win, looking forward to next week. We'll done everyone.
  2. Very nice of him to show his support at the cricket ground on Friday
  3. My old man reckons it was about 1954 when my grandfather put the first seed down on Derwent Park.
  4. Sorry and the cricket club for letting this take place.
  5. Councillor Horsley (I think that's his name) was there I don't know if he's for or against tho, but ye a good turn out considering the short notice to get this arranged, I was encouraged by the turn out, well done town/reds for attending and the organisers.
  6. Well done Russ, good luck in the blue and white.
  7. Who knows SS, Mr Jenkinson hasn't been on the forum for a while either, must be hard organising poop a scoop patrols.
  8. I think Donny will be further up the league than that.
  9. I am lead to believe that all the clubs are to be notified about the event and to get as many kids there with their club colours on if possible , if this can happen and the support of the many youth football clubs that are in the area and the general public it will be a great event but people need to back it.
  10. Great to see the cricket club agreeing to this, I hope town and reds players are in attendance and both sets of directors, hopefully the public get there in numbers and we show the council what it means to all.
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