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  1. Hate the rec

    Moving forward from haven defeat

    Ye the mouse is on his own, run alone boys and all 3 of you can have a good chin wag about town on thereπŸ˜‰
  2. Hate the rec

    Moving forward from haven defeat

    Not been funny H13 but why don't you go on your own site now and bum your team up? Every town fan has congratulated you on your win on this forum and have been very graceful in defeat something that your forum find hard to do when the shoe is on the other foot. I would now be concentrating all my efforts in helping my club find the short fall they still have and hoping they can raise a team in the coming weeks and hope the wheels don't fall off, again well done on your win.
  3. Hate the rec

    Haven reaction

    It was a fantastic kick on last tackle and would have graced any SL game and was taken brilliantly, we played dumb in the last few minutes and that cost us the game, there's a lot of ups and down yet and am sure more surprises to come.
  4. Hate the rec

    Classy and humble

    Heard in the VIP lounge yesterday that one or two of their board are to ousted out soon, and changes made.
  5. Hate the rec

    Classy and humble

    Well said.
  6. Hate the rec

    Haven reaction

    Thank you H13 and well done again.
  7. Hate the rec

    Haven reaction

    What a game, town won it then Haven picked there pockets again, I hate to say it but Haven have some fire in there bellys after all they have been through, so well done, with that type of game surely our game is safe in West Cumbria, well done everyone.
  8. Hate the rec

    Promoting and communication

    I see Border TV did us proud tonight (NOT) more interested in showing a man in a skirt riding through Jedburgh, what makes it worse there is no other major sport going on in the area and RL still doesn't get a mention no wonder its on its knees πŸ˜•
  9. Hate the rec

    Knights odds slashed

    Here you are mouse where have you been marra ???
  10. Young Josh didn't do to bad I would say πŸ˜‰
  11. Hate the rec

    Hunslet game.

    I think he can play this weekend then misses two games.
  12. Hate the rec

    Online club shop Now Live!

    Well done Town.
  13. Hate the rec

    Jarrod Sammut

    Are you on commission Callum???
  14. Hate the rec


    Karl had a shoulder problem I think, not sure on Sam tho.
  15. Hate the rec


    That's a great win, well done lads for hanging on there, I have no finger nails left, hope Jake is OK and ready for next week.