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  1. boys, girls, 1st team, reserves and ladies. all robbed of a top class facility by this council.
  2. well said, plenty of knockers in this town but when challenged to lend a helping hand they go all shy.
  3. https://www.timesandstar.co.uk/news/17827461.shared-stadium-workington-still-radar-says-councillors/
  4. will they even provide the so called cheaper version? the whole things gone really quiet.
  5. https://planetradio.co.uk/cfm/local/news/listen-to-cfm-sportcast/ interview with danny grainger on cfm pod cast. talks briefly about the stadium and the lack of facilities in the area compared to other towns.
  6. I see the west cumbria independents page have posted the photos blaming the previous council for the pitch being waterlogged
  7. any way back to the rugby, that's only the 2nd game of RL I've seen this season and I thought it was a very good game.
  8. so that's 2 grounds now with zero drainage as the crack at BP is the old drains under the ground have collapsed as well.
  9. yeah it seems that way. the independents are never heard of now.
  10. ha no the big hitters are from outside the county.
  11. I agree, but the directors would have to call an egm and have a shareholders vote, how much does that cost to send out the letters to everyone this is what was on the agenda at the egm back in March when ever it was, the board wanted to be able to move the Club for a period of no more than 8 games (without share holder approval) was rejected. the 3 biggest shareholders (dont live locally, one is a director at rangers I believe as well) rejected the proposal, the 2 largest (ibrox holdings) can out vote everyone combined.
  12. I would say no there wont be any football at DP this season, the board cant move the club even for one game without a shareholder vote. extensive work is starting on the BP pitch this week, there is a possibility we may ask reverse our 1st fixture to away.
  13. good lad is don, worked really hard but family and health must come 1st.
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