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  1. FC uniteds is a very good ground with good facilities, its still unfinished however and Salford has a big stand with facilities being constructed.
  2. https://www.cumbriacrack.com/2020/02/12/plans-for-workington-sports-village-take-step-forward/amp/
  3. salford football, fc united and widnes where thr 3 grounds visited.
  4. they are well past there sell by dates and probably costing both town and reds a small fortune every season in maintenance.
  5. there is nothing in the whole of Cumbria, BP dump DP dump Rec Dump Brunton Park Dump. Barrow craven park and holker street dumps. its embarrassing
  6. I can remember when those pitches at moorclose where all full all weekend and kids teams galore playing up there, sunday league games on every pitch as well.
  7. the more community clubs and youth teams the more funding will be available.
  8. I'm still hoping to get along, but those prices are not exactly encouraging me.
  9. unfortunately not, but I doubt the RFL would bother with us now anyway
  10. I think we will get around 4.5-5k more than big enough for town and reds
  11. salford football all came on the back of a lorry then a new main stand was constructed.
  12. the office block like you said is going to be built in stages financially independent of the stadium on the lonsdale park site if rumours are correct, I know someone from the reds has recently visited afc fylde.
  13. the council also own the lonsdale park site now give them a massive footprint down there and better access, it's all irrelevant anyway as I wont believe it until I actually see it.
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