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  1. Bless him....his adoptive "parents" should be really proud of him - a good player and sounds like a nice, well-mannered young man
  2. Fair do's, the Yeds played very well yesterday, fully deserving of the win. Donny looked a bit flat and lacking energy...season caught up with them a bit much maybe..
  3. Strange place, Uxbridge, especially as it's (or at least was) HQ to the RAF Police...
  4. The annual Yearbook may be best for L1 stats....not for a while yet for this season, though...
  5. Yet another kick in the 'nads for someone who is a decent bloke, was one of the best rugby players of his time, and captain of his country in RU and RL. When he moved to Cru in RL he came in with no airs & graces, got stuck in, and was always popular with the fans up here. He certainly doesn't deserve all the personal insults, threats and violence he's suffered over the last few years. Alfie, you're Cru and you'll always have friends up here - don't let the ba$7ards grind you down
  6. It's a flippin' shame they couldn't raise it one more time tonight, although from all the names that were mentioned going to other clubs next season it would appear that they would have been struggling for a SL team next year
  7. Can see ths either being very close or a blowout, nothing inbetween...should be a good game.
  8. it's mad...a team in 2nd/3rd/4th/5th could have to play 3 times just to get to the final...I suspect TWP will have an easy ride through this, even if it's only down to the other teams being knackered!!
  9. From what's on already, a 12:00 ko would seem to suit better - 3 games then pretty much back-to-back
  10. Is this not the reason the term "lino" was introduced, to avoid any form of gender discrimination?? ...or is it just reserved for the blind/deaf/generally useless ones we've seen in Wrexham over the years??
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