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  1. Big win for us Haven too much for Cougars Thunder, despite Bears digging in Yeds v Donny could go either way, pick of the round methinks
  2. one minor alteration for me...Yeds to beat Thunder I recon, backlash from last week's close call with SKolars...
  3. Cracking idea. It'd be one of the few worthwhile aussie imports
  4. Think RL v soccer It's A Knockout would be more like it!!
  5. Think Wigan and possibly Bath did the cross-code thing some years ago....ISTR Bath narrowly winning the RU bit but Wigan destroying them under RL rules...I could have some detail wrong, maybe someone else with a better memory could elaborate?
  6. I must admit I've not been able to get to many games this season, but the whole ground debate is troubling....pretty much anywhere else is quite off-the-beaten-track and could've meant me not getting to as many as I have done. Even Druids is a PITA when you live in the area, never mind for visitors!! I blame the grabbing-b@st£rd soccer club pushing us out of the Racecourse
  7. Well done down there!!! I said earlier ths season that improvements over last season could be seen, and this is hopefully the first of more wins for you guys (...but not in the Welsh Derbies, obviously !!!)
  8. WooHoo!! Go Raiders!!! Made up for them down there ....plus I was the first to predict it
  9. We've taken some pre-season games to Colwyn Bay before now, and Conwy Celts were from there
  10. This could be Raiders best chance of chalking up a win this year... As for the others, all close games (if Skolars turn up)
  11. I bl00dy well hope so after the 2-pt loss to them at Queensway.....
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