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  1. ...and how about using some of the £16M the rfl was given to help the sport?
  2. I used to play Gridiron, and people used to look at me in disbelief when I described it as "chess with people"....the further you get into it, the more you see that it's a true analogy. As for set restarts, I'm still catching up with watching all the recorded NRL games (think I'm up to around mid-july) but it seems to work very well....still some slugfest games but overall much more free-flowing, and yellow cards handed out for professional fouls when needed, something that needs to happen more in SL IMHO. In contrast, the SL games so far look to still have much messier rucks and are slower...
  3. I hope for him this will be his new career...he deserves it after his playing career and after some of the former players that end up in media I don't think it'll be hard for him to outshine a lot of them. Don't think I ever saw a game he didn't give all he could, and after 8 years down under why the hell not stay there?? Let's face it, his kids are probably more Aussie than Scouse by now....
  4. I'm quite fanycing us over Hunslet....we'll see what Sunday brings... (and if the pitch is or isn't waterlogged after all the rain forecast here for Thur & Fri...)
  5. Damn good performance from Cru yesterday, looking better in attack than we have for a while. Still look a bit pre-seasin rusty, but goid signs for the season ?
  6. Look, after last year, we're GOING to win!! ....he says hopefully ?
  7. Met him at Wales v Scotland(I think) at the Racecourse, kudos to him he sang the full Welsh national anthem...proprr legend ?
  8. After our abysmal outing last year, we better go and bloody well win this time...
  9. Probably was a billionaire until he formed the Wolfpack ? (and yes, I'm only joking, nothing against TWP at all ? )
  10. You've pretty much got the concept (without getting too technical), yes there are always the 5 of the 7 lined up on the line of scrimmage that are ineligible receivers
  11. Eligible receiver in NFL depends on where you are set for the down, either end of the offensive line of scrimmage or one yard back. The confusion often comes when an offensive lineman is used as a tight end and is set a yard back from the line of scrimmage abd the defence haven't noticed
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