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  1. HT Cru 46-0 Raiders, looks like the delayed start has done us good...
  2. Been here before for a preseason game some years ago ...... And it's also the ground that an idiot from Barnsley duffed my knee up and killed my American football playing days even more years ago ..... Love Eiris park, me......
  3. Welsh derby delayed, Raiders stuck in traffic... KO unlikely to be until 4-ish
  4. Can't wait for the Welsh derby tomorrow..... first live game this season, and expecting a good Cru win
  5. ...and so it is!! Hornets & Cru up to 4th and 5th, and a nailed-on win against West Wales next week could see us up to 4th ..also hoping for a big enough win to take our pts. diff back to positive, but the Raiders improvement this year may make that difficult...
  6. a draw would be a great result for us as far as the league table is concerned
  7. What a couple of results!! I think everyone who thought the top 6 in the division this year was a no-brainer will have to think again...possibly the most competitive year I remember since Cru's rebirth
  8. Cougars and Donny for me.... Skolars Fri night lights games before cup final are a thing, usually get a good crowd for them.
  9. the guy can play, but he can be a bit of a nob at times....
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