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  1. Russell Crowe has family roots in Wrexham, so if we could just get him to invest a bit in Cru we could capitalise on the Hollywood connection.....bit like the soccer club have done..... ..just saying
  2. Thanks for finding that!!! I was there and it was a cracking Wales performance, will be good to watch it back (several times )
  3. ..... 2 years under the current uncertainty post-2022 is a sensible move, committing to any longer until the future position of the structure/funding is known could be considered financial suicide. Also bear in mind it's a Conwy council facility, it may be that 2 years at a time is the most the council would commit to. I'm happy about it, great stadium and the atmosphere there is fantastic
  4. If he's there to help them play, fair enough. If he's there to teach them to fight then he needs to do one (again....)
  5. Will someone tell Bill Arthur the muppet that it's TOULOUSE playing, not Toronto
  6. you're just jealous 'coz they are white and they're fluffy....fluffy sheep are wonderful!! ...and yours glow in the dark
  7. I hope Worky do it..... ....if for no other reason that it'll mean less long trips for away games next season!!
  8. If only we'd have woken up in the first half!!!! Cracking effort by the lads in the second half.. a shame, but a decent end to our season.. Cru .. CRU... CRUSADERS!!!!!
  9. 30-6 at HT.... Looks like game over ..but still been a hellova season for us regardless
  10. ...and it looks like a cru-hating ref and lino.....clear 40-20 not given
  11. We're too small up front, and dons line speed is killing us. Having to try and force the game way too early
  12. we've looked out of sorts in the last couple of games, starting with the last but one league game against Cougars. Maybe some fatigue after the good run, maybe having to reshuffle with players unavailable, maybe some other smaller things in the mix too, like players carrying knocks. Even beating Skolars 44-0 wasn't as much at it should have been tbh. I really hope we get it right on Sunday and do over the Dons....if nothing else 'coz it's our last home game of the season
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