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  1. Think we've got 16-17 announced already, most of whom are returning from last season...hopefully the losses we've had won't impact performance too much...
  2. Hopefully the Welsh lads will come through, but big challenge against the French!!
  3. this is what I was thinking.... as long as the lads give their all and come through with no (especially serious) injuries, then I don't really mind what the final score is...it would be really good if we can score a few, but I'm not holding my breath.
  4. yeah, 6300-odd, think they pre-recorded some of the pre-match guff earlier.
  5. Totally agree, it would have been worse NOT to have got there
  6. I did say on the L1 match thread I'm looking forward to the WC but we were going to get tonked good and proper.. and no offence to anyone in the squad, it's just not up to standard to compete. The observations about us shipping 150+ I fear are true
  7. for those of us without coverage, what's the score please??
  8. Just shows how topsy turvey sport can be... I thought hornets in a close one but this has blown it out the water again.. Still think Swinton will win next week (but I could be wrong )
  9. well they're white, WELSH and fluffy, Oh fluffy sheep are wonderful!!!.. ..and ours as well, so there!!
  10. 'Ere....you've had our coach, gerroff our players!!!!
  11. Well.... didn't see Worky coming, and ###### me if we'll be in the same division next year.... that'll make at least 2 games next year....interesting..
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