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  1. How much did you enjoy that first try for Cru against Bradford at magic weekend, the chip and chase one?
  2. I would want to put some in a Trust for Cru, definitely, but with the ability to pull funding if the whole thing (i.e. the lower leagues died off due to SL not sharing) eventually died a death... even £50k a year would make a big difference down in L1.
  3. This has an awful lot to do with why soccer's so popular.....all you need is a ball (not even the wall bit ) and you can play/practice it
  4. Jaz has always been proud of his Maltese roots, and has always gone off to play for them when asked. Would have him back at Cru in a heartbeat, and he's a nice guy to boot.
  5. Nah, it's the sheep that glow in the dark, as we reminded them last time they were down here ...whereas our fluffy sheep....are wonderful
  6. Bless him....his adoptive "parents" should be really proud of him - a good player and sounds like a nice, well-mannered young man
  7. Fair do's, the Yeds played very well yesterday, fully deserving of the win. Donny looked a bit flat and lacking energy...season caught up with them a bit much maybe..
  8. Strange place, Uxbridge, especially as it's (or at least was) HQ to the RAF Police...
  9. The annual Yearbook may be best for L1 stats....not for a while yet for this season, though...
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