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  1. Not a thing to worry about then have you
  2. you show them sympathy if you like thats fine. Think youl find most of us over a certain age would have a little smile if they cease to exist anymore. "dont want that club mentioned in the same breath as the bulls" remember that statement when we were on our ass, because i will never forget it. Plus dont give me, not there fans fault because i never heard one of there fans taking mr Caisley to task, they couldnt care less how many clubs went bust when they were singing "bully bully" and as for it been a family game its the biggest myth in world sport, call me uncaring if you like i became uncaring around 1996. In fact i wont just smile if the bulls go under il laugh my bloody head off
  3. ugly they may be but there the best band ever to me
  4. Step forward Richard Marshall, remember the digs he had at us last season for dual reg?????????????? what have they just gone and done
  5. Its irrelevant that im a darts enthusiast the whole point is the club makes plenty of money from it, but im not sure the profits would be any better with Phil Taylor, he would cost a fortune and every event has sold out so its financial suicide to get The power
  6. shows how out of touch some folk are. Darts is a very popular sport look at the crowds for the premier league and the events at Fev have been packed and brought a lot of money in. As for heard of the players i can name a lot more than i can super league players thats for sure, ow and the main darts commentator on sky sports is a massive Fev fan
  7. £5 on a trump, Leicester, Brexit accumilator would of netted 12.5 million
  8. you dont and never will win or lose a game on a drop goal decision
  9. so what we saying here, we dont want anyone whos broke the law and served there time? because there would be a lot less folk involved with the club
  10. i know Jim and his wife very well they live near my mam, tell him i hope there both in good health x
  11. there on a different planet to the rest of us arnt they
  12. im sure he rang me yesterday either that or it was bez
  13. Nice piece but dont think we can be compared with those other clubs really, we have been the champions of england in our sport after all
  14. Fev Legend ?????
  15. then that is to our great credit, and really shows your full time team up,