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  1. Gill says English Forward which will make people say WOW, bit misleading as Wardle (yes born in England) is a Scottish international, has played Centre most of season and didn't make many if any say WOW..... I think Wardle is a decent addition to the squad but wouldn't say he improves our starting 13, i think Gill has built this up to much and left a few cas fans slightly disappointed as names like walmsey and burgess seemed to fit the description better.
  2. Id like to see a knock out cup involving SL and NRL teams spread over the full year but to do this would have to get rid of or take over the challenge cup
  3. Has bateman even played this season?
  4. 2017 Squad

    Also hearing excellent youth prospect joe porter from york acorn is on the verge of signing, imo he is the best amateur around york atm
  5. 2017 Squad

    id guess you're thinking about ash robson? Cant believe this hasn't been mentioned on here anywhere yet.
  6. Super league predictions

    Warrington Wigan Cas Sts Hull fc Leeds Catalan Leigh Salford Huddersfield Wakey Widnes
  7. Hardaker will get back to no.1 full back with a good season at cas if DP can keep him out of pub
  8. Only player id contemplate picking for England is brough n eithen then i think gale widdop n williams have played better this year
  9. Where next for HKR?

    The championship im guessing
  10. Post match antics after MPG

    All the people blaming this on the MPG are wrong imo, whats the difference of having a top 4 playoff were the winner gets promoted? This format gives those bottom teams in sl a last chance to stay in sl rather than just been relegated because you finish bottom.
  11. Post match antics after MPG

    Jeez those hull kr women are vicious, you'd definitely rather fcuk em than fight em
  12. your like a broken record, im no fan of guildford but i dont see how its his fault players cant get time off work to travel to France. Does he owe you money or something gav sounds very personal
  13. overrated players

    Yea maybe is a bit harsh but hes had 2seasons with us and hasn't played more than 15mins i a game (might not be his fault) Springer is about same age n has been here slightly less and he has improved every week. Basically how long do u play someone before u make the call on if hes good enough, id give him a season long loan in championship to see how he improves.
  14. overrated players

    Nathan Massey (has the odd good game) Paddy Flynn Will Maher Ryan Boyle (left now) These a players from my team who i think maybe steeling a wage but i wouldn't say they were overrated because nobody really rates them.
  15. overrated players

    Ratchford Sarginson JJB Sutcliffe Miller Cudjoe