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  1. jackknife

    Today’s Results

    Was this the 2nd team then? Scrap that just realised the dates
  2. jackknife

    TWP lose first ever game at home .

    Anyone know who twp will get to play at home in the middle 8s?
  3. You would think Cas will be up for this and win big as its a nothing game for Widnes and i was expecting them to rest players because they have a big task coming up to regain SL next year.
  4. jackknife

    TWP lose first ever game at home .

    In the fooseball Liverpool v Manchester United just played in front of 100,000 crowd in America. I hope either London or Halifax lose now otherwise this victory for Fev means very little. I can see Toronto n Toulouse both getting into super league next year at the expense of Widnes n Hull kr. Imagine if Leeds got relegated
  5. jackknife

    Next Leeds Rhinos Captain?

    My guess would be callum watkins or joel moon
  6. Does the salary cap not count for these clubs?
  7. jackknife

    Winger rejoins the Tigers

    Pointless signing, we already have eden minikin hitchcox lo egodo and young keiran gill to cover the wings and roberts eden hitchcox and young callum turner covering full back So imo clare will be 5th choice winger and 4th choice full back Baffling signing
  8. jackknife

    Luis Johnson

    The lads left in the hope of playing in the u18 rugby union world cup
  9. Gill says English Forward which will make people say WOW, bit misleading as Wardle (yes born in England) is a Scottish international, has played Centre most of season and didn't make many if any say WOW..... I think Wardle is a decent addition to the squad but wouldn't say he improves our starting 13, i think Gill has built this up to much and left a few cas fans slightly disappointed as names like walmsey and burgess seemed to fit the description better.
  10. Id like to see a knock out cup involving SL and NRL teams spread over the full year but to do this would have to get rid of or take over the challenge cup
  11. Has bateman even played this season?
  12. jackknife

    2017 Squad

    Also hearing excellent youth prospect joe porter from york acorn is on the verge of signing, imo he is the best amateur around york atm
  13. jackknife

    2017 Squad

    id guess you're thinking about ash robson? Cant believe this hasn't been mentioned on here anywhere yet.
  14. jackknife

    Super league predictions

    Warrington Wigan Cas Sts Hull fc Leeds Catalan Leigh Salford Huddersfield Wakey Widnes
  15. jackknife

    Best fullback in Super League

    Hardaker will get back to no.1 full back with a good season at cas if DP can keep him out of pub