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  1. I wouldn't say we had a bubble, we haven't won at Batley since 2001 even in the des years we got tonked there! None of us thought we'd have 3 points after the first 4 games we've had, I expected us to have none! Our relegation rivals all lost today as well so not an awful day for ourselves. Looking forward to seeing how we do vs dewsbury next week. Enjoy the struggle of getting out of league 1 😉
  2. How much trouble are Catalans in?

    It's a shame catalans are doing so poorly, the disarray French RU is in at the moment they could have turned a few heads had they been going strong
  3. This is what happened Sunday.

    I just thought I'd comment with this, I've been reading the football forum and there is a thread talking about how well we're run commercially and how we have a fantastic connection with the local community. I for one agree and think Pete and all the VOLUNTEERS at our club do a fantastic job... If people want to pick holes in what work is done how about they volunteer for as little as an hour a week before the game helping out with things? Put up or shut up! Keep up the good work Pete & Co, long may it Continue. UP THE RAIDERS
  4. Somebody is a bit bitter 😂😂 we'll be fine this year we'll go well at home and hopefully pick up a few points away too. You can't have watched much of barrow then as we do play expansive rugby particularly when the pitches dry up. Those Toronto scores from last year were when we had an incredibly weakened squad as these lads have full time jobs and aren't a bunch of prima donnas. Give me our team who have pride in their shirt and team over a bunch of overpaid mercenaries any day! UP THE RAIDERS
  5. Toronto

    Hewer was superb no late hits at all
  6. Stardard set then?

    Every single one of the lads was superb. Special praise to Tom loxam who doesn't look out of place at this level at all
  7. Toronto

    You're correct there both touch judges were useless! We were excellent and I think that performance gives us a lot more confidence for the season. Best of luck for the season!
  8. Toronto

    The thing that annoyed a lot of barrow fans is he had his back to every single shot on the barrow kicker didn't even try to make it look like he cared. Regardless of whether you think they were clean had they been in super league near enough every shot would have been a penalty
  9. Toronto

    Red Square I'd say hewer had an okay game, missed a few forward passes and late shots on the barrow kicker near enough every set, Toronto seemed to want to spoil the game and attacked our kickers with what seemed like illegal shots
  10. Sponsorship night

    Just read on Facebook the club raised 25k from player auctions alone. Congratulations to all involved huge amount for the club!
  11. 2018 Squad

    I'm not sure tom loxam is still with us?
  12. How many more?

    I think we will have enough to compete and stay up but we're a bit light in certain positions however it's only early doors yet! Been very impressed with towns recruitment and really hope we stay up and see you guys in the championship next season. With regards to Ryan I can't comment on his attitude but from what I have seen of him he looks a handful, I think he's signed for another year perhaps two? However not sure how many games he will get next season with us having no easy games such as Hemel
  13. Mcmeekin has already done more this game than Heighington did in the previous two