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  1. joe142

    Swinton tomorrow

    Nice to see so many away fans here today. I thought that was our best performance for a long time, Burroughs or Barhtes for MOTM for me would love to see both back next season
  2. joe142


    I'd just like to say the response from Steve has been excellent and I fully believe the stewards will be retrained
  3. joe142


    Thanks TMF but the club have responded and it looks as though nothing is being done and the version of events that the steward claimed to have happened is very different to the events we witnessed so I'll be staying away from now on. AFC seem to have much more of a clue when it comes to handling their numpties
  4. joe142

    Players Contracts

    It wouldn't surprise me if none of the players have been offered contracts yet due to us not knowing what league we'll be in budget etc. However with it looking increasingly likely we'll be in the championship next season I expect a few to be signing on over the coming months
  5. joe142


    I think it is massively a lack of training as the two stewards we told radioed through to the head steward who was the one that spoke to him they didn't seem to want to act. The head steward has said that him and those around him denied it however we watched the conversation unfold and it wasn't "those around him" it was him and his one mate that were asked. When we went to tell the man he wasn't welcome at the ground anymore as we don't want people like that near our club the stewards chucked both myself and my friends out.
  6. joe142


    It was me who heard it and reported it. The stewards didn't throw the man in question out they simply asked him if he had said it to which of course he replied no. So myself and my friends are being made to look liars. The issue is with the club at the moment and I'm awaiting another response from them but myself and friends won't be attending again unless the issue is dealt with in the severity it deserves.
  7. joe142

    Joe Bullock

    Steve has posted we are getting a pre season friendly out of it and Wigan are sharing their knowledge and are hoping to make players available for loan once the new coach is in place. I really hope we got a fee for him too
  8. joe142

    Bulls 28 Knights 30

    Brilliant from York! Hope to see you playing Barrow in the championship next season.
  9. joe142


    The very same
  10. joe142


    I think curtly was a disgrace today as he always is here,always seems to go with opposing team in 50/50. He shouldn't be allowed to officiate here
  11. joe142


    Both centres and wingers were brilliant today. Burroughs took the ball in like a forward
  12. joe142

    More injuries

    Surely there can't be long left? He's been a huge miss for us
  13. joe142

    More injuries

    Riley didn't make the team bus with no explanation either. Is Tom Walker coming back or not?
  14. joe142

    Club Statement

    Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't John coward leave? So that leaves a 3 man board...
  15. joe142

    Club Statement

    Who does that leave on the board now?