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  1. Excellent news, hopefully we can get Brad brennan signed on as well. I was very impressed with him towards the back end of last season
  2. Says in the paper he will be working alongside Joe Bullock, I know he signed a 2 year deal last year so does this mean he is 100% staying? Huge for us if he is
  3. Wow, what a game that was! I just hope they can kick on and try get grass roots rl growing up there. I for one would much rather see a Scottish team in our league than the likes of Toronto
  4. Whilst I'm not having a dig at the new board members I thought when this board took over after des they were meant to be transparent and let the fans know the state of play. Since then however we have had members leaving with no real explanation and people being brought on board with no consultation with the fans. What is going on?
  5. What a difference to the Rochdale game! Amazing what a bit of good weather and a fairly decent playing surface can do, 1-17 fantastic and the two new lads were superb. I think in the summer with good weather and pitches we'll be a force to be reckoned with
  6. I presume the leisure centre like the college would be booked up also?
  7. Ah never took size into account as shawy says it's around 3/4 just a thought to avoid chewing up our own pitch... Shame we don't have anywhere else suitable locally
  8. Might be a bit pointless as I don't know if the team trains on the pitch or not, but I was wondering if they do would they not be able to do a deal with the college to use their 3G pitch especially with the new link up with the academy coming from there. Would certainly help our pitch to recover over this wet period
  9. I'd rather the fans gave the officials stick than the players, some of the things I heard fans shouting towards Ward was terrible, admitted he had a few poor kicks but also did a few things that went completely unnoticed
  10. On a different note I am fed up of going to games and witnessing poor officiating. On six occasions today the ref reset the scrum for Rochdale not packing down properly, why were they not penalised? Also for the majority of the game players were stood offside yet the spineless touch judges did nothing. I wonder how many more games are going to be influenced/ruined by awful officiating
  11. Oliver Wilkes
  12. Lemmy
  13. Andy Murray
  14. Neil Diamond
  15. Kanye West