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  1. Still tinkering with the Bulldogstalk website, but here's a few things for you to have a look at: Match Video - Dewsbury vs. Batley Quick Opinion - Can Batley hit back on sunday (Poll)? Latest discussion topic on the same theme. Can Batley beat Hailfax?
  2. I must have missed something then. Tony did say something very vague about looking for a replacement, but I don't remember your solution. Or are we talking about eating sausages? So you think I'm one of those people that is afraid to say something in order not to upset people? Well, thats not working is it? I'm upsetting you for a start .... lol And, the solution is? I'm still waiting
  3. I think that wherever I live, I am entitled to my opinion Buford... For the record though, I was asking for solutions. Don't seem to have heard any as yet though.
  4. I'm not clapping RPH, I'm just as worried as you. However, I do not think that blind actionism is going to lead us anywhere
  5. OK let's do that Tony.
  6. Well, if I was Chairman I would be nearer to the players and the coach than certain supporters on the forum. And I think I would know what I was doing. Kevin has a had good track record with coaches over the last few years, so I think we should have a little more trust in his judgement. Dewsbury had reached the point where anything was better than doing nothing, a point we haven't reched by far I think...
  7. I appreciate your concern. It still doesn't answer my question though, does it? What exactly is your plan if you replace Diskin?
  8. Some people are very quick with accusations and the pointing of fingers. What I don't ever see from these people, however, are solutions. What is then your solution? Turn back time to last season? What would it achieve if we got rid of the coach in the middle of the season? Do you have a new one in your pocket that could change everything back to the good old days within a couple of games? I think not. For good or evil we are stuck with Diskin at least until the end of the season. Then we can draw conclusions. And if this realisation means that we are happy clappers, then so be it...
  9. "The money , courtesy of the National Lottery, will be used to research the history of the club, develop a standalone website, increase the hours of club volunteers within the community and deliver an educational programme to 1,000 school children" Another standalone website? Club can't even cope with one :-D
  10. a gamble is a gamble.... Well, yes I suppose it is
  11. Picked up a couple of quotes from Twitter today. Make of them what you will... "The score doesn't define how much effort the Bulldogs put in today. #UpTheDogs " "Some @BatleyRLFC fans sh*te behaviour end of game you'd think last season happened 20 year ago! Back your team through good n bad #ficklefans "
  12. Why? Have they been locked away?
  13. So, where do we go from here? London has been in indifferent form this season, but the performance of the Bulldogs on Good Friday was, by all accounts, lacking in character and effort. On the Bulldogstalk website I started the poll "Will The Bulldogs bounce back on Monday" yesterday. Of the, albeit only 13 as yet, replies, 15% say yes, Batley will beat London 38% say the Bulldogs will show character and come close 31% say, no, the Broncos are too strong 15% say no, the Bulldogs don't have the character. So, what do you think? With the click of a button on the Website ( you can submit your opinion (no need to register, but don't forget to share via Facebook or Twitter if you like) In the match group ( you can add your thoughts on the forum, and/or add pics, links etc.. on the stream (requires registration, but you can login with Facebook etc..) Look forward to your thoughts.
  14. Will Batley Bounce Back on Easter Monday??? Poll, analysis and discussion on the re-launched Bulldogstalk website
  15. What a silly thing to say Billybulldog. "Knowing Diskin".... do you know Diskin?