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  1. Speaking of videos, there's a bunch of them on the Bulldogs Talk page if anyone is interested. Apart from the one mentioned by Batley Bob, we also have: John Kear on winning YSpoty Coach of The Year Paul Harrison on the Bulldogs winning Team of The Year James Brown Reviews Season 2016 All worth watching ...
  2. Well, the new owners must have brought some brass with them if they want to honour all season tickets and offer full time contracts to all players...
  3. HOW

    I still have the problem that I am not able to post when I sign on with my username and password. The text editor is greyed out. I get around it by logging in with Facebook. Still don't know why this should be though. And it seems that I have lost about 250 posts along the way, according to the post count under my avatar....
  4. I'm in the Campanile Toulouse Blagnac near the airport. It's my first journey to Toulouse though so I don't know if its any good...
  5. Ich mag das @YouTube-Video von @jatilanomm: Status Quo / Live At Wembley Arena 2013 FULL CONCERT 1080p ᴴᴰ

  6. Oh well, I suppose it's all water under the bridge now anyway ....
  7. That's true Billy.... doesn't make it any better though, it just means there's another catastrophe for Rugby League waiting to happen...
  8. The new club may be "free of all that" but also free of assets Richard, and they still won't have a stadium. Even if they are bailed out by the RL (which is pure speculation at this point) its still not going to be a bed of roses. They still have to generate cash somehow. And that is going to be a problem methinx. However you look at it, its a huge warning for the game of Rugby League. What hit me straight between the eyes was the administrator saying "The days where a sports club operates at a loss and is underwritten by a Patron should be gone". Says it all really ...
  9. These quotes from the administrator may suggest that there is not going to be an easy solution. Looks like the club is "rotten to the core" unfortunately “Bradford Bulls entered Administration for the third time in five years. This highlights that there is something fundamentally wrong with the business. The problems facing the Bradford Bulls are not unique. Rationally, the days where a sports club operates at a loss and is underwritten by a Patron should be gone. “The biggest challenge for any purchaser of the Bulls is generating additional revenue to meet the operating costs of the club. That is why Odsal Stadium is important, for any purchaser to justify investment in redeveloping and upgrading the facilities as a stadium. To be clear, the issue has not been the potential for any other development."
  10. Official RL statement:
  11. Very sorry to hear this Kevin. May he rest in peace, thinking of his family in these difficult times. Of course there's a lot of information I'm not privy to, but I will try and keep the Bulldogs Talk website up to date to the best of my ability
  12. I was only being sarcastic Roger... don't worry ;-)
  13. its a conspiracy, obviously ...
  15. Match Happenings and Statistics