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  1. 1 Alistair Leak 2 Louis Jouffret 3 Wayne Rettie
  2. 1 Paul Brearley 2 Tom Hemingway 3 Danny Yates
  3. Ok not professional games, I know but in 2 games I played one of the posts was destroyed The first as with a post above blew down. It was decided that if any conversions or penalties were required at the post-less end then the ball would be taken to the posted end for the kick to to be taken. This did happen; fortunately no penalty was taken after which the ball stayed in play. I don't know what would have happened then , don't think they thought that one out. The other instance in a desperate attempt to save a try a defender head butted a post causing it to lean towards the corner flag thus becoming separated from the crossbar which quivered on its one remaining joint with the other post Dazed the defender struggled to his feet just in time for the crossbars remaining joint on the other post to give way causing it to fall and forcibly strike the defenders head. Down he went again even more dazed than before, finally to be removed from the field on a stretcher Fortunately he was not to badly hurt but did have 2 very large bumps on his head
  4. 1 Dane Manning 2 Louis Joufret 3Johnny Campbell
  5. The animals I saw at the Shay yesterday were much more interesting than those I saw last time I went to a zoo. Although I must admit most of them were not quite as intelligent
  6. 1 Day 2 Bretherton 3 Butterworth, looked like Shergar in a field of donkeys. Pity he didn’t play longer
  7. Absolutely no insider information, just a logical mind Will probably be in excess of 2000 people attracted so plenty of income will be generated The main aim is to make money for charity but I doubt it will need to be at the expense of the club
  8. Not hard to work out Leedsdog if you think about it If the expected gate receipts can be covered from another source; Then the Increased attendance results in increased revenue from bars and food outlets. So more revenue in total How are gate results covered then, well who wants to attract people in and for what purpose? Answer those easy questions and you’ve got the answer
  9. 1 Joel Farrell 2 Adam Gledhill 3 Alex Bretherton
  10. Sorry show bias against us
  11. 1 Dave Scott (by the proverbial country mile) 2 Keenan Tomlinson (best game to date); don’t blame him for Brev getting in his way 3 Adam Gledhill honourable mentions Lewis Galbraith Reiss Butterworth Danny Sowerby Isaac Farrelll the intrepid fans who attended at such a ridiculous time and place dishonourable mention Jack Smith bizarre decisions never fails to bring bias a ainey us shocking
  12. I understand perfectly johnny Referees totally ignore blocking and have been constantly shown up to do so by the the video Makes no difference as the video referee also usually also allows blocking I agree with the decision as it saves time and removes the embarrassment of referees both on field and video of justifying ignoring and misinterpreting the the rules Bring on the tin hats
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