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  1. Are the Aussie Schoolboys the same as the Junior Kangaroos though? I always got the impression they weren't and the Junior Roos were another step up
  2. It's the NSW cup, not just a local comp. The standard is similar to SL and it's the same as flipping it if say Leigh had to rearrange a fixture and a junior game had to be moved or cancelled
  3. Tomkins had a solid comeback too, especially after 9 months out. It was a very NZ Warrior-esque performance by him too. Most of the tries he scored in the NRL came in a similar fashion down that right side attacking close to the line. Then when Shaul turned him inside out it was definitely like watching him in Auckland. Let's be fair though, it's his first game in nearly a year. He'll get better as the weeks and months go on, as long as he can stay fit
  4. He's deceptively big. The first time I saw him in person I was surprised as he never looks it on TV.
  5. That's what I mean. But players are always coming through the ranks so if they found a good young 6/7 and developed them without losing them to Aus/NZ I do reckon with the packs and outside backs that the produce that they wouldn't be far off the mark
  6. After watching them closely the last few years I actually think Samoa and Tonga aren't a million miles off the big 3. I've said for a couple of years that a lack of decent halves is the difference. They definitely play with more pride and passion that Aus/NZ/Eng and everything is done at 100mph. If they could sort their completion rates out and find a good 6 and 7 though they'd be dangerous
  7. TSN and Sportsnet are the main two networks in Canada so I'd assume they'd try to get either of these two involved. Sport at any level in North America is broadcast much better than over this side of the world so I don't think they'll struggle. It all just depends how much
  8. Awful game of football tonight between two very poor teams. I reckon the missed tackle count must have been above 60. It was like watching touch and pass for the majority. Pathetic at times, average the rest.
  9. You're all talking like this is set in stone! Isn't it just ANZ saying they want to keep it there? Eden Park, MCG, Suncorp should all get at least 1 go in the 4 year project
  10. Hull KR by 20, Leeds to get relegated and he'll to freeze over Leeds by 2 or 3 scores. They'll be up for it after Monday and more than likely won't have Keinhorst and Walters as the two second rows.
  11. Leeds will be nowhere near the bottom 4. The biggest problem has been lack of points this season and they're currently the worst attacking team in the league. Adding McGuire will change that though and I have no doubt that had he played this year then Leeds would have won the majority of the close games they've lost. All they need is a bit more organisation in attack and they will start to improve and gain confidence. It's going to be a hard task go make the 4 now but I'd be shocked if they didn't finish 5th/6th
  12. In before someone mentions our fa.... Oh, never mind
  13. On paper there shouldn't be too much in the two. Leeds need to up their game though massively to compete
  14. Leeds have up to 5 back this week for the game against Wigan. They're still missing Briscoe, Moon, McGuire, Ablett, Ward and Delaney though but it's looking a lot stronger, especially on the interchange. Id go: Hardaker Handley - Watkins - Keinhorst - Hall Sutcliffe - Lilley Galloway - Burrow - Cuthbertson Ferres - Achurch Singleton Falloon Jones-Buchanan Mullaley Garbutt With Walters and Baldwinson missing out