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  1. ultimate roughyed

    Keighley Cougar's

    He’s only 18 apparently! Great game today though, I’ll forgive him for the showboating no try at the end, bet he feels a right div! Would have been a hat trick on debut as well.
  2. ultimate roughyed


    Where’s it being held Gaz at what time is kick off?
  3. ultimate roughyed

    North Wales Crusaders 25/3/2018

    ei gariad yng Nghymru! blwyddyn Newydd Dda Looking forward to it, should be another great game. Thanks for the tip off about the early start and clocks going forward..........knowing me I’d have arrived at 4pm otherwise, to catch the last ten minutes!
  4. ultimate roughyed

    Hemel Stags at home - GAME OFF

    Not a hope in hell of the game going ahead in Sunday I’m afraid as the snow has to thaw naturally with it being a 4G pitch.......so I’m told by Mr H.
  5. ultimate roughyed

    Watersheddings Memories (book)

    Hi PL. The offer is still open, I’ll be watching Saddleworth Rangers this afternoon if you wanted to collect it from there? If not I’m Going on holiday skiing for a week tomorrow so we can arrange something when I get back. Regards UR
  6. ultimate roughyed

    Watersheddings Memories (book)

    Watersheddings Book Here it is PL if you want to buy your own, still very welcome to borrow mine as well.
  7. ultimate roughyed

    Watersheddings Memories (book)

    Hi PL. I have a copy of the book if you would like to borrow it. Regards UR
  8. ultimate roughyed

    Anthony Crolla Event

    Would make a great Xmas present that (2017 season highlights)......over to ORLFC to make it happen! Count me in providing it’s less than a tenner.
  9. ultimate roughyed

    Remaining Games

    Well, one Hairnet is relying on us losing all our 3 remaining games to save their skin.............Read on from their forum........ The remaining games are :- Oldham v Toulouse Toulouse Win Hornets v Swinton Swinton Win ------------------------------ Sheffield v Hornets Sheffield Win Swinton v Oldham Swinton Win ------------------------------ Toulouse v Swinton Toulouse Win Bradford v Hornets Bradford Win Oldham v Dewsbury Dewsbury Win ------------------------------- Hornets 15 Point + 0 Points Total 15 Points Oldham 14 points + 0 points Total 14 Points Swinton 14 Points + 4 Points Total 18 Points -------------------------------- We survive by the skin of our teeth. I hope. If we beat Swinton next week we should survive. As Oldham fans, who would you rather win next week, Rochdale or Swinton? If Rochdale win they are probably safe and it leaves our showdown with Swinton for winner takes all (can't see them beating Toulouse away). However, a Swinton win for me is better as they are looking more likely to survive and are in good form. Judging by the Hornets fans expectations we only need one win and we'd stay up.
  10. ultimate roughyed

    Remaining games

    Reckon we might be able to sneak one victory out of 3 games, question is, can you? If you lose your last remaining home game next week against Swinton you really are in the mix for relegation. Reckon Swinton will turn you over as they won't want to be going away to Toulouse and having to win to stay up. Can you beat Sheffield away? Unlikely. However, if your lives depended on it surely you could get a result at Bradford (Swinton managed it). All getting very exciting. Your next match is massive. Win and you are probably safe, lose and you might be 2nd from bottom if we can sneak a win against Toulouse who don't travel well.
  11. ultimate roughyed


    Time for Hamilton to get some new blood in. An experienced leader/half back to take us round the field, another prop and a full back please as a minimum.
  12. ultimate roughyed


    He was slagging the ref off more than anything Howardm!
  13. ultimate roughyed


    Problem is Tandle, we had no one else to pick. Grimmer probably shouldn't have played and appears to have suffered a recurrence of his injury early in the game. Scott Turner suffered a head injury again so might not play for a long time given his history of head injuries and Gaz Owen was taken off on a stretcher so if we don't have DR on Sunday we will only have 14 fit players! Alan Hunte and Nobby to come out of retirement! Albeit Nobby said he wouldn't be about on Sunday so we may be looking for a new coach as well.
  14. ultimate roughyed


    When leaving the stand tonight, Naylor claimed after the game he won't be about on Sunday! Let's see if he sticks to his words or was just in the heat of the moment at the end of the game. Very poor game really, both sides were distinctively average and We threw it away with that very poor grubber kick (all of Dewsburys players were well offside which didn't help - their defensive line was right in front of me). Lack of creativity is killing us, we need to score more tries. Can't see where the next win is coming from at the moment.
  15. ultimate roughyed


    We need a 'gobby' half back who can take us round the park and shout out orders! Look what happened when Danny Brough returned to a poor Huddersfield side, they absolutely spanked Warrington. Not sure who's on the market/available? Get Kevin Sinfield out of retirement for a few games!