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  1. Agreed Gaz, in fact the Halifax winger shoved him so we should actually have had a penalty! The yellow card for Adam Neal was very harsh as well. I reckon he wouldn't have been given one if the Halifax players hadn't kicked off.
  2. How many were there today?
  3. Danny Brough to play for us on DR!!!!?
  4. Totally agreed, very boring. What's wrong with our brand/trading name being known as the Oldham Roughyeds? You're not going to get my shouting Come on Oldham RLFC 1997 Limited!
  5. This is an unofficial forum though so Hamiltons pet project of rebranding us shouldn't affect this though. Everyone knows us as the Roughyeds.......oooooooh when the Yeds go marching in, oooooooh when the Yeds go marching in.....
  6. I'm sure I used it used to be called Oldham Roughyeds. Feels odd just being Oldham! Roughyeds Return please!
  7. Arise Sir Dave! Give the man a knighthood!
  8. Smart ######!
  9. Whilst we're in the Championship, keep it traditional as that where the strength lies in this division. A lot of long standing, old historical clubs........Halifax, Featherstone, Hull KR, Batley etc. Roughyeds is unique, actually has a historic meaning to the town and as TAOHAF says, it can be marketed with his fine example.
  10. Chewing somebody's ear off no doubt! It sounds like Hamilton is getting a new Dyson for Whitebank soon as well!
  11. Wikipedia suggests they are playing at the home of Blagnac Sporting Club. Is that correct?
  12. Could be even worse next year! At least you can walk to the ground from the airport! Only 45 minutes walk!
  13. How about Craig Huby or Eorl Crabtree from the Giants!?
  14. George Tyson would make a good captain. Leads by example and always 100% committed.
  15. And we've not even made an appearance in the London Gazette this off season either!