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  1. Brigg Rover

    Schofield: Let’s now bring on Australia

    Nothing wrong with winding up the convicts keep it up Schoey!!
  2. Wigan unless Wane has them too fired up again ala Saints a few years ago.
  3. Never mind we can at least pick the Man of Steel favourite to replace him, he will really terrify them Kiwis.
  4. Good luck to Widnes next year as the club tries to rebuild. Not easy to do in the championship and they will have a target on their backs being the relegated super league club. Just read a bit of this and the other thread and there seems to be quite a few people casting a lot of aspersions around about Widnes and their players. For me these idiotic keyboard warriors need to crawl back into their little holes, you truly are clueless about rugby league and life in general.
  5. Well played Halifax, great effort in the 2nd half. Did yourselves your club and your fans proud. Rovers fell apart the minute Todd Carney came on the pitch. At that point we were 24 points up and playing some really good rugby, moving the ball nicely, mixing in crisp short passing with accurate miss out balls when needed. Carney comes on and everything slows to the pace he needs it at to be able to compete. A pace that Halifax are quite happy with. All of a sudden we struggle to put 2 passes together. The other useless Carney went off injured, think he injured his ankle carrying is unearned wages. In the second half we lost our best player Quinlan with an ACL injury I think, god knows when we may see him again. Not looking good for next season at this rate.
  6. Peacock carried the Leeds pack, look at his stats he did the work of 2 players with 25 hit ups a game and 200m made along with 40 odd tackles a game. The stats off the likes of Bailey, Cuthbertson and all the others are a joke in comparison. The last Grand Final was really an amazing performance from McGuire, an organising half back! The replacing of him and Burrows with Myler really is a disgrace and whoever is in charge of player recruitment and planning needs to lose their job! Leeds have lost their soul with McGuire and Burrows going. JJB is the only one left and the guy is obviously struggling on his own.
  7. Brigg Rover

    Maurice Blair at the RFL Disciplinary...

    On a more serious note does anyone know if the rules/playing conditions were changed after Tomkins got his fine and no ban for his 2 fingered salute? As 3 - 5 games is crazy really.
  8. Brigg Rover

    Maurice Blair at the RFL Disciplinary...

    Surely he just has to claim that he was having a bad personal time and someone abused his pet goldfish and he a momentary lapse, no case to answer sorry for wasting your time Mr Blair.
  9. Brigg Rover

    The Qualifiers - Predictions

    If that fixture thing is right then we have 3 very tough away games Leeds, Toronto and Toulouse that's some miles we are going to rack up!
  10. Maybe because they had already gone through the paper thin defence in the middle that they didn't actually bother wasting their time passing it wide to the wingers?
  11. Tough game but we have been very good at home the last few weeks and Warrington do not have the best record on our ground so am going for a Rovers win by 10.
  12. Hopefully we can keep up our good run of recent form. A strong bench again can hopefully give us a real push forward to get us over the line in this one. Widnes are no easy beats especially on home soil (ish)
  13. Brigg Rover

    Ryan Hall and Carl Ablett.

    I have to agree, one of those irritating players that manage to wind the opposition up and get away with stuff themselves. Pure gold as a teammate.
  14. Brigg Rover

    Ryan Hall and Carl Ablett.

    Only if you change to red and white with all the ex-robins in your team
  15. Brigg Rover

    Sutton off to Canberra

    But Boyd is on a contract of £800k a year with the Gold Coast, and according to Billy Moore he will be liability if the subs do go down to 6 per team next year. Canberra are obviously trying to gear their team to have middles who can play long minutes that are cost effective to be able to spend their big dollars elsewhere in the team. It's as much about salary cap management as it is about getting the best players.