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  1. Classy ad by Hull KR

    The Rovers Chairman put an apology and explanation on the club website which basically said that if we are playing say Team A at home on a Sunday and that team then has a fixture at home the following week and they normally play on a Friday night then its a no go so we have to move the fixture to the Friday night. Through in the fact that we even have a Thursday night game when we aren't on TV! God knows what's going on there!
  2. Classy ad by Hull KR

    Apparently the club did state Sunday was their preference but due to the ruling on games played by other teams on Thursday nights either the previous or following week we are not allowed to play many games on a Sunday (2 I think all season). It's slightly off topic but these Thursday night Sky games are a complete pile of **** and totally mess with everything. I find it very difficult to take my kids as they have school the next day and by the time I get home it's 11 at night (fine on a Friday night with no school) and far to late for them.
  3. People say this about Slater but I don't buy it. Anyone who watched Lockyer playing fullback in the late 90's early 00's am sure would say exactly the same thing, the only difference I can see is that Slater plays a lot up the middle trying to catch out Props etc where Lockyer did it mainly out wide running at second rowers. I know if my team was 4 points down with 1 minute left to play which player I would want to have the ball in his hands.
  4. The 3 man of Steel contenders

    Just checked the stats and the 4th most missed tackles in Super League with 70 misses missing nearly 13% of his tackles. So I was maybe wrong Hull haven't done that good a job. Maybe I could also recommend a trip to specsavers for them eyes?
  5. The 3 man of Steel contenders

    Maybe if you watch the last try scored by Leeds in the semi the other night you may see why one or two don't rate the defence of Kelly. Hull have done a very good job of protecting him this year, it will be interesting to see if they can do it next year. On topic it has to be Gale any other choice is laughable. The guy has run the best offence we have seen since the Saints 06 team and he can deliver under the greatest of pressure as seen on Thursday night.
  6. Sam Ma walks away

    Is this what Donald Trump means when he says Fake News?
  7. Think you should do. Just because it is a PM does not give someone licence to abuse you. Abuse via the computer in whatever format is on a huge increase, these people would be very unlikely to say it face to face. Back on topic thank you to the people who have congratulated us on achieving promotion. I would like to say good luck to the rest of the championship clubs, I wish you all the best in your continued fight in many cases just to keep going. It may not seem that many people know or care but you are all part of the lifeblood of the sport and without you your local communities would be diminished as would the entire sport. I wish I had had more time this year to go to away matches and visit so many of the great clubs as I do enjoy the banter with fans and the character of the grounds. As a sport we have many problems one of which is that we have taken for granted so much over the last 20 years and the struggles of so many clubs highlight this. I do not know the answer to these problems but what being back in the championship has shown me is the need for the sport as a whole to be humble, remember your roots make sure you nurture them and look to grow from this solid base.
  8. Gameplan for Leigh this week. Attack Justin Carney every time score lots of tries and win game. Simple
  9. Gary Schofield!!!!!

    You are missing the point of this forum, Schofield talks sense and is usually not far off so he needs to be put down. People don't like being criticized and no one at Sky ever has a go at anyone so they don't like it when he has a pop at them or their club. He had a pop at Rovers after the Summer Bash and he was right we were terrible and if we play like that we will have no chance against Super League clubs. The only thing I thought was that it was probably the worst we played all year and we seem to be a poor bad weather team.
  10. John Boudebza joins London on Loan

    John certainly wont let you down. Heart certainly bigger than his size and a clever player. Glad to see him fixed up and playing.
  11. Ben Barba - 2nd Marquee player?

    Time to do the only sensible thing and block idiots like you bye!
  12. Ben Barba - 2nd Marquee player?

    Utter tripe, he was given a drugs ban in rugby league so he went off to play rugby union, thus still earning a living. Now he is being treated as if he has been wronged by the RL because they want him to serve a ban for taking drugs! If you equate a multiple offending drug user getting banned as being put on the naughty step then you are truly contemptible.
  13. Ben Barba - 2nd Marquee player?

    Sorry but people who are in the spotlight are role models. They may not have dreamed of being role models but they realise they are when they become famous. Barba is not some 18 year old wet behind the ears, he is a repeat offender. If you think someone who has an opinion about people who take illegal drugs not being punished or the people who for their own self interest want them to dodge punishment reflects badly on me, then so be it.