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  1. Looking at where Newcastle have ended up after he left there is an argument that he did a very good job at Newcastle under the circumstances.
  2. Driving away from the game I was listening to Messers Harris and Wells "talking" about Bennett. What struck me at the time was how angry I felt that Wells who for the majority of his time on Sky is a complete sycophant towards both the players and the Super League game, all of a sudden chooses 5 Live to spout off about a guy who's boots he isn't fit to even lick! Then we have Harris going on about development of Rugby League and spreading the word about the game. Well if we look at the respective records of the 2 of them I don't recall Bennett heading off to another sport which then allowed that other sport to claim massive publicity about the death of rugby league! Also if he was any good as a coach he could have had the GB gig and could give the greatest interviews in the history of the sport! As far I'm concerned its 2 little nobodies trying to ride the coat tails of a legend! I'll take Wayne Bennett over you 2 any day of the week and twice on a Sunday.
  3. Bateman showed us exactly what we all know, to slow for the backs and to small for the forwards at International level. Would much prefer Farrell as he at least offers a threat in terms of his line running. Would like Taylor to get a run for one of the Twins, was impressed with Tom more so than George this time but I wouldn't be that fussed if it went the other way. Also have to say was very surprised with how little game time Cooper got. He was a real difference maker last year off the bench at the KC and he made good ground with his carries when he came on in the 2nd half. Think he would have been more useful in the first half when we were under the pump in the last 10 minutes. Unsure about Sarginson this last year really, he just seems to make to many basic mistakes and has not kicked on from a great debut a couple of years ago. Might be tempted to give Percival a run. Hope he gives the halves another go, Gale has earned his shot and deserves more than one match against the Kiwis.
  4. Useless Black and White ******** 2 weeks on the trot. Then this week I bet they will play like bloody world beaters!!
  5. I think the cheat chants started as a result of the penalty try call. Being in the East stand I did not have a good view of it, but looking at it on video I have to say that it is a highly dubious call and the fact that Thaler has "form" for giving penalty tries of a highly contentious nature. Anyway we showed some real bottle to back up last weeks performance and to fight back in adversity from being 3 scores behind. Maybe they have got the message that quite a few of them would be out of work next year if they didn't pull their socks up. Have to say that the way the bottom sides are now playing it will be really tough for the Championship sides to match them if they don't get complacent.
  6. We need to show that we can play tough for more than just one game. Need a really strong performance in this one, hopefully the team will pull it off and gain a narrow win.
  7. stevereed100 please give it up, you are embarrassing yourself and other Rovers fans. The refs are not all against us, this season like most of the last 4 or 5 we are not good enough. The team is not fit enough and we don't have the mental fortitude to tough it out game after game. This is nothing to do with refs, the RFL or the man on the bloody moon! Everyone makes mistakes and you shout etc at the games. When you have calmed down and come posting on here surely you have had time to assess things a little more evenly. My concern is next week, we got a good draw when being rightly down to 12 men, lets see what performance the team comes up with this week!
  8. Very nice indeed, and coming from someone like Johnny it means a lot.
  9. It is not often that one can say that someone is a true great, an absolute legend and without doubt the best player ever to pull on a clubs jersey. Roger was all of this and more. He is the greatest figure our club has ever had and was the exception to the rule that a good big un will always beat a good little un! RIP Roger, and my sincerest condolences to your friends and family.
  10. You are Stuart Cummings and I claim my £5
  11. Phil Lowe on the phone to his old mate Bob Fulton, Bob can I have Geoff Toovey's number please? I can but dream.
  12. Depends on our attitude, if it's good we could go close or even win, but if not we could get a bit of a hiding. Over the last 4 years we have not been able to string together good performances, so we played quite well on Friday so expect a load of rubbish from us this week.
  13. Look it was obvious to everyone that Walmsley made some contact to the head. The angle that would have shown this best was from the South Stand but all they showed us from that angle was the Saints player picking the ball up and running off with it. The biggest problem I have is with the idiot Cummings on the TV, what does he add other than the fact he seems clueless. Just going along with the ref saying he can't see any head contact at all, even when Brian Carney (an ex player who knows full well that Walmsley made contact with the head) gives him a way out he still couldn't see it! Please send him off to the same retirement home as Stevo. The bounce of the ball certainly did not go our way Friday night, if the correct calls were made and Saints first try is chalked off and Shaw's is given then it's at least a 10 point swing. Kelly going off had a massive effect on the team, and the clear difference in the second half was the kicking game from Walsh we kept us penned in our half and unable to get out. Overall a much better performance, and hopefully we can keep improving the defence which has been a joke for the last 3 or 4 years. Culture change does not happen overnight, but we need to add some oomph from the coach, our last 2 have been so uninspiring when you here them talk.
  14. If you supported a lower division football team and they drew say Liverpool or Man U in the FA cup would you go and watch? I would guess it would be their biggest gate of the season. Would you go there expecting your team to win? If you support Leicester City and they make it to the Champions League and draw Barcelona do you expect to win or do you go because you want to watch the best players in the world play? You cannot compare the NRL to Super League just from an economics level, but its not to say that now and again we can't beat them, or in fact enjoy the games. Last year we could easily have won 2 of the games, and lets be honest how Warrington weren't playing against 12 men was a joke. If that was the case then 2 wins from 4 games would have been fair enough. This year Leeds are a shadow of the team that won the grand final and Saints are also low on numbers. Wigan was a disappointing showing. So in summary we have been done over twice in 6 games Souths last year and Brisbane this year.
  15. Looks like its going to be a long season at Craven Park. Coach seems pretty clueless (along with the half backs). No direction in the team without Campo. And the tackling don't get me started about our tackling! Still we can always rely on our usual home win against Saints