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  1. Maybe if they got him out of the pub long enough to actually prepare the team for a game he might have a better chance. Anyway they will sack him in time for someone else to come in and lift them for the middle 8's.
  2. Great result and a confidence booster for the rest of the season.
  3. Clever bit of business by Hull. They have clearly learned by other clubs mistakes with Kelly. A one year deal is the way to go, always keep him playing for something. Just watch how he gets targeted in defence against the good teams though, if you can put a "bodyguard" on him (maybe Ellis if he can play enough minutes) then you will be ok.
  4. Natural talents like dropping the high ball? That's always great for a fullback to be good at dropping high balls.
  5. Has to be the late great Flash at hooker, one of the first to wear a Scrum Cap
  6. As most people on this forum seem to be of a socialist persuasion perhaps we could get all the Super League clubs to send all of their takings to the RFL who then divides the money equally to each of the Super League clubs. ie Leeds and Wigan £10m turnover Saints, Hull, Warrington £7.5m turnover Catalans £6.5m turnover Cas, Huddersfield and Widnes £4m turnover Salford, Wakefield and Leigh £3.5m turnover Total = £72m £6m per club. Could then raise the cap to £2.5m and the clubs would have £3.5m to run the rest of the business. I think Jeremy Corybn would be proud of me.
  7. It's easily solved I can just block idiots like DP.
  8. True colours revealed a baby keyboard warrior. Idiots like you are the reason so many decent people have stopped posting on this site. (Me included) Fed up of all the pettiness. Actual RL seems to just get lost.
  9. Whilst not being one to normally get drawn into KR FC silliness, I think it only fair to point out that several FC fans brought Rovers into the thread and the poster only then responded. They were after a bite and got one. If you don't want Steve commenting then have a chat with your fellow FC fans and ask them not to bring Rovers into your threads. Thank you and have a nice day.
  10. Replacing great players is not easy. Even Man U struggled a few times under Fergie and had a couple of years were they didn't win the title. Its ok saying you should plan to replace them but if anyone can show me where the next Jamie Peacock is then maybe Leeds would have tried to recruit him? What's Melbourne Storms plan to replace Cam Smith? NQ for JT? Look how Brisbane have fared since Loccy retired and they have more resources than any other RL club in the World. How good have Newcastle been since Johns retired? Leeds biggest problem is the pack, they were carried by Peacock who did the work of 2 props with 25 carries a game and 30 to 40 tackles, it was like Leeds had 14 men on the pitch (14.5 if you include the refs who didn't play forward passes by Leeds). Check out the stats in League express and see what the props are doing 10 to 15 carries for about 100m and 20 tackles. He allowed the rest of the Leeds pack to rest and work off his back, he did the tough carries which allowed people like Cuthbertson to shine when already going forward and use his offloads. Props like this are worth their weight in gold hence why Newcastle are offering a 32 year old Matt Scott £1m aussie dollars a season for 3 years! Leeds won so much because they had some excellent players, coupled with 1 true all time great in Peacock and 1 "club level" all time great in Sinfield. You simply don't replace these type of players.
  11. Looking at where Newcastle have ended up after he left there is an argument that he did a very good job at Newcastle under the circumstances.
  12. Driving away from the game I was listening to Messers Harris and Wells "talking" about Bennett. What struck me at the time was how angry I felt that Wells who for the majority of his time on Sky is a complete sycophant towards both the players and the Super League game, all of a sudden chooses 5 Live to spout off about a guy who's boots he isn't fit to even lick! Then we have Harris going on about development of Rugby League and spreading the word about the game. Well if we look at the respective records of the 2 of them I don't recall Bennett heading off to another sport which then allowed that other sport to claim massive publicity about the death of rugby league! Also if he was any good as a coach he could have had the GB gig and could give the greatest interviews in the history of the sport! As far I'm concerned its 2 little nobodies trying to ride the coat tails of a legend! I'll take Wayne Bennett over you 2 any day of the week and twice on a Sunday.
  13. Bateman showed us exactly what we all know, to slow for the backs and to small for the forwards at International level. Would much prefer Farrell as he at least offers a threat in terms of his line running. Would like Taylor to get a run for one of the Twins, was impressed with Tom more so than George this time but I wouldn't be that fussed if it went the other way. Also have to say was very surprised with how little game time Cooper got. He was a real difference maker last year off the bench at the KC and he made good ground with his carries when he came on in the 2nd half. Think he would have been more useful in the first half when we were under the pump in the last 10 minutes. Unsure about Sarginson this last year really, he just seems to make to many basic mistakes and has not kicked on from a great debut a couple of years ago. Might be tempted to give Percival a run. Hope he gives the halves another go, Gale has earned his shot and deserves more than one match against the Kiwis.
  14. Useless Black and White ******** 2 weeks on the trot. Then this week I bet they will play like bloody world beaters!!
  15. I think the cheat chants started as a result of the penalty try call. Being in the East stand I did not have a good view of it, but looking at it on video I have to say that it is a highly dubious call and the fact that Thaler has "form" for giving penalty tries of a highly contentious nature. Anyway we showed some real bottle to back up last weeks performance and to fight back in adversity from being 3 scores behind. Maybe they have got the message that quite a few of them would be out of work next year if they didn't pull their socks up. Have to say that the way the bottom sides are now playing it will be really tough for the Championship sides to match them if they don't get complacent.