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  1. You are missing the point of this forum, Schofield talks sense and is usually not far off so he needs to be put down. People don't like being criticized and no one at Sky ever has a go at anyone so they don't like it when he has a pop at them or their club. He had a pop at Rovers after the Summer Bash and he was right we were terrible and if we play like that we will have no chance against Super League clubs. The only thing I thought was that it was probably the worst we played all year and we seem to be a poor bad weather team.
  2. John certainly wont let you down. Heart certainly bigger than his size and a clever player. Glad to see him fixed up and playing.
  3. Time to do the only sensible thing and block idiots like you bye!
  4. Utter tripe, he was given a drugs ban in rugby league so he went off to play rugby union, thus still earning a living. Now he is being treated as if he has been wronged by the RL because they want him to serve a ban for taking drugs! If you equate a multiple offending drug user getting banned as being put on the naughty step then you are truly contemptible.
  5. Sorry but people who are in the spotlight are role models. They may not have dreamed of being role models but they realise they are when they become famous. Barba is not some 18 year old wet behind the ears, he is a repeat offender. If you think someone who has an opinion about people who take illegal drugs not being punished or the people who for their own self interest want them to dodge punishment reflects badly on me, then so be it.
  6. No he was banned in the NRL so went to RU to dodge the ban. They didn't think he was up to much so got rid (maybe a lesson there) and you Saints fans thought that EM could just wave a magic wand and everyone would do what he wants. Well tough.
  7. Alcohol is a legal substance and that unfortunately is the difference. I believe all clubs should make an example of players who commit very serious offences. Some clubs do, for example Canberra Raiders have sacked a number of players who have disgraced themselves and the club by their actions off the field.
  8. Again if you are more than happy for known drug users to be held up as some sort of messiah for your team then fine, glad I have nothing to do with your sort in life. I am sure you will find whatever excuse you like from your selfish point of view just to ensure your player gets on the pitch for your team.
  9. Should do and it should be 2 years first offence, 4 for second and then lifetime for 3rd. Examples have to be made.
  10. He is cheating all the young kids who look up to him as a role model. Those kids who buy shirts with his name on, go to the park and try to do the things he does on the pitch. He is cheating the paying fans who bought tickets to watch him play, he is cheating his club who paid him to perform on the pitch not break the law. If you don't think that is cheating then I would say it more reflects on you.
  11. Multiple drug cheat 0 little bit of justice 1.
  12. Another drug supporter! Barba was caught given a warning and offered help to stay off the stuff. So he wins a Grand Final goes out on the pop and takes some more and gets caught again!
  13. It obviously matters little to someone like you of low morality.
  14. Which team has he missed games for?