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  1. Only in 2019 would a suspicion of someone working with MI6, and keeping it secret in comparison to others who treat the Official Secrets Act as optional, while serving his country be treated as suspect by a Tory party. I suppose they can add it to their change of tack on supporting business, the police and other “establishment” core areas of Tory support. But someone who is the antithesis of “law and order” Tories, “family values” Tories and “pro business” Tories is perfectly fine if he can bluster and lie about his support for Brexit.
  2. He seems to have that John Major soapbox vibe going quite well. I agree with you, I think he'd be quite a hit with the centre-right and swing-voting electorate who actually can return government majorities. It'd be nice having one of the two main parties not chasing the votes of the extremist wings of their parties for a while. He's also got the liking and hear of the media.
  3. David Lidington, May's long-time effective Deputy, has outed himself as a new Stewart supporter.
  4. Well, if Boris Johnson won't go to the media, the media will go looking in the past for things to write about him. How to make friends and influence people north of the border. He's a bit like Trump in that there's usually something in his past for every occasion.
  5. Come the revolution, it'll be used to identify lawyers and similar professions with no value to our socialist republic.
  6. Easy... half a bottle of whisky before boarding each end and you'll be fine.
  7. As much as I like Toronto and their zeal for our sport, I stay away from any Toronto thread as if it would give me herpes by simply opening it. The bile and bitterness thrown at them for just existing is just a bit much for my liking..
  8. You have seen the huge (literally huge) list of left and centre-left achievements of the Blair/Brown governments, haven't you? Happy to find it and post it again if you haven't.
  9. I've no doubt that it's flawed and needs fixing, I was simply replying with my view as someone who tends to walk around the City area and has noticed a huge difference in quality of air, noise and environment with the massive reduction in vehicles driving around.
  10. From a sheer pedestrian and pollution only perspective, ULEZ is a fantastic scheme. Here's a picture of the tunnel at Barbican at midday a couple of weeks ago. Not a single car in it. It used to feel like you had to chew the air before you could breath it walking through there. It's a miserable thing for the drivers and business folk, but for health and quality of life I mark it an undoubted success. I don't think I have a single doubt that it'll save lives and improve quality of life for the people living in its catchment zone.
  11. Maggie's last decade of life was doing nothing but trolling others. I'm sure she just said things at time to see how far her fluffers would go in supporting her drivel.
  12. Posting here as it’s about internal Labour divisions rather than just Brexit. The only reason Labour’s divisions aren’t as obvious as the Tories’ is that they’re not in power.
  13. Happy birthday! Really good to see you taking the positives out of all the negatives in your life. It really is an upturn in your posts so well done and here’s to many more birthday posts from you on here.
  14. One bit of advice I got years ago that I’ve used a few times and has come in very handy in the last two weeks: Flying east? Stay awake. Flying west? Sleep. Just back from holiday and put that to good use. 7hr time difference. Stayed awake through the night flying to the place and was more than ready to sleep when we got there and it was late. Slept early on the flight back, got a solid 8 hrs and now am getting tired at 9:30pm. Jet lag? Easy...
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