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  1. It’s a mighty large number of similar coincidental things happening that aren’t the fault of Brexit.
  2. Absolutely. 10% tariff on finished cars plus tariffs and non-tariff barriers for parts coming in. As long as their extra costs are lower than the extra transportation costs from Japan then the manufacturing will stay here. Once it even gets close to matching then it’ll move to the politically safe Japan for a Japanese company
  3. John’s still in hospital, hopefully out in 3-5 days. Doing OK but unfortunately they couldn’t find a cure for his Tory beliefs.
  4. Fact. Two things on it: 1. The planning is there, pharmacists will be given the power to unilaterally change prescriptions to “similar” ones or to cut dosages to try to ensure there’s enough supply. The effort that’s going into this shows that it’s not just “opinion” but hard fact. 2. DExEU has its claws firmly around any media release that comes close to mentioning Brexit. This “opinion” would have been approved by them and inevitably reworded to the least damaging message possible while still having some semblance of truth.
  5. It’s the will of the people
  6. Excepting the Iraq war decision, what in the 13 years of Labour from 1997-2010 did you disagree with? Was it the dismissing of ideological purity to actually bring about the biggest improvement in living and working conditions in generations?
  7. Nah, that’s just a troll now. You’re deliberately misreading and adding misleading definitions to common words. It’s the government’s stated opinion based on their own analysis and facts that a no-deal Brexit could screw over people who need medication. Given that these things are firmly censored to ensure that they’re politically acceptable to the DExEU media team, you can guess how much that “opinion” means that it was allowed to be posted in the first place.
  8. The sole thing that annoys me about it is that we’re 39 days until Brexit and allowing May to run down the clock even more. Beyond that, they’ve tried for years to fix this and have left it until every Labour MP is tainted by the Labour “message”, either that or they’re vilified and threatened. I can’t see what other option they had beyond leave, it’s solely the timing that concerns me.
  9. This is the official Young Labour group: Give them a blue rosette and a Brexit message and they're Young Tories.
  10. The views from the unions have been mixed, it's interesting seeing some of their responses putting it directly in the leadership's path not that of the MPs who left.
  11. David Lammy on LBC going on about Labour being a toxic, nasty party but he won't be leaving. And that's party politics in a nutshell. p.s. I wonder what bad news the government will try to get out unnoticed today.
  12. Ahhh, YOU're the one forum member who doesn't have him on ignore!
  13. In other words, a representative of a small subset of teenage girls. My god-daughter is like this, she's turned 18, left home because of the "pathetic rules" her dad imposed, such as asking for a very small cut from her wages for her board in the house, and now lives in a council-provided bedsit with her boyfriend. She's already knocked-up but still blames everyone but herself. She'll never change and has been like that since she turned 13. If she comes back to the UK, this girl will not change, any attempt to change her will result in her hardening her opinion. That's why I'm damnably glad I don't have to make the decision on what to do with her, it's a no-win scenario. The sole thing that this thread has done is soften my view to letting her back in so we can seize and protect the baby from that environment.