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  1. Jess Phillips is a strange one... she left Labour because of Blair & Iraq, she doesn't like Corbyn, so what does she like? She's always seemed closer to a Lib Dem than Labour for me. I'm fairly confident she's only in Labour and not the Lib Dems because of ambition. Her face fits as an ambitious centre-left woman and is a good representative image for a centre-left party but I still don't get her. Stella Creasey, by contrast, there's something about her I like as a Labour MP but I can't easily put my finger on it. I think she'd make a decent ministerial candidate and has been quite unfairly targeted by the Momentum trolls.
  2. Labour MPs threaten to quit over deselection row.
  3. True, forgot about that! I didn't know how easy it was though.
  4. Projection bombing. No idea of the legality of this sort of thing in the UK...
  5. Even Sinn Fein MPs do more.
  6. Andy Burnham

    There were deleted posts that were.
  7. Cancer treatment threat from Brexit. I deliberately chose the very pro-Brexit Telegraph for this story. The government really do seem to be sleeping into chaos with nuclear materials as we're already past minimum deadlines to get it sorted if there's a "no deal" scenario. It's now completely out of our hands and in the good-will of the EU to keep us going by breaking their own rules, unless we decide that Brexit really is a catastrophic mistake and say "sorry, we had a brain fart before and are now staying". It really is that simple, we've messed around with an unneeded election and 19 months of political shambles since the EU referendum back in 2016 and we still haven't even made a first solid proposal for what we'll do with our nuclear regulation. We can't do it ourselves as we've left it too late. We can't get any sort of associate status with EURATOM as we've left it too late. This was brought up back in 2016 and was called scaremongering because we'd fix it. It was brought up again in early 2017, same response. It was brought up last summer as "you've left it too late", the government ignored it because to do anything else would appear weak in their rather deluded minds. But I suppose we will be "free" though... that's alright then. Just suck it up and at least say "we made a mistake with EURATOM and want to stay now".
  8. Cranberries singer Dolores O’Riordan, aged 46.
  9. I'm getting more and more fed up with Google as my search engine of choice. I don't want Google's AMP feature serving me up pages with its own Google URL and wrapper just so it can get my click and "targeted advertising", JUST SEND ME TO THE SODDING PAGE WHEN I CLICK ON THE LINK! My paranoia is such that I disable all cross-site scripting as that's a common modern way of getting a drive-by infection on your computer. For example, I can't open IMDB links on my computer through Google searches these days because Google wants to display the article itself rather than letting my 80mbps fibre broadband link take all the strain of going to IMDB itself and sending a few extra kilobytes of information up and down. My NoScript add-on sees Google looking at IMDB and "impersonating" IMDB then blocks it as potentially malicious, it may not install a virus on my system but it's still wrong and a "bad thing". Also, unlike some people, I actually LIKE having all my browsing caught by my search history as it easily allows me then to go back and find it if I need to re-read it or share it. Google AMP stops that. I'm seriously considering switching to Microsoft's Bing, that's how annoying it is.
  10. The SNP's report is linked in my post, if that's what you're after.
  11. Telegraph investigation into the government selling 180,000 cancer patients' records to an American firm linked with tobacco companies. The Telegraph does say that the records were anonymised but that really means nothing. One of the teams that used to report to me was an at-scale Information Governance team covering a large chunk of England, I was shown how relatively easy it is to de-anonymise records if they're given at anything other than at the most summary level. This is why consent is so critical in patient records. The worst part is that stories like this will make patient consent even harder to get to share records within the NHS. A properly shared and used record will save lives but too many people have specifically opted-out of sharing for comfort. There's also the view that patients must openly opt-in rather than the "please don't notice!" opt-out that's in use today. For me, someone should go to jail for this. No ticking off, no insincere apology, no "never again until next time we say never again!" Make it clear that it's unacceptable and actually breaks quite a few data sharing laws.
  12. I once heard a story that Aberdeen were being touted for takeover but their advisors pointed out that no big-name star would willingly move to Aberdeen for anything short of almost double the money they'd get in Glasgow or Edinburgh. That puts an entirely new perspective on the recruitment of players capable of a consistent challenge.
  13. Here's the problem non-Momentum/Corbyn leaning people have in Labour right now: The closest non-Momentum candidate to getting an NEC seat was Eddie Izzard. You would have to add all of the 5th, 6th and 7th place candidates' votes together to overtake even the 3rd placed winner. The contest is lost, the Corbyn era (and those like him) is here for a good while now and probably for at least a couple of elections. There's not even the likelihood of a 1983 style thumping to get rid of him and bring the party towards more of a centre-left party now, I don't doubt that they have learned from the Kinnock-era reforms and will be actively making sure they can't and won't happen again. I'll still vote Labour but it's with a pinched nose as the least-worst alternative and because even a Corbyn led government can't be as bad as the lot we have now.
  14. Today, the SNP released their official Scottish Government analysis of the Brexit impacts against likely outcomes (PDF). I've spent a bit of time this morning scanning through it and it's quite compelling in its facts and figures with no scenario that will mean Scotland doesn't lose out significantly. This comes on the tail of London's Mayor doing the same last week. Scotland's GDP is predicted to fall as follows in these scenarios by 2030: - WTO/No Deal: 8.5% - Free trade/EFTA: 6.1% - Single market: 2.7% What I found interesting were the consequences around the free trade and EFTA type deals as they're more severe here than predicted elsewhere, mainly because it factors in that we can't reuse the EU's trade deals. The Tories responded with "this is scaremongering but we're not going to tell you why or give you our figures to refute these, you'll just have to trust us. People are sick of the SNP challenging our lack of clothing, they should stop scaremongering and do as we tell them as good little Brexiteers". Paraphrased but that's the effective gist of it. I understand WHY the government won't release its own estimates of financial consequences, it'd be out on its ear the same day, but we're 14 and a bit months away from leaving the EU and we STILL have no official government figures on what it means beyond Trumpist "it'll be bigly great, it'll be the best thing ever, you just wait!"
  15. Ah well, at least one group will be winners from this, the lawyers have been called in. And not cheap ones either... So far, I've counted six law firms in the £500+ per hour bracket that have been appointed and all will get their money before any creditors get theirs.