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  1. The counter to your counter is that I’m not really sure they could do worse than the Tories since the 2015 election and introducing that idiot referendum.
  2. In 2016, we were one of only 12 countries in the world with an AAA rating. Then we went down to AA1 after the referendum. It took May’s speech finally kick the last leg from that rating and down to AA2. We’ve gone from one of the most trusted economies in the world, even after the financial crisis, and now are in the “also-ran” category of major economies. (I know that the last two posts were sarcasm BTW ) It'll be fun seeing the Tories trying to persuade the country that they could be be in worse hands with Labour.
  3. It still doesn’t answer how we’d solve the problem of trying to do a decade worth of negotiations in now three years rather than one. Even then, the transition is meant to be a post agreement two years to get into things, not more time to work out what they want to do. Thats all still assuming that the EU leaders agree to our proposals for the transition extension. I’ll give her credit when she publicises a proper set of plans. I’ll give her some credit when she starts to announce ANY plans that have concrete examples of impacts, for example how they plan to replace EU grants or how they’ll fix the border customs issue.
  4. Uber

    That Greyball system they use to keep regulators and law enforcement people from doing their job is enough to see them banned permanently as far as I'm concerned.
  5. I know it's not really a great thing to judge on but I doubt I've ever heard such an unenthusiastic few people applauding at the end of the questions.
  6. She's trying to sound like Churchill and I she'd love to have the Dambusters March playing in the background. Unfortunately, she really just sounds like a xenophobe pandering to her internal critics rather than trying to convince the EU leaders to come to our way of thinking.
  7. So, May wants a transition period where we get everything the same as it is now that benefits us but we can clamp down on things we don't like. I suppose our new immigration staff will have to learn things like "Papiere, bitte".
  8. Christmas

    A good friend of mine who is a contractor puts away 12% of his profits as his "holiday pay" and draws it down as his "entitlement" at the same rate as he earns. He has a self-imposed punishment that if he doesn't draw it all down by the end of each year that his wife gets it to spend on shoes and handbags; he says it's the only way he's been able find that helps ensure he doesn't burn himself out with too much work.
  9. So far, this is a polarising shocker of a speech. Saying that the UK has never felt at home in the EU, well she can speak for herself, I am very happy with the EU thank you very much...
  10. Did she really just say that essentially "if you're not with us you're acting against our interests."
  11. Sleeplessness

    It's a remarkably simple concept and remarkably powerful. I'm glad that you found it useful! It's one of these things that you build habits around, give it a few months and you'll just picture the island and your brain will start dropping off. The quality of sleep I get though all depends on the run-up to that sleep. I like reading for at least 10-15 minutes to try to turn off the day. An example, a couple of weeks ago, just before I nodded off, the wife asked me if I'd sorted out a bill, that then got my brain running the wrong way and although I slept it wasn't a great sleep. I explained that to her for the 1000th time (exaggeration but probably not by too much) that I really don't want to talk about stressful stuff before I sleep and unless it must be done NOW it can wait until the morning. Other things, my phone goes to automatic do-not-disturb at 11pm and off again at 8am, I use the Night Shift function on my phone and laptop if I must use them after 11pm to reduce the blue-shift bits that keeps the brain awake. Same with other stuff, it's all about removing distractions.
  12. Theresa May goes all the way to Florence and stands in front of a plain white background screen. Says it all really
  13. Gambling

    It comes down to a lack of hope in many cases.
  14. Isn't that his normal stance? Outright evasion over everything he doesn't want to say.
  15. Uber

    London has a sharp reputation for bringing charges against those who flout bans in this area. I think Uber would be poorly advised if they decided to keep operating. But, well, maybe it'll do Uber good and force them to properly self-regulate if they want London profits.