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  1. It was a bit slippery in England
  2. I know at least two hospitals who use trainee nurses to manage entire low-risk wards "to give them experience of autonomous working" with no more than one senior nurse supervising and doing the prescription rounds. The unpaid student nurses, that is, who also no longer get bursary payments and have to pay their daily expenses with student loans.
  3. Russia

    The UK couldn’t put out an army Division without 18 months of notice and without compromising other responsibilities. Plus, have you read up on the latest Russian armoured units? They're more terrified of their wives than anything NATO could do without the entire US army leading the line.
  4. Russia

    Our military folk don’t. They have both the quantity and quality that scare a lot of folk who know their stuff. Also, even in the stuff that isn’t modern generation, quantity has a quality all of its own (as the old saying goes)
  5. Russia

    The Russians have more modern generation aircraft in a regional command than the British and Canadian ENTIRE air forces combined. Plus their surface to air defences are well proven and could saturate the air with defence easily.
  6. Russia

    I respect your views on most things and you seem a sensible bloke but... what mushrooms have you been enjoying? We don’t even rate more than a sneer from Russia with the troops we and others have around the area. We’re so outclassed that we would barely be a speed bump.
  7. Russia

    Would we actually do anything if Putin decided he wanted to annex all of Ukraine? Probably not. We have no systemic leadership from the US that would do anything. The US is right in late 1930s isolationist mode right now. Russia does not have the economic stamina to fight us but would easily descend to nukes in a fist-fight if they thought it would help.
  8. Russia

    Very. That’s the sort of thing that gives Russian politicians and generals chubbies. To defeat Russia, you have to do it the way Reagan and NATO defeated the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact. If you go toe-to-toe then you forget the lessons of Napoleon and Hitler in what happens when you try to push them into a corner.
  9. Russia

    That one person is Canadian, not British.
  10. Still planning on being in the EU while the Opposition would be led by Boris therefore as unelectable as Corbyn is?
  11. Russia

    Can you please provide us with ONE example of a British politician banging a war drum over this? Specifically, one who is even hinting in the most obscure fashion that we think about even warming up a single infantry battalion or air unit for an air strike.
  12. Here's the official staff survey report. Although I agree, you have to read them in context. For example, the hospital is one of the worst in the country for patient/relative/carer assaults on staff members. The best way to read these is to compare them with a mid-scoring hospital, e.g. Barts in London.
  13. It seems Jezza Corbyn is complaining about the "McCarthyite intolerance of dissent" over Russia. Mkay then, I'll file that one away for when the deselection meetings start happening...
  14. Russia

    We’re talking proportionality here. On one hand you have immoral funding for the Tory Party. On the other hand, you have a military grade weapon of mass destruction used on British soil by a foreign power. The Tory Party is a vile organisation and the front bench are indulging in the pillaging of our welfare state but I support them in this matter. They’re not calling for war, they’re not looking for military action, they’re acting like an angry government should after such an attack.
  15. Anna Turley, Labour MP for Redcar in the Guardian probably making herself a prime target for the Momentum goons.