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  1. Fake news. The Australians are our friends and will do a great deal with us, in fact the best deal anyone has ever done and they’ll remember their place at the same time.
  2. ckn

    Dear Diary

    He has been replaced by a fruit juice machine for the rest of the time. Fitting really...
  3. Well then, we’ll just not sell them our jam! I’m sure those African nations will be delighted to take up the slack.
  4. ckn

    Dear Diary

    I met a Wigan fan today in Sorrento wearing his Wigan shirt. Seriously unhappy chap as he booked his holiday thinking Wigan wouldn’t get to the final and he also just found out that he could have watched the game on his iPad. He was even more gutted to find out that I’d watched it. He then said that he’d forgotten to put it on record at home. Poor chap. His wife was also in the process of bankrupting him at every designer clothes, handbag and shoe shop in the town.
  5. A rule of presentation is that if you want your audience to keep their mouths shut then feed them while you’re talking. If food is after the presentation then the audience will be impatient to get on with things; if before then they’ll be relaxed but you’ll get no decision.
  6. For free ones, Avast! is probably the best.
  7. If Hoyle went to Speaker then he'd be replaced as Deputy by another Labour one, it's usually one Tory and one Labour Deputy I believe.
  8. I was just going to post this:
  9. It truly is, GP services are already the cheapest cost-per-patient-outcome service yet the pressure keeps rising. For example, I know one area where the GP surgeries have been told they’ll get 79p per wound dressing they perform, including cost of dressings and other supplies. If the GPs decline then patients suffer immediately as they’d need to go to hospital to get wounds dressed rather than simply have a quick local practice nurse appointment or a community nurse home visit. If they accept then that’s yet another service the practices will have to run at a big loss given the nurses need to be paid, rent paid, supplies, infection control, etc.
  10. The old rule is that you want your opponent to lose a MP to the speaker role as that’s one out of their number of voting MPs. As long as they’re a sensible enough sort, there’s rarely any real bias from the person who gets the role.
  11. In other news, while Brexit is causing all other news to not even get discussed, the Home Secretary is “reviewing” his forced relaxation of Tier 2 visa restrictions for doctors and nurses. The general opinion is that restrictions be subtly reintroduced at a suitably opportune politicially noisy moment where no one will notice. Edit: a nice letter to the Home Secretary on this
  12. Over 95% of GP practices rate as “Outstanding” or “Good” and only around 1% rate as “inadequate” and are put in special measures. Virgin Care took over two practices last year in Essex. One was rated Outstanding, the other Good before the takeover. I covered a couple of months ago that one had gone from Outstanding to Inadequate and last week the other has gone to Inadequate and has had special measures imposed. That’s what happens when you try to corporatise and capitalise the fundamentally unprofitable General Practice.
  13. NHS staff across the country will be swearing at this blatant attempt to appropriate ideas already being implemented by the NHS for political gain Social prescribing isn’t new, it isn’t a political idea and it’s already making headway in General Practice throughout the UK.