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  1. Jeremy Hunt: Britain would regret no-deal Brexit for generations to come
  2. The only problem I have with the shirts from places like that is their durability. A year then out while the better shirts will do me for years. The M&S shirts are good and very easy to iron but they’re getting harder to get. Decisions, decisions...
  3. ckn

    Dear Diary

    I’d much rather have a few spiders around than flies. We live right at the edge of the countryside so flies, mozzies and all sorts of other small flying things come in if we leave windows open. A well placed spider web is nature’s filter. I have an irrational dislike for flies, especially the big ones, the wife has an irrational dislike for spiders. That means, of course, that we tolerate the occasional fly but spiders get escorted out as soon as they’re seen. This is peak spider time as the summer starts to turn to autumn.
  4. M&S. M&S are giving me fewer reasons to shop with them every time I buy. I like swapping my shirts once they wear out with like-for-like replacements from the very good M&S collection yet their desire to chase after the younger market who won't shop with them is just making me look elsewhere. I have tried three times to buy the shirts I want in store but the store staff look like they couldn't care less. The last time was at Westfield (Stratford) where all the Luxury shirts were jumbled up with classic fit in "tailored", "tailored" in slim and no clue on whether you're going to pick a classic collar or cutaway unless you want to spend ages doing the store staff's job of sorting them. The idiotic colour scheme of the labels makes it hard to spot without taking each one out and looking at them compared to the old edge labels that allowed me a single glance to go "that's the classic fit yep, classic collar, yep, double cuff, yep, 17" collar, done" I want a classic fit, classic collar shirt with a mix of double and single cuffs. I'm not "tailored" or "slim" fit, I sodding well haven't been "slim" fit since my teenage years and haven't been "tailored" fit since the 1990s. Even on their website, can I buy them in anything but white now in the plain colours? No. M&S seem to have gone chasing after the younger buyer with the cutaway collar without thinking that maybe the classic fit ones are better for those of us who don't want to look like estate agents. All I want is to keep replacing my shirts with new ones in white, blue and pink. That's what the M&S of old used to do well, they just had solid and boring choices that suited me perfectly. Even their shoes have gone from good, solid shoes to Clarkes knock-offs but with less reliability and "designer" branding on the bases of many. Who the hell wants to advertise their rubbish shoes are M&S brand? I can't even get replacement shirts from House of Fraser as their suppliers have seized their stock for home delivery orders. Just give me somewhere solid and boring to buy the same stuff year after year and I'll be happy.
  5. About as close to an ideal summary of the entire situation as you'll get.
  6. ckn

    Dear Diary

    Ahh, cardioversion, is that the Frankenstein's monster start-up sequence? It's when the doctor goes "he's alive!" afterwards that you wonder which crisp packet they got their degree from 😛
  7. ckn

    Dear Diary

    No, I first took it up to the nearby Sizewell nuclear power plant, let it have an irradiated swim, let it bite me then threw the thing out. I've learned from what I've seen on telly... (I'm wondering how many NSA/GCHQ flags I can trigger today)
  8. Would you trust the US/UK governments given that it was that ever-so-nice Mr Obama who authorised the direct bugging of Angela Merkel's phone? Imagine how many more reasons May and Trump have to do the same, especially given given our GCHQ people are significantly better resourced and skilled than the best the rest of Europe has to offer. It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest. p.s. To the GCHQ or NSA people reading this: hi guys, I'm saying nice things about you, honest! Look over there at the Corbyn thread, lots of people to add to your watchlists there!
  9. ckn

    Dear Diary

    A freeloading spider doesn't get squatter's rights in this house. I'm not without sympathy, it can have the garage or shed all to itself, there's far more food for it there and I'm far less likely to be disturbed by a scream from my wife if they just stay out.
  10. My cousin is relatively senior in the Scouts, having kept going from when he left as a Scout going into the adult side of it. He gets very frustrated with the whole thing as he says it can be almost impossible to tell the difference between a well-meaning parent who wants to pitch in and someone who is trying to infiltrate to get a chance alone with the young lads. Being a parent does not mean you're not an abuser. Just by having a clean criminal record does not mean you're not an abuser. That's the thing that frustrates me, the checks get stricter and stricter each year yet all it keeps doing is checking the lists again and again for people who have already been caught. Beyond that though, it's the media thing frustrates me, they tell their story to suit their editorial stance and it taints public opinion into looking for the wrong things. You're far more likely to be violently sexually abused by a family member or family friend than anything else, yet I doubt you'd find that reflected in any poll of "name the type of person most likely to seriously sexually abuse a child". It's beyond frustrating watching abuse go uncovered because it's not an appropriate story for the editorial content, yet other abuse gets both barrels from the media.
  11. Chris Grayling knows nothing. Well, that’s not news...
  12. See, sensible folk concentrating on the vile criminals and the innocent victims and we all come together again. I'm all for a law that makes it a criminal offence for an adult to not report sexual abuse against children when they KNOW to a good degree of likelihood it's happening. I'm not talking about "he looks dodgy" type of allegations, I'm talking about when anyone from a social worker to a family member to a religious priest in confession has a credible belief that there's abuse happening. That then would put the onus on people to either face up to what they see in front of them and not hide behind "it could look racist as I'm white and he's not" or "that'd be embarrassing to the (whatever)".
  13. As long as you’re willing to say that all Catholic priests see young boys as fair game. No? SOME, and by some I mean a tiny and unrepresentative minority, of Muslim men are as you describe. Same as with all other groups known to have an abuse problem.
  14. I’ll accept that on the sole condition that it’s an all-inclusive one relating to all classes, groups, nationalities and religions that are performing the abuse. Better yet, why not just look at the wider pattern of humans doing despicable things because they can and they are given shelter by weakness, be it an unwillingness to be called racist, a criminal deceit when covering up for those within their “establishment” circle or simply because it’s too easy to ignore the victims. If someone is unwilling to take the same moral stance against vile criminals hiding in western establishment circles as they do against vile criminals hiding in Muslim communities then that tells me one hell of a lot about them. A vile criminal is a vile criminal regardless of their cultural background.
  15. Vodafone have forced an update to my phone where they set auto-join to Vodafone WiFi whenever I went into range of a hotspot. I wouldn’t mind but it forces full-page adverts every two pages or so of browsing. I don’t see it as Vodafone’s privilege to auto-enrol me onto what I consider insecure WiFi services. Especially when it’s my phone and I’m on a sim-only plan. Thankfully, Apple have finally added a button to stop auto-join on these things. For years, all you could do was hit “forget this network” just for the network provider to add it back again.