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  1. ckn

    The TV Thread

    The ones gripping me are PPI claim companies now trying to get any hook into people. The ones that are almost non-stop on LBC these days are "have you ever had a pay-day loan? Contact us free and you may get all* your money back plus your interest and any fees (* subject to our 99.9% success fee)"
  2. Do we have a plan yet? Or are we still at the level of low credibility that even Trump would think is just a bit too wild to run with.
  3. The government knew they were going to win so why continue with this unless it's out of sheer pig-headed abuse of power.
  4. Still listening to the debate. Some Tory MPs are still rebelling, e.g. Sandbach and Clarke. Not enough to have a hope of winning but at least they've stuck with their principles.
  5. The pairing thing has been ignored in the past on critical votes, all the main parties have done it. It's the ill MPs thing that's the big step away from convention.
  6. Well... Just finished listening to Grieve in Parliament. He didn't just cave, he spent his time explaining why the government was right all along. He then threatened yet again that he might threaten again and cave in again if the government didn't do something vague in future. Sometimes when you're a rebel, you actually have to rebel...
  7. In separate news, the GMC are currently being stripped of their powers to appeal against unfairly lenient sentences because it upsets doctors.
  8. The compromise that allows the PM to boot this down the road for more months while refusing to tackle either side of the rebels or Brexiteers. It allows the rebels to back down while keeping their jobs. It also politicises the role of the Speaker so I wonder how well he'll take that one!
  9. Even more... Now, that's something new. You'll have the awful sight of people who should be in hospital being unnecessarily dragged through the ancient and really unfit for ill people corridors because the Tory whips are refusing to honour a very old convention that is used routinely for even the most contentious of votes. They're really going out to make sure that they annoy everyone to win this one vote.
  10. And externally. The common practice of pairing MPs has been ignored for today. This is where an MP on one side of a debate who is too ill to attend is paired with an MP on the other side, e.g. if a minister is abroad then a Labour MP is usually paired to allow for fair votes and ministers not being dragged back for every single vote. Same with sick MPs. The Tory whips are refusing Labour's applications to pair their ill MPs who want to vote against the government. It is only an informal practice, they're technically doing nothing wrong but it's a measure of the importance of the vote.
  11. Free vote, unwhipped. It's an issue for Parliament, not one for the executive. That's for the EU thread though. But on what Labour should do, as a party their primary goal should be to bring down the Tory government if they think they can do a better job. All it would need is the Labour rebels to abstain or to vote with one of the Brexit core goals of "Parliament must be supreme" and the government will likely fall if the Tory rebels hold their ground.
  12. Definitely on-topic. And then the SNP sneak in round the side and smash the open goal of the Trump child detention stuff and the UK's own version. May looked uncomfortable for the first time in PMQs today. Again, it's something that Corbyn should have led on and taken the moral lead for the Labour party.
  13. And all he needed to do was weakly shuffle a ball toward the Tory open goal of Brexit and it'd help set up the Brexit vote later perfectly.
  14. PMQs. Why the hell is the LABOUR leader bagging on the TORY leader for planning to spend more tax money on the NHS? It allowed May a free run at "We're spending more on the NHS, why are you complaining? What will you do? We're planning billions more than your manifesto from 2017. You promised 2.2%, we're giving 3.4%" Then the slack jawed moron is so unable to respond to the answer given, he then said that the NHS needed 3.3%. 1: that's 1.1% more than Labour promised. 2. that's less than the Tories are providing. So, he's effectively saying the Tories are doing more than needed FFS... He wasted ALL of his questions on that idiot line. Politically illiterate drivel from Corbyn that missed the massive easy goals. All it does is remind people that Labour have NO plans for the NHS beyond a very Tory Brexit-like "we'll do something and it'll be fantastic, you just wait and see!" The man needs to just sod off and leave Labour to the people who actually have a clue.
  15. Copying myself on this one: