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  1. Don't nurses get bank holidays within their holiday total?
  2. According to my friends with kids, bank holidays are great as it allows them to take long weekends away with their kids, or simply do things with them, outside of the longer holiday periods. If you went to a no bank holiday system then those opportunities would go away unless you want a criminal conviction for taking your kids out of school.
  3. I was trying to find the best thread for this and didn't want to contaminate the Uninteresting Trivial Facts page with politics so here will do: First coined in 1829 by English author Thomas Love Peacock: Kakistocracy – a state or country run by the worst, least qualified, or most unscrupulous citizens.
  4. But they've been doing it since 2015 with the full support of Labour anyway! From Harman's interim leadership support of Tory benefit cuts "because the people have spoken" to blindly supporting Tory far-right Brexit "because the people have spoken", all with a tiny Tory majority and no Labour opposition. A 100 majority is no different if there's no opposition.
  5. 21 MPs who are standing down
  6. Whereas the rest of us who saw that interview thought he was incoherent and rambling. And that's without touching on the points of substance he raised that would have many centrists raising an eyebrow.
  7. A good write-up on Mansfield and on the wider point on why Labour is potentially going to lose some previously rock-solid seats.
  8. Lib Dems: No coalitions or deals with anyone. Also, an aim to be the main opposition party. I take it this election will see few realistic claims. From Tories with ostrich-syndrome over Brexit, to Labour thinking they're electable, to the Lib Dems thinking they can realistically challenge even the SNP for 3rd place never mind Labour for 2nd. It's getting boring now...
  9. Do you know the scariest thing about Labour in Scotland? They actually think they're doing a good job of opposition up there and think it's the public that's wrong. At least in England plenty of Labour folk know that Corbyn-led Labour is not electable. Labour still haven't bottomed out anywhere yet.
  10. The Kippers are responding to a gap in the market caused by the demise of the BNP by launching a few openly BNP policies of their own.
  11. Captain Flashheart... The Navy fly-boys are much nicer. We were based with their training school and they routinely took us up for flying lessons and acrobatics. A great bunch. I remember our Battery Commander getting all annoyed about Navy officers openly fraternising with lowly gunners.
  12. My old regiment was part of the 24 Airmobile Bde experiment from 1992 onwards, prior to its merger into 16 Bde, and we spent a lot of time with RAF types, the AAC couldn't supply enough helicopter support in the first few years so the RAF did most of it. We got used to the same lot time after time and they were far nicer to us poor army types than our own officers! They'd routinely go way out of their way to make our jobs easier with simple taxi-ride shortcuts in the helicopter when they should really have told us to sod off and stop being so needy. The Navy lot were the best though, once they were outside of their line structure they were good lot. We shared a base with the navy air wing training school for a while, now those were confused people, watery types who liked flying. I think my experience of army officers is tainted as an exclusively artillery thing, I think the officers are just upset that they couldn't get into a good infantry unit and never get the chip off their shoulders.
  13. That's a fair point. He's not a homophobic bigot but it does prejudice me against him. The same way that May going on about Britain's "Christian values" just adds to my prejudice against her.
  14. Your last paragraph is how it should be, where no one cares if someone's gay, transgender or whatever. I think we're in the stage now where daft people are getting angry if you don't profess your undying support for it though. I strongly disagree with any religious views influencing politicians but in Farron's case I don't think that's the case at all. He clearly is uncomfortable with homosexuality but he has in no way allowed it to influence his stance, policies or voting record. For me, that's worth a lot more than a celebrity touting for likes and retweets.
  15. Threads merged as it was clearly confusing people.