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  1. Premium movies that are sold through iTunes and other digital sources without subtitles. My hearing isn't the greatest and we're trying to watch Arrival, there's a scene with a heavy helicopter noise that's drowning out almost all other stuff and a fairly important scene. Neither I nor the wife can understand it and the sodding movie doesn't come with subtitles. It's mandatory in the US for all films on sites like iTunes to have closed captioning so it's not as if there isn't any available, it's just that the film distributors don't want to pay the tiny extra license fee for the subtitles to be shown abroad. Thwaites.
  2. Yes and no. Gove and Fox, along with Boris and the others need to learn only to speak about matters of substance that are either not controversial or agreed as policy. May should slap them down and a firing of one to set an example would help. On the other side, if it's a must for the US and a must not for us then that needs to be fixed now or we really will be into the decade long negotiations that are routine. We either have a quick two year negotiation where things are dealt with bluntly or a ten year one where normal political rules around dealing with things sensitively apply.
  3. The National is the Scottish left-wing version of the Daily Express. Almost unreadable.
  4. The absolute worst has happened, zombie Thatcher. She's out there killing people. (and yes, this post was written flippantly)
  5. You can ask for a letter of explanation (can't remember the real term for it) against your credit file with the big ratings agencies. This forces anyone doing credit checks to manually read it rather than do purely automated scoring. It adds time and some smaller credit suppliers will automatically reject anything that can't be done automatically. You can also ask the company nicely to change the record based on your past behaviour, they may but it's rare.
  6. If Gove and Fox can't even agree on cabinet collective responsibility over chicken then we're truly stuffed when it comes to the really big stuff.
  7. Don't buy the lies... what you're reading there is opinions from people with a bias at the Adam Smith Institute. Here's the original UN report that shows that the two types of salmonella in the US are 4 and 5 times higher than in the EU. A blatant and direct lie about the report thinking people wouldnt read it and just do as you did and repeat their lie. Additionally, it's not illegal to pump chickens full of last-generation antibiotics, antihistamines, steroids and ketamine and plenty of independent credible research has shown that they are routine (see link below, I can't embed links as I'm on my phone). The EU works on the rule that you have to prove something is safe before it's useable in the food chain, the US works on the rule that you have to prove something is bad before it's banned; the US farming lobby is so powerful that things just don't get banned. (Reuters link on the misuse of critical antibiotics in chicken rearing: Please, for the sake of your own sanity, please don't buy this drivel from people who want to lower our food standards for personal profit. If you must, follow Gove's approach if you want to take a Tory side.
  8. I don't engage with them at all, I just hang up when I recognise a list dialler cold-call, if they don't even know who I am then I'm not going to engage with them. For those who engage with me by name and get me hooked then I'm generally polite and disengage quickly. There's a special lot who spam me because of things I've signed up for, e.g. when you buy things from Currys they want your name & address for anything more complex than batteries for the "warranty". If it's a throwaway item, I give them my cat's name. That's the tell-tale it's a cold-caller who has bought my details despite me being on the TPS. The calls usually go: Them: "Can I speak to Oliver please?" Me: "Sorry, he can't come to the phone now." Them: "When will he be available so we can call back?" Me: "Not sure, I'll ask him when he's stopped licking his bum under the dining room table". Them: "........" (long pause while they think what to say next) Then it's usually (click) or "OK, we'll call another time (click)". I did have one yesterday with an abysmally strong Indian accent (grade 3 call-centre staff they usually call them, grade 1 is fluent English, grade 2 is easily understandable English with a moderately strong accent, grade 3 is the equivalent of someone from Clacton going on holiday to Marbella and doing their best to ask for something in Spanish by adding "o" to the end of English words). I can understand the grade 3 lot fairly well as my wife's family are Indian and those in India and in the older generation in their 80s really do struggle with English. "Sir, I UK Insurance Claim, your accident, we get you money, we know you an accident, give me your name." I did find that rather personal, I know I was a quick behind the nightclub job by my parents and really wasn't intended but no need to rub my nose in it...
  9. Cable is completely damned by his service in the Coalition. A case in point is the Royal Mail sell-off that was directly his responsibility to administer. Either: 1. He was grossly incompetent in underpricing it by so much; or 2. He was siding with the Tories in selling it off underpriced and with early preference to friendly groups of investors. There really is no other way of reading it. Either he was grossly incompetent or was an outright Tory in his cuts to the state. Neither of which is ever going to get me to think of him as worthy as leader of what is still a publicly centre-left ideology party.
  10. The NFU were very pro-EU in their official stance.
  11. They price their system on a basis of losing "complainers" while keeping those either happy or too lazy to complain. If they lose you who does have a problem then that's not an issue. You also get what you pay for with TalkTalk.
  12. I looked into this, the UK's renewable share of power as a proportion of national power needs was 8.2% in 2015. If Scotland were an independent country then it would be nearly at the top of that list. All I'm saying is that it shows which country actually prioritises this sort of thing.
  13. Everything to do with Holyrood giving governmental assistance to renewables projects while Westminster is actively cutting government assistance to them. The absolute percentages of renewable power towards total power consumption in England is stagnant while elsewhere in Europe and in Scotland it's going up heavily year on year.
  14. Wind power renewables alone in Scotland met 57% of Scotland's entire power needs from January to June. The difference between Scotland who have pursued the rollout of green techologies aggressively and England that's doing its damnedest to sabotage it.
  15. What's amazing me really is that the Leave voters aren't getting very angry over this. This was something that they'd been convinced wouldn't happen, and they said that it wouldn't so they'd keep voting Leave, yet is, much like many other "project fear" stuff. Many Leave voters I've seen are becoming even more entrenched in their view, accepting ever increasing absurdities just so they don't have to admit to themselves that they've been conned into screwing Britain over by some of the sleaziest people ever to be near British politics. Another "mandatory" thing that the US will demand, and be given, is access to British healthcare contracts on their terms rather than ours.