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  1. I suppose... 19½ years of marriage eventually wore that bit of roughness down.
  2. Waitrose Aberdeen Angus sirloin steaks, 3 for £10
  3. And my in-laws. Both immigrants themselves and thoroughly pulling up that ladder behind them.
  4. In a sign that, at the age of 47, I may finally be growing up, we bought a new fan today rather than leaving it to the summer heat and all the shops being sold out of them. I don’t like this growing up business... sounds too much like responsibility.
  5. I had in mind his nanny being a Blackadder type of nanny... have fun with that in your head then with that joke
  6. It’s before the big parties have started their campaigns so lots of caution but this is an interesting prediction outcome of the current polls
  7. That nice Mr Rees-Mogg once successfully opened up Microsoft Excel on his own, and with only the barest of prompting from Nanny, therefore he's a technical genuis who should be respected when he says it'll be easy.
  8. If I lived in Scotland, I’d vote SNP without a second of hesitation.
  9. I wouldn’t trust him to run a car boot sale stall honestly. The man needs to be thoroughly investigated. But that’s not the point, it’s too late to do anything before the EU elections and his message will hit home. Lots of folk will vote for his party as a “protest” and not give a damn about anything else, or even if Farage were promising that the UK would be sold to Trump’s holding company for £1 post-Brexit.
  10. I agree, but he has a very clear vision, it’s even in the party’s name. Leave voters who still want to leave really have no other obvious home if they want a point to be made to the “establishment” (sic).
  11. Whatever you think of Farage, he’s pulling a blinder with his election strategy. Nothing complex, just Brexit. Compare that against the Tories who are too split to have a single opinion, Labour who are led by a hard Brexiteer in disguise, Lib Dems who offer nothing and are utterly rudderless or UKIP who are the BNP in a purple coat.
  12. I’m interested in your views on the EU elections given it looks more likely they’ll go ahead than not. This is NOT the Brexit thread. Any non-election stuff will be moved or deleted. I’ll be voting for the Change UK lot. They’ve virtually no chance out this way in East Anglia though but I’ll be damned if I’m going to vote for any of the three mainstream parties in the area.
  13. The US have been taking lessons from May in being as clear as mud in their actual outcomes but hidden behind bold statements.
  14. There was a tv interview last week with a farmer who still insisted that Leave was the right decision but then went on to complain that he couldn't get people to pick his fruit for this year and that someone should “do something”. He was strongly anti free movement but also quite adamant that someone should fix his employment problem or he’d go bust. That’s it in a nutshell, remove everyone’s freedoms unless it impacts them.
  15. I’ll be voting for them if they stick a reasonable set of candidates up for MEP. As long as they’re fairly centrist and haven’t been in association with vile groups then they’ve got my vote as a leap of faith.
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