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  1. I have an idea for how to save the NHS a whole pile of money: Get a hold of every NHS organisation's job descriptions then search them for requirements stating that a person must be politically astute or politically sensitive, or contextually similar, then sack every single job holder, unless they can prove to a panel of ward sisters and district nurses what societal good they've done in their job in the last three months.
  2. Manifesto launch days: - Lies, Damned Lies and Tory Spin: 8th May - The Longest Suicide Note in History, Part 2: 15th May.
  3. I notice today that the Independent has gone completely Telegraph in printing utter drivel in sycophantic praise of Corbyn. Probably in response to the Telegraph doing it with May and seeing gullible, politically-sympathetic people believe everything that's written regardless of how idiotic. The Indy is convinced Corbyn can win...
  4. So, that's both Corbyn and May not bothering with the debates. No point having them as it'll just be spun as "the debate between the also-rans" by every major newspaper, regardless of their support.
  5. I'll step in to defend Hunt for a bit but only in the context of other Tory MPs. He's actually quite good at protecting the NHS. But for him, the Lansley reforms would be nothing compared to the devastation austerity policies would have had on the NHS. He still has implemented devastating cuts and long term disaster on the NHS but it could have been worse. He's turned a big blind eye to some of the Lansley stuff being overturned when it really should need an Act of Parliament to change it and I've seen the impacts of him standing up to both Osborne and Hammond when they want to cut into the NHS budget further. I'm not sure any other Tory MP would do that. Again, he only gets limited credit on a least-worst basis.
  6. I am on the Clapham omnibus. I wonder what the opinions are of fellow omnibus patrons.
  7. I know that. I thought it'd be interesting having some facts for a change. This is proof, using government sanctioned figures, of what you get if you vote Tory. If people still vote Tory then that's on their conscience.
  8. Normally I'd post this in the NHS thread but, as it's election time and it's damnably relevant, here's the latest stats on bed cuts in the NHS: Source: Raw figures from NHS England Bed statistics. The time series one is the best for this sort of thing but the specific timeline ones show local Trust stats. Although targeted plainly at the Tory lies about NHS investment, it's also very relevant to the Lib Dems in Coalition as they still haven't apologised for their part in these cuts.
  9. There are currently 1194 learning disabilities beds in the English NHS, down from 2809 in March 2010. This year's national priorities for the NHS include reducing this by around another 10%. But they will have a 75% target for the people who can't get a bed to get at least one GP review per year.
  10. That's why I suggested an index against gas and oil prices with domestic fuel suppliers not allowed to raise prices more than 1% above that index. Their expertise in the markets will mean that that 1% above index more than compensates them for having a fixed market cap.
  11. For absolutely no reason but morale improvement.
  12. It's my safety blankie
  13. I've got one... a perfectly good head torch that I'll use every night away. Still taking the Maglite though.
  14. Since all the grumbling about the weight in my pack, I've done some experimenting over the last week. My fully charged PowerMonkey has been recharging my iPhone and iPad since last Monday, with me recharging it on my spare room windowsill using the thing's solar panel each day. It's still at 47% charge. I'm leaving the Biolite stove at home as it's not really needed, I'd never put the PowerMonkey thing to that level of testing before. Admittedly I'm expecting less solar charging time while I'm out but not enough that I'll burn through the charge in 4-5 nights away.
  15. Ahhh, American chicken flavoured random meat!