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  1. UK would still be subject to ECJ rulings after Brexit according to plans being put together by OUR government. Ah well.
  2. Finally got a car sorted today. The insurance part was the hardest. It took longer to sort a no-issues car insurance through a small furry rodent's car insurance search portal than it did doing my entire test drive, detailed check and buying of the car.
  3. The RFL is an organisation run on a shoestring budget with grossly understaffed teams, especially in comparison with other sports. What they achieve with the resources they have is excellent, the problem is that "excellent" for an overstretched organisation is probably not enough for the game we have. We have a club game run by club owners with the real money and power, the club owners only allow the RFL any power because it's things they either have no interest in or need a scapegoat for. The international game only exists in the poor form it is now because the club owners give the RFL a bone now and again to chew on. We have other major rugby league nations run by their clubs as well and they also have little real interest in what goes on elsewhere unless there's money in it. So, yes, the RFL is doing rather well, it just isn't enough though.
  4. Some of the attitudes I've seen in the NHS would make a London city trading firm blush.
  5. This is why there isn't an eclipse every month.
  6. Sexism, racism, and all the other discrimination -isms are still rampant in the NHS. As long as people know what the process says they're fine, no need to bother actually doing it. I've seen everything from promotion jobs being delayed in advertisement to make it harder for the woman just about to go on maternity leave applying for it, to a very senior woman professional being two grades lower than men she effectively manages. The things you saw "a long time ago" still happen, they're just not as Bernard Manning in-your-face about it. One example is a NHS organisation's board I know getting all wound up and sensitive about racism because they had complaints upheld against them on the subject. The board made lots of hot air and noise about the subject but did NOTHING to check or verify that any of the changes they mandated actually took place. That's all it takes to close something down in the NHS, some senior people making utterly meaningless statements that change nothing then it's marked as "closed". The same people further down who were the perpetrators of the complaints had nothing other than minor tellings-off with the biggest offence actually being embarrassing the executives rather than the racism itself.
  7. Hospitals in many parts of the UK routinely give doctors lanyards that say their grade, e.g. junior doctor, registrar or consultant, with one of the main goals that women doctors would be instantly recognisable as such to get over the in-built prejudice of people expecting doctors to be male.
  8. We're not even at Monday lunchtime and I feel like I've had enough job hunting for the week. I had one agency call me today asking if I could start next Monday on a high-rate contract role. The role was for a technical design specialist in an engineering field I've never even heard of and involved being the tech lead in a major development effort. I said as much and the recruiter said "your CV is good enough, we can just change some of the job titles you've had over the years to make it look better". I reiterated that I'm neither a technical design specialist nor did I know anything about the quite specialist field, he said "OK, we'll get them to offer you more as a day-rate if it'll help solve that problem for you, they've given us authority to recruit immediately as they've had difficulties and it's now urgent". I'm no saint but that's outright deception. Just because I have a professional engineering accreditation does not mean I know even 1/100th of the "engineering" trade. I did give the company's HR team a call and let them know, they didn't seem to care either so I just left them to it. Pub lunch today I think.
  9. A bit of realism over EU negotiation progress.
  10. I spent about an hour playing with her earlier today. All with a big smile. There are few things as stress relieving as a playful kitten.