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  1. Post them where you want but don't complain about me ignoring irrational rants on here. You complained a while ago about the forum being too anti-Tory but this thread was completely set up to just rant about Corbyn while the other Corbyn & Labour thread got on with the business of properly discussing Corbyn's, and Labour's, shortfallings.
  2. David Jones, Brexit minister, said in the Commons today:
  3. Please remember that this is cookey's irrational rant thread about Labour, the proper thread is down a bit... Try not to confuse the two!
  4. I have no idea why I ever took you off "ignore". Back on again for the sake of my blood pressure.
  5. US stocks are expected to open "flat" today after disappointment that Trump's tax reforms didn't go far enough? What did they expect? Did they expect Trump to announce that the US would pay companies for the privilege of operating in the country?
  6. To me it does. Otherwise Corbyn's wish for Labour to be just a protest party will come true.
  7. A bit of an analysis of Labour's NHS promises split into three parts, increased pay, safer staffing and restoring bursaries while not introducing tuition fees for nurses: 1. Pay. A 1% pay increase costs around £500m. If Labour decided to re-index the pay based on 2010 levels then that's about a 14% pay rise needed to account for cost-of-living increases that weren't paid. £7bn-ish added per year to the NHS budget. That's obviously the max figure but it's a good maximum point, let's just say they do a bribe of a single 2% rise, that's £1bn/yr. 2. Safer staffing. How? The NHS is 40,000-80,000 staff short, depending on who you ask (Parliament's Public Accounts Committee put it at just over 60,000). A fully-costed average NHS staff member costs £40,000, once you put on their on-costs such as employer's NI, personal equipment costs, management and admin costs, etc. So, that's £1.6bn - £3.2bn per year added to the NHS budget. 3. Restoring bursaries and binning tuition fee plans: £800m ish. That's Labour's problem right there. £3.4bn/yr as a realistic minimum just to meet their pledges, never mind that this doesn't even touch reversing the £22bn of cuts that are underway, or reversing the massive cuts that were done by the Tories before the current plans started. That's how far the Tories have cut things and how much any Labour government would have to fund to return the NHS to a solid state. And that's just the NHS that's been relatively protected (!) over the last few years. It doesn't cover every single other area that's been exposed to the full impact of austerity to fund tax cuts for the wealthy and large companies. To reverse all the Tory cuts and fund them properly would require tax rises that would never be tolerated. The country couldn't tolerate returning corporation tax to 30% from the current 19% while other countries, especially the US, are playing catch-up with the UK's race to the bottom and cutting theirs. That's a daft promise by Jezza, I can't see anything over 20% without a mass exodus of company HQs to Ireland, the US or elsewhere. I've no idea how Labour can address this but simply making vague, unfunded promises won't attract wavering voters to vote Labour.
  8. The only real poll in advance of the election with any credibility will be the council one in May, and even then that'll be inaccurate. I'll be voting Lib Dem in the council election and (probably) Green in the general election.
  9. It's cheaper to get cheap foreign labour in who will work for substantially less than the UK population, and improve profits THIS year, than invest in multi-year capital improvement projects where the increased profit will come 2-5 years down the line. Same with it's cheaper to outsource it to Poland THIS year than invest in automation that will do nothing but cut this year's profit with no increases for 2-5 years. It's weak management put in place by institutional investors who want low-risk share price rising stability and profit than something that'll reduce their investment short-term.
  10. Right... let's all remember that this is a website hosted by a RL publishing house. We're happy for you to post legitimate links and videos published or clearly authorised by the copyright holder but any that are iffy may just see you banned on the spot. I'm really not trying to spoil the fun here but please think and check twice before posting if you're not sure it's legit.
  11. I have an idea for how to save the NHS a whole pile of money: Get a hold of every NHS organisation's job descriptions then search them for requirements stating that a person must be politically astute or politically sensitive, or contextually similar, then sack every single job holder, unless they can prove to a panel of ward sisters and district nurses what societal good they've done in their job in the last three months.
  12. Manifesto launch days: - Lies, Damned Lies and Tory Spin: 8th May - The Longest Suicide Note in History, Part 2: 15th May.
  13. I notice today that the Independent has gone completely Telegraph in printing utter drivel in sycophantic praise of Corbyn. Probably in response to the Telegraph doing it with May and seeing gullible, politically-sympathetic people believe everything that's written regardless of how idiotic. The Indy is convinced Corbyn can win...
  14. So, that's both Corbyn and May not bothering with the debates. No point having them as it'll just be spun as "the debate between the also-rans" by every major newspaper, regardless of their support.
  15. I'll step in to defend Hunt for a bit but only in the context of other Tory MPs. He's actually quite good at protecting the NHS. But for him, the Lansley reforms would be nothing compared to the devastation austerity policies would have had on the NHS. He still has implemented devastating cuts and long term disaster on the NHS but it could have been worse. He's turned a big blind eye to some of the Lansley stuff being overturned when it really should need an Act of Parliament to change it and I've seen the impacts of him standing up to both Osborne and Hammond when they want to cut into the NHS budget further. I'm not sure any other Tory MP would do that. Again, he only gets limited credit on a least-worst basis.