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  1. The NFU were very pro-EU in their official stance.
  2. They price their system on a basis of losing "complainers" while keeping those either happy or too lazy to complain. If they lose you who does have a problem then that's not an issue. You also get what you pay for with TalkTalk.
  3. I looked into this, the UK's renewable share of power as a proportion of national power needs was 8.2% in 2015. If Scotland were an independent country then it would be nearly at the top of that list. All I'm saying is that it shows which country actually prioritises this sort of thing.
  4. Everything to do with Holyrood giving governmental assistance to renewables projects while Westminster is actively cutting government assistance to them. The absolute percentages of renewable power towards total power consumption in England is stagnant while elsewhere in Europe and in Scotland it's going up heavily year on year.
  5. Wind power renewables alone in Scotland met 57% of Scotland's entire power needs from January to June. The difference between Scotland who have pursued the rollout of green techologies aggressively and England that's doing its damnedest to sabotage it.
  6. What's amazing me really is that the Leave voters aren't getting very angry over this. This was something that they'd been convinced wouldn't happen, and they said that it wouldn't so they'd keep voting Leave, yet is, much like many other "project fear" stuff. Many Leave voters I've seen are becoming even more entrenched in their view, accepting ever increasing absurdities just so they don't have to admit to themselves that they've been conned into screwing Britain over by some of the sleaziest people ever to be near British politics. Another "mandatory" thing that the US will demand, and be given, is access to British healthcare contracts on their terms rather than ours.
  7. On that theme... SEC-RET-ARY not SECETARY. Even those who are, for example, Home SecRETary.
  8. A continuation of this debacle. I submitted my form right on time at midday, within 20 minutes I received an email saying (paraphrased) "sorry, we cannot accept or review your form until next Friday as we require you to wait until four weeks is up and there is zero chance of you getting another NHS job before the expiry of those four weeks of you being unemployed." Which is a wildly different story to the one I got previously. A whole afternoon of blunt conversations that has just finished with me getting a written commitment that I'd met all the conditions for payment and that if I just submit the form again next Friday I'll get paid. The very nice HR lady dealing with it also agreed to pay it as an exception rather than me having to wait until end-August or even end-September. At this time, I'm so ill-minded towards the NHS that I would go out of my way to recommend that people actively avoid it as a career if they value any sort of positive working environment.
  9. I have almost all of my documents on Microsoft's OneDrive. I then have that offline synching with my laptop, PC and my home server, the home server then also keeps a read-only copy of files on a home NAS box. It means I can get my documents anywhere with a network connection but also have offline copies on my main machines. It also means that if I ever get one of those ransomware hits then I just wipe the machines affected, start again and restore from the read-only copies, even if it hits the OneDrive copies. But then, I'm a paranoid sort who doesn't really trust technical kit not to lose my data...
  10. That's a good way to learn the importance of backups!
  11. Yep, they made me compulsorily redundant when they closed down my entire service. I managed to find jobs for most of my staff but a few joined me in the pile. It's the modern NHS. The bureaucracy is blinding and bitter in its desire to just remove any joy from NHS workers. I posted earlier in this thread the degrading treatment those of my staff who are compulsorily redundant will have to endure before their notice ends, it really just rubs in "FAILURE".
  12. Finished. The thing that REALLY gets me about this is that people who are having to work their notice, unlike me who agreed to leave without notice, is that they'll have to keep this up for four months if they can't get a job in the NHS. What a fantastic way to rub in failure. Seriously, even those who secure a non-NHS job have to do this sodding thing to get their redundancy money to prove they've tried hard to get a NHS one and reduce the cost to the NHS
  13. For Kindle readers: Did you know that if you go to this Amazon link it'll review your Kindle books and see if there are linked audio books? You can often get audio books for about 1/10th of their normal prices and usually get them for way below their normal Audible price, even under the Audible membership discounts.
  14. Abso-***ing-lutely. I'm utterly burned out after fighting for three months to try to save the jobs of far too many good people who worked for me. I had it made clear to me that I'd have to justify taking holiday between 1st July and 28th July, even though I'm not an employee any longer, as I should be looking to minimise the risk of the NHS having to pay out.
  15. I really can't get over this one section of a ten section form where I'm expected to give a long narrative: I genuinely am expected to give a daily diary of what I've done to minimise the NHS's problem and I'm not allowed to see the criteria that I'm being judged on.