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  1. The actual government statistics (Excel file) covering the first full week (well, 6 days as the 2nd gets counted in the week before) Of 152 hospital Trusts in England, there were 273 reported incidents of a trust reporting a "black" alert meaning patient safety was at risk, that means an average of 1.8 times each Trust reported that status over the six days, or, to put it bluntly, just under 1/3 of the total days recorded. Are you REALLY proud of the fact that just shy of 1/3 of the time in that week hospitals in England were so overcrowded that patient safety was at genuine risk and of risk enough that NHS England actually noted it? And those stats are all around bed capacity, none of your "30% shouldn't be there" because they're never going to get a bed and therefore don't count towards that stat. The leaked stats when fully released in proper formats will show that yes, there is an improvement, but it's trivial in real patient treatment terms, the provisional figures I saw showed it at around 280 reported incidents (albeit over 7 days rather than the 6 of the week before), the full figures are expected to be released on Thursday after they've been quality checked. To put that "black" status in context, if you watched Hospital last week then that Trust didn't get bad enough to count as "black" on any single day it was recording. It's also hard to use beds more "effectively" if hospitals can't get patients out of them because there's nowhere for the patients to go because the community hospitals and care homes are even more overwhelmed than hospitals. Yep, hospitals are covered by very public statistics meaning they can be seen to be failing while it's far easier for the government to hide the disaster that is social care. The NHS is a basket case but it's a golden paradise compared to social care.
  2. Trump even has a go at John Lewis! Follow-up
  3. Well, just finished the first episode, I think I'd rather have had the Six Thatchers... deary me, that was a dire episode.
  4. Catching up with watching the two Sherlock episodes before tonight's finale but it's a bit terrifying: Six Thatchers. One was scary enough but six is just beyond acceptable conduct for TV
  5. I know I work with a few but this idea just wouldn't sit well with HR I think...
  6. No matter how hard you try to be kind, German children are kinder.
  7. Some long-term non-British EU citizens may not get residency after the UK leaves.
  8. Most GP surgeries really underuse the internet, mainly because the practice admin staff are not confident with it and the back-end support is not great. It's also one of the chicken and egg thing, GPs won't put more appointments onto the system until they're convinced there's a demand for it and patients won't use it until there are appointments on there. My practice has fewer than 1% of patients registered for its online services and the older nature of the reception and admin staff really make them reluctant to push it. I use it for prescription repeats mainly, tied in with electronic prescriptions there is no admin needed at all, I make the request, it goes into the GP prescription approval queue, the GP approves it and it electronically goes to my nominated pharmacy. My practice has one GP appointment available to be booked online in the next two weeks, plenty of nurse appointments but then our practice nurse is quite a technophile. (not aimed at you but the forum in general) Haven't used your GP practice online services? Go here, search for your GP practice then click on the "Book appointment online" option to get you started on registration, once done you'll get access to at least your appointments system, repeat prescriptions and in 99% of surgeries your Summary Care Record.
  9. All appointments after 6pm and Saturday appointments at my semi-rural GP surgery are dedicated for those who work. It works out about right for our local needs and I've never had a problem getting a same week appointment that fits around my working pattern.
  10. A study I read recently showed that the average full time GP works 52 hours per week. Practices that open later just have their GPs work shift patterns with exactly the same number of appointments. Dictating to GPs that they work later won't magically make more appointments, all it'll do is increase GP practice admin costs. Then you have the support organisations that GPs used to rely on. District nurses have been cut savagely in many areas meaning GPs have to do more home visits. Mental health provision has been cut meaning GPs have to have too many long appointments where they act as primary mental health clinician. Walk in centres have been cut by around 75% in the last few years meaning the demand for same day appointments has gone up significantly. Out of hours centres are gone in most places meaning yet more same day urgent appointments. Out of hours GP services are now almost entirely private providers such as Care UK who will only come out to home visits in very narrow specific circumstances and will most often say they won't come out or call the patient an ambulance and still not come out. In many areas, patients have GP practices that are overwhelmed already and A&E where there is no capacity. May standing up and saying it can be fixed if GPs stopped being so greedy is not helpful. And that's without even mentioning the patients so ill they need hospitalisation
  11. There's a good bit of the A1 at certain bits between Newcastle and Darlington where HGVs are banned from overtaking during, I think, between 7am and 7pm. Doesn't half make a difference.
  12. According to the news tonight, Theresa May has made it clear who she blames for the current NHS crisis: GPs for daring to want to work less than 50 hour weeks. GPs will see their funding cut if they don't operate longer hours, including 8am-8pm. That'll work then...
  13. I thought he used to be a bit too arrogant but I think the Corbyn saga has made him a lot better as a person.
  14. I hope you've got an emergency survival kit with you if you're taking your life in your hands driving in snow that deep.
  15. NSFW language: A Facebooker not quite getting the Obamacare/ACA difference.