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  1. It settled here for a while, quite heavy snow, but it's mostly melted. Field out the back was fully white, now mostly green again. I expect notifications in the news that all major roads will be closed for the week just in case.
  2. A damn good fry-up with a huge orange juice, followed up by a walk usually does the trick for me. It's a rare time I get a hangover as I learned a long time ago to pace my drinking with enough water through the night.
  3. The freedom loving folk of the world will flock to us once we're outside of the clutches of the evil EU to buy our jam, nuclear fission powered kettles, flamethrower toasters and jet turbine vacuum cleaners. That'll generate us enough tax to compensate. If only the companies railing against such things weren't non-UK domiciled for their manufacturing and tax...
  4. I think you've been overpaying then! The going rate for a top-end test manager in most of the industries I've worked in is £500-£550. Beyond that, you're getting into paying more for little extra. I know one major telecoms company who have a cap of £450p/d for a test manager supervising 40 testers and are always able to fill the three roles they have with really good people. Also, I've seen one "brexit" tech spec and the testing of that would come into the mid-ranking sized project at best. I've seen substantially more complex MS Office upgrade projects...
  5. The banks are nervously waiting on the "no deal" scenario outcome. "No deal" for them means that they must have a HQ in the EU to do their EU trade. The Bank of England, in its neutral regulatory pose, has warned publicly that 10,000 jobs would go immediately on Brexit with "no deal". This isn't wild journalism, it's the BoE's official statement summarising the banks' official returns to them on their firm plans. Also, this is just the banking regulated staff, not the support staff meaning it's not beyond reason to say that 10,000 other jobs will go. The journalistic opinion is at 75,000 jobs lost, but that has to be looked at with suspicion. Macron's statement of no possibility of a bespoke City deal has firmed up the plans for the banks with many stepping up their recruitment for change personnel. Those banks that made the move early have the first pick of the market and the others are having to outbid each other at stupid rates. Just search "brexit" on Jobserve or one of the other job boards, the first job I saw on there was a £600-£625p/d IT Test Manager, that's an insane rate of money for what is actually a fairly basic job. The unadvertised rates that are being thrown around are just stupid, ranging to £2k p/d for certain skills, but they're demanding specific banking experience for it.
  6. There have been wars started for less provocation than that... They can take our red passports but they WILL NEVER TAKE OUR BISCUITS!
  7. Toronto

    A number of posts deleted. Does EVERY thread about a non-heartlands club have to descend into conspiracy theories, libellous content and outright anger just because another club outside of the M62 bubble wants to play rugby?
  8. I think this is the heart of it. After lots of dragging it out of them, they want a "robust fixer" capable of cleaning up the bodies after myself. I think they've watched too much American TV, especially Ray Donovan... They're being run rings round by other NHS bodies and private competitors who have more business savvy than them, they want me to fix what I can, "commercialise" them and kill off anything that's a threat to their continued existence. Apparently, they'd heard good things about how I'd "commercialised" and saved another failing NHS service. That is deliberately marked as "commercialised", it means giving them the capability and capacity to survive against private sector competitors in a NHS competitive environment where NHS organisations are routinely penalised for not having marketing and PR departments to promote their case in bids and competitions. I was blunt in that I had almost no direct experience of their environment or size of company, smaller than any company I've ever worked for. They replied that they wanted my "get things done" attitude and I could learn the environment as I went. All they need to do is hurry up getting the money and I *think* I may have some work.
  9. If you read Dilbert, he IS the pointy haired boss..
  10. I know one very senior manager who tests new employees a few months in with things like this! He gets a pet recruitment agency to call and see if they can be tempted, he says its his way of testing loyalty and attitude. If he does it, it's almost guaranteed that others will as well.
  11. Thanks! The job hasn't been advertised, if I don't get it then it will be, that's where my claim of cronyism falls. They may have invited others but just have told me there wasn't to make me feel good. But, as they say, the first casualties of troubled times are ethics and morality, and a job is a job.
  12. More consequences of the Tory cuts, Police this time. And the government turn up with their routine “not our problem, that’s a local issue” tripe.
  13. They grind their teeth at the training cost and people being lost to a G7 nation that refuses to pay for training enough of their own doctors and nurses. In reality though, many poach from the next tier down of nations that don’t meet the UK’s quite strict standards for training and qualifications. Then that next tier down usually does without. That’s why there’s an ethical duty on us as a nation to fully fund our own medical and clinical training.
  14. A bridge across the Channel. It’d be less complex to have our own space programme and moon landing.
  15. Another EU institution leaving the UK. More Project Fear.