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  1. That BBC 2 programme, Hospital, is quite probably one of the most stressful things on telly.
  2. You should try not to be pedantic, it was the last thing that the Troll Finding tools needed to identify you as someone banned last year. Bye
  3. I remember reading the average tax paid by an investment banking trading individual was just over £50,000 per year with a management individual at over £120,000 per year. That's a lot of tax income to lose just for the individual staff members.
  4. Here's somewhere the government could save money in the NHS. The NHS currently pays £19.5m for mental health support services for GPs combatting GP burnout, stress and mental health treatment for overworked GPs. This is because over 50% of GPs have been flagged as at risk of serious burnout capable of triggering mental health conditions. That nice and trustworthy Mrs May says that GPs don't work hard enough so they obviously don't need that burnout treatment money. The lying swine should just suck it up and work harder. Also, Hunt should be disciplined for raising that GP treatment budget from £3.5m last year to its current £19.5m total budget, he should know better and stop being so trusting towards those slacker GPs. (Yes, that's me giving Hunt some credit, I am trying to see the good in him...)
  5. The decision that a government organisation has to add 20% tax on a contract with a government organisation providing services to a third government organisation and then give that 20% tax to a fourth government organisation just so the government can tax itself is an absurdity that's nothing to do with the EU, this is entirely the fault of the UK governments over the years, of both political persuasions (plus the Coalition time that no-one talks about any more)
  6. I'd be severely narked if I were a Scottish voter who voted No in the independence referendum believing the line that the only way Scotland could stay in the EU was by staying in the UK. If I remember rightly, Cameron even poked the Spanish into making it clear they'd veto a Scottish EU application in order to not give the Catalans any ideas. Now, Scotland are being taken out of the EU and being told to lump it and stop complaining. I think they've got a rock solid case for a second independence referendum, even if I still think the vote will be "No". That said, I think the EU would allow Scotland in if just to make a point.
  7. Apple have actually gone over the hill on this one and have left behind their faithful with a few recent "advances". For example, if you buy their most recent iPhone 7 and their most recent MacBook Pro, you can't use your MacBook to charge your iPhone as they come with the supplied kit, you need to buy adaptors. Then there's the tech specs, in the desire to get the MacBook Pro even slimmer than ever, to meet no professional requirement at all, they've cut potential performance and used previous generation technology, all while ramping up the prices so much that it's shameful. My 2011 MacBook Pro is getting a bit old and I had planned to replace it but I refuse to pay the idiot price to replace it with kit that's already outdated. I may go back to using a Windows laptop... The Steve Jobs wannabes in charge of Apple these days are doing all they can to be "cool" while failing to recognise that you also have to be good in order to sell your professional grade products.
  8. "You give us everything we want, you get nothing you want and the other 89 days will be to get it through our Congress."
  9. The people who conceived the VAT system and how it affects the NHS deserve to be consigned to a hell of Barbie GIrl being played on permanent repeat while watching Katie Hopkins fellate Piers Morgan, with them only getting 5 minute respite breaks if they can correctly guess the VAT reclamation rules being applied to a contract they're not allowed to read. I have a very bad headache working out VAT on what should be a simple quote. I think it's a job creation scheme to keep HMRC people and NHS Finance people in jobs, either that or it was created by a sociopathic tax man who hasn't the courage to become a mass murderer.
  10. But we're NOT throwing new money at the system, we're not even keeping up with real terms inflation of costs! A very simple calculation of last year's budget plus a real costs increase component plus a real population size increase component gives you this year's base budget for stand-still. That's not even including the complicating factors of escalating numbers of old people with increasing health needs, we're no longer in the 1960s where working class people finished work then conveniently fell over and died. Then there's the other complicating factors of escalating costs of modern treatment to cater for that extending average life expectancy. Then there's the other complicating factor that hospitals are having to treat things that care homes and hospices used to do because their budgets have been cut so savagely they can't afford the on-site healthcare individuals capable of doing the work. In 2010, the Coalition took over an overall healthcare spend of 8.8% of GDP, by 2014/15, that was down to 6.6% and we're waiting on the new figures for 15/16 that will show it even lower. In REAL TERMS, including all complications, the NHS budget has deteriorated severely since 2010 with over 13,500 beds cut (I can provide government evidence of this if you want) and budgets slashed, including the lowest number of nurses in the training system since the mid 1990s.
  11. Yep, we had a vote. We're doing it. The Leave lot made a whole lot about restoring the primacy of Parliament then May completely does her damnedest to ignore it. She doesn't even pretend to respect the convention that major policy decisions should be told to Parliament first. I'm in no way complaining about us leaving the political union of the EU, that's done, my side lost. I am not going to stop complaining about May gambling the nation's future simply so she can shore up future support for the Tory party.
  12. Not really uninteresting or trivial but nowhere else to put this really: The first freight train from China arrived in the UK today having left China on 1st January pulling 34 freight wagons.
  13. News I read in HSJ (behind paywall so not linked) that the total outstanding maintenance backlog for the non-GP NHS property estate is £4,974,706,094, it'll be over £5bn by the end of the financial year. That's more than the entire Department of Health capital budget of £4.8bn. This is the money that's needed to restore the NHS buildings to fully operational status, provide essential building maintenance and maintain critical safety equipment. This financial year, the government moved £1.2bn from that £4.8bn capital pot to fund revenue deficits, last year (15/16) it took £950m. The DoH has already confirmed it will take £1bn from next year's budget (17/18), £500m from 18/19 and £250m from 19/20 to cover underfunding in day-to-day revenue operational budgets. Oh, and that £4.8bn pot includes a running £2.3bn of depreciation costs meaning that there's only really a £2.5bn pot to start with. For context, in 2010, the backlog was around £500m. This is quite serious, in South West London, the main trauma hospital St George's is increasingly having to close areas as unsafe and unfit for purpose due to the failing to cover the routine maintenance, never mind any exceptional maintenance or replacing outdated clinical infrastructure. I guess that that's not the government's fault, even though it's quite open that it's transferring money from the pot elsewhere to pretend it's adequately funding other things.
  14. Why is it arrogant to point out that that's not what was said by the Leave campaign, even by the most far-edge lot such as Farage, Hannan and Banks? Also, I've had to put up with anti-EU ranting for decades, time for retribution
  15. A Facebook post I saw today covered this point, the view was that May was ending the Tory civil war by giving the anti-EU lot everything they wanted, a bit like a petulant toddler getting everything it wants at the cost of its better behaved siblings.