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  1. This will come as a bit of a shocker but UKIP MEPs have voted in the EU Parliament. The vote was on the relatively uncontroversial subject of combating serious wildlife crime such as banning ivory trading, the sort of thing that most people probably thought was won in the 80s in the EU and just a distasteful historical thing. 647 in favour, 14 against. Of the 14 people voting against were 6 UKIP MEPs. The strangest thing is that they were voting against their normal political alliances in the EU Parliament on this subject. Nice of them to turn up to vote though.
  2. Is there a TL:DR version?
  3. I changed some meetings today to work at home because we had delivery of a new mattress for our spare room scheduled. The scheduled time was between 9 and 11. They didn't turn up. I chased through their web service and was told by a chat-bot that it was "delayed" and would get here in the next few days. When I asked them to be more specific they couldn't beyond "it'll be with you soon, but that doesn't mean today or tomorrow". Sarcastically, I asked if they could guarantee it by Christmas, their answer was "we can't guarantee anything". When I then said that wasn't really good enough, their answer was "take it up with who you bought it from if you're unhappy".
  4. If those religious folk are right and what you suffer in this life is a test then $deity will be getting a right earful from me for how much he/she/it has tested my wife over the last seven years. I'll spend eternity punting $deity in the private parts to see if he/she/it likes being "tested".
  5. Many of the peopel saying these things are publicly identifiable because of their name and pictures. If they're Labour members and the party membership actually gave a damn then they should be permanently ejected from the party.
  6. The Dutch PM last night compared the Dutch and Irish putting the EU question back to their country to the UK's efforts. He said both the Dutch and Irish came back to the EU with specific and targeted areas where their country needed help, both got specific and very targeted additional concessions and opt-outs that allowed them to go back to their country and get approval. In comparision, the UK's attitude has been "Brexit means Brexit" every time the EU asks what it can do to help. "What does the UK want?" "Brexit means Brexit!" Or even worse how May discussed it with Angela Merkel last year: Merkel: "tell us what you want". May: "you tell us what you'll give us". It's gross incompetence of the worst kind that makes the UK weaker by the day.
  7. The thing is that the UK are one of the strongest supporters of the ETIAS system in the EU, we've driven it and shown impatience about how long it's taking because we see it as part of our border security. The idea was to force other EU countries to have stricter borders with more credible, consistent entry requirements so that the weaker internal EU borders became less of a concern. So, again, we really can't complain that we'll be treated like a third country when we actually do become a third country.
  8. As there’s been grumblings about my misuse of the Uninteresting Trivial Facts thread, I thought why not a thread for the little observations in our life. So, my starter. I hate funerals, going to my third funeral of 2018 already today (Monday).
  9. Watching all the news coverage of May’s latest EU Council dinner, it looks like May is punch drunk and really going off the rails. EU leaders changed fluffy and nice text to harder line stuff because she annoyed them so much with a badly structured diatribe. She’s coming back with nothing more than a nice dinner away from Parliament and fellow Tories.
  10. Why go to the EU when we have Clacton!
  11. Just a bit of a conspiracy theory but... do you notice that the furore around the Tuesday vote is now gone in the media except for minor coverage? It also caught the ERG lot out as they thought they’d have until next week. A tactically timed few letters from May-friendly ministers to clear the decks for a year?
  12. It was that little bit of humanity that got him the job of Leader in the first place rather than the drab politicians, including his brother. The humanity was sucked into oblivion by a mix of advisors and the likes of Harman insisting they be boring and serious all the time.
  13. Hemp sandals and white ankle socks. You can tell the really extreme ones by their “go on, ask me about proportional representation” t-shirts.
  14. OK, let's put it this way then. If there's a no-deal Brexit, who on the Remain side will be the organiser and promoter of "unrest". The militant wing of the Lib Dems? If there's a no-Brexit, who on the Leave side will be the organiser and promoter of "unrest".
  15. Donald Tusk has thrown her a bone early by changing his schedule to meet her in advance and hopefully give her some useful tips on how to get SOMETHING she can bring back. I'm still not sure what it'll accomplish though as the EU27 have been fairly unanimous that they're done negotiating.
  16. And there you go. Where did I say that? Where did ANYONE say that? We're pointing out that the EDL are likely to cause unrest and rather than you admitting that may be the case you pretend that I'm saying all Leavers are EDL members. The vast and overwhelming majority of Leave voters are about as non-violent and unlikely to cause unrest as the Remain voters however within the ranks of the Leave voters you have the EDL. THAT's what I'm saying. So, again, where are the Remain version of the EDL?
  17. 1. The EDL aggressively support a very hard Brexit. 2. They're prone to causing "unrest". 3. Brexit will cure all sorts of foreigners coming here. No typecasting there. Just hard experience. I've started your reply for you here: A Remainer version of the EDL is...
  18. Show me the Remainer version of the EDL and I'll agree with you.
  19. The EU is showing their view on how much they're willing to bend. Theresa May has been granted 10 minutes to discuss this over dinner. That's it, no formal extended tabled discussion and no EU27 planned post-session discussion on it. At best May will come back with a letter of comfort that says "of course we don't want this to be permanent, just negotiate a deal with us (in 1 point text: that keeps you in some sort of customs union) and the problem goes away".
  20. Let them. And then point out to the police supervising the "unrest" that these are the same folk who are persistently chirping at the government to keep cutting state budgets, including the police. Worked well for keeping the miners down a few decades ago anyway! Edit: and there would be unrest, driven by people like that Yaxley-Lennon and "accidentally" stoked by Boris, Farage and co.
  21. An example of how little time we have.
  22. Thatcher’s career ending vote was 204 v 156 and that was enough to get even her to accept enough was enough. May’s team are acting is if this were a great victory despite not being much better. How the hell do some ministers get this:
  23. All being discussed on the Tories thread