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  1. I can only hit “like” once. Comparing Corbyn to Foot is insulting to the memory of Foot. I thoroughly disagreed with how he took Labour forward but he was a proper Labour man through and through.
  2. AC/DC covered in a way many people haven’t heard
  3. ckn

    Lib Dems

    Time for the Lib Dems to wield those daggers on Cable? Push him well before he wants to go Good luck on the next leader. As long as it’s not Lamb, they can’t do worse.
  4. So, I'm seeing a drive trying to get people to join the Lib Dems and the rallying call seems to be "look at them, look at the state of the other parties, come join us because, well, because, just look at them!" Have i missed anything major apart from seeing Farron have a couple of public rants that really weren't that different from the rants we've seen on this forum, and, truth told, those Farron rants were a little less sophisticated in some areas. As a former Lib Dem voter, sorry Lib Dems, you really have done nothing at all to convince me that you deserve my vote never mind my membership fee again.
  5. It’s a major change and it’s entirely to do with Brexit. It’ll have huge cost and production implications. But... it is a realistic Brexit plan, maybe our government could learn a few things.
  6. This is their annual shutdown brought forward. Each year they shut their plant for about a month to do all the admin, maintenance and replacement stuff that they can't do in a functioning factory. This was brought forward to Brexit day to hopefully eliminate any stock issues that come from immediate disruptions, if it goes spectacularly pear shaped then they have a month to sort out their response.
  7. Anything written by someone outside of their mum's spare bedroom.
  8. I have a good friend who lives in NY, he partially tore his ACL to the point that surgery was required to stop it fully tearing. Despite having $1100/month healthcare insurance for him, his wife and two kids, it was cheaper to fly out to his family's home in Spain, pay for fully private treatment out of his own savings and have one month of rehab while enjoying a holiday at the same time. That's a common complaint out there, it's cheaper to get uninsured private treatment in socialised medicine countries than get insured treatment in the US, mainly because in socialised medicine countries the private companies have to keep their prices down otherwise the punters will just go to their equivalent of the NHS. The disgrace is that the likes of Moggie and Boris who punt these idiot things is that THEY won't be affected because they can afford even extraordinary healthcare costs out of their private funds.
  9. Only at the very fringes and there's absolutely no money in it beyond scrapings. As soon as private companies have to meet the NHS standards then they often just recognise there's nothing to be made and don't bother. The sole reason that private healthcare companies like Spire can stay in business is that there's a NHS behind the picture to pick up emergency cases. If your knee operation went catastrophically wrong, say you had a heart attack, then they'd call 999 and the NHS would pick up all of the cost for your treatment and rehabilitation. In a fully privatised model, they'd be expected to have a contractual relationship with an A&E provider that would effectively double the cost of all operations. My view is that they should be expected to pay that now given they pay dividends on a 15% (ish) annual profit yet the NHS and public purse get the consequences of any problems. Privatised profits, socialised consequences.
  10. I agree with everything but the last paragraph. It's the job of a party to rally their most influential folk to target the waverers and genuine swing voters. Obama does just that, there's very few folk at the front-end of the Democrat party that are instantly recognisable and will at least get people to listen. It's an understanding lost to many, including in the UK, that it's the non-zealot voters in the middle who win elections, the zealots at the edges have already been won over.
  11. If I put my filter on the Telegraph (UK, moderately frothy right-wing broadsheet with a view that only wealthy folk should have more money) and a separate filter on the Guardian (UK, sandal-wearing left-wing broadsheet with aspirations of adequacy) then I get a fair middle-ground on most areas. If all you see is made-up or deliberately over-spun "alternative facts" from the non-mainstream media then you have the credibility of Trump's bone spurs.
  12. I think you've jumped straight into the forum looking for a fight when the frothy-mouthed lot have already left. The vast majority of people here are just mildly interested and tend to look at people on the hard edges of the American debate as if they lost their mind a long time ago. I think you'd find it hard to find many people on here who think Clinton was a good candidate or deserved to win. Just as I think you'd find it hard to find many people who think Trump was a good candidate or deserved to win. It's perfectly acceptable to stand at the edge and be amused by the rank incompetence of both sides... Copying and pasting one-eyed drivel from t'interweb does tend to get you added to a lot of ignore lists though on this subject.
  13. It's nice to keep reminding people occasionally though that Corbyn is less popular than apathy.
  14. A straight binary choice between Corbyn & May and Corbyn comes third to Don't Know. I find it interesting that May's figure isn't too far off the Tory voting percentage but Corbyn's is well below those who say they'll vote Labour.
  15. Here's the pay-off for many of the hard-Brexiteers: open our borders and bend over for the Americans.
  16. I can help you with a tin-foil hat if you need one. Do you need one for your cat as well?
  17. Trump announced tariffs on $200bm of Chinese goods overnight
  18. This will come as a bit of a shocker but UKIP MEPs have voted in the EU Parliament. The vote was on the relatively uncontroversial subject of combating serious wildlife crime such as banning ivory trading, the sort of thing that most people probably thought was won in the 80s in the EU and just a distasteful historical thing. 647 in favour, 14 against. Of the 14 people voting against were 6 UKIP MEPs. The strangest thing is that they were voting against their normal political alliances in the EU Parliament on this subject. Nice of them to turn up to vote though.
  19. As there’s been grumblings about my misuse of the Uninteresting Trivial Facts thread, I thought why not a thread for the little observations in our life. So, my starter. I hate funerals, going to my third funeral of 2018 already today (Monday).
  20. ckn

    Dear Diary

    I note with interest that musicians are on the lookout for the world’s smallest violin to play at the news that Katie Hopkins is now insolvent.
  21. ckn

    Lib Dems

    That’s why it should have been a Lib Dem MP making the keynote, they could have got some lovely soundbites out on the subject at probably the only time the media really watches the Lib Dem conference apart from the leader’s speech.
  22. ckn

    Lib Dems

    Have I missed something? The keynote speech on the first main day of the Lib Dem conference and it’s made by someone who makes it clear they’re not a Lib Dem and doesn’t want to be one. Surely one of the MPs has enough about them to make a keynote speech on Brexit. If they don’t then maybe it’s time to pack up the Parliamentary party and concentrate on being a local issues one where they still excel.
  23. The workers going down to three day weeks will be delighted to know that it's all a bluff.
  24. ckn

    Food and drink thread

    And a prime contributor to why life expectancy in Scotland is lower!