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  1. Aviva funding

    I remember voting for this some time ago, great to see that they got the funding. I think there was a thread on here asking people to vote.
  2. Kato Ottio

    Awful, awful news. Rip.
  3. League Restructure 2019

    This. There is simply no need for convoluted, gimmicky nonsense.
  4. Catalans signing?

    McIlroum is a cracking signing for Catalans and I'm very disappointed to see him leave Wigan. A very underrated player.
  5. New RFL President Andy Burnham

    I like Burnham and he always is a good supporter if the game. Not sure exactly what the role entails but having him involved in the game is a good thing.
  6. Balkan Superleague

    Has this international forum got the approval of the NRL?
  7. I think many of us did see all of this coming. It seems to be the powers that be that blindly walk in to these things.
  8. rugby league

    Put in a list for what? What metrics do you want them judged by?
  9. I am beginning to feel the same. I love international Rugby League but am becoming thoroughly frustrated and disillusioned with how how it is run. One great World Cup every 4 years just isn't enough and in some ways is beginning to feel like a con and charade just to placate people. I feel the international game has basically wasted the last 10 years or so as it is, since the 2008 World Cup, and could be in a much stronger place now if the correct decisions been made. Every piece of news regarding internationals next year has been precisely what I didn't want to hear and is just more if the same bs. If there is no proper progression to it year on year until the next World Cup then what is the point, other than seemingly so the NRL can sell international Pacific Tests as part of their precious TV deal and make even more money.
  10. Sounds great but as usual it's all talk unless the RLIF show some and take on the NRL.
  11. If the NRL was really serious about the international game they would make a proportion of the grant, that is given to clubs, conditional on the clubs releasing players for internationals. Release players for designated international weekends and you get the full $13 million, don't and it's $12 million. Call it compensation if you will.
  12. I cant say I've ever really been impressed with Baptise as he's always struck me to be a fairly average player. I think the fact that Canberra weren't bothered about keeping him, even with Hodgson's injury, or that any other NRL club wanted him speaks volumes.
  13. Great stuff from Taumalolo. I really think its going to take the players to drive the international game as all the other governing bodies are too scared to take on the NRL.
  14. Hopefully. I really think the game is reaching a critical moment where the international game has to make a stand. There were some great games at the World Cup and it was a great shot in the arm for various nations. As things stand next year is going to be much the same as previous years and all of the progress will be lost. This scenario is going to keep happening until all the other nations, and players, make a stand.