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  1. Lamport Stadium work

    Is Lamport Council owned?
  2. Sam Tomkins to Catalans?

    That's exactly my thoughts on Bateman too. He just hasn't the attributes to be great in any position and there will always be better players in any position that he can play.
  3. Lamport Stadium work

    Thanks for the info. Not keen on the line markings for other sports but its a necessary evil. Hopefully the Rugby League markings will be better and the pitch bigger as it always seemed on the small side for Rugby League.
  4. These are the kinds of stories that occasionally make those 2 mins segments on the likes of ITN News at 10. It would be great if the story could get that sort of exposure.
  5. Westerman leaving TWP

    Such a waste of a talent, when he broke through at Cas at a young age he had all the attributes to be another Farrell or Sculthorpe.
  6. Lamport Stadium work

    Is the pitch going to be made more suitable for Rugby League?
  7. A nice good news story here about the Widnes campaign to help alleviate pressure on the NHS http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/43628174
  8. I an ideal world it would be a 14 team Super League, with 2 French teams guaranteed and a return to the original top 5 play off format. Then a 14 team full time Championship beneath this, again with 2 French teams. This is a little more problematic at the moment as we are way off the number of full time teams required to make this up. Maybe the influx of Toronto, New York et al can solve this issue. Once this league is of the required standard have 2 up, 2 down but until then 1 up, 1 down. Oh scrap Magic weekend too and have a straightforward 26 game season.
  9. Bernard

    We are all friends you know
  10. That is exactly what I thought seeing the map. Its certainly nice to see a bit of ambition.
  11. I don't think he really had a choice after the disastrous World Cup. Some of the players also need to take a long, hard look at themselves though too.
  12. RLWC 2021 Venues

    If they are throwing 250k at it then it should certainly be in their interests to promote it.
  13. That wouldn't surprise me in the slightest. An awful lot seems to get attributed to big, bad Sky and I have still not seen any evidence of it.
  14. It does amaze me how we can have amateur clubs achieving things like this yet still have professional teams homeless decades after selling their grounds