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  1. That's a very pertinent point. Toronto has been a Godsend and certainly not of the RFL's making.
  2. Catalans was under Richard Lewis. Celtic Crusaders was under Wood's watch though. The Magic Weekend isn't anything to shout about. It's a simple marketing gimmick that hasn't grown since Day 1 and still relies on the same fans that would go to watch their clubs at home anyway. As for the rest it's pretty basic stuff in my book and any competent CEO would have achieved the same or better. Hopefully that would be without decimating the youth and amateur game and getting rid of development officers which happened with Wood.
  3. What did he leave behind apart from not much money after paying himself a fat salary for years and then then a big fat payoff too. The game, and leadership of the game, deteriorated badly under his watch.
  4. Damien

    Golden Point ?

    Please God no golden point. It is an awful concept and produces atrocious Rugby. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a draw and both teams getting, and totally deserving a point, for their efforts.
  5. Damien

    Drinkwater leaves Catalans

    Not a bad thing though.
  6. Damien

    ‘League 1 South’

    I realise that and I'm not talking about now, I am talking about the long run to provide a proper pathway for aspiring clubs in the South. Amateur league to Southern semi-pro league to national league. Small steps I know and we are a long way off that.
  7. Damien

    ‘League 1 South’

    I think they probably do have to cast a wide net to get enough clubs and it probably should cater to all. Hopefully we get to the stage of having a couple of leagues, one semi-pro and one amateur.
  8. Damien

    ‘League 1 South’

    So did I based on the opening post.
  9. Damien

    Wales RL expand junior set up.

    More age groups has to be a good thing.
  10. Damien

    ‘League 1 South’

    I do think this makes sense and it is something I have talked about in the past. It will reduce costs and travel time which will make playing Rugby League more attractive for part-time players. It will also provide a more suitable level for expansion clubs down South, and in Wales, to start at rather than getting flogged against battle hardened Rugby League teams. It should also be more attractive to fans seeing close games, watching a team that can compete and also playing against more local rivals rather than Northern places they have barely heard of.
  11. Damien

    Rugby League Viewing Figures Down Again

    Exactly, thank goodness changes are afoot to change that.
  12. Damien


    I love watching the big fights but the cost and regularity of the PPV events is becoming a bit of a joke. I have bought a few PPV events over the past year and its certainly very expensive and poor value for one night. Boxing does the hype and glamour very well in selling these events, and Joshua has been a Godsend in that regard really, but if they are not careful people will start voting with their wallets.
  13. Damien

    Tom Johnstone

    Statements like that are stupid and impossible to prove. There are plenty of reasons why a player like Johnstone may well score more tries playing for a team like Wakefield than Wigan.
  14. As is the case for a club to win the Championship anyway. All clubs buy in on promotion too no matter what system is in play.
  15. I'm excited solely by Toronto and Toulouse because they are 2 expansion teams and I can see what potential they offer the game. It is great watching Toronto play at home in front of a vibrant crowd and atmosphere. Any interest or excitement for me certainly isn't because of the middle 8s system.