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  1. I don't but when bored at work like to get different perspectives on major news stories.
  2. I've never heard of him either, probably the only person willing to take it!
  3. Its the same in my workplace 😂
  4. Well that goes without saying but it is you moving the goalposts and isn't the argument that you waded into.
  5. No it wasn't the point in question, and what I replied to, was made by Yorkshire Knight "My gripe is with people on here actually believing that others will follow the sport after seeing one game.". The whole entire Toronto project was on the back of one person starting to follow the sport after seeing one game. It had absolutely nothing to do with free tickets.
  6. What has that go to do with the question you answered which was "After all isn't this how the Toronto project all started?"
  7. Quite correct and I don't know why I put that. Now amended.
  8. Sorry that doesn't makes sense in the slightest.
  9. Well people follow the sport after seeing one game all the time. This is also the case for other sports. After all isn't this how the Toronto project all started?
  10. Well they could do what they normally do with Rugby League and completely ignore it? When it is the next headline after Brexit on the home page it is more than a little strange. The Daily Mail doesn't normally pander to Rugby League and I'd hazard a guess that many of its readers would have any idea who this person was or of the Leigh Rugby League team, or even that matter have even heard of Leigh as a place. Even many of the comments even ask why is this even newsworthy.
  11. Maybe send them to a school that bans other sports and forces everyone to play it?
  12. But you've only just joined so how do you know? Or have you been here before?
  13. Er I know and never said you had. That is also one person's opinion but you decide to tar an entire thread on the basis of it. Also based on what has happened thus far in Canada it isn't exactly a far fetched one. As ever money talks and if enough clubs were set up along the lines of Toronto it could well happen.
  14. You are obviously reading a different thread than me then because I don't infer any of that.
  15. Imagine my surprise looking at the Daily Mail website (yes the shame but I wanted to see what they had to say about Brexit) and one of the headlines immediately below the Brexit stuff is this: Millionaire owner, 47, of rugby league club who was stopped on the M60 for not displaying a number plate on his £300,000 Lamborghini is fined £440 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6396851/Millionaire-fined-440-not-displaying-number-plate-300-000-Lamborghini.html Now this isn't really about Beaumont or the fact he has been caught infringing the law. It is more my amazement to the prevalence on the Daily Mail site, particularly so when they don't even show a link to their Rugby League section, if I can call it that. I highly doubt that any other sport which barely ever gets a mention, even for big events and internationals, would have such a prevalent headline on that site. However when its a bit of bad news its an entirely different story. It just shows the bias that Rugby League has to face with large sections of the media.