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  1. With the exception of this Sunday - and the sport had months if not years of knowing about the Wimbledon Final and the Cricket WC Final so I applaud the good sense shown by clubs - I agree with the article. If we are to continue with the next SKY deal and they demand a Thursday and Friday night game with Catalan’s on alternate weeks then I would suggest: Thursday night - to boost attendances and help with shorter travelling distances the games to involve teams from their own side of the Pennines interspersed with odd game from London if they are still in SL. Friday night - the ‘Blockbuster’ game of the week. Saturday - ‘RL goes International’ with games on alternate weeks at Catalans as currently (and Toronto and Toulouse if they reach SL). A great outcome on some weekends would be 2 of these games shown consecutively if all 3 are in SL. Sunday - all other SL games.
  2. Did you spend most of the time counting the empty seats for some enjoyment?
  3. But did you get any satisfaction from the World Cup victory seeing that over a third of the team were not born in the UK?
  4. Exactly. During the Second World War blokes who were from RL communities were expected to fight and die for King and Country but were banned from playing RL whilst serving. That was disgusting and I would hope that men and women born outside the UK but serve in our Armed Forces are also eligible to represent us should they qualify and should they want to.
  5. If England or GB had 6 or 7 of those players then it’s a poor indictment of our game. But even though I have no issue with countries using the existing criteria although I would support tighter controls. I noted that in another post on this topic you stated that you have retired so I am assuming that you may have supported the England cricket since the 70’s or 80’s and fairly regularly the team had 3 or 4 players born overseas in the team. As for your comment about how do the England RU folk watch their team with overseas players, it would appear that they want the best possible team on the field within the existing rules.
  6. Who rattled your cage? I was replying to the poster who said that in his opinion Smith was the greatest player of all time and I disagree with him on that. As for my second comment I was being VERY POSITIVE that he is the best referee going around at the moment!
  7. Greatest player of all time ..... hmmmmmm? Best referee of all time .... tick!
  8. Big respect to anyone that ever steps on a rugby pitch never mind doing it 450 times. A milestone that very few will ever achieve.
  9. He probably misheard or did not fully understand what the commentator said. As I assume that there are many on this site that have no idea about Aussie Rules - and living in Adelaide I get pig sick about hearing about it every chuffing day - I just thought that I would make the distinction between the Play Off Final series and the Australian Rules Final.
  10. As an aside me and the wife went to watch Melbourne Storm v Newcastle Knights last weekend and after 10 minutes my wife asked who was the player in the light blue top. I told her that he was part of the Storm ‘coaching’ team. It seemed like the bloke must have been on the pitch advising the players during every set of six that the Storm had. Surely we need the refs to just stop the game and tell these people to get off the pitch.
  11. Pedantic hat on. The crowd at SoO was a great effort but it did not beat the attendance for the Australian Rules Final as that Final is held at the MCG. The SoO attendance beat the ground record that was for the West Coast Eagles v Melbourne Demons FINALS game which is similar to the SL and NRL play off games. But I can’t wait for The Back Page show on Foxtel this week when they will talk about the game and no doubt the 1 or 2 presenters that are Aussie Rules followers will ignore the attendance. As for a Perth team in the NRL that surely is a no brainer. But this is RL that we are talking about.
  12. Fair comment. My comment was based on creating a suitable format that was affordable for travelling teams, especially those in Groups 2 and 3 in the NH and that you can have group games completed over 2 weekends if necessary. If the format is successful and brings in increased sponsorship then by all means alter the structure to give each team some home games each year.
  13. My suggestion is very similar but have groups of 4 teams. 1. Teams play each other just once 2. Play group games in one country to reduce travel costs 3. Play them over 2 consecutive weekends I.e. Saturday, Wednesday, Sunday.or over 3 consecutive weekends if available. If NRL players are not available it is not the end of the world. 4. P&R between each Group - 1 team only 5. Top 2 from European Group 1 play in end of Year 4 Nations in NH and the following year the top 2 plays in the SH tournament 6. Similar format in the SH
  14. Just watched the rerun of last nights NRL 360 on Foxtel hosted by Ben Ikin and Paul Kent. The middle segment had James Graham and Robbie Farah as guests and the topic turned to this weeks Rep weekend. Ben Ikin commented to Paul Kent ‘This is the weekend when you don’t give a hoot isn’t it’. Kent smugly said ‘Two hoots’. The camera panned to Robbie Farah, wearing his Lebanon RL jersey, who looking embarrassed said to Kent ‘Two years ago you said you would not be watching the Pacific Test. Will you be watching this week?’. Kent replied ‘No’. Now everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But Kent, a RL journalist, would have known in advance that Farah would be on the show to speak passionately about the internal politics that has engulfed RL in Lebanon and how Farah feels it is important to play - even though on tonight’s news there are some that feel the game should be boycotted - to show Lebanese youngsters in Lebanon and Australia about the pride in playing the game and playing for your country. Farah explained that there had been no active league in Lebanon since 2018 and if the game died there because of the political wrangling then Lebanon would forfeit their place at the next World Cup. Kent a bloke that earns his living from the game just sat looking smug. I would like to think that after the show finished Farah slapped that smug look off Kent’s face.
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