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  1. 1. Any Politician that has to start a sentence with ‘Let me be absolutely clear ......’ 2. Anyone who usually uses the word ‘basically’ twice in a conversation irrespective of the length of the conversation. 3. People who block the aisle in a supermarket whilst taking 5 minutes to choose what brand of baked beans, coffee, pot noodles etc. to buy. The only exception to this is my wife as she makes my tea every night!
  2. Hudgell will be first in line with the begging bowl if there is money to be made from this. If this does come off I hope Catalans tells him where to shove it !
  3. ........ Shaun Kenny-Dowall. I rest my case M’lud.
  4. He must have been snogging El Chapo in drag I trust that there are no Colombian hitmen using this forum. If so my account has been hacked and someone else posted this!!!!!
  5. Anybody knows when the documentary will be on Amazon Prime fir non-Uk subscribers?
  6. Shame that I will not be able to watch the program that is on sky but what is the program on Amazon called?
  7. Me neither. He left RL to go to a newly created AFL club that was strategically placed in RL territory and he must have known he was there purely to attract RL fans to try a new code. He got paid a reputedly $1m a season to be the recruitment boy that was to bite the hand that had fed him. Sod him. Edit - I would have had no problem with going to the Waratahs straight from RL as the Waratahs were already established.
  8. The problem is that you are assuming that everyone on here has at least half a brain...
  9. I don’t mind anyone expressing a point of view different from mine as that what makes the discussion interesting. My response to you was that I believe TWP have done things that have impressed me and that I see no comparison with Paris, Celtic Crusaders or Gateshead as TWP have the financial clout and backroom organisation to form a solid operation and have increased crowds each year. People have said on here before why don’t they form a Canadian League. But they are the only professional team in Canada. Who is responsible for creating other teams. Could it be that other teams will be formed in Canada and the end game is for TWP to return to a Canadian/North American League when their are a sufficient number of teams? Who knows We also have to be realistic about home grown Canadians in the squad. Melbourne Storm, one of the most professional teams in the game have been around for 20 years and have hardly brought through any Victorian born players.
  10. Yes it can as proved by TWP. The game has never been in such a good position to be more attractive to new club entities and investors in existing clubs. But the Achilles heel for RL that there is only one promotion spot that may deter investors who want their club to be playing at the highest possible level but have to compete with a similar SC against relegated clubs that might stay full time or a number of other new or existing clubs with new investors. IMHO the game needs a more innovative approach that welcomes new investors and protects existing full time clubs giving them the opportunity to grow without fear of relegation. My suggestion would be a move back to a licensing system for 14 clubs initially and every two or three years it would increase by 2 clubs until it reached a 20 team competition. This would give a new team, or an existing CL1 or Championship team 2 or 3 years to develop the infrastructure of a club before submitting their application. Once we 20 teams - after 6 to 9 years of licensing - we could then split into 2 leagues of ten and again every two or three years a team could be added to each league. If you synch the TV deals with the Licensing cycle then it may lead to greater revenue as everyone can see how the game is developing. I have put my head above the parapet so I am prepared to be shot at!
  11. As Eddie pointed out TWP have gone from nothing to SL in 3 years; they have generated more column inches/social media and discussion amongst RL and non-RL followers than all of the other SL clubs combined; the owner has pumped in $21m and they signed arguably the most recognised rugby player on the planet. So I assume all that hasn’t impressed you? Unlike Cas who have given out bull excrement for many years about moving to a new ground. I know as I am a Cas supporter. It comes down to a simple question ‘What is the best for RL in the long term’. Is it seeing TWP as a possible catalyst that may open greater opportunities for the game at a national and NH level, or, do we flatly deny TWP any wriggle-room and see how it goes. I can understand the jealousy that TWP have caused because their owner has more money than any other owner, especially Cas, but I do not want to see decisions taken at a strategic level to be based on jealousy.
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