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  1. I’m sure that was a Goodies Christmas special. Loved the scene based on Its a Knockout where one team fell in the piranha infested paddling pool and the lead team member pulled out the skeletons of his team mates. Those were the days.
  2. Well there are still a couple of days for Hardaker to somehow de-select himself
  3. Can I have three guesses? 1. Tickets sold ..... 66,258 2. People who turn up ..... 64,989 3. Man of Kent estimate based on freeze framing the crowd on his TV ..... 45,127
  4. That was one of the best interviews I have seen regarding RL and as they say in Life of Brian .... ‘and I have seen a few’. What was so refreshing was to hear presenters talk about RL without any ‘baggage’ in their questions and Bob Hunter being so open in his responses. Enjoyed Bob Hunters comment regarding Lamport when he said ‘Our Locker rooms are not Super League standard ‘. I take it he has not seen the changing rooms at Cas or Wakey.
  5. A sensible decision in the end. Best of luck to both teams in the Final.
  6. Too right me* and the family had to have a lobotomy as part of our Permanent Residency application to live in Oz. * back in Cas before the lobotomy I would have typed ‘the family and I’.
  7. Exactly. With the game now being part quiz/entertainment show with some RL thrown in it could bag a prime time evening slot on BCC1 or ITV whereby increasing the viewers that watch the game. Also at each game you could have a celebrity look alike dragged from the crowd. Viewers are charged £1 per phone call to answer a question about the celebrity and the winner gets a Pie and Pea supper (peas provided by Batchelors of course) with the celebrity lookalike and the money goes towards SL clubs travel to Toronto.
  8. As a sport we really need to bring an element of uncertainty into the game. Therefore I would suggest that after every tackle the ref asks the tackled player a general knowledge question. If the player answers correctly then the team retains the ball for one more tackle and a question is asked again until the attacking team answers incorrectly and a turnover occurs. Whenever a scrum occurs an A Board with Flip Chart paper is brought onto the pitch and the ref draws a catchphrase for both Scrum Halfs to guess. The correct answer is rewarded with the head and feed. Genius!
  9. Confused looks all round at the RFL when someone phones them asking for their email address ... ‘What is an email’ they say in unison.
  10. I didn’t place a laughing Emoji for 2 reasons. One, it is purile and, two, because I know I will not get anything of substance from Parksider. I supported the introduction of Toronto as I am pig sick of RL/SL doing the same old thing but expecting a different outcome. I am pig sick of Chairmen at clubs who believe that they are succeeding by just keeping their heads above water, or thinking that they are Bill Gatesesque by sinking slower than their rivals. I am pig sick of clubs supporting a Salary Cap that has barely change over the years that in essence rewards mediocrity. And all this IMHO is because the game refuses to change or is scared to change. I have no issue with someone having an alternate view. In fact I prefer to debate against an opposing view as it is certainly more stimulating than just nodding in agreement. Over the years Parksider has continually asked those who support Toronto’s inclusion to ‘state the benefit that Toronto will bring to SL’. Well as you say in your above post it is literally a ‘suck it and see’ as none of us can predict if Toronto will be a success or failure. Also no one can predict if every other SL team will be thriving in 10 years. Bradford being the prime example. But, I and many others, have frequently asked Parksider as to how does he see SL flourishing if the game does not embrace clubs like Toronto and heaven forbid retracts to a 10 team league which he is fond of quoting. He has never provided an answer so that is why IMHO there is nothing of substance in his posts.
  11. Ooh aren’t you the touchy one. Please accept my humblest apologise for upsetting you by having the temerity to counter your comment. The logical solution is this - 1. Let Toronto play their 6 loop fixtures at the start of the season in the UK 2. Therefore they would play 3 home games ‘on the road’ which is only 2 more games than Wigan did last season with their game against Hull in Oz. 3. Let Toronto have away fixtures for games 7 and 8. 4. So that means Toronto’s first home game in Toronto will be around the first week in April. 5. Therefore clubs will only have to visit once during the regular season. BTW I appreciate your concern for my health about the time I spent on the IPad checking those distances. But please be assured that because I have a very good grasp of world geography I first googled the distance to Baghdad and seeing that distance was appropriate it only took a minute or so to enter other cities on a similar arc from Manchester. P.S. I did make up one of those destinations
  12. I’d forgot about that. Used to use it when we first got here and stayed with wife’s relatives that lived near the Paradise interchange. Last year a young P plater accidentally drove his mothers car down the O-Bahn and got the car lodged in the track. It was just before the morning rush hour
  13. My ‘I am going to die’ transport memory goes back to 1986 when Cas played Halifax in the Charity Shield in the Isle of Man. We were at the docks in Douglas waiting to board the Ferry back to Heysham and it was blowing a howling gale with heavy rain. Only our Ferry was given permission to leave. The boat was bobbing up and down so violently it was just like the opening credits from Noah and Nelly aboard the Skylark. I was that afraid of the boat capsizing that I sat on the top deck in the driving rain for the entire journey.
  14. This argument has been presented regularly on this matter. My view is that if I wanted to start a business back in my home town of Cas but it was obvious that the required skills were non existent in the town (no jokes please!) then I would not wait 10 or 20 years until people had those skills. So I would have two options. Either walk away or bring in people with those skills and over time local people could be taught those skills. I would go for option 2 which is what Toronto WP are doing.
  15. Why didn’t you tell me! It would have saved me the trouble of using my slide rule and sextant to work out those distances.
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