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  1. Come on Fatboy you have been called out, what decisions did he get wrong. What I did enjoy last night was how the Rhinos players interacted with their fans by passing the ball to them a number of times
  2. According to the Rothmans RL Yearbook 1994/95 in the summary of the Kiwis 1993 tour it states that Kiwis beat Great Britain under 21’s by 37-24 played at Workington before a crowd of 3,099.
  3. Spot on Geordie. For some unfathomable reason some people associated with RL get embarrassed if there is a blow out score. We have the commentators apologising for such a one sided game when in other sports the commentators praise the better side.
  4. A great servant to the game. I always enjoyed watching him play even if on the odd occasion he was a trifle late tackling a Cas player.
  5. Surely, surely, the title must be Rugby LEAGUE Blood if not those pesky rah-rahs will claim it if it becomes a global hit tv series!
  6. No particular order. 1. CC Final 1886 Cas 15-14 Hull KR. Not a great game but those last few minutes lasted a lifetime. Nerve shredding when John Dorahy missed the conversion that would have won the game for Rovers. Probably won’t see Cas win at Wembley again. 2. Play off semi final Cas 25 -24 St Helens an absolutely belting game. When a Morgan scored with a couple of minutes I just got off the sofa and sat in the corner of the room with my head in my hands. 3. GB v Australia 2003 at Wigan. A horrific smash on the M62 turned a 2 hour journey into a 5 hour slog to get to the game. Just sat down as Morley was marching off the field. If you watch the video Morley connected with Kearns after 5 seconds, not 12 seconds. 4. Regal Trophy Final Cas 33-2 Wigan. Wigan were such a great team that even a lead of 19-2 at half time didn’t stop me from thinking we might still lose this. Still remember reading a Jimmy Greaves weekly column in the paper a day or so after the game when he used to highlight the best performance that weekend of a football team but devoted the column to Cas. 5. GB v Australia 1990 at Old Trafford. The best test match I have ever seen and we came so close to winning the Ashes. Till the day I die, and probably way beyond that, I will still believe that Hanley should have told Paul Loughlin to take the conversion, instead of Eastwood, after Loughlin had scored the interception try.
  7. This topic comes up every so often and some people argue that we must ensure struggling, traditional clubs are thriving before expansion should take place. But what does ‘thriving’ mean? If ‘thriving’ means waiting for all the clubs in the Championship and C1 to be financially sound, have a strong off-field operation, attract over 3,000 spectators etc. before we look at expansion then IMHO the game will slowly shrink as we are not offering anything different to those that invest money into our sport. Conversely, we cannot put all our energy into focussing solely on expansion as the saviour to our game. Expansion - either inside or outside of the UK - done correctly should be beneficial to the game in the long term but not at the expense of ‘traditional’ areas. Expansion may not work, but if it does then it may be a catalyst to improve the visibility and profile of the game to people in traditional and new areas. Therefore the game needs to have a strategic plan that embraces planned expansion and if this brings an increase in profile, it may also bring in additional income and some of that income should be ring fenced to promoting the game in both heartland and newly identified areas.
  8. Of course it Keith Banks can’t believe I got that wrong although it was 40 years ago arrrggghh! Must be younger than you as the black shirts had turned light grey by the time I played. Just like your team we played a RL style in all RU games. One great story was when Mr Banks was away and we got a replacement teacher. He was very keen and a fervent RU chap. During lunchtime training he got us to form a line out 10 yards from our line and instructed our Fly Half to kick the ball into touch when he received it. All of us just looked at each other thinking ‘Why the hell would we kick the ball into touch when we could run with it’. So the Fly Half duly walloped the ball into touch, and with the sloping pitch the ball travelled about 80 yards before it came to stop. The replacement Teacher shouted ‘well done’ and then said to our Fly Half ‘Go fetch the ball as you kicked it’. The Fly Half just looked at him and said ‘###### off, you told me to kick it’.
  9. He probably packed the game in after he came up against me
  10. Amazingly enough we had to play RU at Airedale High School (Castleford) in the late 1970’s even though our games Teacher Barry Banks played semi pro for York I think. Played under 17 and under 19’s for Redhill ARLFC in the early 80’s. Broke my collar bone when 19 and didn’t play for a few months. In my first game back I played opposite a young lad called Garry Schofield. After the match which Hunslet Parkside won 14-0 a bloke approached me and asked who I was. He said he was from BARLA and they had picked a touring squad and would I be prepared to be on a Stand-by list if some of the lads couldn’t make the tour. Never heard from the bloke again. It wasn’t till many years later I found out it was the 1983 BARLA tour to New Zealand. I thought they were only going to the south of France!
  11. With the exception of this Sunday - and the sport had months if not years of knowing about the Wimbledon Final and the Cricket WC Final so I applaud the good sense shown by clubs - I agree with the article. If we are to continue with the next SKY deal and they demand a Thursday and Friday night game with Catalan’s on alternate weeks then I would suggest: Thursday night - to boost attendances and help with shorter travelling distances the games to involve teams from their own side of the Pennines interspersed with odd game from London if they are still in SL. Friday night - the ‘Blockbuster’ game of the week. Saturday - ‘RL goes International’ with games on alternate weeks at Catalans as currently (and Toronto and Toulouse if they reach SL). A great outcome on some weekends would be 2 of these games shown consecutively if all 3 are in SL. Sunday - all other SL games.
  12. Did you spend most of the time counting the empty seats for some enjoyment?
  13. But did you get any satisfaction from the World Cup victory seeing that over a third of the team were not born in the UK?
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