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  1. To be successful in starting a business costs you money as well. I do agree with you that if, and when, the investors are revealed they are credible. But I understand if those investing wish to remain anonymous at this time.
  2. I own a business. The only people that know how much I borrowed are me, my wife and the Bank Manager. Why should I tell people the amount it cost to start my business? Why is it anyone else’s business?
  3. Aberystwyth. Back in 1990 me and the wife got married. Due to an incident in Paris the previous year we decided to travel around the UK for our honeymoon. We had 4 days in Stratford-upon-Haven then spent a few days in Torquay. We then decided to visit Wales and plumped for Aberystwyth. We went over the bridge at Bristol and drove through the Brecon Beacons turning left for Aberystwyth. Now I do admit the weather was a trifle inclement when we arrived there and waves were battering the seafront. But it looked a sad, tired and run down place. So we drove straight back out and went to Llandudno for a few days. We enjoyed Llandudno. P.S. I enjoy watching the series Hinterland that is set in Aberystwyth.
  4. As a kid playing football and rugby at school in the 70’s I used to be chuffed to bits if my parents bought me some boots with one or two white stripes and the sheer joy if they were screw in studs. I couldn’t understand why some kids wore white boots as promoted by Alan Ball. I thought you had to be a superstar to even consider wearing something so outrageous. As an aside if any RL player wore their socks over the knees like soccer players do then they should be flogged on the pitch at half time. Doesn’t anyone tell the soccer players they look bl00dy stupid.
  5. IMHO the set restarts have been a good introduction. But I have a couple of issues; 1. Some teams are happy to commit an offence on the first tackle if the attacking team are in their own 20m zone. So, as someone stated above, award a penalty for an indiscretion on the first tackle. 2. The Referee should shout out what the offence is so viewers at home can hear him and indicate to the crowd why he has restarted the tackle count. Also you need to have an explanation flash up on the screen every time. My concern with the SKY coverage will be that the commentators will focus upon the ‘offence’ and repay it straight away to dissect the decision Whilst the game continues unlike here in OZ when the commentators/tv coverage just get on with it. It is good to read that so many UK fans agree with the rule change but I can’t wait to read the reactions on here when a reset is called against their team.
  6. That’s better than their original proposal of having someone draw the action on a ream of A4 paper then flick through the ream quickly - this would be shown on match day around 11.45pm on regional TV in Yorkshire and Lancashire and Nationwide in 2024.
  7. Was that the 50,000 all seater stadium proposed by Peter Ridsdale at Junction 45 on the A1/M1 link about 20 years ago? A quote he gave at the time was ‘We deliberately set about investing the money we had in the squad and then to consider moving because I did not want to see the best stadium in the world with a team playing in the First or Second Division’. Well he certainly helped deliver the latter part of the quote! The bounder.
  8. Steady on SC. Just remember that you are on the TOTALRL Forum ?
  9. So Number 16 was wrong when he said there is only 1 colour TV in Fev .... as according to you there are two. ?
  10. Damn you Number 16 ? Because of the time difference I have only just seen the OP and was going to post something similar to your response. P.S. when did the colour TV arrive in Fev ... was it nicked from an household in Cas.?
  11. Wasn’t Giant Hogweed a wrestler on World of Sport In the 70’s? ?
  12. The penny just dropped with the reference to LRL. Just saw his photo on the Obituary thread and he looks many years younger than myself. I didn’t know him apart from his postings but condolences to his family and friends.
  13. Nothing to do with Rugby League but Eileen from the song ‘Come on Eileen’ is a dead ringer for the former Arsenal player Ray ‘The Romford Pele’ Parlour!
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