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  1. Totally agree. It really bugs me when for example the ball comes loose when a player is tackled and the ref has to instantly decide if it is a knock on or ripped out. From 5 viewpoints the ref is deemed correct but from another camera angle it clearly shows a mistake. We then get the commentators having a go along with the thousands of aggrieved supporters. Then some of those supporters or tv viewers then get on their soapbox via sites like this venting their anger. For me the multiple camera angles have helped crucify refs in all sports. IMHO refs overall are better than their predecessors. If you do not agree go watch RL games from 20/30/40 years ago. Those refs had the luxury of one or two cameras on them and the only adverse comment would be Ray French going ‘that looked a bit debatable’.
  2. I would fund a development team that would operate under the International RL body. The team would consist of staff with skills such as negotiation skills with national/Government bodies, coaching and referee development, marketing, promotion, attracting sponsors, creating video packages, social media skills etc. This team, or members of the team, would visit second/third tier and fledgling nations to work with the national body to plan a sensible path forward and to be on call to offer assistance all year round. I would also fund ex players that have a connection to that country to go with the development team to explain their connection, love and challenges they faced in playing the game.
  3. Congratulations, just when I thought Eric Cantona’s famous quote ‘When seagulls follow the trawler, it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea’ could never be topped, you proved me wrong. Can’t wait for your response to my other question about ‘What floats your boat’ in RL. P.S. Eric has just asked if he could use your quote in his next interview?
  4. Come on SL17 just what in RL ‘floats your boat’. Also how do you ‘fulfil your ultimate goal’ if you do not have progression towards it?
  5. Now, now, my dear boy, my response was to the comparison with Play Away But I do agree that your reference to Chigley along with Camberwick Green and Trumpton that was part of the Trumptonshire Trilogy was most clearly a cut above The Wiggles.
  6. Thanks Bob for giving me one of the greatest afternoons of my life.
  7. I would agree if Play Away ... Had sold 23 million DVD’s 7 million CD’s Perform to over 1 million people annually Unfortunately due to the Global crisis the Wiggles only earned $28 million in 2011 down from $45 million in 2009
  8. The High School that I went to in Castleford was established in the late 1960’s. I was there in the mid to late 70’s and although we had 2 gyms and each had the Basketball markings with the drop down boards with the hoop we never played Basketball in the 4 years that I was there. Quite simply no one was bothered or interested in Basketball. You have to understand that only one Basketball game per year was ever shown on TV with the annual Harlem Globetrotters game in London at Christmas. The only time the Basketball boards were lowered at School was when - as a treat and usually the final PR lesson of the school year - we were allowed to play Murderball that basically was a mass brawl with a rolling maul between the two classes doing PE and you scored by throwing the ball through the hoop.
  9. Totally agree with that view. To raise the profile of Thursday night games, and reduce travel that hopefully would increase attendance I would have an alternating Yorkshire fixture followed by a West of Pennines fixture the following Thursday. IMHO no Thursday games should feature Catalans or Toronto. Leave the Friday night game for the ‘Blockbuster of the Week’. This could include Catalans or Toronto when necessary. If Catalans and/or Toronto home games are shown on TV on a Saturday then we can promote an ‘international’ game of the week.
  10. I think everyone would agree with you. But, as some have pointed out on previous threads like this, a club should not rely on away supporters to fill one end of their ground, or leave it looking like a desolate space if few away supporters turn up. IMHO clubs should be aiming to fill 90% of their ground with home fans. If it means that some visiting clubs have supporters that cannot get a ticket then the game will be in good health.
  11. I was 16 years old and started at Wakefield MDC the Monday after I left school which was no mean feat in 1980 with high unemployment. My first monthly payslip showed I earned £164 at around £1.20 an hour. I went out and bought a red, yellow and blue hooped polo top, some bright red jeans and red shoes with white piping and went out drinking around Cas. I felt like a fashion guru until back at work on Monday a female colleague came over and said she had seen me in a pub and that I ‘looked like an explosion at a Dulux factory’.
  12. Nope, us Yorkshire people would be extremely benevolent in accommodating aforementioned smaller areas and letting them be called YORKSHIRE as well!
  13. GB were woeful, Australia were little better and NZ are hit and miss. Tonga, Samoa, Fiji and PNG have raised their standards. It appears that the days of England/GB, Australia and NZ routinely putting 50plus by these teams has diminished which can only be good for the game.
  14. Very enjoyable first half. is the PNG prop Albert the much bigger sister of Wellington?
  15. YORKSHIRE ..... did I say that loud enough as we are usually so reserved about where we come from.
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