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  1. Oooooohhh! It looks plumb to me …. Jack Leach to the tail ender …… Ball tracking coming on screen ….. It’s out!!!! Jack Leach gets another 1 in a nail biter but this time it is 1 wicket in this innings.
  2. One other surprising fact about the Aussie team. One of the substitutes, Garang Kuol, who nearly scored in the last minute, has NEVER started a professional football match! Apparently he is due to join Newcastle Arabia in January.
  3. I am old enough to appreciate and understand your comment. Bravo!
  4. Not disgraced at all. The team that started against Argentina had players from the following teams - FC Copenhagen, Columbus Crew, Stoke, Hearts, Dundee United, Celtic, St Pauli, Middlesbrough, St Mirren, Melbourne City and Fagiano Okayama and they came within one good save by the Argentinian goalie of forcing extra-time. A fine effort!
  5. As pointed out the 4N was building itself into a strong, quality marketable event. What I find especially galling is that the emergence over the last 5 years of Tonga, Samoa, PNG and Fiji as genuine international teams and gradual improvement of France could ….. no make that SHOULD … have led to two divisions of four teams with P and R between them. Imagine that ……
  6. I vividly remember the first work day evening in the autumn of 2004 after the clock went back. I had just left work at 5pm in darkness thinking how the hell could I cope with the winter months. So I went to the GP and in his opinion I was suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder. Not a surprise as I had had the symptoms for the previous few years but on that evening in 2004 I just thought sod it there must be more to life than this. Luckily the wife and I had thought about migrating to Adelaide a few years previous as she had family that had settled there. So we met with a Migration company based in Cheadle and 2 years later arrived in Adelaide. The problem now is that there is too much sunlight for 8 months of the year so on some days I feel as though someone has stuck a large Duracell battery up my jacksy!
  7. To paraphrase one of the greatest pieces of football commentary by the late Bjorne Lillelien. “We are the best in the world!! We are the best in the world!! We have beaten Denmark 1-0 in football!! It is completely unbelievable! We have beaten Denmark! Denmark, birthplace of Laygo (That’s how Aussies pronounce Lego). Sandi Toksvig …. errrr Sandi Toksvigs Dad ……………. err Sandi Toksvig’s dog …….. we have beaten them all, we have beaten them all. Sandi Toksvig’s chiropodist can you hear me? Your boys took a hell of a beating” First day of summer, 26c and brilliant blue sky. It’s great to live in the ‘Leckie’ country. Probably get mullered by Argentina but so what, the team has exceeded expectations and that is all you can ask.
  8. I agree Harry. RL is the most brutal and unforgiving game when a mismatch is on offer. This years tournament provided the evidence that the game does not have the depth to host a 16 team competition based on the seeding system that it had and these mismatches will not magically disappear in 3 or even 10 years. The NRL is continually moving away from the standard of SL - or any other league in fledgling countries - therefore how the hell does countries such as Italy, Jamaica, Serbia, Greece, Ireland, Scotland or Wales compete with their SH counterparts. The format suggested in the opening post is ‘fudged’ but what it offers is high quality games in group 1 and 2 and other games in groups 3 and 4 whereby countries of lesser ability can compete rather than being steamrollered. IMHO there is no shame in accepting that at this moment in time a ‘fudged’ format is the best option. But if this format is decided upon the organisers have to be brutally honest with the media to explain that the until the standards across countries improve this is the best way forward for now.
  9. Personally I have no issue with a ‘location’ score. But every criteria must give the chance for EVERY club to accrue points. Therefore I would not ask such a question in isolation. I would link the question with the following ‘Can your club provide evidence of a strategic plan to increase the visibility of the game to that clubs locality and encourage greater playing participation at all levels’. Therefore ALL clubs should be able to respond to the question and the issue of a club being outside the heartland will give it only a slight advantage. Also I would also expect the process to have more than 10 criteria - Harry pointed out at least 9 - therefore ‘locality’ criteria would only be worth 5 to 10 points at most. So for example a outpost club like Cornwall might score a 8 or 9 due to location and a strategic plan and a club like Cas might score a 4 or 5 for their strategic plan. Anyway time to go to work.
  10. The criteria should be challenging and not simply designed to award 5 or 6 clubs with an A grade. I have no problem if criteria is so exacting that maybe only 1 or 2 clubs achieve A grade status. The big issue as you point out is clubs awarded B grades. IIRC during the previous licensing process clubs were awarded grades such as B+, B or B-. This grading may have been subjective and done to skew the decision towards more favourable clubs. But I believe that there is a simple process to overcome this. A matrix should be created listing individual criteria with each criteria given a value out of an overall total of 100. For example, let’s say Turnover is given a score up to 10. A club with a turnover of £10m gets 10 points down to a club with a turnover of £1m gets 1 point. And so on throughout all the criteria. So each club is awarded an overall score and not a grade. Let’s say that a score of 70 or above gets an A grade. Then it is a simple process of then adding clubs in descending order of score achieved until the league has its full complement of clubs. The above process if done correctly and transparently should give comfort to all clubs and not lead to clubs reversing their support. EDIT - Harry, in between starting my reply and finishing it after I had walked the dog I have just noticed that you fave a similar response not so long ago.
  11. What I meant by ‘bun fight’ was that some clubs such as Leigh, Fev, Toulouse can try to outspend each other to gain promotion. Nothing wrong with that as long as the clubs do it in a sustainable manner. However, supporters of Leigh and Fev on this board have misgivings/anger/mistrust of IMG’s proposals because these clubs plus Toulouse are in that ‘grey area’ of clubs that are a cut above other Championship clubs both in operational and financial terms but are fearful that they may miss out in the initial make up of SL in the new proposal. Again I understand why supporters feel like that. IMHO it appears - due to the vote - that other clubs in the Championship and League 1 do not want to compete against Leigh, Fev or Toulouse by gambling their future on a one off promotion bid a la Newcastle. Therefore the Board/owners of those clubs see a slow, strategic growth plan as the better option. You could argue that those clubs used the vote because of jealousy towards Leigh, Fev and Toulouse but that was the outcome.
  12. Totally agree. Any discussion of this nature centres around a few clubs on the periphery of SL. However the title of the thread states that 37 out of 42 clubs/bodies that voted think that the outline proposal makes more sense than the existing set-up and provides a greater opportunity long term to make the transition to SL via the ‘raising standards’ process than in a bun fight to gain promotion. No process can guarantee a successful outcome but after 26 years of professionalism retaining the status quo seems an extremely blinkered approach.
  13. Thanks for advertising the book Rob. Just ordered it from Amazon Australia. Only had paperback version in stock but never mind.
  14. Just watched the game. An absolutely fantastic experience. I had tears running down my face during the last minute. I wish I had a vocabulary like Stephen Fry so I could find the appropriate words to sum it all up.
  15. That was a shock to wake up to. Was part of my favourite front row that I saw play at Cas when he had Kevin Ward and Barry Johnson alongside him. Great servant to the club. Condolences to family and friends.
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