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  1. Those bring back memories. It must have been around 1998 when I took my young daughter to watch Cas play Halifax at The Shay and part way through the second half she got a bit fed up. So we went to the food shack and bought some Flying Saucers and back on the away end terrace I sat her on my shoulders. As we walked out after the game finished lots of people were smiling at me. It was only when I was sat in the car that I saw my hair was covered in sherbet as my daughter had eaten the Flying Saucers and tipped the sherbet on my head.
  2. No. It could indeed be apocryphal but it was mentioned about two weeks ago and as I am in the car throughout each working day it could have been anytime between 8.00am and 4.30pm.
  3. Well if it didn’t happen then the National ABC Radio Station over here were caught out as the item was on one of their programs.
  4. Back to the original topic, why don’t Wakefield Trinity publicly identify the person that sent the tweet? My philosophy is that if you give it you have to take it. Anyway, I have never been on Twitter, Instagram, Messenger or any other waste of space platforms that saddo’s create. I only joined Facebook about 8 years ago to join the campaign to oust the Board of Directors at Cas. Also I have never asked anyone to be my friend on Facebook but 108 people for some reason wanted to be my friend, so I have accepted them as I have good manners. I never post anything as I cannot think of anyt
  5. Whatever is agreed it has to be based on a long term vision. It is no use making a decision I.e. reduce to 10 clubs, then sitting back and saying ‘well that gives some clubs a financial blanket for 2 or 3 years’ and insanely hoping that a TV company will shower the sport with a double the money deal next time. Complete lunacy, because by offering the same old thing we may be offered another reduced TV contract which could lead to a further jettisoning of teams from SL. I and others have stated on here for years that short termism, self interest and looking after number one would lead to
  6. Thanks MoK. Brought back some old memories. Actually the memories are so old they are in sepia!
  7. Are the games going to be 40 minutes each way? If so, there could be some blow out scores. But seeing that the first season is focussed on establishing a foundation is there the possibility of 4x20 minutes then it would give teams of lesser ability/stamina the opportunity to have more rest and be more competitive.
  8. Look the owners of the 6 clubs don’t give a stuff about how many season ticket supporters they lose that is because 95% of those people that will tune in to watch the ‘Super League’ have never been near a football ground. My rule to decide the 6 clubs would be based on a clubs achievement in the European Cup/Champions League. So you would have Liverpool, ManUre, Nottingham Forest, Aston Villa and Chelsea plus any other club that puts forward a suitable business case ... will Derek Beaumont fancy his chances of getting a place for Leigh? P.S. I hope tonight when Leeds play Liverpool
  9. Thanks Gomersall. Enjoyed listening to the conversation. It is refreshing, or quite frankly startling, that a GM (or CEO) can speak articulately and outline their vision for their club in such an open manner. The processes outlined seemed measured and achievable but only time will tell if the world can return to some normality to enable the club to move forward.
  10. He could have bought the whole of Featherstone .... and still have enough to buy a penthouse in the Premier Inn in Cas Vegas
  11. But if you also approach the local butcher and local greengrocer then you will be in Marquee player territory!
  12. I have read comments on this thread about the $300k per team and some posters have queried as to how can clubs be ‘professional’ based on this amount having to be spread between so many players etc. But surely some of the clubs that have been around for some years must have brought in some income to make them sustainable. So I assume that these clubs will already have sponsorship and no doubt the new entities will be reaching out to prospective sponsors so each team will have the $300k plus additional income. Is it realistic to expect some clubs may have $400k for this first season?
  13. This debate reminds me of a video I saw on You Tube a few years ago where in a demonstration a player running at speed passes the ball to a colleague. The pass appears legal but when the action is replayed and a grid is placed over the image the ball goes 2 metres forward. Just found the video it is titled Total Rugby - Forward Pass produced by the IRB. The demonstration is at 1.02. No idea how to upload it. Seems Stevo was right about ‘momentum’
  14. Not expecting a response from you Whippet13 but from others - I was interested where Curtis stated that the competition is not intended as a rival to the USARL. If that gesture is genuine then how many teams are there left in the USARL that MAY be integrated into the NARL competition in future years.
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