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  1. None better than Kelsey Gentles try saver against Australia in last years 9’s tournament. No idea how to add the clip from you tube.
  2. Just watched a clip of the game on YouTube. Some absolutely cracking tries and the pass from Anthony Farrell was world class.
  3. That takes me back to my 21st birthday back in 1984. The DJ in the pub asked if anyone wanted to try the yard of ale. People wrote their name down on a sheet of paper and a name was drawn out ... mine. Apparently nearly everyone had written my name down. So I was asked to take my T shirt off and stand on a chair next to the DJ. Wobbling on the chair I was given the yard of ale full of Yorkshire Bitter. I started drinking it and got down to the ball. Then all hell broke loose. The beer sloshed down the tube and most went up my nose. I turned to my left and vomited the beer plus the 5 or 6 pints I already drank all over the DJ and his tape deck. The regulars cheered, I fell off the stool and DJ went mental and wanted to chin me. I went to the bogs and washed myself. My mates then bought me a PINT of Bacardi and coke which I supped. I remembered staggering out before closing time. My next memory is one mate shaking me and saying ‘you need to get up’. I thought why is my mate in my bedroom. An even more frightening thought was ‘Bloody hell is he in bed with me!!!!’. When I sat up I found I was in the middle of the main road next to the pub. I had either passed out or just laid down to go to sleep. The reason I hadn’t been run over is that it had been snowing so drivers could easily see me laid down and many cars had carefully driven around me. Oh, we all a good laugh about that.
  4. Who is that person in the corner of the pub who appears to be counting how many of us are in attendance? He seems to be counting out aloud in a southern accent.
  5. No, and I was extremely upset about that as my wife should be in there getting out the bread and filling to make me a sandwich!
  6. ‘Errr, ‘Scuse me. I ordered the Hot Pot four days ago and it still hasn’t arrived’.
  7. Just read on Facebook that the virus dies if it is exposed to temperatures of 85c or more. So I have just had my first cup of tea in about 5 years. Hoping that cuppa will now keep me safe for the next 5 years.
  8. All the best to him .... I have bought cars that never went that far!
  9. I was just thinking ‘If I could create a time machine I could become a multi-millionaire!’
  10. Just watched the game. Cracking performance from Cas. Enjoyed watching the build up with Kammy especially when they caught him out by asking him to comment on the try. Kammy, the only bloke who’ s enthusiasm could make an RU game rise to the level of mediocre
  11. I went to our local Costco on Friday and as I walked into the store a store assistant came over and was going to spray and wipe the handle of the shopping trolley I had. Now that is all well and good, but she was a bit confused when I told her not to bother as I had already been pushing the trolley from the outside trolley bay to the store entrance. Also I do hope that all of those people that have stock-piled toilet roll still have a load left when the virus has disappeared, then I hope that those same people get severe constipation so that they cannot use the toilet paper and have to use a big stick to ease the constipation.
  12. Investment in York, Newcastle, London or whichever existing team will not materialise overnight. But, if the game actually embraced the likes of Catalans, Toulouse, Wolfpack, Ottawa and even New York - should they commence - and created a structure that is seen to be innovative and exciting to TV and supporters then it is possible that investors may come forward to fund the existing teams that you have mentioned. But as it currently stands I don’t see investment being forthcoming in the short term.
  13. Two points. If Leigh had been forced to play all 6 games away from home, forfeiting 3 home games, then I would wholeheartedly agree with you. But they didn’t so you are comparing apples with giraffes. Your second paragraph (in my humble opinion which as you pointed out is my prerogative) is absolutely bonkers. Surely a player in a professional team, whereby his living is probably dependent on his team surviving in SL would want any advantage that they could get against the opposition. So why would they choose your ‘less arduous’ approach rather than wanting to play a home game? EDIT. You brought up the old chestnut about not enough players to fill overseas teams. This was one of Parksiders constant themes by stating that the game needed to produce 90-100 players. But what Parksider and it appears you will not accept is that if Ottawa and New York are accepted then they would join the CL1 in different years. Therefore we are looking at 28-30 players in each of those years, not 60 players in one year. If RL across the globe cannot supply up to 30 players in any one year at CL1 standard then we might as well pack up.
  14. Why is it part and parcel of the game? Just because people pay to get in it does not give them the right to shout personal abuse. How many people go to the cinema and then hurl abuse at the staff because the film was not as good as they had hoped. But unfortunately abuse to officials and players has been allowed to grow over the years and is considered by some Richard Craniums to be the norm.
  15. Ottawa D.I.S.C.O ....someone had to do it
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