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  1. I hope they align the new one properly so that its inhabitants have less difficulty with forward passes.
  2. Davies spots things that none of the others do and pretty much calls everything 100% correctly*. * he usually thinks the same as I do!
  3. Ben Proe. "Celebrates his nth birthday on insert any day within a fortnight or so of the match being commentated upon."
  4. The last three games have convinced me it's time for a change. This weekend doesn't need much explanation, the results are there for all to see, but the performance against a severely under-strength Wigan side was actually the one that changed my opinion. Our recruitment has been very strange too. Leaving our centres and backs as they were during the close season had me scratching my head. I'm not sure even the genius Powell could work his magic as we have too many players lacking basic catch and pass skills, without even any pace to fall back on. It's a sad state of affairs when I can look at how we line up when in possession and know exactly what's going to happen as the ball makes its hap-hazard and laboured journey down a stuttering line. I'm sure full-time opposition coaches know it too. Plus, attack our two centres and back-rows, when they're even there, and we're easy beats. I'd also like the coaching staff to pick a centre, any academy/reserves centre, and base selection on players' natural positions. I could go on and on and on, constant dummy half running, penalties after errors, poor kicking game, lack of pace, passive defence, etc, etc.
  5. Yes you did.
  6. Perhaps the oddest topic ever created on this forum. And there's been some competition.
  7. The Challenge Cup is Wembley.
  8. I too did this last week in Sainsbury's, Newcastle-under-Lyme (proper Newcastle apparently). It's such as tradition that I'd go so far as to say it's the only time I disappear without explanation and my wife doesn't bother asking me where I've been or what I've been doing. Obviously there were no RL related publications, with the town being a mammoth 40 miles away from the nearest Super League club, so I went for a cross-stitch publication instead so as to create an insomnia remedy section. Back to topic... well done Toronto! This cloth-capper would have you straight into Super League.
  9. You're right. 25 minutes each half is probably more realistic.
  10. I've been an advocate of this for a while. Stop the clock and reduce the length of each half to 30 minutes. For example, it takes well over a minute from a try being scored to kicking off again. This weekend's Super League games had 7, 8, 9, 10, 10 and 11 tries. I know the clock gets stopped after a minute, but that's actually quite a large percentage of the 80 minutes lost.
  11. I find the selection of Heighington and McQueen a disgrace. Even putting aside the question of their eligibility, we have plenty of better players based here in England, born here in England, with two English parents, with English accents, who regard themselves as English. If I was a forward left out this time and then called up for the World Cup I'd be tempted to tell Bennett what he could do. Bennett is in serious danger of losing the squad months ahead of the competition. Worryingly questionable and dubious decision.
  12. I too thought it was a terrific article. I'd still prefer to score a last minute winner at Wembley than Old Trafford.
  13. When Clark scores, you can see Thaler wiping the tackle count clean. So you'd have to assume the officials believed Huddersfield stole or knocked the ball on.
  14. I'll very happily sign a one week contract for every club visiting Toronto. Sixteen more and we're sorted.
  15. If the main gripe is about player drain, how about completely removing the salary cap for all players who qualify for Great Britain?