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  1. Saints are my tip for League Leader's in 2017. And coming from a Warrington supporter that isn't easy to admit.
  2. If you work on the basis they'll be known as The Beavers you have your answer. Another plus is that they want to get rid of Wood.
  3. I want them both to succeed. In fact, if both could provide financial security by way of a bond or similar, I would have them both in Super League. The potential benefits of Toronto especially to the game overall are far in excess of any negatives from Championship clubs shouting "unfair".
  4. Why on earth are they doing this? A non-neutral referee is on an absolute hiding to nothing.
  5. I would rather have any neutral ref. Any!
  6. I thought he was well out of order both this week and last. Dealing with the media in a professional and competent manner should be a pre-requisite for the head of an international team. Whether the word "disgrace" is the correct description could be argued. However, regardless of his role, approach to the media and responsibilities, I thought he was incredibly rude to the interviewer. And in my book, being incredibly rude without good reason is in itself a disgrace.
  7. This is fantastic news. The 2013 World Cup was excellent and I expect this one to be just as, if not more, successful. And related to a few other threads recently, I'll be buying tickets for as many matches as possible as soon as is possible. Although the expansionist and romantic in me likes the idea of a competition being held in North America, to have it in the UK is the correct decision.
  8. Warrington vs Brisbane Broncos at 8pm on Saturday 18th February 2017.
  9. Warrington were very unfortunate not to win that night. Perhaps it should also be kept in mind that following this match St George went on to top the NRL at the halfway stage (Round 12).
  10. I'd be fairly certain that a visit from Brisbane would sell-out both Warrington and Hull FC. Warrington's game against St George was a hugely memorable occasion and, I dare say, Brisbane would be a bigger deal.
  11. Rugby league final. Warrington. Brothers.
  12. Thanks GeordieSaint. And, as is the Warrington way, all done without any dodgy decisions or video ref interference. I'll be posting something on this thread each week until the start of the new season to bump it back up to the top.
  13. I too recently switched to First Utility, haven't had any issues and am on a much better rate than previously with British Gas. I was a little disappointed that my request for a Super League shirt was unsuccessful but they pointed out, correctly, that my transfer was outside of the promotion period.
  14. That's King Street for you. Mind you, she wouldn't have needed to squat.