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  1. Auntie Linzi Morris

    Widdop - Wire

    Confirmed by the Warrington Guardian.
  2. I'm sure this must have been covered somewhere, but what is the £500,000 actually for? Is it an entry fee? Or is it only kept by the RFL if Catalans were to get to Wembley again?
  3. Auntie Linzi Morris

    New Grounds.

    Not if you're an away fan and it's raining. In that scenario, it's quite possibly the worst.
  4. Auntie Linzi Morris

    2020. Is it Warrington's year?

    And then lose his virginity. Discuss.
  5. As a Warrington fan, let me reassure you that the pain of not winning anything when you've been the best team of the season does eventually wear off and the sense of injustice will, in due course, fade from your posts.
  6. Have I just been a victim of clickbait? Unbelievably bad in so many, many ways.
  7. I find it extremely peculiar that possibly the only match of the 28 in the Super Eights to have anything of any consequence riding on it wasn't chosen for TV coverage.
  8. Auntie Linzi Morris

    Yorkshire vs Lancashire Academy

    The 29 man Welsh squad contains two Welsh based Hull players and can be viewed here The England squad is: Danny Attley (Leeds) Harry Anderson (Leeds) Harry Shackleton (Bradford) Iwan Stephens (Leeds) Jack Bibby (Wigan) Jacob Dugdale (Widnes) James Patrickson (Wakefield) Joe Barnes (Warrington) Joe Burton (Leeds) Jude Ferreira (Hull) Jumah Sambou (St Helens) Kai Tyson (Hull) Lewis Baxter (St Helens) Nathan Carter (Castleford) Nathan Clemmitt (Newcastle) Oli Burton (Leeds) Robson Stevens (Newcastle) Will Tate (Hull)
  9. Auntie Linzi Morris

    Yorkshire vs Lancashire Academy

    Wales U16s versus England U16s kicks off at 1pm on Saturday 1 September at Llanelli Town FC's ground (Stebonheath Park).
  10. Auntie Linzi Morris

    Time to move Challenge Cup away from Wembley

    The Challenge Cup is Wembley.
  11. Auntie Linzi Morris

    New league structure revealed

    Why is 14 an appropriate number of teams for the Championship, yet only 12 in Super League?
  12. I'd rather see a smaller bench, or at least a reduction in the number of interchanges. I certainly wouldn't let a substituted player return to the pitch. The reason being is that I think this has been a major contributor to the increasing reliance on sheer size rather than the traditional league skills of pace, elusiveness, agility and creativity. I'm tired of seeing teams play exactly the same way, of props playing two twenty minute spells, six foot half backs, of back rows playing in the centre and the preference for a bigger winger rather than a more slightly built speedster.
  13. Auntie Linzi Morris

    Typical RL fans

    That's a highly selective and only partial interpretation of the situation. Challenge Cup Finals and Attendances 2007 marked the return of the final to Wembley after an eight year absence. The official* attendances since then (bar last year I'll grant you) all compare favourably with those at old Wembley. * The accuracy of the official figure is another debate entirely!
  14. Holbrook is very, very quickly becoming extremely unlikeable. And I even like LMS!
  15. I'd start by getting rid of Cummings. His presence alone means they feel compelled to over-analyse the officials' decisions. And besides, he calls as many incorrectly from in front of a screen in the commentary booth as he did out on the pitch.