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  1. I'd start by getting rid of Cummings. His presence alone means they feel compelled to over-analyse the officials' decisions. And besides, he calls as many incorrectly from in front of a screen in the commentary booth as he did out on the pitch.
  2. Auntie Linzi Morris

    Challenge Cup Semi-Final Draw

    Warrington and Wigan were the last two balls in the bag and the cheering was for being drawn out first and therefore at home. Turns out that's worth a 51 point turnaround in a fortnight.
  3. Auntie Linzi Morris

    Streamlined Video Referee

    When the Video Referee was introduced its sole purpose was to try and ensure that the correct decision is made. The introduction of the on-field decision has removed that.
  4. Auntie Linzi Morris

    Rowley and Toronto

    I'm hugely disappointed that McCrone hasn't picked up a ban. Since officials have been mic'd up, that's the worst display of petulance, indiscipline and unacceptable language and behaviour towards an official I have heard. Open season declared for similar incidents from now on as a most disgraceful and very public act of dissent has gone unpunished.
  5. I know there's something of a ban on criticism of officials on here, but is it permitted to question Hicks' ability to read a game and suggest that as a consequence every game he referees lacks any rhythm whatsoever?
  6. Auntie Linzi Morris

    Declining Standards - Myth or Reality?

    Standards have improved every year. The level of entertainment and skills have not. This, in my opinion, is one of the sport's biggest challenges to address in the near-term. I'm fed up of seeing 17 homogeneous second-rowers grinding out five drives and then a kick. The game needs to recreate a place for sheer speed and silky, evasive attacking skills.
  7. If Perenera is good enough to referee an NRL game then he is able enough to referee a World Cup Final. What's different? Besides, there'll be very few penalties awarded in the final as per the usual instructions.
  8. Auntie Linzi Morris

    Malcolm Alker on trial for KFC robbery

    Idiot. For such a poultry amount too. Well, somebody had to start the ball rolling.
  9. If the referee is going to be under instruction not to give penalties, then any NEUTRAL referee could do the job.
  10. Auntie Linzi Morris

    Salford. Trouble at mill.

    All fair points. Please understand though that my point was merely a suggestion as to what might happen, not a recommendation. If Salford's Super League place was bought, not necessarily by Toronto, then the players could also be part of the deal. Not all of them may want to, but I'm sure they would rather represent a North American club for a Super League salary than a drop to the Championship or League One. There have been some very recent examples of clubs moving and merging and also credible stories of approaches being made to relocate current Super League outfits. If I was involved at Salford and offered a few million I think I'd give it serious consideration. Not saying this is what I think might or should happen, just throwing it out there as a possibility. By the way, I wish Toronto only the very best and am extremely keen to see them successfully competing in the top tier at the earliest opportunity.
  11. Auntie Linzi Morris

    Salford. Trouble at mill.

    Could Salford "sell" their Super League place to, for example, a North American city and then start again with a clean slate in League One?
  12. Auntie Linzi Morris

    Last ever super league game in France ?

    It's unbelievable that so many people fail to see Catalans' potential relegation as a backward step and a hugely disappointing outcome for the sport. Rugby League cannot afford the potential loss from its top tier of a successful and financially viable expansionist club. Over a decade's worth of hard work would be completely wasted. It's a crazy structure. The RFL could well have seen Leeds get relegated last year and one of Warrington or Catalans this year; whom some sources quote as the three clubs with the biggest turnovers. I know I'm not saying anything that hasn't been said previously, but professional sport has changed and none more so than rugby league. This is a sport that can no longer afford in so many ways a relegation threat that will so negatively affect the thinking and actions of those in charge of the Super League clubs.
  13. Auntie Linzi Morris

    Wire - place your bets

    I too wondered about him. I know he was definitely going to sign for the season (or two) after his brief stint but his neck injury forced his retirement, so I don't think the usual upheaval debate would necessarily apply. Realistically though, it must be a heck of a lot easier earning a living as a pundit than it would be a head coach. As for assistant, Leeds Wire has been a little bit naughty with inside information earlier in the thread!