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  1. I too thought it was a terrific article. I'd still prefer to score a last minute winner at Wembley than Old Trafford.
  2. When Clark scores, you can see Thaler wiping the tackle count clean. So you'd have to assume the officials believed Huddersfield stole or knocked the ball on.
  3. I'll very happily sign a one week contract for every club visiting Toronto. Sixteen more and we're sorted.
  4. If the main gripe is about player drain, how about completely removing the salary cap for all players who qualify for Great Britain?
  5. I'd throw Toronto and Toulouse into the mix too. The prospect of either club gaining access to the Super League through the current play-off based structure is minimal. It might be worth spending £2million to gain immediate access.
  6. He was abysmal. Which is English for merde.
  7. Jullien will never get selected at centre ever again after his abysmal performance versus Castleford in Newcastle last year. Livett seems to be picking up plaudits here, but he's been completely done by Wigan in defence and his passing is woeful. I don't know whether to be unhappy at him or at Smith for selecting him at half back. I'm not Patton's greatest fan, but picking Livett ahead of him at half back is peculiar. Likewise, Evans has been poor this year, but selecting Blythe ahead of him and still picking Evans on the bench is just as peculiar. So much wrong with Warrington's performance, selection, body language, attitude, discipline both with and without ball, I'd probably hit a word limit on here.
  8. Eight people in our group last night who travelled some distance, including from overseas, to be there last night. If it had been Thursday or Friday that eight would have been one.
  9. That intro drives me mad. It's a double-knock-on. They can't even get that decision right!
  10. This is absolutely massive news and I congratulate all those that were involved. If the tournament approaches the excellent 2013 event then this could be the biggest boost for the sport in the UK for many, many years.
  11. After I turned down my hometown club for Sydney Roosters.
  12. Saints are my tip for League Leader's in 2017. And coming from a Warrington supporter that isn't easy to admit.
  13. If you work on the basis they'll be known as The Beavers you have your answer. Another plus is that they want to get rid of Wood.
  14. I want them both to succeed. In fact, if both could provide financial security by way of a bond or similar, I would have them both in Super League. The potential benefits of Toronto especially to the game overall are far in excess of any negatives from Championship clubs shouting "unfair".
  15. Why on earth are they doing this? A non-neutral referee is on an absolute hiding to nothing.