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  1. He will compensate that by increasing his niggling and penalty milking.
  2. How about the fact that a developer was granted planning permission on 220 acres of greenfield land and he used the excuse that if granted, he would build a community sports facility. He got his permission and now it seems like he dosn't want to keep his side of the bargain. Also the local authority so far have sat back and tried to claim its nothing to do with them. Having just typed that above I really wonder if it was worth making a reply to someone like you.
  3. With respect mate that's total rubbish. I have been far more deeply involved than you and know far more of the details. After several years of basically 'fannying' around , the trust chages chairman, the trust changes tactics and Bingo !!
  4. Did you know we had a bloke like that who lead the Wakefield Community Trust and when he joined there was a similar fanfare. We thought the stadium was nailed on. I wonder if these two know each other, if not they should do, because when it comes to RL their track record seems to be identical.
  5. Well scrap bronze is good money at moment. You may have got a chance of a decent windfall today, so you never know
  6. I was lead t believe he started his young career with Leeds and was ditched early on and told he wasn't good enough. Hindsight etc.
  7. Yes its accepted due to the height increase it had to be treated separately, no one disagrees. But why take it out of the trigger area, no explanation has been given. The application could have said it still has to count , they could have insisted on that but they did not and will not admit why not. The club/trust missed it, its just one line in a massive document. Prior to that everyone was of the opinion it would count, probably that's why no one bothered to check in detail. However that's a all red Herring !!!! You see they are saying they had no choice but to exclude it from the trigger area. So if they had no choice, anyone making a planning objection would have been over ruled. On the other hand if they are saying, if someone had objected we would have included it, then why the hell didn't they. Regarding your last point, it would be financially beneficial to make sure every warehouse had some point above 25 mts I am sure architects could find novel ways around that one.
  8. Oh yes they could have, although it was a separate application a condition could have been imposed. For some strange reason no one will admit to why they chose not to. Neither did they take legal advice from an outside law firm or a neutral party either! The point is Newcold has only been part built the total permission in 43,000 sq/mts . Therefore only 17,000 would now be needed. However now the council have done this once, every further application for that site will be made outside of the SoS ruling as a separate application and then the stadium with ancillary sporting facilities will never be constructed. So we have a labour council who are prepared to sit back and watch a property developer make a massive financial uplift by getting planning consent on 220 acres of green belt land and then let the public loose a community asset worth £12M plus.
  9. Pathetic rag, not read it for years. Be interested to see what ###### their lead headline is this week.
  10. The Wakefield MP is Mary Creagh but the ground is slightly outside her boundary and it was in Ed Balls old constituency. The new MP is the Tory girl representing Morley, Angelia Jenkins. Many meetings have been held with both of them and they are fully briefed. Non have them have done any good whatsoever. The only way to resolve this is to remove the long time leader of WMDC a man called Peter Box. Any suggestion how he could be removed would be appreciated,
  11. One thing they could have done is insist that the large Newcold store which has been built on the site was included in the land area that triggers the 106 agreement. Now the council will tell you that the stadium trust was made aware of this happening and did not object. However a meeting did take place between the developer and the people at the top of the council. The stadium trust were not there as such, only the lone presence of Sir Rodney Walker. Such an high level important meeting but no minutes were taken and to this day Walker has not given a reason why he allowed it to happen as far as I am aware. The council had the power to refuse to allow the developer this massive planning circumvention of the public enquiry planning decision. They allowed him to complete a separate planning application without any objections. They have now in effect, given the developer the green light to continue to do this on every subsequent planning application. Remember this was a deal to allow a developer to get a massive planning gain by giving him permission to build on green belt land and to provide a community stadium and ancillary sports facilities in return. Now the council say that its nothing to do with them and are happy to sit back and see the Wakefield public get nothing from the scheme. I often wonder if Box would have allowed that to happen if it were a medical centre,school etc that was part of the section 106. Then there is all the back tracking from Box who refuses to accept it is the council responsibility to enforce the planning laws in respect of this site.
  12. Trinity win, tom Johnstone hatrick, and Phil Clarke to get total endorphin overload and soil himself heavily.
  13. I don't usually get involved in prediction threads but in my opinion I think you will loose. Those Leigh upstarts will get a good spanking tonight.
  14. Since the above post I have come up with a great idea to gain maximum publicity. We could put all the names of the teams into an hat who we are going to sell off and draw them randomly against the group of cities that will be clamouring to buy them. This way its a fair allocation of resources as I am sure there will be too many cities wanting to purchase a limited amount of available clubs. I would imagine the TV rights for this live draw would be fought over just as fiercely as the cities fighting for clubs. We must also be careful not to strip away every club so I would suggest we leave one club either side of the Pennines to represent the old heartlands. I would suggest Cas for Yorks as they are everyone's second team and I will leave the Lancashire suggestions to you guys over the other side of the hills.
  15. If you are going to sell a licence then why not think big !!! We had a SL in the Newcastle District a few years back but it didn't last long so here are my suggestions : Why not try the Capital ? if a SL doesn't get 10K/15K crowds there it will never get them anywhere. As an alternative we could try Cardiff and hope to convert the South Wales RU loving public into appreciating a much superior game. I am certain huge crowds would flock to see a top flight club down there, 20K per game at least. Failing all that we could look at big cities much closer to the heartlands and try expand the game from the centre outwards. I was thinking of somewhere like Sheffield where I am sure a SL team with a moderate amount of success would make 10K crowds the norm. Once most of our SL were re located around England we could start to then sell some of the better Championship franchsies to other areas, I am sure the people of Belfast would pay a fair few quid for Fev and build the club to enable it to take its long anticipated return to the big time. One last point, just to let you know this wholesale sell off was thought up by Gary Hetherington, the man is a genius.