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  1. Tom Johnstone

    On the speed issue. Last season before his injury all the trinity players were timed and the fastest was mason caton brown , Tom was second. It's been a long serious injury spell and as yet we don't know if he has got back to full pace.
  2. It's just another fairy tale so the financial figure is irrelevant
  3. Dreary me another wealthy developer who is a concerned philanthropist. Roughly translated. ........ I need that club to be suckered or forced into paying me a rent that is way beyond their means in order to build myself a stadium and also benefit from other property deals in the city that this development will make available to me. This farce continues.
  4. Guys Thanks for all your input but this scheme is now dead and gone and was never intended to happen in first place. Time to discuss other issues while the council and yorkcourt dream up their next scheme.
  5. Depends what you call reasonable. It now seems Sir Rodney Walker still has a strong interest in all of this. If he still wants his snout in the trough to feed his demanding financial appetite then even the mighty Wigan would not be able to afford the commercial rent on offer
  6. Ah good old pub talk can't beat it for learning the truth. MC and CB did have an heated argument from what I hear from other people who were not down the pub. What I heard is things came to boiling point over the developer refusing to deal with the original and legal trust because a certain Gentleman was no longer on it. MC and CB had had enough of their antics and hence the fall out. From what the developer and his buddy have done to the process so far, my only complainant about MC and CB is that they did not get angry enough!!!!
  7. I was cautious about this from the outset and for the last month or so knew things were happening that did not sound too good. First all, commercial rent my Harris. The figures I am hearing would be better described as exorbitant ! This doesn't surprise me because there is the stench of a bloated individual in the back ground who wants his snout in the trough and has a very demanding financial appetite. Another point which I hate to bring up but needs to be mentioned so people can get a true perspective. Castleford are getting a ground sold to the for £1 , no strings attached, what fantastic deal that is. Box stood in the council chamber (all recoreded) and admitted Cas had the perfect deal and promised to get a similar deal for Wakefield. Can't post what I have been told in confidence but this is the biggest stitch up of all time. Just one last point, I know there are many Wakey bashers on here, but Mick Carter is a genuine honest bloke and he has been a breath of fresh air to the club and also RL. Please give the guy a bit of slack because there is no other chairman in RL that could have done anymore to get things moving stadium wise.
  8. I think all the posters on this topic who would want Leigh to capitulate in order to save Catalan for the GOOD OF THE GAME. should meet the Leigh owner face to face and ask him to do this. I am sure if you could persuade him the good of the game is more important than his futile club and he should forget about all the money and time he has ploughed into leigh
  9. We should not be falling out and getting nasty about this, still one more chance to save themselves (unless they play that lump duport) However it's also a pity that all those persons with influence in the game did not try and help them when they were looking for a new coach. Their stupidity in employing McNamara clearly shows as far as running a sl is concerned they are clueless and beyond help. I don't want to loose them from sl and they have the potential to offer so much. However I feel they need a totally different management philosophy in place. They may escape this season but they will still continue to struggle while ever the fat little butcher seems to have total control.
  10. Sorry mate have seen the last three games of Catalan and the bloke has been a joke in everyone. What happened before is irrelevant. The present is what matters and he is a total liability. If he plays next week put your mortgage on Leigh. Widnes went at him all day and it paid off. Leigh will do the same
  11. In all fairness little old wakey have made them look like that three times this season. Yet several of those clowns in cherry and white today will be handed GB Shirts.
  12. I agree but you must also accept that duport is the most usless and embarrasing clown that has ever pulled on a sl jersey.
  13. Nothing that I know of but there are other things going on at the site and very little is being mentioned about this. The whole development will consist of the present ground footprint and the old super bowl site. I am also sure that a couple of bits of smaller property will be included in the grand scheme. If so it brings another person into play who has strong connections with walker.
  14. As far as I am concerned Mick Carter has so proved to be a fantastic club chairman. But you are also correct plenty has gone on influenced by others . We must also remember this proposal is only a bit of simple computer graphics on a cig packet backed up by weasel words from untrustworthy people. Where Carter comes into things is to question and test every tiny detail and to sniff out the things that don't add up. I have faith in him to do that and I will wait for the results before I will believe this will happen
  15. If you listen to Carter the council are to front fund the project. They will then get their money back from yorkcourt as they continue to develop new market without a stadium. Once council have their funds paid and are financially neutral the ground lease will be handed to the trust. So it makes sense for council to retain the lease as security for the interim period. Couple of points to consider the council will not be contributing anything other than a secured loan. Yorkcourt will be massively better off by getting out of the nm stadium