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  1. He seems to have what it takes, he even took over the goal kicking in the Dewsbury friendly and looks to have a good boot as well.
  2. Of course they should sell it, whats the point in keeping hold of it. Yes £30M is fantasy but as a land fill site alone its worth a few million.
  3. Belle Vue is a dump and has so many negatives ,the list is probably endless. However it has one 'plus' and as long as Trinity play there in SL, it winds up plenty of t055ers on this forum.
  4. As a Wakey fan I'm chuffed to bits how we played today. However substitute todays Leeds total back line for Briscoe,Moon,Watkins and Hall. Then put Burrows and Maguire at halves and that would have been a much improved line up
  5. Well I really hope I am wrong , but the ground is far from sorted. Belle Vue is a dump that is rapidly becoming unusable. Newmarket will never happen so there is only one alternative and I am saying its odds on we will be at Dewsbury next season. However if that's the case, the original poster will get is wish in a way and Trinity and Dewsbury could eventually become a single entity
  6. Well I am one Wakey fan that would not subscribe to your theory. In reality I most likely would loose interest in the game. If I did turn to anther club to support It would be Leeds and not some merged entity based somewhere in the East of the Wakefield district.
  7. For most Wakey fans their nearest other SL team is Leeds. For nearly all wakey fans their easiest team to get to by car and certainly public transport is Leeds. If you shut down Wakey its Leeds that would benefit from any additional support. The last time I looked Leeds had probably the biggest fan base in RL and certainly the biggest in Yorks. So how would it benefit the game by making the biggest club even bigger and opening an even wider gap between the largest and smallest SL clubs.
  8. Forget James Graham and Harry Pinner, as good as they are/where I think Don Fox could out play them both as a prop with exceptional skills. He also had a great kicking game far better than many half backs of today. Having said all that for a player to start as a scrum half, move to the back row and finish as a prop takes some doing, and it could never happen in todays game.
  9. Sorry but 88m can build those retail outlets, flats etc on the superbowl site its their land and nothing to do with the stadium. They don't have to pay us a penny in order to do that. As far as the stadium site is concerned the rent they get from us as a percentage of what they paid, ie the yield on their investment is as good as you would get anywhere. The guy at 88 owes us nothing and he is open about the fact he bought the stadium to make money. He's quite happy for yorkcourt to develop it and then sell it on, he's happy for us to play there undeveloped and pay him rent. He would also be more than happy for us to leave it and then put houses on it as per the planning permission in place. Look I am not trying to be negative or get at you in anyway but don't believe in fairy tales, the only possible funding route is via yorkcourt and the question is 'will they pay up. I'll leave that one to you.
  10. Well other than Yorkcourt I do not know of any other way to finance it and from what I hear neither does Michael Carter. If you do know where to find the money give the guy a ring he would be ecstatic to find a funding stream.
  11. There certainly are major safety issues, fire safety and others!! Will they be resolved?, well as far as I am aware they will probably be given just enough to put a 'sticking plaster' on to keep things going for one more season. After that they will not be resolved without the money from Yorkcourt. It would not make any financial sense to attend to the issues as the club do not own the stadium and if they did it would be just throwing money down the drain. The only solution for these problems is to totally redevelop the areas where they exist and millions are required to do that.
  12. Certainly has been a great deal of hot air and mostly from the council, not only that its been going on more than 20 years. You can go back to the councils grand plans for a sports village at Durkar which also included a Yorkshire cricket ground. Next we had M1 junction 39, again another council grand plan incorporating Trinity, Wakey RUFC and Ossett Town in a joint stadium. Then we had their plans for a super duper stadium and sports village in Thornes Park. Then we were lead once more by the council to the Newmarket site where it turns out that a developer was given a massive financial uplift by being granted planning on green belt land with a promise of a stadium. However the council have now decided that will not happen either . They are quite happy for a developer to make millions without paying one penny back to the community. So we now have done a complete circle of sites around the City and are back to developing Belle Vue. But there is just one catch, the only money to be available for this is from the Newmarket developer. If the club give up their demand for a stadium the developer has said he can develop land set aside for a stadium and give the club some money. Will this happen ? I can't answer that, but in my opinion we will not see a penny. This time next year we will have gone through the same process of non delivered promises and will be back to looking to play at Dewsbury. Belle Vue is a total dump and without several million spending it has no future. Wakefield Trinity as a club also has little future and my best guess is that in the next 2 or 3 seasons it will be playing in the lower leagues outside of the City. It will be a once large club gone the same way as the likes of Swinton etc.
  13. Good idea ! but 7 and 8 should drop down and play in the middle '10's' .Mr Betts may find that a little more exciting. As a Wakey fan I can say the excitement was so intense it nearly killed me last season and I am enjoying the boring and pointless top 8 far more this season.
  14. All it needs is for Peacock to find some more medals to flog. Then persuade all those suckers to cough up again and that will probably be enough to keep paying Ferres his massively inflated wage for at least 6 months.
  15. Seems like the policy next season is to carry on spending. No mention whatsoever about living within their means. Can't see what all the fuss is about, just looks like business as usual in the Bradford style of things.