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  1. And also chased the money
  2. Can't believe it was anything else other than money. Leeds probably pushed the FB demand rumour to save face.
  3. Wow, I've missed that one ! If a club like that have folded with their heritage, facilities in such an hot bed of RL. Things are serious
  4. I can't answer why he asked, but I would like to know. What you describe sounds like your club is rugby league Eutopia and surely you owe it to the rest of the rubbish clubs to enlighten us so we can follow your lead and emulate everything you have achieved.
  5. Don't want to make this a Cas Wakey thing but I believe there is far more political will to get on with the Cas stadium than anything at Wakey. However taken political will away, you still need competent people to deliver! Don't forget Cas have already had one new stadium project go t!ts up. The new stadium proposal at five towns park looks a winner and should happen. However as long as WMDC are someway involved there is a chance it could be a balls up. Historically in Wakefield we started with the following false promises 1 ground with cricket ground at durkar 2 shared ground wakey rufc/ossett town/trinity jct 40 M1 3 old college site in thornes park. 4 newmarket 5 in cas weystone site at glasshoughton will cas ever happen....over to you /
  6. Old news mate, he walked away from that trust 'officially' in reality he was told to F'OFF but by then the damage was done. He then tried to say he would form his own new trust which would takeover the process and push the old trust and the club to oneside. If you read the mickey mouse heads of terms document, the new trust were to run the stadium and draw a very healthy income from doing so. This was the final straw and lead to the statement from box in the cabinet on Monday. As yet no one has heard anything from walker, its a wonder he has got the nerve to still live in Wakefield.
  7. And also quite possibly the last regular super league game at BV
  8. Correct MC and his partner CB are not people loaded with money but they work hard and have shown they know how to make a RL club work. Look what they have achieved working from a dump like Belle Vue, on low crowds with the lowest spend in SL. The game needs people like these two
  9. Lewis Michael Carter and his other director Chris Brererton decided they could raise the funds to buy back Belle Vue for some short term stability due to the fact problems were starting to arise in respect of NM. Walker got involved and told Carter not to do it. He told Carter that the developer had already put in a bid for the ground and if Carter got involved, the ground owners(bank/liquidator) could play one against the other and push up the price. Carter unfortunately listened to Walker and backed off. However Yorkcourt never did buy the ground another company stepped in and bought it for even less than Carter was willing to pay. That is one example of the type of things those two have had to deal with.
  10. So here is a question for you guys Will SL/RFL punish Carter and the club for actions totally out of their control after finally running out of patience ? Lets remember the club have been well and truly duped by a developer,a local authority and a knight who purports to be a pillar of the community. (If you want all the sordid nitty gritty there are some very good threads on RL fans) That one is over to you to decide, because ground wise Trinity have a massive problem.
  11. OK Lee We are now at a stage where the leader of the council has realised the developer never had any intention of building a stadium. Albeit he was quite happy to go ahead and make him make millions turning a worthless site into a massive development area. He also knows that Rodney Walker was in it for himself and the developer but as yet he will not distance himself from walker as they are old mates. box has stated he wants another developer to step in but that's a load of ######. The yorkcourt mob change companies ,move land about and mortgage land and they own a large chunk of Newmarket. No developer would step in, its a can of worms. So we can definitely say Newmarket will never happen. The only way is for another developer with a greenfield site large enough to get an uplift of at least £20m by planning gain to come along. However you then need to go through the whole drawn out planning process again. So no new stadium even planned and if site could be found tomorrow with a suitable developer, nothing will be seen for at least 5 years I would have thought. Over t0 the RFL then, wakey has a club as never been run as well. Carter has turned it around. He has paid off debts and runs debt free. Put our best ever squad together and producing very good juniors. NO other club in the RFL could have done anymore than carter to sort the stadium out, but no other club could have overcome the snakes he has had to deal with.
  12. Come on guys I told you all this weeks ago if you read my posts on the first page. I also see no one has yet found the press release from Peter Box stating he now realises the developer is basically bent and will never build a stadium. If you wish to know what will happen over the coming months I am quite happy to inform you.
  13. Nope its the last SL game of the regular season
  14. There are seven trust members other than Walker. I know them all, they are honourable decent people who want the best for the club and the community. I will not name them on here as its not appropriate. 2 are the club owners, one an ex MP the others represent various groups. In fact one is a Rhino fan and yet he puts more effort in every day than Walker put in over 5 years. I will repeat this again, the developer has no intention whatsoever to build a stadium and by only working with Walkers faux trust he is able to slow time long enough for the problem that is Wakefield Trinity to go away. For what its worth I suspect Walker actually believes the developer is honourable and will deliver a stadium and that is why he is forming his own trust. I have a feeling this will result in Walkers biggest error of judgement and finally scupper any credibility he has. I really hope I am way off the mark and a stadium is delivered but everything I hear ,see and know tells me otherwise.