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  1. Just like to acknowledge young Wellsby. Class player and obviously a quality person as first to shake hands with the Australian boys.
  2. Well done to England from an Aussie International RL enthusiast ! Look forward to seeing the careers of a lot of these lads. One quick correction - The National Under 20's Holden Cup does not exist anymore. NSW and QLD have their own separate comps for 20's and 18's. Think the 20's is a full season whereas the 18's (and 16's) play a 7/8 game season before State and then National finals. Qld set up link here. https://www.qrl.com.au/news/20182/12/1322/historic-draw-alignment-to-benefit-fans/ Hopefully see a few of today's stars in action come RLWC2021.
  3. Sorry mate just seen this now. Was there all day Wednesday. Had an Kangaroos polo shirt on that i presented to the Ukrainian fullback. The kid could play. His chip kick, chase and regather to score an individual try was top class. Did hear a bloke who had Newcastle Thunder connections was going to investigate his potential involvement in their Academy system.
  4. FYI. I have written a short report of my day out for the website " The Footy Almanac". Will be either on front page or in the RL section. Done on the run so a few editing errors ...but i can live with that !
  5. Enjoyable day out for an International Rugby League entusiasist and advocate. Though soundly beaten the Serbs, Ukranians and Italians genuinely had a dig in very hot conditions. Game officials from Lebanon, Poland, Czech Republic and ellsewhere also got great experience. Not exactly smooth sailing for the day organisation wise but even the best can learn lessons from their mistakes and to be fair some issues were out of their control. Out of curiosity did the live feed have any commentary or sound even ? Ask as there was no PA system or even a ground announcer to update on scores, advise on games etc. Did hear the livefeed woujld have been affected by this ...so it didnt happen. If the RLEF / RLIF can nurture this event over the next decade or so our game will be much better for it.
  6. No harm in asking ! Thought maybe a few UK based Internationalists may have popped over for a visit. Have made contact with the Irish RL management and hopeful of meeting up with them and the players at some stage.
  7. Out of curiosity, any forumers actually attending the tournament ? I'll be there as part of a larger holiday from Oz. Be nice to meet up with like minded Internationalists if in town.
  8. Ditto for Oz. If only we had a dedicated Rugby League channel somewhere that could at least show highlights of games from around the globe !
  9. Pretty well self explanatory in the title. What club/s in the English Rugby League were the first to have sponsorships shown on their jerseys ? Plus who was the first sponsor of the national squad/s ?
  10. All going well you'll have at least two more Aussies in Belgrade watching the European U/19's in August. ( Myself and brother visiting Belgrade as part of a wider European holiday. Pencilled into Day 2 )
  11. Mmmmm....did some reading ......interesting place ! Might put that in the 'could' visit category ...as opposed the 'must' and 'should' options !
  12. Whoops ! Should have known better myself. Visited IoM in 2013. Nice place.
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