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  1. i wasn'tthere, but if true, it doesn't do our club any favours
  2. oldrover

    M.O.M Rovers V Batley (8's)

    Thackeray, pace and acceleration caused em no end of problems Hardcastle 100% effort Robinson ditto
  3. oldrover

    team v Batley.

    i can see us taking more and more Leeds players and becoming their real feeder team. perhaps that's why Mr H doesn't want a reserve side
  4. oldrover

    2019 Squad

  5. oldrover

    Why do you support Fev?

    when i ws a kid we used to go to the Hip for the saturday afternoon matinee, flash gordon, hopalong cassidy 3 stooges etc. we would charge out of there, down post office road to the ground. in those days they opened the gates at half time, and we would run in and just mess about. gradually we would take notice of the rugby, and it was sort of drip fed into us.60 years later, here i am.one of my sons is a fanatic, so i've done my bit. they will always be my club.
  6. oldrover

    team v Batley.

    think it was Hardcastle, don' know why
  7. oldrover

    Club statement

    thank you Mr Longo, we, the fans are realists in the main, and expect reductions here and there, lets hope we can be competetive on the pitch.
  8. oldrover

    Reserve grade

    maybe compensate there amateur club with an IOU
  9. oldrover

    M.O.M. Rovers V Toronto (A)

    Davies, Wildie, Wheeldon
  10. oldrover

    And so Lemming season begins!!

    do you want to rephrase that
  11. Victor Meldrew is alive and well
  12. oldrover

    Fallout begins

    the flight is paid for, the accimmodation that is provided is an ex university campus, very basic and nothing much for the players to do. only breakfast is provided and i'm told that's not great. training ground is 20 minutes away, and lamport stadium 45 minutes away. as for the return flight, the airline doesn't fly to manchester on a sunday, so they fly to glasgow and have to travel home by coach. i think i'm with Gaz Hock on this one
  13. oldrover

    Hock banned for 3 games

    keeps getting sent off, unlike the legend that is Tuuta.
  14. oldrover

    2019 Squad

    you have to go with what you can afford and it looks like there'll be a big drop in funding next season. we may not be able to keep all those we would like to keep;