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  1. Major announcement

    a press release wouldn't have got drinkers in the clubhouse. well done MC.
  2. Ryan Bailey

    sarcasm still not well reeived on here lol
  3. Ryan Bailey

    looks like we've missed out on Ryan Bailey
  4. Raiders

    depends if you've had the hosepipes out
  5. Barrow

    if we go to Barrow with a lightweight pack i think we will struggle
  6. 12 Supporters

    if you stopped drinking petrol it would help.
  7. 12 Supporters

    Dewsbury having a hard time at the minute.i like Dews and hope they can rally. we've been there and know what it's like. thank god for Mark Campbell
  8. hell fire Phil, thas got a longer face than Percy the pit pony
  9. New name and sponsorship for rovers ground

    Durex did come in with an offer, but pulled out at the last minute
  10. M.O.M. Rovers V London (H)

    could be another Sam Burgess
  11. Briggs ?

    show me the money?
  12. Injury updates

    is he that french fullback
  13. Cory Aston

    my exact words about your youngen
  14. How times change

    was that you Brendon?
  15. Update on Misi

    the weather's warming up and the midges are out