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  1. if you stopped drinking petrol it would help.
  2. Dewsbury having a hard time at the minute.i like Dews and hope they can rally. we've been there and know what it's like. thank god for Mark Campbell
  3. it's not ineptitude, the RFL have worked for this. promoting the grand final and magic weekend at the expense of the challenge cup. shame on them.
  4. John Williie Higson? he must be getting on a bit
  5. hell fire Phil, thas got a longer face than Percy the pit pony
  6. Durex did come in with an offer, but pulled out at the last minute
  7. could be another Sam Burgess
  8. show me the money?
  9. is he that french fullback
  10. my exact words about your youngen
  11. was that you Brendon?
  12. the weather's warming up and the midges are out
  13. "throwing good money after bad" would infer that they have already thrown some money at it
  14. they were too good. we needed a bit of biff and niggle to put them off their game
  15. Briscoe Walton Hardman