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  1. don't give him it
  2. if Shaun puts the work in, they've got a goodun. still only 22/23
  3. aye, all us kids used to call him Cheyenne
  4. is that when Fred had it
  5. what do you mean "were" lol
  6. if it's the same one, i think he played on the wing for Fev before he played on the wing for cas
  7. still has
  8. isn't John Kear one at Wakey
  9. what kind of party are you going to?
  10. when they announced the news about Rick Parfitt, i said to my wife, "and the years not over yet", never known a year like it
  11. i remember the part cas played in the graham steadman transfer. to hear that they are now fighting for all rugby league clubs is laughable
  12. i don't think they will combine, i think union will absorb the top league clubs.
  13. i worked on both the new east and west stands at twickenham, (my mate had a pee in the royal box) and i have to say ,they have a fantastic set up. RL can only dream of owning a top quality stadium like that. makes us look like a right tuppence ha'penny operation.
  14. i agree about league being the better game, but year on year it is losing the flair that it once had, whereas union is becoming more expansive. if we have to accept we're never going to be as good as Australia, lets get back to the way we used to play the game. no rotating forwards, let the halfbacks get at em when they're tired, and wingers only needed 18 inches of daylight to break the line and score. even if we wouldn't be best in the world, we would be entertained.