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  1. Salary Cap

    It should stay, its probably one of the best things to happen to our sport imo but I think it needs to be tweeked a bit. We need to have extra room for loan signing that need to be brought in due to injurys at the club. I know we are allowed 50k extra to players outside the top 25 high earners but sometimes these youngsters aren't ready for SL and loan signings need to be brought in. I think clubs should be rewarded by having more club trained players in the top 25 earners, at the moment the minimum limit is 8 in the squad but you see clubs putting youngsters in the squads just for the sake of making the numbers up, with no intention of using them. I think you should be allowed x amount extra of the cap for every home trained player(above the 8 limit) in the top 25 earners, e.g. starting at the 9th player onwards. Therefore if clubs who have invested in the young players and are now a big part of their first team will be rewarded.
  2. BBC..

    But if your internet connection is rubbish as previously stated, it'll be the same as it would on his computer, if you download, it may take a while but it will play from start to finish without stopping.
  3. BBC..

    Dowload the iplayer and then download the program onto you computer, that way you dont have to worry about dodgy streaming speeds.
  4. Play off crowds then

    There is no way there was 17.7k at Hull, we had 16.2 against Leeds the other week and there was no way there was only 1.5k more there on Sat, personally I would say 19.5k is closer to the mark. Its a shame Hull was holding the freedom festival on the same day as the match, I think that has stopped it from been a sell out but still 17.7k seems to be a mistake imo. As some people said there seems to be some confusion with the Wigan vs Leeds attendance too. Apparently all the money from gate reciepts goes to the RFL and it is shared out between all 8 clubs, I think some clubs are telling porkies to keep a few bob to themselfs.
  5. Today's RFL Disciplinary Hearing.

    I know its not a sending off but Calderwood got sin binned in the last derby match for not throwing a punch, does that count?
  6. Today's RFL Disciplinary Hearing.

    I would agree but it would have to be 3 cautions for the same offence, for example this year it took until the 3rd caution for chicken wing tackles for Bailey to get fined
  7. Hull FC v Leeds Rhinos

    Which is a shame cos I was really looking forward to round 2
  8. Hull FC v Leeds Rhinos

    How about this for a laugh, Wellens elbows a player 3/4 times in the head while defenceless and on his back gets............ A penalty against him and a slap on the wrist from the ref.
  9. play offs

    To add to that, if Hull end up playing Hull Kr, they would probably have to play on the Sun even tho the Wigan game looks to have been moved to that day. In Hull they are having a freedom festival on Fri and Sat, and there is no way the police will let them stage a match on while that is going on.
  10. Half-back academy

    A rugby league academy is opening in Hull soon, maybe they will have half back training sessions there.
  11. First round of play offs...

    The 1st vs 4th game is on Fri 10th 8pm kick off.
  12. Another for Rovers, Lovegrove scores 18-14
  13. James Robys Try

    After Smith gave Westwoods double movement try on Fri, I'm not suprised he gave this try also.