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  1. Hock

    Thank heavens you were....phew
  2. Season launch 19th Jan

    Let's hope we get a few down, last years was a great turnout.
  3. New Facebook group

    How many have still got the old Trafford shirt with the red and white diagonals on the blue shirt. ? Mine's hanging in the wardrobe with the other 20 or so Town shirts .

    Widnes 62 haven 0 much as expected
  5. Hock

    Hope it's another sellafield rumour.

    Only busy because most people in there only go when we are playing haven, I usually have 6 or 7 with me who only go to that game. Probably same at the rec when we visit. Sad really but at least they are handing over £15 once a season or twice if we play you in the cup. I watched from the enclosure for years and it was always a good atmosphere, I only moved to the popular side when my lad started going and he couldn't see very well from there. I've stood in the enclosure a few times over the past few years for pre season games when the popular side has been shut but prefer to be on my perch at the other side.
  7. Spike

    if you volunteer to wear it mate I will cough up for a new suit, you would look magnificent.
  8. new signings announcements

    You know the festive tune....Cooper cronk is coming to Town Cooper cronk is coming to Town, Cooper Cronk is coming To Town Yo Ho Ho. MERRY XMAS TO ALL TOWNIES .
  9. Away shirt

    Not convinced either looks a bit drab. Has it got a 6 pack abs pattern on the front or are my eyes failing me ? Might have one if it has
  10. Town website

    Dont forget their ice cream vans....polar pies, cider lollies, ice cream in a sandwich wafer and toni bell mini balls that you could kick about after scooping out the ice cream. the one that came around our way was driven by a guy called Kenny who must of worked for them for donkeys years. (sorry Carlisle 1921.....Nostalgia eh.....it isn't what it used to be).
  11. new signings announcements

    Yes very exciting I just hope we have the funds in place and aren't spending money we think we might get, I wouldn't be happy if we were to go sh** or bust with ex SL players like other clubs have in the past, it usually end in tears. sorry to sound like Ebaneezer Scrooge but I want to be watching Town as long as possible, not just next season. UTT
  12. Town v Hemel 24th June

    Great, that's the afternoon sorted.
  13. Town v Hemel 24th June

    Maybe you wouldn't Gary but I'm sure there is plenty of Town fans who would choose to watch an England WC game than Town v Hemel or even haven for that matter.
  14. Town v Hemel 24th June

    A 2pm kick off would be okay then we can all head to the Gus bar to watch the mighty England lift the cup.
  15. Town v Hemel 24th June

    I know it's a long way off but the Sunday we are at home to Hemel England have a world cup game kicking off at 1pm, I just hope we haven't agreed to an early 2pm kick off, it would have a real affect on the attendance. Hopefully it would be a 3pm kick off and a great chance to get a few down to watch England before our game, I'm sure with a big screen and maybe a drinks promotion the Gus Risman bar would be packed. BOD please take note.