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  1. Welcome to Town Gordon, well done to the BOD for signing another promising local, great stuff.
  2. Good to hear you are still with us donald.
  3. It certainly is and i'm hoping Dave can use this next 3 weeks to get them sorted out.
  4. At the end of the day we have now lost 5 competitive games this year which we could have won with a bit of better luck and application. If we had won those games we would have all been getting carried away when the truth is we are a developing team and IMO are further on than I ever imagined. A shortage of props is the problem, the BOD have to be applauded for going out and signing the caliber of Phil Joseph but it's typical Town luck that the guy is crocked. We need to keep the faith and keep supporting supporting this new BOD and young talented team. Trouty reckons we should speculate to accumulate but that's the worse thing we could ever do, haven have done that and look at where they are, last 2 crowds of 365 and 407 and by all accounts struggling financially. Who would we expect to speculate and with who's money do we do it with....We don;t have a Sugar daddy unfortunately.
  5. That's a very serious accusation your making there mate, are you accusing ex board members of stealing or just mismanagement ? If it's the latter then you need to use your words more carefully.
  6. I don't think they can do anything about Forster now Sandy because he got 10 minutes in the bin it's deemed that the ref saw it and dealt with it accordingly, I hope I'm wrong and the ****house gets a few games.
  7. Gutted about losing after a brilliant comeback but we got what we deserved after that awful first half, the ref was awful but we were worse. I missed last years home defeat to haven so this was the first defeat I've seen at DP for about 10yrs. I've seen quite a few Town wins at the wreck in that time but have never seen my team behave like the haven players did yesterday, it was embarrassing.. It's clear now after watching those scenes at the end why haven have spent a fortune and put the clubs future in doubt......it was all about scraping past a very young developing Town team with a lack of forwards, i hope they all enjoyed their finest hour.
  8. "bled the club dry" who would that be then ?
  9. I predict another tight encounter which is incredible when you look at the situation both clubs were in coming into the new year. I predict square pants will make an ###### of himself again ans newton as usual will be a complete c***, shacks will spend most of the game complaining to the ref and there will be another poor turn out from the haven fans.. Let's get behind this young team today, 3 wins against them would be unbelievable, I've done my bit roping in another 9 to come with me this afternoon.
  10. I totally agree, back in December I honestly couldn't see us finishing in the top half of the table but was happy with the road we were going down, not spending what we can't afford and building a young local team. Like many others I appreciate we are in the first year of a re-building process and will support the club to achieve what they are trying to do without any expectations, unfortunately some fans aren't willing to give the BOD the time they need, it must be frustrating for the new BOD to hear comments after last weeks defeat about people saying they won't be back, but that's the reality we have to face. Last week was a kick in the teeth but it was all about complacency, the team and us expected to roll them over easily and we were taught a lesson. IMO we have the nucleus of a good young team, we just need to give them time to develop but I know I'm preaching to the converted here. A while back I posted on here saying it would make a change to go a Good Friday derby game with haven where we were expected to be hammered so could actually watch the game with no nervous tension at all......well, so much for that !! Our development and the failure of haven to be the force everyone thought they would be means I will be expecting nothing but a town win on Friday and no doubt I will need a few vessels to stop my ###### twitching. Howarth has to play at loose forward on Friday IMO, he's a quality player on his day and could make all the difference.
  11. Didn't sound like the score reflected the score that's a great effort after last week, well done boys get yourselves up for next week. UTT
  12. Come on boys stick in there
  13. Don't tempt fate marra let them stay hidden.
  14. Bossing the game by the sound of it but making daft mistakes
  15. cant get commentary on internet, anyone else having problems ?