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  1. Sunday

  2. Reevaluate Havens Form

    Several posts you said !!! And I can't remember seeing many stating you are a "one man heap and a shower of *****" OMG deluded and paranoid give yourself a shake.
  3. Promoting and communication

    Where is she ?
  4. Reevaluate Havens Form

    We couldn't give a flying **** about your performance it's a Town forum, but while we are on the haven subject. Having never visited the main haven forum could someone tell me if they get haven fans who just make negative comments all the time or is it something exclusive to our forum ?
  5. Sunday

    We had a last second penalty 25m out on the hooter leading by 8 points and newts decided to tap it then kick it dead......Why, what was wrong with taking an almost certain extra 2 points ?
  6. Sunday

    Pains me to say it but that was a very good and unexpected result we would be all raving about it if it had been us. But this is a town forum so you cant expect anyone to get exited about it. Well done.
  7. Squad for NWC

    For a couple of our well loved posters........And if a ten ton truck should kill the both of us.
  8. Sunday

    There isnt any point he's just loving the negativity even though we won. Whatever happened to Townie 123
  9. Sunday

    Thanks to the lino for chalking off their last try he was 5 yards offside but Crashley was giving it.
  10. Sunday

    That wasn't good to watch today but it's 2 points non the less. So what's wrong off the pitch then ?
  11. Sunday

    Yeah all 20 of them in the stand in front of the commentary box must have sounded like 200 on the radio. Well done for getting behind your team, great vocal support.
  12. Squad for NWC

    Love you marra
  13. Amateur RL in Allerdale

    I played rugby on a Saturday and football on a Sunday and had a young family I certainly wouldn't have been able to do it during the summer months . The season finished at the end of April and you had the full summer to spend weekends with you wife and kids. Also families take holidays in the summer, I think it's killing the amateur game.
  14. Sunday

    To be honest it's getting a bit tedious and i'm sure we would rather discuss town issues and not individual posters. I've had my say on the matter and wont be posting anything regarding where his loyalties are again.
  15. Amateur RL in Allerdale

    It isn't just RL, I remember not so long ago the Zebras putting out 4 teams every week they do well to put 2 out now when you look at the likes of Netherhall packing in at senior level who were one of the counties major teams, up there with Aspatria and Wigton. Society has changed and the youth of today would rather be doing other things, it certainly isn't Town's fault clubs are going to the wall, they would love to see more local teams.