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  1. Well done BOD just what we needed, a bit of experience that frees up Callum to play halfback, I can see Jamie Doran covering both those positions.
  2. Great News Gary, looking forward to seeing us in action on Saturday.
  3. As Anonymouse says, I doubt any of the knowledgeable RL public out there expect us to be challenging this year, I just hope we can prove them wrong and hope our small squad stay injury free and play with some pride for the shirt they are in.
  4. It might bring a few haven fans back down to ground and they maybe won't think this league will be a cake walk...............no chance
  5. It just proves how tough it will be for us in this league when a team with one of the biggest and best squads is getting thumped, early days I know but still alarming.
  6. No doubt haven will put their first 13 on for the second half them maybe their 3rd 13 for the last 15 minutes.after they have blew the cougars away.
  7. I don't want to upset you Monkey Lover buy my O'Neils Hoody and shirt from 4 years ago is far superior quality than this years.
  8. Great Post, the whole sorry saga sums up the way the game is being run at the moment, they should be in C1 without a doubt, clubs shouldn't be allowed to just keep going into liquidation then bounce back debt free every time they overspend. haven should be reinstated back to the Championship IMO they have the quality of squad to survive and would never dream of risking liquidation by overspending.......send them back up I say, I'm thinking of starting a petition, anyone interested in signing it ?
  9. Jam shirt not covered in dinner medals this season then ? It's 40 years since we won the Lancashire cup next year I was hoping for a more retro shirt based on the blue v we played in that memorable day.
  10. We need an answer for this one, it's totally unacceptable..
  11. Great to have you back David, hope you are well.
  12. Well done to Gary and the board for last night, I was very surprised at the large turnout on a filthy Friday night. All the BOD and coaching staff spoke very well but Gary is just what we have been lacking these last few years, very up front and professional in everything he done and said. He asked for anyone who was worried about next season to raise their hands and more than 50% did so, he asked the same question at the end and not many raised their hands. If he had asked who was worried about not finishing in the the top half of the league then my hand would have been up but i'm not worried about that next season because I know the club is now in the hands of some very dedicated people who love the club and will move us forward without putting us in financial difficulties. We now have a future when it looked last season like we didn't. The Brett and Callum announcement was just what we were all waiting for and was received with rapturous applause. Great stuff. UP THE TOWN
  13. Welcome aboard Joe, we need to be patient watching this young team develop, It will be probably a couple of seasons before we see them competing in this league.
  14. I hope they do, at least it will save us from a more than likely miserable Good Friday
  15. Gary,would it not be better to have this in the Tom Mitchell lounge ? I can't envisage more than 50 or so turning up (hope I'm wrong) and the Gus Risman bar can be a bit cold and uninviting when not full, The TM lounge would just be a more informal and comfortable venue for this IMO.