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  1. What...no mention of Stuart Chick, Billy Platt or Paul Gorge ? Mine is 1. P Charlton 2. I Southward 3. I Wright 4. K Kerr 5. D Drummond 6. J Sammut 7. Boxer Walker 8. J Pickering 9. A Banks 10. E Bowman 11. L Gorley 12. B Edgar 13. B Pattinson Bench J Stack, S Varley, B Ivison, J Mills, P McKenzie. Hardest choice had to be Hooker, we have been blessed over the years with some cracking number 9s. Moss, Marland, Falcon, Ward, Roskell, McKenzie, Jenkins, Limmer, Lunt. Matty to name a few. I would love a full team of Clogger Falcon's out there what a player local lad who gave his alll for the shirt.
  2. Okay donald I take it the 20 was a typo error I can't see us getting near you unless we get some props on the field and maybe Forster, Shacks and Riley pick up knocks, I'm not wishing them any harm mind you.....well nothing serious I just want to see us finish the season on a brighter note to give the fans some hope, I'm afraid the youthful exuberance and passion we displayed in our last 3 games against you doesn't seem to be there at the moment. But it's a derby so you never know.
  3. Anyone know when the fixtures are out ?
  4. Always the comedian donald, have you sobered up ? or are you still going from not having a pot to P*** in to buying all of our better players again ?
  5. Just watched the tries their defense was woeful, it didn't look like a 1500 crowd to me, were there any barrow fans in attendance ? Didn't look like it on TV.
  6. You can't compare this lot to last year, there is a massive gulf between the 2 divisions that's why I was expecting more from our senior players who have played there, Brett isn't the same player as he was and I think Jason isn't either, Alex is obviously still crocked along with big Kris and Joseph, Callum has missed too many games, a half fit Matty would have tore this division up.
  7. I think it was about stability this season after last seasons disaster, although some will be disappointed I think we are where I expected us to be and haven where they expected to be given their financial outlay, they have gone **** or bust and good luck to them, it might work out for them but they must be gutted about some of the crowds they have been getting for a team who has lost one all season, yesterdays would have helped though. As long as the BOD keeps up the good work and we progress next season I won't be too unhappy, let's not forget where we were before the New Year. UTT
  8. I see they had Stack playing in the centre ......big waste of his talent as Charlo pointed out, the ref sounded like he didn't have a clue, 2 players only yellow carded for headbutting !!!!!!!
  9. Can't wait only amusing thing from that game was listening to that biased prat's suicidal tones near the end.
  10. I agree slagging the guys off in public isn't going to achieve anything as long as he gives them a rocket behind closed doors, although he maybe should sound a bit more disappointed than he did yesterday. The only consolation we can take from yesterday is the fact we didn't capitulate in the second half like some past teams have done, they were still putting their bodies on the line up until the hooter.......little consolation, I know. That was the first game this season apart from toronto where we weren't in with a chance of winning right up to the end, it was disappointing but you just can't compete against the better teams without some big lads. So Barrow aren't the force many thought they would be and haven have been a bit iffy up until yesterday with their captain carrying them through most games. What if we hadn't chucked away all those games we should have won and weren't so unlucky with injuries to our props, we could have been (big COULD I know) sitting behind Toronto in the top 4 with a chance of getting promoted. Does anyone else on here think that would have been a disaster for us ?
  11. Agree, his availability for selection would help.
  12. I wonder what effect it has had on season ticket sales in both divisions ?
  13. The problem being nobody knows when the home fixtures will be until next week. I used to be a season ticket holder and used to plan my holidays around Town games (sad I know) but who in their right mind would buy one now ? I've missed 2 haven games at home the last couple of seasons, it's just pot luck last season like probably this one we will have 3 at home and 4 away so you would think the first one would be away then home and away alternative Sundays......I thought wrong !! 2 home games then away ? Only the RL could come up with this.
  14. It's took me all this time to come on here and post about that debacle on Sunday, to say I was gutted would be an understatement. I know we are a developing team but how many times are we going to leave points out there that should have been in the bag, Newcastle, haven, Donny and Sunday should have all been 2 points, it's doing my head in. Second halves seem to be the problem, are we fit enough ? is it the coaches halftime talk ? When they went down to 12 and we had a handy lead why didn't DC get instruction out there to play the sets and get good field position rather than play like headless chickens ? Sundays this season are getting to be like groundhog day, for the first time I'm starting to have doubts about DC. You could point to our lack of props for some of our displays, we certainly went downhill after Curwen went off but that doesn't explain the daft passing and brainless kicking on 3rd and 4th tackle .At the start of the season I would probably have taken 8th place but it's so frustrating because we all know this squad is capable of being better than that. UTT
  15. It was a monsoon, there were so many Town fans there that they filled their popular side, we spent too long in the pub and had to stand out in the open, ruined my leather coat. Cocky's streak didn't come as a surprise seeing how he spent 20 minutes limbering up on the touchline with all the Townies chanting his name. Great times.