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  1. Bazzer


    I was talking to Ian before the Batley game and as Steve said, Ian has a groin strain and was having difficulty running so he needed to rest it. Hopefully he will be back soon and allow Tom to move back to the halves.
  2. Bazzer

    Challenge Cup draw

    Apparently we haven't won the cup since 1973 according to Dave Woods during the draw.
  3. Schoey wrote a nice piece about the night and about the club in general in today's league express.
  4. Bazzer


    He "dropped his shoulder" is one that's crept in.
  5. Bazzer

    Darrell Griffin

    It seems Duffy can't spell his own name right if you all believe the text message supposedly from him.
  6. Typical. We haven't got to the final yet and are making excuses in case we lose.
  7. Bazzer

    Sam Brooks

    Been sent home from New Zealand for being drunk as the team were flying from Christchurch.
  8. Bazzer

    Saturdays Grand Final

    Who cares who wins. I don't and I won't be watching.
  9. Bazzer


    So glad I was in the South of France. Would have hated to see that and having watched Fev since 1948 I have seen some in my time
  10. As Rob says we should get behind the team win or lose. I will be on holiday when we play Warrington and sadly after watching MY team for nearly 70 years I have stopped travelling away unless it is close to home. Not everyone gives up when we lose or have no chance of winning. Personally I would still love to travel the country to watch Fev but it's not possible anymore.
  11. 22-0 down after half an hour
  12. Bazzer

    Singing the blues

    Fev since 1948. Cricket and football from my next door neighbour. Middlesex for Dennis Compton and Blackpool because he told me Stan Matthews was a great footballer Never saw either team or the 2 mentioned play but I always look how they are doing.
  13. Bazzer

    Rangi Chase - Oh dear

    We have a druggie in our family. He will steal from us, lie to us, anything if we don't give in to him. If anything goes wrong in his life it's his mother's fault not his. At least Rangi has his own money. Our problem won't work.
  14. I hope enough teams in north America and Canada join our british league and all the top teams at the moment have to be relegated to championship league. All you so called supporters of expansion will soon cry enough is enough. As long as your team is not threatened you are OK with whatever is put forward as good for the game.
  15. Bazzer

    Shopping list then

    Can' believe people want rid of Ian. Still good enough for us.