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  1. Bazzer

    2019 Squad

    As long as we don't do a swap for Will Sharp.
  2. In my 70 years of watching Fev I have left the ground feeling proud on too many occasions to count. Either at Post office road, away or at wembley. Today ranks with the best
  3. Bazzer

    M.O.M. Rovers V Leigh (8's)

    : 1st equal. Hardman, Talaupapa ,Davies Hardcastle, Robinson, Thackeray, Wildie, Cooper, Carlile, Brooks, Farrell, Lockwood, Knowles, Maskill
  4. Bazzer

    Why do you support Fev?

    Same for me. Stopped going to the hip and went to the rovers for the next 70 years, still buying season tickets. Probably ill still be going till I pass on
  5. I said earlier that I wouldn't be watching any of these matches, but I went to the club shop yesterday and bought tickets for all Fev home games and a £30 Wembley ticket all for £20. Bargain
  6. Bazzer

    And so Lemming season begins!!

    Should be done on the centre spot next home game
  7. Bazzer

    Toronto and visa's

    Hope it's a one off, 14 people shot in down town Toronto last night, one dead and at least one critical. Thoughts go out to the victims and their families.
  8. Bazzer


    I was talking to Ian before the Batley game and as Steve said, Ian has a groin strain and was having difficulty running so he needed to rest it. Hopefully he will be back soon and allow Tom to move back to the halves.
  9. Bazzer

    Challenge Cup draw

    Apparently we haven't won the cup since 1973 according to Dave Woods during the draw.
  10. Schoey wrote a nice piece about the night and about the club in general in today's league express.
  11. Bazzer


    He "dropped his shoulder" is one that's crept in.
  12. Bazzer

    Darrell Griffin

    It seems Duffy can't spell his own name right if you all believe the text message supposedly from him.
  13. Typical. We haven't got to the final yet and are making excuses in case we lose.
  14. Bazzer

    Sam Brooks

    Been sent home from New Zealand for being drunk as the team were flying from Christchurch.
  15. Bazzer

    Saturdays Grand Final

    Who cares who wins. I don't and I won't be watching.