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  1. Talking to a Bulls supporter last night. He believes those still at the club will have full time contracts honoured. Any one else will have to negotiate for a salary.
  2. According to handle xiii "We were screwed over to keep Fev breathing" That doesn't sound like he's blaming bradford players
  3. According to one poster it's fev's fault that this has occurred
  4. Thought she presented it in 1963 to Derek Turner, could be wrong
  5. Just hope if you reach Colins age you can still take an interest in the club as he does. He sells golden gamble tickets .and is always willing to help out, health permitting.
  6. After peacocks comments about championship clubs getting funding, I hope they lose and see if he changes his mind
  7. Another defeat 11-10
  8. Hardman Misi Ellis
  9. Would prefer Ian at full back. He has been very solid under the high ball and defensively as good as ever.
  10. You are mark Aston and I collect £5. You are talking about Bradford but still bringing Featherstone into you're argument
  11. Thought hardman, mulually and snitch were stand outs. Different jobs but done very effectively
  12. Put a Fev shirt on even for a friendly and go in the stand at wheldon Road end. I dare you. You will be accused of causing trouble because you have gone into the cas end of the ground. Then walk along wheldon road past the early bath and dodge the beer bottles and pint glasses being thrown at you.