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  1. 22-0 down after half an hour
  2. Fev since 1948. Cricket and football from my next door neighbour. Middlesex for Dennis Compton and Blackpool because he told me Stan Matthews was a great footballer Never saw either team or the 2 mentioned play but I always look how they are doing.
  3. We have a druggie in our family. He will steal from us, lie to us, anything if we don't give in to him. If anything goes wrong in his life it's his mother's fault not his. At least Rangi has his own money. Our problem won't work.
  4. I hope enough teams in north America and Canada join our british league and all the top teams at the moment have to be relegated to championship league. All you so called supporters of expansion will soon cry enough is enough. As long as your team is not threatened you are OK with whatever is put forward as good for the game.
  5. Can' believe people want rid of Ian. Still good enough for us.
  6. Loved Vince as a friend and a hero. Such an unassuming man who never thought he was special but we as fans knew what he brought to the team. RIP old friend and condolences to your family.
  7. Vince was a good friend of mine but more importantly a terrific player who is best remembered as a cornerstone of the Fev pack of the early to mid seventies. RIP old friend. Barry Holland
  8. Bostock when he was on the pitch we lifted Thackeray. Ormanroyd
  9. Joanne won't be happy having to pronounce his name every week. She had problems when he played for dewsbury.
  10. Congratulations to Natalie on the award of her MBE
  11. During the first half I stood at the post office road end of the ground and the language from the Hull K.R. fans was atrocious. Quite a few were asked to tone it down as the most comments started with F or C. One lady asked politely if they would refrain as she was with her grand children and was told to F off. Blame the Fev fans all you want but you are at fault with the language that was being used.
  12. They all played in the centre's and all scored over 100 tries
  13. Don Fox. In my opinion the best player to wear a Fev shirt
  14. Barry Holland. Best scrum half at Fev. Don Fox. Brains skill and a will to win.
  15. Wakefield away 1962 score 27-27, Australia 1959 score 23-15 and 1963 score 23-17. All great games. Obviously Wembley holds great memories too.