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  1. Exactly my thoughts Yed17. Sammy isn't the sort of lad to make stuff like this up!
  2. I thought the lads gave everything tonight and feel gutted for them. Scott must be wondering what he has to do to buy a win. We were the best team and taking into to consideration having 3 players taken off with injuries, others playing with injuries and two lucky tries for Dewsbury. I can't be anything but proud of the lads and staff. We've probably lost Scott Turner and Gaz Owen for a while now and not sure how Bad Grimmers hamstring is but hopefully we show the same spirit against Bradford and this time come away with some reward. Keep your heads held high lads and thanks for all your efforts, you certain;y deserve more than losing pay!
  3. Shame that because we want them 2 points haha
  4. Haha Yed17, I get the feeling someone is a bit touchie.
  5. And there was silence
  6. I think the lads are improving after a bad patch. Hopefully they'll put 80 minutes together on Wednesday. I'm looking forward to it and hopefully we will have a strong team on the pitch. For me it will be great to stay up and even better to finish above the Hairnets. Both achievable yet.
  7. Gutted I can't be there this Sunday but will be listening to the hilarious Oldham Community Radio. Come on you Yeds!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Yes Briscoe is working with the rehab team and doing some running. Don't know anything about Chappell.
  9. Thanks again for these stats Brooksy.
  10. Gutted for Keiran, he's been totally committed to the cause and has so much potential. Hope you have a quick and full recovery mate.
  11. I don't think this is a bad summary.
  12. Really sorry to see Spanner leave. Great bloke.
  13. As someone said on Swintons page, they did well to get the points against Toulouse but they have two hard games now, Wigan and Hull KR and we know what that cup run of ours took out of the players last year!
  14. You also fail to mention Bulls bragging about a Zero points Easter party! I believe they are making it a Christmas one now.
  15. I've been impressed with young Liam Bent. Not strong carrying the ball but his defence is great. For someone playing open age for the first time, he's doing great.