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  1. I've not seen enough of Davies really to draw an opinion, always looked useful against us. I am also not sure about Spencer, maybe more suited to back row than prop. I suppose it's a good position to be in when we can choose between good players
  2. Interesting that you put Burke, Neal, Ward, Spencer and Davies before Phil Joy. Any particular reason?
  3. I agree re wings/fullback but we don't know all the dealings with Giants and Cas. It's going to be another exciting year.
  4. I am sorry but have to disagree. I think that in Hewitt and Leatherbarrow we have two solid halfbacks. Despite Scotts disastrous kicking display last week. With Grimmer as back up I think we look strong in that area. I am more concerned about 2nd row if we are going to play Tyson and Chappell in the centres. Middlehurst is a big loss and we need a fit Danny Langtree. Overall i think we are stronger across the board as a team and will do ok when the lads get more game time together.
  5. We shouldn't forget the support we are getting from Giants in regards to conditioners and rehab staff also. It's not just players.
  6. I bet his dad is proud. Gaz is absolutely buzzing
  7. Real shame for all who have lost their jobs and for the game as a whole. Hope they can come reform in some way.
  8. Happy Christmas everyone, roll on the 2017 season.
  9. I wonder what position Grimmer will be playing this season. Hope he is fit and raring to go when the season starts.
  10. Dark side - Rochdale vs Yorkshire? Close shout that mate
  11. I can do it by car in 30 minutes from the dark side - Rochdale. And last season was well worth the effort
  12. He did great for us playing with injury and out of position last season. Top lad.
  13. Injuries to Grimmer and Chappell are both short term. Sammy is already doing some training, Briscoe is the big worry, maybe out for the whole season. But this was down to his specialist giving him poor advice when his knee failed last season. Also interesting is that Ste Nield is training again, still a long way to go but is slowly getting stronger.
  14. Dave has put this on the website and there are links to print.
  15. I went and enjoyed the occasion but yes it was very similar to the World Cup final which I also went to. A bit of a non event in some way but all credit to the Ozzies, they played full on from first whistle with lots of pace, physicality and skill. Sadly they look to be in a league of their own.