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  1. What a cracking game of rugby and feel sorry for the lads, fans and staff that we didn't come away with the points. Hopefully Scott and Phil Joy will be back quickly, both were having great games. The effort was superb and if we can sustain that level then we'll be fine. Isn't it a joy to be in the Championship and watching such good rugby. Can't understand the poor crowds. Can now look forward to Hull KR.
  2. According to the supplier, there is going to be a shop at Bower Fold. Don't know when though.
  3. If and it's a big if, Whitebank had the facilities and was cheaper with better income streams, it may be tempting. I don't know what the deal is with Stalybridge re catering, car parking and rental fee. Personally i'm more than happy with Bower fold, cracking ground.
  4. Cheers for the reply.
  5. Hi ML, Thanks for clearing that up. When will you have stock of replica shirts. I believe there is a waiting time at the moment. And are there any plans for sales at the club?
  6. Do you really think they poached players. The way i read it, only one of them was wanted and another offered a reduced deal.
  7. I was surprised he only got 4 games. But i am quite certain he will be playing against Hornets next time round.
  8. Great to hear Lippy is on his way back to the Yeds. Will certainly strengthen our backs.
  9. I couldn't see the incident from where i was, who was it that he kicked off with?
  10. Tyson does have a short fuse and he needs to get that under control but you are missing the point, we have signed better players but they are not all available at the moment. We actually have a bigger budget than last year. So this time we should see improvement, if not then moan. Best team won on Sunday, simples.
  11. What a crazy statement. We lose a couple of friendlies and you call for him to be sacked. Just look at what he's done over the last few seasons and what he'll continue to do when he gets all his players available. He's a good coach with a good backroom team and we'll be well above Hairnets come the end of the season. No one is more disappointed in the result than me but to suggest getting rid of Naylor before the season begins is ridiculous.
  12. Should be tasty tomorrow, looking forward to it. The win by 1 point would be enough. Drop goal by Leatherbarrow
  13. So looking forward to the Law Cup game at Stalybridge. Will have an extra flavour with so many ex Yeds players in the Hairnets team.Will be a good pre season test. Hope Nobby keeps 100% record against them Come on you Yeds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I've not seen enough of Davies really to draw an opinion, always looked useful against us. I am also not sure about Spencer, maybe more suited to back row than prop. I suppose it's a good position to be in when we can choose between good players
  15. Interesting that you put Burke, Neal, Ward, Spencer and Davies before Phil Joy. Any particular reason?