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  1. As someone said on Swintons page, they did well to get the points against Toulouse but they have two hard games now, Wigan and Hull KR and we know what that cup run of ours took out of the players last year!
  2. You also fail to mention Bulls bragging about a Zero points Easter party! I believe they are making it a Christmas one now.
  3. I've been impressed with young Liam Bent. Not strong carrying the ball but his defence is great. For someone playing open age for the first time, he's doing great.
  4. Still grinning like a Cheshire cat. What a come back!
  5. These look a good deal, unfortunately only one will go round me and I already have the away shirt!
  6. And supported by the council because they want Avro's old ground.
  7. Unfortunately I can't make it today. Hope it's a great game again and we come back with the win we deserved last time.
  8. What happened to the zero points party at Easter?
  9. Not the easiest of kicks though!
  10. Looking forward to another great game tonight. We know that if the players turn up with the right mindset they can beat anyone in the Championship on their day. If they turn up tonight we might just get an away win under our belt!
  11. Really looking forward to this Friday's match against Swinton. It's not going to be easy and they'll be looking to pick up 2 points. But hope we are strong enough to widen the gap. Should be another great game at Bower Fold.
  12. Yawn!
  13. When will folk like you live in the now and not in the past. We are a small club with no money and no ground through no fault of our own. They are doing a great job with few resources. The supporters, volunteers, backrooms staff and yes owner are doing the best they can. The team are grafting like troopers and i'm loving watching every game I can get to. It's your loss Roughyedz, lighten up mate and come and enjoy some great rugby.
  14. You're all heart RPH. In some of our recent games we've struggled to finish teams off, hopefully we won't have the same problem against you on Sunday.
  15. I think they may have explored that Roughyedz, change the record. Were you one of those swelling the numbers?