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  1. England will win this game it doesn't really matter how or by how many.
  2. Will Castleford be back next year?

    Cas have a great team so of course they will be strong in 2018. IMO not as strong as 2017 especially if Eden is at full back.
  3. I think Leeds were the better team for the majority of the game but Hull have a great spirit and can get points on the board with those cross field kicks. Cas have the wood over Leeds this season but maybe not when the biggest game arrives. I'm going for Leeds.
  4. Koukash gone from Salford?

    Marwan Koukash was close to leaving Salford a year ago. He stayed on but cut costs with no academy etc. A much better season in 2017 but still crowds were way below SL standard. He finally decided he was barking up the wrong tree but is able to leave with Salford far better placed than when he joined them. He can go with his head held high maybe the sport has not seen the last of him.
  5. So we now know that the winner next week of Cats v Widnes will be in Super League and the loser will play Leigh in the MPG. A draw would see Widnes in SL and Cats v Leigh in the MPG. From what I have seen Catalans are the poorest side of the 3 so far...but not saying that will count for much next week.
  6. Relegation means a drop in central funding of over £1million. That would be fine if you only had to be the best in the championship to go up but it isn't...you have to be better than Super League teams who still have full funding. That really isn't easy. Rovers have moved heaven & earth to make up the £1m + funding gap or there would have been absolutely no chance of going back up. The fans the sponsors everyone, we actually had more season ticket holders in the championship than we had in Super League. Sponsorship was up and the club attracted numerous high value events to Craven Park like the 23,000 Paul Heaton concert. Tremendous effort..but could we have done it again next year and every year in the championship? I suggest not. If Salford, Wakefield...Castleford even.. had one bad season, went down and had £1million central funding removed...well good luck. The current system is good viewing but sooner or later a strong well supported club will die because of it. If we want P&R it has to be one up one down....the best of the championship goes up and the worst of the Super League goes down. Funding for championship could be stopped there wouldn't be any need for it. The promoted team would have £1.8m the next year anyway.. And if we don't like that we will have to go back to licensing.
  7. Firstly congratulations on retaining the challenge cup it was well deserved. The only surprise to me was quite how Wigan managed to stay in the game for 80 minutes they were outplayed for large chunks. The difference between Rovers of last year & this? Well in terms of the quality of the first 13 last years was better. We did after all have Campese, Kelly, Sio etc. It's probably fair to say we don't have anyone now of the class of those 3. But however good, you do need them on the pitch not in the stands especially when the club had chosen to go into the season with a small squad. Tim Sheens revealed recently that James Webster in those final weeks of 2016 often had only 8 or 9 at training during the week. The others were either long term injured or needing to recuperate and than play jabbed up. And then again and again.......The biggest task Webster had was not so much finding 17 fit players.....it was finding 8 or 9 players who were not so unfit they couldn't play through the pain. Excuses? Yes, Rovers paid the price for going into a Super League season with a squad thinner than Kate Moss after a bout of gastroenteritis! Compare that with this year. On Friday night Rovers played a reserve game at St Helens with a 17 that could have given the first team a very good game. So this weekend Rovers had 34 fit healthy players to choose from and probably more importantly Rovers have been able to leave out players with minor niggles, never rush anyone back and always have a good team to select from. Resulting in a big healthy squad and not fatigued at the business end. Having 34+ to choose from is good but with only Super League teams now left to face it's like the whole season has been just a preliminary to the main event that is just about to happen. No disrespect to anyone but we've probably only done what we should have done up to now with the notable bonus of the crucial win at Leigh. So now it's about the quality of the best 17. Lunt whatever Hudds fans say is definitely good enough he has been our talisman. And we have players like Carney, Jewitt, Scruton, Blair, Greenwood, Mose Masoe, who out of the limelight have probably been forgotten but I assure you are playing well and still good enough. One man I would love to see back for the final push is Jordan Abdull who has been absent for a few weeks with a broken foot but played in the reserves on Friday. Every bit a candidate with Lunt for player of the season . Abdull can do a bit of everything, kick, pass, create and a very strong runner with the football. He has also a couple of times chased down players with utter determination to prevent certain tries. Amazingly for a B&W he is a big favourite at Craven Park....although let's not forget that is after all where he started out in the first place. Perhaps I am being a bit red glass tinted when I say Abdull has benefited enormously from the mentoring of Tim Sheens. So the $64 thousand dollar question .....will it all be good enough? Well we now need to win just 1 of 3 games and it will be. And if we can't do that we'll get a 4th chance....heaven forbid.... via the million pound game. So I am going to say yes even though the really hard bit is just about to start. Don't know when don't know where but I think we'll win one of the next 3.
  8. To be in trouble again implies that the last lot of trouble was eliminated. So no Bradford are not in trouble again.
  9. A Little Respect

    Number 15 http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/chart/indiesingles ​
  10. The Allams flexing their muscles?

    Hull are not tenants they simply hire the stadium 14 or 15 times a year for use on matchdays. It's like hiring a car you have to give it back and you don't have any say in anything.
  11. Super eight or relegate?

    2015 will see both Hull clubs improve significantly. Both clubs plumbed the depths in 2014 so there is only one way to go even before you look at the vastly improved squads for 2015. Salford too, so much quality they can only improve. Super League has never been so competitive as it will be in 2015. The new fixture format is a mass culling of the meaningless fixture.
  12. Fui Fui Moi Moi confirmed at Leigh

    Big name, big weight, big pay packet, big age.
  13. Hull KR sign Aussie Keating

    Neville Costigan was born in Rabaul Papua New Guinea and has played international RL for just one country , Papua New Guinea. As everyone knows a holiday on the great barrier reef and you are eligible for Queensland! Blake Green was rubbished as another Hull KR rubbish overseas signing, 2 years later Wigan paid a 6 figure transfer fee and has now won a cup winners medal as has Scott Taylor a Hull KR product who Wigan also paid a big transfer fee for. We would have loved to have kept him but good luck to Scott now a HKR product challenge cup winner. Rovers despite not being the richest of clubs have paid transfer fees for English players Greg Eden and Adam Walker who have been outstanding and played regular first team which they would not have done otherwise. Liam Watts rejected at age 16 by Castleford was rescued from the scrapheap by Rovers and gained England Knights honours before moving to Hull FC again for a transfer fee.St Helens have now signed another HKR product Rich Beaumont who couldn't quite make first team at Rovers. Craig Hall a local talent not wanted by Hull FC signed by Rovers and done well. Alex Brown signed from lower league by Rovers and proved himself a worthy SL player. Josh Hodgson signed as a young kid from Hull FC who really should have kept hold.now a first team regular and England Knights player. Local youngsters Jordan Cox, Liam Salter (MoM v Leeds) James Green, Aaaron Ollett and Sonny Essolment playing important roles all making their debut in the last 2 seasons and out of area kids like Tyla Hepi & George Griffin playing big roles for Rovers this year. The fact is that you know sweet FA about Rovers. The relatively small overseas contingent at HKR is very important because Rovers make very good overseas signings they are key players. Hull FC this year have an all Australian half back pairing, an Australian ex Hull KR full back, an Australian ex Hull KR second row forward and a soon to be retired Australian prop. Next year they are recruiting another ex Hull KR foreigner. If that floats their boat no problem they are quite entitled but this anti Hull KR nonsense of yours just doesn't bear close examination.
  14. Hull KR sign Aussie Keating

    Goldcoaster just likes to wind everyone up I feel. He surely must be if he wants everyone to think Costigan is Australian! Rovers have 13 Hull born players in the first team squad the highest number of local players of any team in Super League and didn't they do well against Leeds. The year on year reduction in overseas players kicks on at a pace with 6 overseas departures and only 3 signings for 2014. I'm sure he'd love us to replace Dobson with a kid from the U19's but even Wigan needed to pay a big transfer fee to sign Blake Green from us such is the dearth of quality British half backs.