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  1. RSN

    Players Contracts

    I doubt any team out of Barrow, Rochdale, Swinton, Batley, Sheffield and Dewsbury will have put firm contracts out to players at this stage. 1 more win requires Swinton or Rochdale beating all the teams around them and 1 win against either Featherstone or Leigh which I just can't see happening at this stage of the season so I think planning for next season will start imminently but I think main job for the club is getting crowds up. I also doubt who has and who hasn't been offered a contract is going to be made public either.
  2. RSN

    As Elvis once said....It's now or never....

    Barrow won. Either Rochdale or Swinton need to win 4 out of 6 games without Barrow winning any to relegate Barrow. I hope these supporters attend the Swinton game.
  3. RSN

    As Elvis once said....It's now or never....

    So after 8 extremely competitive home games and taking points off 2 teams spending nearly 1.0m on their squads these people are going to stop watching after 2 uncompetitive games against full time sides with having half the squad injured and then a defeat against Rochdale they are not going to turn up to the last 2 games despite us being 3 points ahead of relegation? That's possibly the most short sighted thing I've ever heard.
  4. RSN

    Joe Bullock

    Thoroughly deserves his chance he's been our best player so far this year. Don't think we could ever deny a lad about to approach his prime and chance to play at super league and I don't think anyone can blame Joe for taking his opportunity. He's already put on his own twitter saying thanks but his main focus is staying up with Barrow so fair play to him. Good luck I'm sure he will do well.
  5. RSN

    Raiders v Broncos

    Think people are being far too critical and completely ignoring what side we had out on the field. We came up against a full time side with a vast amount of SL experience who needed to win today to guarantee a top 4 side. We could have had Craig Bellamy coaching our side today and we wouldn't have won. Our squad is depleted. We have Jono Smith, Lewis Charnock, Shane Toal, Dan Toal, Liam Harrison, Declan Hulme, Andy Litherland, Ryan Fieldhouse, Jarrad Stack, Brett Carter, Tom Walker, Luke Cresswell and Danny Morrow unavailable. 2 Reasons why we lost: London have a much better side - mainly due to how inbalanced the league funding is. We have loads of injuries unlike London - They're full time so have more time to properly recover. If a London player gets a knock they don't have to get up for work 7am Monday to go to work. People stating that they won't attend another game off the back of the teams performance have no idea about rugby league. We have 3 home games against Swinton Rochdale and Batley to come in the middle 8s (based on last year's fixtures) which we have picked 5 points from this year. If we get 4 out of those games it's almost mathetmically impossible for us to go down. A few players to come back in should help the squad massively.
  6. RSN


    Was always going to be tough, they looked physically stronger and quicker and on a pitch that hard its going to make a lot of difference. Never mind having 15 fully fit players. Toulouse were very well drilled and showed why they are in the top 4. Harrison was our MOM tbh. I don't like slating refs, but I've never seen one give so many 50/50s to one team. Any ball spill in the ruck was given against barrow. I think there was approximately 10 50/50s in the game and I'd say 9/10 went to Tolouse. Then a few blatant errors resulted in a very poor refereeing display which probably added 10-14 points onto the scoreboard. With the way the table is set up getting beat by 10 points or 60 made little difference. Next week is the big game. Didn't agree with bringing Matty While and Jono Smith on at the end when they both picked up knocks last week but there may of been people on the field carrying injuries also. With a few players coming back next week I hope we beat Sheffield and put ourselves in a great position to stay up. With the amount of players unavailable (Bullock, Aspinwall, Johnston, S Toal, Hulme, Charnock, Morrow, Cresswell, Walker, Litherland and maybe more I've missed) we are doing well just to turn a side out.
  7. RSN

    Raiders v Toulouse and FIFA World Cup

    It was only tongue in cheek. It'll be good to watch the game in the ground afterwards, forecast for Sunday is looking good.
  8. RSN

    Raiders v Toulouse and FIFA World Cup

    Put it back to 3pm?
  9. RSN

    BJ Leilua to Wigan

    When Canberra were on form a couple of seasons ago he was arguably the best centre in the competition. He was running over people Inglis esq. He's inconsistent for NRL but in SL he will cause chaos. I doubt any centre in SL could handle him 1 on 1.
  10. Signed a 3 year deal with Wolves from Canberra. Absolutely cracking signing, one of the best half back running games in the NRL.
  11. RSN

    Raiders v Toulouse and FIFA World Cup

    I think aiming for 2pm is the best idea, I don't think you'll have much chance of getting midday. I believe the raiders bar has been showing the games , hence it will be a great money making opportunity. I suspect people with season tickets may still want to watch England and only the die hards will attend. Nobody under the age of 50 will have seen England get to a world cup final and everyone under the age of 25 has seen them play pants for all of their life time. In an ideal world game gets moved to 2 o clock, somehow get a big screen to show the game on the side of the raiders bar (this might not be feasible due to electric, weather or cost) and convince people to stay after the game to watch the world cup and publicise it before hand to let people know so they don't have arrangements. With the Barrow game finishing very close to KO you could be in a scenario where you have 200 - 300 people staying after the game to watch the final (Toulouse players may hang around if it's france) which would be a decent money earner for the club on beer sales. Obviously there is a lot of things which need to happen to get to that point.
  12. RSN

    Team for Toronto

    Where is this money coming from? The more money a team spends generally the higher they finish, that's been proven across all sports. We can't spend money we don't have. Having a millionaire on board is great, but without that persons money it's not as if we can go spending a fortune. How are we a championship 1 side at best? We are currently out of the relegation zone in the championship an have took points off both Leigh and Toronto this season. The team is performing very well and at the end of the day getting beat by 2 points or 64 made little difference yesterday.
  13. RSN


    The football and rugby approach to using local talent could not be any further apart. Barrow AFC had 2 fantastic young local players on their books in Alex and Elliot Newby and they basically told them they weren't needed before they even gave them any consistent game time and prioritised players from out of the town. Both playing in the league below Barrow at the minute. Alex earning rave reviews at Chorley as they narrowly missed out on promotion in the play offs, whilst Elliot sweeped up half the awards at Telfords presentation night. It'll be interesting to see what happens with them. It's going to be a very tough task for Barrow to get out of that league. The teams at the very top pull 4000 - 8000 crowds for some games. Take the top 2 of Tranmere and Macclesfield for example, they're both located near Manchester and Liverpool and get these sort of crowds. How on earth are Barrow meant to attract the better players competing against them? I think Mr Casson may of acknowledged this and decided to put the club in the best position to survive long term which is the best idea.
  14. RSN

    Toronto at home

    I think because of the result the last time we played them, the fact they're a recognisable name and it's the challenge cup means a few will show up. A positive result at home to Featherstone the week before might bring a bit of hope. People will be hoping for a warm sunny day to try attract more fans but it's a bit of a catch 22. If it's a warm dry ground it severely affects our chances of winning as they'll probably be too quick and strong on a dry pitch but we might get a couple hundred more fans. A wet and miserable day levels the game out but puts a few people off going. If Toronto play full strength against us, they'll be adding Joe Westerman, Ashton Sims, Corey Paterson, Gareth O'Brien and Gary Wheeler too their side who would all cause us major problems.
  15. RSN

    Marwan Koukash & cumbria rugby league..

    There’s a reason there is no professional team in any sport based in Cumbria can average more than 5000 crowds. There just isn’t a big enough catchment area within an easy drive. Most people won’t travel more than 20 minutes for a home game, it’s even more unlikely on Cumbria roads.