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  1. Swap Thackeray for either of our halves and the score line would probably be the reverse. Our end of tackle players are awful and there is no structure in our attack. You can’t barge over teams in this league.
  2. It’s harder to score from inside your own half than 10 metres out. I appreciate they made a break off the kick return and got their territory back but the drop goal did them more harm than good. Wigan still had to score the same number of tries to win the game.
  3. That drop goal was pointless. 21 point lead rather than 20 means nothing and they lost territory and there is still 20 mins left.
  4. The music they play after a try really annoyed me at the start but it’s rather grown on me.
  5. Liam Watts has to be in the England squad for me. Earlier in his career I felt he had it in him but lacked the maturity to put in consistent performances but he’s starting to put it together now and is a big physical threat.
  6. Richie Myler is well out of his depth at SL level. His kicking and organisation are woeful. He used to have pace which made him a threat with ball in hand and was a good support player but he’s lost half a yard so offers no threat at all.
  7. If you asked any rugby league fan in February how our recruitment was most would say it was fantastic. Stating a signing was a bad signing from the beginning in May after a string of bad results is extremely short sighted.
  8. Bradford v Leeds stand out draw for me, I imagine that'll draw a huge crowd.
  9. RSN


    The expansion into North America will massively help the sport long term even if it means a bit of short term pain for whilst they are in the Championships. If we have 3 bank rolled well supported clubs from North America in Super League the sponsorship and TV deal conversations will be in a completely different league to what they are now.
  10. Brad Singleton v Perry Singleton in the Leeds v Workington game.
  11. RSN

    York CC

    York are 4th and beat Halifax easily at home 2 weeks ago. They're proving1 of the best out of the 3 best sides which are Toronto Toulose and Widnes. Its a game which was winnable but I don't think we 'should' be beating them. Fair enough they have come from the league below, but that does necessarily mean you are going to be a bad side. Check one of the sides who came out of cc1 in 2008 and their 2009 championship record. Last weeks second half was absolutely shocking and deserved to be slated, for those who watched could see a lot of improvements today.
  12. RSN

    York CC

    16 - 32 to York. Scoreline flatters them to be honest it was a 4 point game for most of the second half. It was 16 - 20 with 10 minutes to go had them on the back foot and we end the set with us 10m out and then boot the ball out for 7 tackle set and then they score. People gave referenced York having a few injuries but we are missing Hulme, Smith, Aspinwall, Amean, Hock, Stack, Walne and Duffy. Toal sent in the last 30 seconds. Josh Johnson and Susino were outstanding.
  13. Think Tony Williams is a bit harsh, he had the physical attributes but that is never enough at the top level. I think he got figured out very quickly. From my own experience one would be Ian Bell who played for Barrow around when we won the championship in 2009. Literally impossible to tackle 1 v 1 due to his pace and strength. Could score 4 tries on his day but odd the field problems meant he could never give it a proper go.
  14. Staying in this league is hard enough as it is but it'll be much harder with a 29 point deduction. Onto the game, as in previous games just lacking creativity. Their number 34 looked very dangerous all game and created a few tries for them. We also missed a few crucial 1 v 1 tackles which cost us points. You can't just barge through teams in this league unfortunately. The standard is much higher than last year and it's too predictable.
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