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  1. Attendance looked more to me from my view but what do I know. Widnes just had a little bit more quality. I think only way Widnes lost was if they weren't up for a dog fight which after 10 mins I wasn't sure they were but I think they got into it. Toronto and Leigh didn't come away with wins at barrow last year in similar conditions as I don't think they were up for the graft. Very close game tbf but Widnes were just more clinical in good territory.
  2. RSN


    Completely disagree with it being a poor performance, we were beaten by a better team but no way we were poor. 1st 2 tries in 1st half were from very good half back plays (great kick on 5th for 1st 40/20 for 2nd) the other 2 tries were them pretty much grinding us down. I think the fact they took the lead due to good play early in the 2nd half really put us on the back foot. They were very solid in defence and put some big shots on us. We didn't miss many tackles and didn't concede much more penalties/have much more unforced errors. I completely agree our half backs need to create more as our opposition half backs seem to be creating 12-18 points a game which ours aren't. It feels disappointing being beat after the last few weeks but if you look at the game just on this week I don't think we can criticise the lads. We played a very good side today.
  3. RSN

    Jodie Cunningham

    I think she came across very well. The SKY team is constantly improving in my book, Brian Carney should be the lead going forward he comes across very well on camera. Probably the right time to move on from Eddie and Stevo. They've had stick off RL fans for a few years but they've been carrying the sport for years. I've seen non RL fans still watch the wide to west moment which will go down as an RL highlight for decades to come.
  4. RSN


    Thought we played well but they just had an extra 3 or 4 top quality players which made the difference. I didn't think ref was that bad but didn't see the strike people have referred too. We probably should have done more 1st half with the wind but they were very solid in defence. Going to be very tough next week at Toulouse.
  5. I don't think they're showing it as Catalan Salford is on at 5pm. Shame really I'd have liked to watch it although I don't think we can complain about TV time the sport has got this season.
  6. RSN


    Think Hock was around May time. The evening mail reported Hulme 12 - 16 weeks as of the Wigan game which would mean similar. Toals no idea but I agree they are a massive miss, Shane best back by some distance last year and I'd say apart from Jono Smith Dan was up there with the best forwards.
  7. RSN


    I agree but just signed for Dewsbury.
  8. RSN


    As opposed to 2005 were we won 1 game all season and probably conceded on average 50 points a game? How can you off 4 games state this is the worst team you've seen since 1971? You need at least 8 or 9 games to properly measure it.
  9. RSN


    Based on that I'm guessing Star Amean full back, Cresswell and Cross wings with Spedding and Stack in centres. Cresswell and Amean could be the other way round though. I think I'd prefer Star at full back, the more we can get the ball in his hand the better. He seems to be very tricky to tackle 1 v 1 so will be better in field rather than on the wings. Id guess Johnston and either Crellin/Morrow miss out.
  10. RSN


    Any talk of getting rid of Cresta is embarrassing. Not even worth discussing. Discipline has been an issue, I thought the ref was pretty fair today and reffed the game well. But main issue was ball handling in the 2nd half. In my opinion our biggest issue is at half back in which we are playing against much more experienced players which is making a difference. 4 dominant half backs we have played against so far are: Brambani, Thakeray, Cockayne and Sykes. 100s of games at top end championship level or SL level. We don't look very structured especially when Dallimore isn't playing. The team can play better. But it's a team building and getting used to eachother. Ritson, Cross, Spedding, Amean, Puara, Walne, Johnson, Minoga all new signings today. This league is a much higher standard than last year so every game is going to be tough. We are 11th but 1 point of 4th, every game apart from 4 or 5 is going to be competitive so we need to keep building.
  11. RSN

    PNG players in the UK

    Barrows lot were very good in first 3 games involving league and pre season. Barrow got tonked 56 0 by York in 4th game in which whole team were poor apart from 1 or 2. Considering that the conditions will be pretty unfamiliar they have started well. I'm exciting for when the grounds firm up.
  12. RSN


    You took us to the cleaners. You and the bulls aren't a standard promoted team, you are literally in the mix with 8 teams who will be aiming for the play offs. Barrow were poor but I'd still back us to beat you at home. Based on early fixtures it's going to be an unpredictable season.
  13. My point in a nutshell was there is going to be a big mid table. Last year it was a top 6 and a bottom half. This year I suspect there's going to be a large portion of the league who are going to be very competitive. York were very good today and thoroughly deserved to hammer barrow. My point was more that in the middle section it's going to be unpredictable.
  14. They aren't anything special. Top 3 of Toronto Widnes and Tolouse and bottom 2 of Swinton and Rochdale. Everything in between is teams who can beat eachother on any given day. Barrow were awful and York were ruthless in punishing errors. I think basing teams finishes in the 'dog fight' on early performances in the season is naive. The true test will be strength in depth especially when it comes to playing against full time sides. Just looking at early fixtures: Barrow won away at Batley. Batley nearly beat Halifax away. Sheffield won with a last minute kick at Barrow. Sheffield beat Barrow away. Sheffield beat the bulls. York hammered Barrow. Bradford scrape past Featherstone by 1 point. As far as I can see the York v Barrow is a one off but who knows, maybe barrow we playing out of their depth for 1st 2 games. Either way going to be a tight league.
  15. RSN


    I think people need to get away from the fact these are a promoted team. If they were playing in the league last year they'd have comfortably finished 7th IMO. Unfortunately 2 quality teams have come up. I'm not fearing relegation this year but with the effort which has gone into the squad I was hoping for 26 competitive games.