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  1. Can't really argue with Cronk tbf. Been oustanding at all 3 levels he has played at this year and won 3/4 trophies this year he played for. Smith wad a close 2nd with Tamauolo and Thurston 3Rd and 4th.
  2. It's funny how people can get 'home sick' to be offered more money at home. Think we will get a season or 2 of Aussies/Kiwis being homesick because of the cap increase between NRL and SL.
  3. He is mad. He states that we should only serve to the elite clubs, these elite clubs are Leeds, Wigan, St Helens, Warrington and a merged Hull side. These are his definition of an elite club. So we have a 5 team league battling it out week in week out. Bet the fans turn out in droves...
  4. I've been posting and reading this forum for years. Cheers for that I'll take note.
  5. You aren't even worth debating with. To go into why NRL is ahead of SL is a very layered debate. There is a 1000 reasons why and you can't just blame it on one thing. I love watching both competitions. I can watch all forms of RL without a chip on my shoulder. Which probably makes me more fortunate than you. Back on thread - who are people thinking are going to win next year based on recruitment so far? I personally think the Panthers will be up there, Tamou will be a real asset for then and they have some exciting young players who will of benefited with another season under their belts. I think Cronulla will drop off a lot this year. They've lost a lot of experience in the off season which I think won them a lot of games last year.
  6. It you think it's as simple as he is making out then you are mental. The 2 sports are in 2 completely different economic environments hence why one is doing much better than the other. SL has an absolutely juggernaut in football trading in the same country. Have you seen how many people have season tickets? The scale of it dwarfs anything in Australia. The NRL are fortunate they don't have much competition apart from Aussie Rules, RU and soccer but even if you add all 3 of them together they don't come close to how many people attend a football game in the UK on a Saturday. SL has lots to work on. But if you think that the reason the NRL is doing much better than SL because of the league structure then you are absolutely mental. There is a 1000 reasons which go into it and you can't just use one as your argument.
  7. I'll be shocked if Workington finish 2nd. Their recruitment so far this year seems to be sell their better players to Barrow and replace them with young amateur players. Not exactly a recipe for finishing 2nd.
  8. As it's the off season and there is barely any RL to watch on the TV I have started watching a few of the old matches from the 2016 season. I have had a browse on YouTube and had a look through old games to see what there is on offer. The thing which really stood out for me was the difference in standard between NRL exposure and SL exposure and the quality of the videos. It obviously helps with the NRL having all their games televised, but the game by game highlights and other videos are on a completely different level. The game by game highlights videos have a voice over on the NRL ones which goes over the live game commentary and puts a bit of structure into it. It comes across as way more professional as opposed to the SL ones which are just videos of the games. Then there is the montages of NRL players and their highlights. These videos portray them as superstars and attract attention from people who don't watch the game and spreads their name. There is these sort of videos for countless NRL players whilst there is minimal ones for SL players and if they are made they aren't half as good. Is this something the RFL should be looking to improve on for SL? I know a lot of the NRL videos are made by private individuals, but surely if the RFL employ someone to do this sort of thing it will spread the game to more people. With smart TVs coming in which have direct access to YouTube and the vast majority of people under 16 going on YouTube on a regular basis surely it is a very cheap and easy way to promote the sport to people. What are people's thoughts?
  9. Realistically he should of been picked in 2011 but unfortunately the coach had picked his halve back combination well in advance of the tournament hence he didn't get a look in. I think picking him now would be an act of desperation. I think the difference between us and the halves with have picked is that he has a bit of arrogance about him which you need to be a halve pack. Against New Zealand Brough had more talented players playing alongside him yet he controlled it. Our halves don't seem to do that.
  10. Aye Crabtree was always very good against the Aussies, they couldn't seem to handle his size. I recall Cameron Smith trying to tackle him 1 on 1 a few years back and ended up on his backside. I think Crabtree was a very good prop. He was pretty unconventional compared to most prop forwards. Usually bigger forwards break more tackles but are dodgier in defence, drop the ball more often and aren't particularly quick but he had the size of big forward but had the qualities of a work horse forward ie Graham and Hill. I think because he was similar in size to forwards like George Burgess for example they were expecting similar amounts of tackle busts ect but that wasn't really his game.
  11. I don't get why Benji Marshall never gets mentioned in threads like these. In his prime Johnson and Jones could get no where near him. It just goes against him that his prime unfortunately didn't last very long. He did things that the other 2 couldn't dream of doing.
  12. Maloney, Moylan and O Neil would all walk into England's starting 13.v The Aussies will probably win by 50.
  13. Can't believe how backwards the NRL teams are. The games have been a success over here and there is a buzz when they come over. As St George says it does great for the image of the club overseas.
  14. Think that's a sign that we are looking for promotion next year.
  15. If Cooper gets in the 17 then it is a joke. He's behind Burgess x 3, Graham, Hill, Walmsley, Watts and Taylor IMHO.