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  1. bigbaldnmad

    Permutations then....

    If we win next week, and TO beat Fax, the 4 will almost certainly be decided. Leigh would be in 4th with and a win in the last week by both Fax and London would not take them above us.
  2. bigbaldnmad

    Middle 8's, who can't afford to miss out?

    If Fev and TO won, that would guarantee both would be in the 4. Leigh would be in 4th, 1 point in front of both Fax and London. Any 3 from 5...
  3. bigbaldnmad

    Leigh match

    Gutted as I can''t make this one, going to see Sham 69..... Strange to see that the Mohican's from back then have been replaced by reverse Mohican's now (a bit of hair at the side with now't on top)
  4. Just remind me who had had one players sent off and 2 in the bin at the end of the game, Fev or 'Ull?
  5. No arguments about the yellow So you thought that Fev should just roll over, it is a physical game. Anyone who has gone over to Humberside (Hull) as either an amateur or professional knows the intimidation is part of their 'Game', so lets not pretend it was all one sided.
  6. bigbaldnmad

    M.O.M. Fev V Hull (Cup)

    Holmes Hock Briscoe
  7. Hear hear, typical shambolic sky
  8. Agreed, minimum yellow. But it does take 2 to tango, FC thought that Fev would roll over which they didn't, period
  9. I thought when we signed Hock that he was just a penalty machine, until you actually look at his record over the last year or so, and you will find most Leigh fans will tell you this is not the case, which I think that Fev fans will agree this season.
  10. Both teams were equally culpable, the super league team seemed to think it was okay to 'Bully' their championship opponents but didn't expect it back. It is easy to try to sanitise the game but from what I saw FC were no angels.
  11. Thought that we had a good dig, apart from the first 15 minutes. We certainly rattled them and at times I thought that they were annoyed that we didn't roll over Can't believe that Misi didn't get at least binned, but thought that the ref was like a rabbit caught in the headlights, totally out of his depth (although he has done SL most of the season)
  12. Not sure that Radford apologised for his teams behaviour!! The game deteriorated due to the lack of control from the Ref, who seemed to become more erratic in his decision making as the game went on. A strong ref would have resulted in a better game.