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  1. After last week I wouldn't have thought that London would beat Toulouse, just shows you never can tell.
  2. I think the lad was feeling a bit sorry for himself. Missed the catch that gave them the try just after half time and then helped give away a penalty just after. He looked to me as if he needed someone to give him a lift.
  3. 1. Davies. 2. Bozzy. 3. Aston.
  4. Very interesting topic, bearing in mind the total collapse of the reserve team rugby and academy rugby on it's @rse. I suppose that this is all down to the introduction of a watered down form of P&R. Unless a championship team has significant financial input (as Leigh did last year) there will be no championship team promoted. The fact licensing has driven many clubs to move to rented stadiums, where any proceeds from hospitality is swallowed up by the stadium owners, is diluting the financial clout these clubs have thus casting aside plans for tomorrow in an attempt to hold on to mediocrity today. If the likes of Castleford or Wakefield do eventually move to a new purpose built stadium, the benefits of this will last but half a dozen years and then impact of the loss of match day revenue will lead to a glut of weak teams in shiny new stadium.
  6. 8 minutes of highlights on this youtube video
  7. If Misi is going to Toronto, which is one I have heard, then there could be something in the Worthington rumour.
  8. If we draw next week Fax can finish above us both if they beat London by 140+
  9. Would wet myself if it was a dodgy ref's decision
  10. It's amazing how we all see things differently, dependant upon the team you support. Poor defending for your first try in the second half and 2 midfield breaks from forward passes barely passes as splitting Fev defence on numerous occasions. Had the clown bothered to penalise forward passes you would have had a lot more pressure to defend.
  11. Couldn't agree more about Milner.
  12. Apparently they should have been out of sight so it shouldn't have been down to getting a dodgy penalty under the post, some joker commented on the way out. He was wearing glasses but i'm not sure they were his, he obviously couldn't see out of em.
  13. There were rumours when Sharpy left the RFL he did so under a cloud, accused of bullying match officials apparently. Maybe that why were getting the dirty end of the stick week in week out, it stinks.
  14. We have no plans to loan them any players!
  15. Except of course .... today