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  1. shawy13

    Rl Backchat

    That’s more than enough, simple and effective. Not to everyone’s liking but certainly the majority. It’s the modern way and the club needs to move with the times.
  2. shawy13

    Rl Backchat

    They should be
  3. shawy13

    Time for a rethink ?

    Scrap NCL 2&3 and those teams would rejoin the regional leagues which would make them a lot stronger. Less mismatches which I would guess mean more games played. Imagine NWML premier with Judes, Crosfields, Millom etc added to West Bank and Orrell. Do we even need 4 NCL divisions? I would say definitely not. The NCL should be seen as the pinnacle of the amateur game but now it’s an open house. Clock Face for instance got relegated from NWML premier division and the season after they are an NCL side. I seen Salford Roosters play this year and lose 100-0 with 11 men, 2 of which looked to be 50. Fair play to them for getting the game on and not giving up but that’s not what the NCL should be about.
  4. shawy13

    NCL Division 2

    I believe East Hull have applied and there could be another Cumbria application as well
  5. shawy13

    New Kit 2018/19

    Definitely get nicer kits in the summer game 😂
  6. shawy13

    Barrow arl

    As far as I’m aware its always been KO cup. Barton townley is something else but I might be wrong on that.
  7. Sherwood beat Leamington 88-0 according to their Facebook page
  8. shawy13

    Barrow arl

    Barrow & District league knockout cup.
  9. shawy13

    Barrow arl

    As I was taking the Knockout Cup back today I took a list of winners off it for you. Unfortunately not all clubs have gone to the effort of having it engraved but this is what’s on it. The latter years this will be ‘A’ teams that have won as first teams moved to NWC/NCL leagues If if you are interested I will see if I can go look at the other trophies and get the info that’s on them. Unfortunately not many are in our cabinet this season. Dalton 51/52 Dalton 52/53 Barrow St Marys 63/64 Millom 66/67 Millom 67/68 Ulverston 75/76 Barrow Island 76/77 Barrow Island 77/78 Barrow Island 87/88 Walney 86/87 Dalton 88/89 Walney 90/91 Dalton 91/92 Flookburgh Cobras 93/94 Millom 94/95 Walney 96/96 Walney 96/97 Hindpool Tigers 03/04 Hindpool Tigers 04/05 Walney 05/06 Ulverston 09/10 Ulverston 10/11 Hindpool Tigers 2017
  10. shawy13

    Hands off Cresta

    He went to Whitehaven once
  11. shawy13

    Barrow arl

    I was going to say Dalton originally when you mentioned Clough but I don’t recall them ever playing in a park. Maybe you had a few too many on the way home that day 😜
  12. shawy13

    Barrow arl

    Could it maybe have been Corporation Combine (now Hindpool Tigers) they played games at Tummer Hill which was just a load of pitches with a changing room. Can’t think of anyone who played in the park. Railway Club or Marsh Hornets maybe. Both played at local playing fields rather than having their own ground.
  13. shawy13

    Barrow arl

    You will struggle sorry. We’ve asked the league in the past for winnners of the various cups over the years and it seems even the league don’t keep records.
  14. shawy13

    Barrow arl

    Would it have been Holker Pioneers? They played at Park View school I think
  15. shawy13

    Raiders v Broncos

    Not according to what seemed like 90% of the grandstand