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  1. Toronto game....Cresta front row...

    Someone's tired
  2. Toronto game....Cresta front row...

    Would it be so disastrous if Barrow don't go up? There is a lot of noise being made about spending what in theory is a pretty insignificant amount going to Toronto again can they really afford to go up and strengthen the squad accordingly and stay up? Gates this year aren't great let's be honest and a lot of that can be put down to people not paying £15 to see Barrow get a cricket score against a pub team but will they really improve that much next year and if they do will they stay up should Barrow start to lose?
  3. Super League reserve sides in league 1

    In an ideal world yes but it's not really practical for a number of clubs I wouldn't think. Also would that not lessen that standards in championship and league 1
  4. Just wondered what Barrow fans thought of this suggestion by Mike Critchley? Personally I think it would be great
  5. If this was to happen then what's the odds they draw Barrow
  6. Toronto Trip Funding

    Just said this to someone. Unlikely but could there be the potential to go to all three twice in the league then maybe one of the French teams in the cup. Hope I haven't jinxed it saying that
  7. Kev p

    This is after last Fridays games Barrow Island. 10. 9. 1. 0. 292. 155. 18 Askam. 9. 7. 2. 0. 247. 170. 14 Roose Pioneers. 11. 5. 6. 0. 291. 248. 10 Dalton. 9. 5. 4. 0. 200. 219. 10 Walney. 9. 4. 5. 0. 255. 254. 8 Ulverston. 10. 2. 8. 0. 182. 300. 4 Hindpool. 10. 2. 8. 0. 146. 260. 4
  8. Elland ARLFC

    Waterhead couldn't raise a side according to twitter
  9. Money in Whitehaven coffers!

    Terrible decision to play on a Saturday. I might tag along for a few of the Sunday games now
  10. Hindpool game is a 2.45pm kick off. Both sides had good wins against Premier Division sides last week. Can only speak for the Hindpool match and it was a cracker so hopefully a good game in prospect. If you want to check with me at any point my number is 07734451756
  11. League 1 cup final tickets

    Is there any offer for Super League season ticket holders does anyone know? There has been in the past but can't remember seeing anything for this year and I'm on the tight side i only want to watch the Barrow game but not sure about spending £45 for me and the boy
  12. Dalton

    No plans as yet from what i was told today. Play the summer season in the Barrow & District league then make a decision from there. Would be surprised if they play another winter season. They have some talented youngsters who I'm guessing Barrow will want for their u19s so it may depend in what league and season the u19s end up playing in.
  13. Signed on for 2017

    wrong topic sorry
  14. Do you like the Raiders?

    Definitely an age thing. Not a fan myself but the kids love it and that's what it's aimed at getting these kids involved and hopefully parting with their cash over the next 70 years
  15. Upton v Queens 10/12/16

    Didn't Upton say they wouldn't play Queens again