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  1. Ncl cup 2018

    I think Wath Brow entered their 2nd string in the cup but I seem to remember Egremont playing in the National Cup semi and sending their A team to Lock Lane for a NCL game and getting thumped something like 92-4
  2. Reserve Grade - Evening Mail Article

    No dispresoect at all. I am one of those junior coaches so I know exactly what state the game is in. We have plenty of kids coming through we just can’t retain them for whatever reason. Regarding opinions I ask the open age players at my club every year what league they want to play in so I already know what their thoughts are and I know the thoughts are of a lot of other clubs players and coaches. In my opinion there are more cons than pros to a new look B&D League which I won’t go into on here but it’s certainly not going to happen anytime soon.
  3. Reserve Grade - Evening Mail Article

    What’s BARLA anymore? Most leagues are RFL run NWML allowed it last season, NCL don’t allow it, not 100% on Yorkshire but don’t think it’s allowed.
  4. Reserve Grade - Evening Mail Article

    I am not in favour of dual reg myself but if Barrow can’t afford to run a reserve team I just think it’s their best option for keeping fringe players active. Cant see a Barrow and District League ever coming to fruition. You hear people harp on about it but none of these people seem to be players and at the end of the day they are what matter. If and when Barrow do have a reserve side how will that effect the amateur game locally? To take 20 lads out of the community game will be a huge loss and we don’t really have great numbers of kids coming through to replace them anymore.
  5. Reserve Grade - Evening Mail Article

    I obviously meant dual reg with the 1st teams playing in NCL or NWML rather than playing against Hindpool or Walney 2nd team team who may not even raise a side and even if they do may not have a full 13
  6. Reserve Grade - Evening Mail Article

    Personally think there is no point in it. The standard of the B&D league is nowhere near what it once was and miles away from the level a Barrow Reserve side should be playing at. Best thing for Barrow would be dual reg with the amateur sides. Best thing for the amateurs is to stick with their own players and let Barrow sort themselves out.
  7. Toronto and Toulouse packages 2018

    Long way to come for Canadians to see Niagra Falls wouldn’t you say
  8. What is the future ?

    Not sure where that comes from. Walney finished above Ulverston and beat them twice in the league and at least 1 of them was by a pretty heavy scoreline If one of these ends up with Hindpool then jobs goosed as nobody comes to us as it is so chances of team making 2 trips it’s pretty low
  9. Doncaster Season Tickets

    I’m sure all clubs do season tickets. I was just drawing attention to the offer Doncaster have becauee I thought it was great value and could maybe entice a few floaters like myself. Problem is would the extras sold make up for any loss on usual sales
  10. Doncaster Season Tickets

    Obviously I didn’t mean can Barrow copy it exactly. Numbers would need tweaking accordingly but it’s a great incentive and if you could potentially pick up a season ticket for £60 - £80 it may get the floaters interested. Huddersfield also offering some great deals. Only catch is you have to watch Huddersfield every other week
  11. Doncaster Season Tickets

    Is this something that could work at Barrow? Obviously you can’t just give tickets away willy nilly but Doncaster think they can make it work. Absolute bargain, if that doesn’t get people through the gate then they may as well just give up
  12. New York City RL

    If we lose a club it won’t be because they made a FREE trip to America once. Teams are struggling now unfortunately regardless of having to go to NY or Toronto once a year
  13. New York City RL

    Or it might give the game a real boost in the USA and globally who knows. There is nothing to lose as far as I can see just like there wasn’t with Toronto.
  14. Fixtures

    1st November
  15. New York City RL

    Formally applied to join the leagues in 2019. What’s people’s thoughts on this? NY has never appealed to me somwouodnt be on my list of away days but I think it’s fantastic news for rugby league.