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  1. No plans as yet from what i was told today. Play the summer season in the Barrow & District league then make a decision from there. Would be surprised if they play another winter season. They have some talented youngsters who I'm guessing Barrow will want for their u19s so it may depend in what league and season the u19s end up playing in.
  2. wrong topic sorry
  3. Definitely an age thing. Not a fan myself but the kids love it and that's what it's aimed at getting these kids involved and hopefully parting with their cash over the next 70 years
  4. Didn't Upton say they wouldn't play Queens again
  5. Last I heard was it may be changed to the Saturday at 5pm. I think the amateurs were being asked if this was ok with them
  6. Shocked at Clock Face applying. They just got relegated from NWML Premier
  7. The Morrow and Walsh tackles aren't even remotely similar
  8. Wigan have 5 weeks off every year so their landlords can work on the pitch
  9. I've posted these details on the Womens RL Facebook page for you John
  10. Why would you get a refund? You wouldn't get a refund in Debenhams if you had bought a pair of jeans and they went in the sale 5 months after first going on sale. Can't blame the club for wanting to sell through their stock, all clubs reduce shirts as the season goes on everyone knows that.
  11. We will do, thanks.
  12. Are you joking? If Barrow had got through then you would still have a midweek game and you would be saying that is a disgrace. And what if you drew Toulouse away? How about you get a bit of a cup run and you draw Wigan or Saints at home and have to play it on a Wednesday night and lose large numbers on the gate but it's ok because you play Oxford on Sunday and they will bring 7 fans to make up for it.
  13. What's the chances of teams playing games at half time? I've mentioned this before and offered my services but never had anything back. Kids would love it and it would add a few to the gate with parents and grandparents coming to see their kids playing in a big stadium. Offer these people who probably wouldn't come to the game otherwise half price tickets and you never know they might come back.
  14. There is only 4 Championship 1 sides left in the cup why wouldn't they schedule fixtures for that day. Just unfortunate for Barrow they were due to play one of the sides who have made it through. The FA don't give League 2 sides endless free weekends just in case Morecambe or Notts County have a cup run. Can't have countless blank weekends just on the off chance. Makes more sense to have fixtures scheduled and only have a few sides play midweek rather than a full round on a Wednesday
  15. Unless they play for Roose