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  1. Barrow Bluebirds

    Obviously not as close to as many peoples hearts as we thought
  2. Barrow Bluebirds

    Yet they got 1470 for their previous home game
  3. Widnes St Maries

    Think they did for a season then maybe moved again for a season before they folded
  4. Denis Jackson

    He was only 12 in 1955
  5. Doncaster Season Tickets

    It’s completely fair. Pay on the day fans have the option to buy a season ticket should they wish and away fans (of which there is few) have the option not to attend
  6. Doncaster Season Tickets

    Doncaster sold over 600 season tickets compared to less than 200 in 2017. £50 is an absolute steal
  7. New shirts.

    Maybe they got mixed up and you have a players issue slim fit design. Happens a lot apparantly haha
  8. New shirts.

    Same here Lee. Harry can’t get his on either but at least he has his Saints ones to wear. Daddy 1 Grandad 0
  9. Challenge cup 2018

    Presumably they would have stayed over the night before the game, it’s a fair trek.
  10. 2018 shirts

    Don’t be sorry
  11. 2018 shirts

    If I can’t get him the Raiders away shirt then yeah. Not as if I can tell him Christmas has been put back till mid January.
  12. 2018 shirts

    Cheers Jane will pop in the shop this week and see if one of those will do him
  13. 2018 shirts

    Easily the nicer of the 2 and one of the nicest shirts I’ve seen for 2018 so far. Havens away shirt is very smart and Towns home shirt really looks the part as well. My lads probably gonna end up with one of them now the Barrow shirts sold out
  14. SOLD OUT

    DOH! Eldest really wanted that away shirt
  15. Ncl cup 2018

    I think Wath Brow entered their 2nd string in the cup but I seem to remember Egremont playing in the National Cup semi and sending their A team to Lock Lane for a NCL game and getting thumped something like 92-4