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  1. shawy13

    New NCL Teams

    Walney have applied and I was told the other day that Distington have as well. May as well just let everyone in now
  2. shawy13

    Gareth Hock

    He’s just misunderstood
  3. shawy13

    New Signings

    Almost like the good old days
  4. shawy13

    Gareth Hock

    If a Super League club wanted and I mean really wanted him they would have got him. Let’s not forget he’s 35 and has a bit of a reputation. Can’t imagine too many SL clubs taking a huge gamble and offering him big bucks which is potentially a great thing for Barrow. Always loved watching him play he can still rip it up in the championship
  5. shawy13

    Gareth Hock

    If he could control himself then he wouldn’t be at Barrow. Been a pheonominal talent in his time always said this lad had the winning lottery ticket and tore it up. Hopefully he keeps a lid on it from now on because when he wants he’s amazing to watch
  6. shawy13

    Academy FIxtures & Team News

    Wednesday afternoons actually suit me more. Looking forward to today’s game
  7. shawy13

    Academy FIxtures & Team News

    2pm on Wednesday was always set aside for college sport so I’m assuming this is still the case and if the 2 clubs can’t agree on a kick off time then they play at this time.
  8. shawy13

    Academy FIxtures & Team News
  9. shawy13

    Tri county series

    Dead right. Tours for players who didnt make the tour, what’s that all about
  10. shawy13

    Tri county series

    Cumbria have names theirs. Lits of names you would normally expect to see. Just 1 from Kells, Egremont and Wath Brow Cumberland Amateur Rugby League Management Committee would like to congratulate the following players who have all been selected for the 30 man squad to represent the county in the upcoming open age tri-county series of games, 1. Russ Bolton Askam ARL 2. Liam Saunders Askam ARL 3. Adam Jackson Askam ARL 4. Luke Crossman Aspatria Hornets 5. Mark Irwin Aspatria Hornets 6. Blain Marwood Barrow Island 7. Jonathon Walsh Barrow Island 8. Peter Rimmer Barrow Island 9. Josh Banham Barrow Island 10, Carl McBain Barrow Island 11. Jonny Goulding Cockermouth 12. Peter Wood Cockermouth 13. Jamie Friel Distington 14 James Motum Distington 15. Liam McNicholas Distington 16. Matt Hewer Distington 17. Ryan Hodgson Distington 18. Luke Penrice Ellenborough 19. Jason Graham Ellenborough 20. Ryan Wilson Ellenborough 21. Phil Flavell Ellenborough 22, Gary Tierney Glasson Rangers 23, Callum Kinrade Kells 24. Emmerson Allen Lowca 25. Bobby Wright Millom 26. Jonathin Hodgson Millom 27. Lewis Mason Seaton 28. Oscar Harris Seaton 29. Steve O'Connor Ulverston 30. Connor Saunders Ulverston Well done to each and every one of you
  11. One friday night Roose got revenge in the top 4 final winning 36-16
  12. shawy13

    Rl Backchat

    That’s more than enough, simple and effective. Not to everyone’s liking but certainly the majority. It’s the modern way and the club needs to move with the times.
  13. shawy13

    Rl Backchat

    They should be
  14. shawy13

    Time for a rethink ?

    Scrap NCL 2&3 and those teams would rejoin the regional leagues which would make them a lot stronger. Less mismatches which I would guess mean more games played. Imagine NWML premier with Judes, Crosfields, Millom etc added to West Bank and Orrell. Do we even need 4 NCL divisions? I would say definitely not. The NCL should be seen as the pinnacle of the amateur game but now it’s an open house. Clock Face for instance got relegated from NWML premier division and the season after they are an NCL side. I seen Salford Roosters play this year and lose 100-0 with 11 men, 2 of which looked to be 50. Fair play to them for getting the game on and not giving up but that’s not what the NCL should be about.
  15. shawy13

    NCL Division 2

    I believe East Hull have applied and there could be another Cumbria application as well