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  1. Interesting 24 hours coming up for the Raiders. Obviously not planning on hanging around league 1 too long
  2. If my source is correct (which he always is) the next signing is an absolute belter. Well done PG ??
  3. I’ve heard that myself from a club that has applied. NCL for me should be 2 leagues and everyone else strengthening the regional leagues which are knackered right now due in my opinion to the huge standard gaps in a division because of any Tom Dick or Harry being in the NCL Teams travelling with 11 men and their opponents taking players off at half tome to even the game up or teams scoring 80+ points against a bare 13 with 3 fat guys aged 50 from the masters team making the numbers up is not what the NCL should be about
  4. Walney and Dalton apparently from South Cumbria
  5. There is a 6 team Barrow and district league which comprises mainly ‘A’ teams of clubs who operate in the NCL or NWML. With the exception of Dalton The league currently consists of Daltonn Askam A Barrow Island A Walney A Millom A Ulverston A Hindpool Tigers and Roose Pioneers have not entered A teams this season due to lack of numbers and a number of the teams playing are also struggling. There is also the Hull league but that is in a worse state than the barrow league
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