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  1. Walney and Dalton apparently from South Cumbria
  2. There is a 6 team Barrow and district league which comprises mainly ‘A’ teams of clubs who operate in the NCL or NWML. With the exception of Dalton The league currently consists of Daltonn Askam A Barrow Island A Walney A Millom A Ulverston A Hindpool Tigers and Roose Pioneers have not entered A teams this season due to lack of numbers and a number of the teams playing are also struggling. There is also the Hull league but that is in a worse state than the barrow league
  3. Good news for me and the Raiders I’d say
  4. I would just forget about Gareth Hock. More chance of seeing me in a Raiders shirt
  5. Teams in NWML get £100 to travel to South Cumbria. We get nothing for going the other way 10 times a year
  6. Best bring your boots then
  7. Would imagine the club would rather have 100 people in the raiders bar and uncomfortable than 200 in the kill one
  8. Ridiculous decision to have that event during pre season. I had a good night though, same time next year
  9. That’s what I said. Russia, Ukraine its all the same isn’t it
  10. Yorkshire do. Midlands and Cumbria both have as well quite recently. Cumbria went to Serbia about 3 years ago can’t remeber where Midlands went but sure they have been to Ukraine and Spain
  11. Dead right. Can’t let the rugby spoil a great weekend. I’d love to be out there win lose or draw
  12. Was thinking that the other day but couldn’t find the picture to do it justice. We had a team shot with the pub and snow capped fells in the background it was stunning. These ones really don’t do it justice
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