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  1. pennington

    Squad numbers and name.

    I would love a shirt with the name and number on it they could do that
  2. pennington

    Today’s game with Leigh

    Brilliant performance, every player worked together and put together one of the best games I've watched by barrow. Leigh spent 1.6 million on wages but like there chairman said money clearly can't buy a team. Uptheraiders
  3. Thought I would create this to see what we think. Going to be a tough game against them, but if we play like we did against Newcastle it should be a win. Barrow 28-10 Whitehaven UPTHERAIDERS
  4. pennington

    It's Newcastle

    The best performance all year !! Brilliant game to watch. Roll on next week vs Whitehaven !!
  5. pennington

    Players Visas for Toronto trip

    Looking forward to this match tonight even though we are not at full strength, I will be cheering them on from home COYR !!!
  6. pennington


    By far the best player this season, brilliant signing !!
  7. pennington

    JB testimonial match

    Barrow raiders 58-0 barrow select
  8. pennington

    Barrow vs Keighley predictions

    This game will be a very good guide to see how our squad is shaping up for the coming season, with keighley being the favourites for promotion. As this game is at home, I think we can win this but will be a close game in all aspects. Barrow 26-22 keighley Attendence: 1084 Mom: josh ward First try: Kyle Dolan
  9. pennington

    V Whitehaven 18/1/15

    Well that performance was excellent, the lads from leigh were fantastic and will prove to be very good signings for us. Josh ward was very good yesterday and can only improve throughout this season and joe bullock was very impressive with his defense and also had strong running. Big well done to Kyle Dolan on scoring a hatrick on his debut for barrow. Overall a very impressive performance!! Well done cresta and other coaching staff. Keighley next up, will be a good tester to see where we are for the coming season.
  10. pennington

    Wigan vs Huddersfield tickets

    I have 3 tickets for the wigan vs Huddersfield match and looking for about 40 pound they are in north stand and unreserved seating
  11. sorry for giving you negitive repitation i did it by accident

  12. Hi Phil,

    Just in case the text hasnt come through, yes it is Gary 07766421081.

  13. Hi "Pennington" Thanks very much for the offer of a lift. I am also waiting to find out from Karen if they are putting on a second coach or if someone cancels on the bus thats going. My mobile number is 07510103983 if you can send me a text I will contact you later today regarding whether I still need a lift if thats ok? Cheers Warren

  14. Sorry mate give me a text on 07717206685 if there is room etc

  15. Ok Is it Gary

    Phil Thompson here big lad from 1 Milton st

    Any room with you away on Satarday?