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  1. 2018 Fixtures

    Anyone know when they are out?
  2. It's in Salford! So not ideal for Swinton though admittedly only just over the border.
  3. 2017 Fixtures

    Anyone know when they are out?
  4. Wales v Serbia Saturday 15/10/16 on TV

    Being half Serbian Im afraid I will be rooting for the Serbs!
  5. Today v Worky

    Results are showing how extremely competitive this league is with both Oldham and Whitehaven causing upsets in recent weeks! Already looks likely we are going to have to beat one or two of the established sides along the way if we are to stay up.
  6. kick off

    confirmed as Sunday 3pm
  7. Coach to AJ Bell for Dewsbury match 7th February

    Was a great atmosphere in the Cock and Swine both pre and post match for the play off final and important to show a presence in the pubs in the town.Oh and they have an excellent selection of real ales!
  8. Ryan Giggs reveals love for Rugby League

    What a gifted player Ryan Giggs father was! along with Les Holliday the best Swinton player of the last forty years in my opinion.
  9. Match Ticket and Coach Arrangements

    I believe 80per cent of our allocation is West Stand behind the posts
  10. Swinton away Sunday 3pm

    Presley was awesome,just a shame for you that he made the mistake that gave us the position for the golden point.The missed kicks cost you the game.
  11. Supporters player of the year

    A personal favourite of mine this year has been Aaron Lloyd although I think Ackers will win player of the year.
  12. Swinton 26 Oldham 32

    No disputing Oldham deserved the win however after cutting the deficit to just two points early in the second half the momentum was with us.Poor discipline in that second half ultimately cost us! Five penalties on the bounce handed the impetus back to our visitors and they quickly regained control.
  13. Was quite surprised by the relatively poor turnout by Crusaders fans,looked live Swinton outnumbered them by at least three to one.