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  1. V The Giants

    What was the score please.
  2. Good News

    The graphics looked impressive, just got to get the scorers name lit up now, that will be work in progress.
  3. Wakey friendly

    No it wasn't what a dirge, yes I know that at one time Sammy King used to grace the terraces at the Mount.
  4. Toronto

    Is that the one with AirTrans.
  5. Good News

    Sorry to disappoint you all, we are at a family funeral over in Leeds next Friday afternoon, and be going back to a club over there, so more than likely I will be too bozled to go, just have to wait until another time.
  6. Good News

    No next week.
  7. Lewis Gailbraith

    I have added him to the matrix for the player stats for the forum and the club, I have him as number 29.
  8. Good News

    Good News week, fabulous, now I'd better get up to the Mount and purchase my season ticket.
  9. 2018

    Pardon GOR, what was that you said.
  10. (Will It Be A) Happy New Year

    The breakie club starts again this Tuesday I believe.
  11. (Will It Be A) Happy New Year

    Haapy New Year coolie, I know it's late other events overtook me,
  12. 2018

    Talk about what skint pensioners shouldn't be doing, I went to the dark side last night, The Crown on Leeds Road, it was so scary and noisy I soon made my escape back to a sedate Batley. Why do pubs put loud noisy disco's on in tiny rooms thus forcing the clientele to raise their voices and that's only the women to get over the disco din, to me it ruined the birthday do I was attending. I suppose it served me right for going to the dark side.
  13. 2018

    Oh yes they can if like me get the grand kids and great grand kids to pay for your season ticket, then that frees up £120 so you see that pays for two retro shirts and maybe the away shirt. The away trip to Toronto is being financed via saving a little bit each week ever since Toronto got promoted and supping a couple of pints less
  14. 2018

    Thank you Batley Bob, we are at a funeral in Leeds that day so might not be capable of attending, will try my best. Not at all RPH, just an old skint pensioner, I quite like the look of the shirt, might get that one as well ready for Toronto away.
  15. 2018

    Sorry I have not replied before now, up at 03.30 and off up Durham at 05.00 so when I get back I'm too knacked to reply. When is the embargo being lifted. I think Batley have missed a trick by not having it available pre Christmas, look at the potential sales that could have been generated especially for Ravensport and ultimately to the Bulldogs.