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  1. Only this year coolie.
  2. Brilliant result for you guys, lets hope you get another real money spinner, I suppose you won't care whether it's at home or away. Cheers Roger.
  3. Yes at the moment just a win by whatever is a must.
  4. Thanks and well done on promoting the event, more than our club seem to be able to do at the moment.
  5. As much as you want.
  6. Possibly not with it being a cup tie.
  7. No I won't BSJ as I have mentioned on here a few times. Lets just hope we can give you a decent match.
  8. Looking back at the Rochdale match didn't Maher have black tape round his facing and nose possibly suggesting he as a broken nose as well. Correct Cas would pull their lads out so as not to be cup tied, apart from Hitcock who presuming he is in final 17 then he will be cup tied mystified about this.
  9. WOW what's happening it's not sunday morning yet, but I noticed it's the RFL that's released them and not the club.
  10. Please note it's the Charitable Trust that's doing it and the stand alone website, so more power to their elbows, I can see this happening. John Humpleby works his socks off in this cause and I have seen him working in this cause. As regards the main club website the least said the better, hence why I am doing a trimmed down version of the Players stats. Cheers Roger.
  11. I'm unsure about Matt Diskin, but are prepared to give him ago. Our expectations after last season was massive, but with things changing on the coaching side other things have to change. Here's hoping things change for the better. Cheers Roger.
  12. LOL 9' oller, nice one. Although I don't use twitter no account, I use the link on the Batley Bulldogs site there is a link to twitter, that's how I keep track of the game if not at the match.
  13. I gave my season ticket a rest today.