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  1. As I mentioned previously there are 3 players that needed signing on, they where/are Patch Walker, Danny Cowling and Alex Bretherton. Well part of my list as come to fruition with Patch Walker signing on, now for the other 2. I would also love to see Johnny Campbell back at the Mount. Cheers Roger.
  2. Thank you very much, sounds like a very good trip.
  3. Brilliant news this and also one of my 3 wishes a couple of weeks ago when I posted them on the forum and I don't mind where they play him so long as he is on the field.
  4. Hello you Hunslet supporters, it looks like we Batley could be visiting them next season, could anybody point us in the direction of good deals for transport and accommodation, I know you all enjoyed the trip if not the result. I have started saving up for this trip so any help will more than gratefully accepted. yours in sport, Roger Thompson(Batley fan).
  5. would not be surprised if he wanted to come back home.
  6. It's gone, when it's gone and Kevin or the BOD's say so and not until.
  7. The full match is on BullsTv.
  8. Honestly why mess about with the team again now, just go with what we have got and sort it out in the close season.
  9. I can't see London easing off, full time team so will play as such.
  10. Probably in that order just have to mix the home games with the away ones.
  11. 1, Manning awesome tackling and yardage made. 2, Walker/Brambani astute kicking and craft.(can't make my mind up) 3, Day, for his let me atem attitude. To be fair a few more could have got my vote.
  12. Now I enjoyed that match.
  13. To be honest never seen the ref before and I thought he had a decent game, he allowed the match to flow and took action only when needed.
  14. And in front of Mr Woods and Mr Hetherington, what where they spying up on. Wow some of them first half awesome tackles made me shudder and I was 7 steps up in the 9 ole.