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  1. Just looked on the Toulouse website and the kick off is at 15.30hrs, looked Rynair flights to Carcasonne flying out Friday 3/2/2017 returning on the Monday and the cheapest I can see is £118. Cheers Roger.
  2. Nice Bobble Hats as well, nice one Kevin, mine fits as snug as a rug and certainly kept the ears warm. Cheers Roger.
  3. And congratulations to the young referee who in my eyes had a good game.
  4. It's ok The Grinder I only said it tongue in cheek as I had read it about them using Waky. Cheers Roger(Batley fan).
  5. We will find out on Sunday.
  6. Oooooooops the new wheels they where putting on have just dropped off again, Smith no longer the coach.
  7. That's ok then as they have Sheffield sub letting the ground so some income still coming in, but that might be a rumour.
  8. DR

    Interesting point is without naming clubs but can two full time teams do a dual registration thingy.
  9. Are Sheffield a full time team again this year?
  10. +1.
  11. So that's now 2 New Zealanders that's registered new companies with companies house, what about the RFL have they decided yet.?
  12. Sad to read in today's Batley non News of the death of Terry Dewhirst, a very good forward in his day, sportsman of the year of Carlinghow WMC when he went professional, in later years landlord of the Victoria Inn at Carlinghow and I believe a book maker as well.
  13. Billybulldogs, this is a copy of one.
  14. In the absence of any firm news might I suggest that any body that can get up to the Mount in the morning to the breakfast do so, maybe just maybe there might be some news there. Cheers Roger.
  15. Ta.