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  1. Championship shield semi final match thread

    I think you need to go out and have a few sherberts tonight RPH.
  2. Why did we spend £10k......

    Hi Batley Bob, I suggested quiet a while ago about moving the time to the top. Couldn't we tap into the turbine for power seeing as we are supposed to be energy efficient.
  3. Why did we spend £10k......

    Yes it does, and it's over the wall at the rear of the shed.
  4. Why did we spend £10k......

    Yes it as, they pushed it out from under the stand and up the small slope to where it stands now before the match and back again afterwards, they did it at about 13.00hrs. Don't know now with the wrestle room being there now.
  5. Why did we spend £10k......

    No matter where it's put there will always be somebody who can't see it.
  6. Why did we spend £10k......

    Without wishing to aggrevate the issue, Kevin as asked if there is anybody the necessary knowledge and commitment to come forward and help resolve the manning position. The positioning of the scoreboard is not brilliant but better than nothing, but hey ho what will be will be. I only wish I could operate it.
  7. Player stats 2017

    Hello there Phil and Johndere, when I entered the scores on my stats I had checked with other people as to the scorers and credited Leak with 2 tries, Manning 1, Chandler 1, Bretherton 1 Ainscough 1, and Scott 5 goals. The papers and other media followed just one source and that source had got it wrong, the only source to get it right on Sunday night was League Weekly. That is why I said that I might have to re adjust them but after contacting the club it was confirmed what I had entered was correct and that is what posted. At the end of the day it all a bit of fun out of nothing appearing on the main website until last week, and yes I was late in starting it and there was some duff information in one source I used to catch up with. Next season it will be correct from the first kick off as it is already set up.
  8. Bulldogs v seagulls

    The Sheffield lad got sending off sufficient, Leak got sin bin sufficient as well.
  9. Player stats 2017

    I have had an answer back from the club, so it stands as I have it folks.
  10. Bulldogs V Beagles MOM

    Hi ColinB, Leak scored 2 tries as confirmed by John Miller to me today.
  11. Championship shield semi final match thread

    I would think so although I believe they are reducing the prices as per header banner.
  12. Championship shield semi final match thread

    I take it, it's all day on the day.
  13. Bulldogs v seagulls

  14. Player stats 2017

    This might have to be altered slightly, I have wrote to the club asking for clarification on a couple of scores, due to me not being at the match.
  15. Bulldogs v seagulls

    Are you sure, the Championship players are dealt with the week after, ie 26th September.