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  1. RogerT

    Batley v Swinton

    They did in the last match of the regular season.
  2. RogerT

    Matt Diskin

    Who says that 7 are not with us next season, remember there is only 3 that have been declared as signed for other teams. Yes I know the Swinton game is the final game of the season and then maybe we will get to know if any more are going.
  3. RogerT

    Batley v Swinton

    Are you dressing up fancy then BB.
  4. RogerT

    Presentation night

    Good one Kevin.
  5. RogerT

    Leigh v Batley

    Brilliant ernieone, just skitting at BB(I think) who jokingly said how could I remark after doing it from the twitter feed lol.
  6. RogerT

    Leigh v Batley

    I agree.
  7. RogerT

    Leigh v Batley

    Thank you for an honest appraisal of the game and ref, with mentioning Brambani and Campbell why not pop onto the MOM thread and have a vote it is open to both sets of supporters and also anybody who views the DVD, it would be nice for an unblinkered view.
  8. RogerT

    The player stats continue into the Shield

    That is so and not forgetting Michael Ward and one or two others that are very near those figures. I would also point out Brad Day leading try scorer although Johnny Campbell is getting close. I have enjoyed doing it, and I will continue to do it again next season.
  9. RogerT


    Brilliant I take my hat off to you.
  10. RogerT

    Leigh V Bulldogs MOM shield thread

    Sorry can't comment not at the match nor listened to the radio just saw the twitter thingy's, not got the DVD yet.
  11. RogerT

    Leigh v Batley

    That must be the Batley Independent Away Travel club lol.
  12. RogerT

    The player stats continue into the Shield

    Here are the Player Stats following the great win at Leigh.
  13. RogerT

    Leigh v Batley

    Brilliant result this, see what a complete team can do and as done over the last 4 weeks, I now owe a fortune to the War Chest which I will gladly pay next week smiling.
  14. RogerT

    Bulldog inbound Jack Downs

    All being well tomorrow Monday, and Kevin said it.
  15. RogerT

    Fine win for Batley Boys

    I wonder whether Batley have had a look at them for possible recruitment.