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  1. RogerT

    Toulouse game

    Thank you Kevin for your input and insight into the club, when you have time on Saturday I'll have a chat with you, not on here. Cheers Roger T
  2. RogerT

    Toulouse game

    And ours is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, just as I thought nothing till just before kick off.
  3. RogerT

    Renewal of Loans

    Same here with our loanee from them and also our temporary attached player as well. The link up with the Giants goes back years, just went under the radar, we are partners in a lottery, we have used their medical facilities and rehab facilities as well, so not just players.
  4. RogerT

    Ase Boas Mutually Released

    Not really The Phantom Horseman, everybody now knows that there are no settled places in the Bulldogs team, it all depends on who the coach fancy to move around, just to fool the opposition oh and us spectators.
  5. RogerT

    Sunday's referee. Interesting choice.

    Give over lads or I'll let the Hawks loose.
  6. RogerT

    Crikey, Giants down to 18

    Apart from Giants play Friday night and us on Saturday.
  7. Huddersfield Giants can only name a 18 man squad for their next fixture, does that mean we will lose Russell back to them and also Wood.
  8. RogerT

    Toulouse game

    And all Batley as to do is tackle, tackle, tackle, forget about scoring just stop them and then win the game with a drop kick. Awe well it was a good dream.
  9. RogerT

    Player Stats 2019

    As well as could be expected, 17/03/2019.
  10. RogerT

    Toronto Prediction

    Of the 19 named who where the two to miss out please.
  11. RogerT

    New 7

    Prey tell us then ginaldo, who do you reckon the captain will be.
  12. RogerT

    Toronto Prediction

    And James Brown as the captain so it looks like a full shift for him.
  13. RogerT

    New 7

    Now that is interesting, with Brambani not in the squad and James Brown the vice captain it looks like Brown will be on from the start as captain.
  14. RogerT

    Wolfpack vs Bulldogs March 17

    Unfortunately no I have to be at the hospital with my wife for a MRI scan just after dinner tomorrow and that is more important, most if any of our fans will have gone by then, so I just have to go down to the Nash and watch it on the telly and a beer or two. If this rain keeps coming down like this the game might not be on.
  15. RogerT

    New 7

    I like this topic, keep it going.