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  1. Batley v Leigh Cup Match

    Did anybody else notice and think that Leigh changed once Micky Higham came onto the field.
  2. Players Stats 2018

    Yes got both sets done and posted, the one's that go on the website I have just done, even behind the glass it was cold.
  3. Batley Bulldogs V Leigh MOM Challenge cup

    1, Ward 2, Cowling 3, Smeaton. In fact all 34 players deserve a mention as well as the volunteers who got the ground fit to play.
  4. Players Stats 2018

    Here is the updated player stats including today. Kevin reassured us that next week he will bring the War Chest up to date, with him snow shovelling he didn't bring his equipment for the draw.
  5. Batley v Leigh Cup Match

    According to the twitter thingy the GAME is ON volunteers clearing the surrounding area, buses starting to run but main roads only, taxi's is your guess. If you go to the match please be safe.
  6. If Shaw Cross's pitch is owned by Kirklees Council then it's more than likely them that's closed the pitches down as they usually do by Wednesday/Thursday.
  7. Brambani

    Right then I'll take him off the naughty step on the stats sheet.
  8. Leigh challenge cup game

    Why? they must have done it when in the SL last season, no probs for a full time team.
  9. Brooklands bar

    Refer to the lead story in last weeks rag.
  10. Good Friday

    Why are you going to misappropriate them for yours.
  11. Leigh challenge cup game

    Itwher a typo.
  12. Good Friday

    Pub, tea, match then pub again, sorted.
  13. Leigh challenge cup game

    That's better Batley Bob
  14. Do we know...

    Nice one, when I asked the club yesterday the Dewsbury fixture wasn't fixed so glad it is now, probably a good idea for the Toulouse fixture.
  15. Leigh challenge cup game

    Just goes to show that it's not obviously the match is not regarded as the tie of the round only sending 1 toughie no time keeper no match commissioner, and no reserve ref.