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  1. RogerT

    Bulldogs V Eagles MOM thread

    1, Davey 2, Rowe 3, Scott Seen for myself BB lol.
  2. RogerT

    Players Stats 2018

    Updated Player Stats.
  3. RogerT

    Batley v Sheffield

    Following today's match I'm wondering how many more injuries the team as picked up. Looks like Cowling is going to be missing, Holland seemed to be carrying his right arm after a heavy tackle, then Sowerby looks to have hurt himself. I thought that the two young half backs took sometime to blend then did some good things. The thing that let the team down where the two interception tries and the three called back tries.
  4. RogerT

    Toronto Wolfpack away

    Thank you lads it makes sense to check it out as soon as Toronto got promoted, you can bet that if and when the SL clubs have to visit there will be non of this, even some of the Toronto fans have been telling people how to do it correctly since they came into the league.
  5. RogerT

    Toronto Wolfpack away

    Following on from Dewsbury this week who are in Toronto it appears that two players where turned back at the airport for visa irregularities in Britain. Lets hope that the management at Batley have got it all sorted out due to to us being down to the bare bones of a team unless some of the injured players are coming back, we certainly can't afford any turnbacks. I did mention this about six months ago to the management , this came about from last seasons League 1 teams who suffered massively through lack of knowledge.
  6. RogerT

    batley fan

    Hi there DazzerBulldog, I fly out on the Thursday there is quite a few going, not sure whether I'm doing the falls trip I'm more interested in the brewery trips, either way I'm going to enjoy myself, by the way the game is incidental going more for the experience. Cheers Roger.
  7. RogerT

    Batley Bulldogs vs Wolfpack July 14

    I but when we do we are generous, but it does take some prising away from us.
  8. RogerT

    Toulouse V Bulldogs MOM thread

    Mainly because I don't have the chance to get the video of the match this week. Also I didn't cross the channel either, so I had to rely on the twitter feed and the Toulouse clips. I have no problem with this, I suppose I could always remove my voting. Cheers Roger.
  9. RogerT

    Oh no! another player down

    I see the Bulls have a hooking problem and if they could have recalled Butterworth they would have, but he as another week to run on his loan period and that's from John Kear, so we look like that's it then for him and us.
  10. RogerT


    Yates I like the look of.
  11. RogerT

    Toulouse V Bulldogs MOM thread

    Purely going on the Toulouse video, 1, Tomlinson for breaking his scoring duck 2, Holland also for breaking his duck 3, Izaac Farrell.
  12. RogerT

    Players Stats 2018

    Hi there folks, here is the updated Player Stats after our trip over the channel.
  13. RogerT


    Well done to Tomlinson scoring his first tries for Batley, and also Holland for breaking his duck also. When I post the players stats you will notice that I still have Davey and Brown down as injured although the are on the team list supplied to the RL, although Brown didn't appear on the team sheet, but nice to see him there with the lads.
  14. RogerT


    Considering all in all and the nearness of the result compared with what was expected I will be donating my fiver to the War Chest, brave of the lads.
  15. RogerT

    RIP Geoff Gunney MBE

    What a fella, rawboned and hard as nails, it was my pleasure to see him a few times. RIP, Roger(Batley fan)