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  1. RogerT

    Matchday Magazine

    Sorry I missed you DD taxi's where so busy up to the mount I didn't arrive till 13.45.
  2. RogerT

    Yorkshire Cup Final

    About as clear as mud.
  3. RogerT

    Matchday Magazine

    I also agree and notice that the club have put Tom Lillycrop down at number 10, I know that they had left it open now they have declared him I will fill his name in at 10, also noticed that 3 players are still to be confirmed as having sponsors.
  4. RogerT

    Paul Brearley signs

    Just goes to show that Batley do things right and treat players right. Another Harrison type.
  5. RogerT

    Paul Brearley signs

    On the main website, and also on my Bulldogs list.
  6. RogerT

    Paul Brearley signs

  7. RogerT

    Stockpilling frogs legs

    And I believe he was up at the Mount on Sunday.
  8. RogerT

    Yorkshire Cup Final

    Correct 9'oiler and BB, I used it on Sunday with my all games pass. but you are correct it wants sorting.
  9. RogerT

    Semi final

    Yes I remember seeing the commentary box above the long stand and also listening to a match whilst in hospital. Out of interest do you get feedback as to how many people listen.
  10. RogerT

    Yorkshire Cup Final

    And I'll buy you one as well.
  11. RogerT

    York’s cup match thread

    I too was disappointed with the attendance. York will give some teams a right fright.
  12. RogerT


    Correct DD.
  13. RogerT


    Got mine on Friday morning and sent my reply straight back, I also like the idea and also the squad names released at the same time, good.
  14. RogerT

    Semi final

    Are they covering the Bulldogs and York match as well.
  15. RogerT


    Don't see Kershaws any more, not enough clubs and pubs left even Salvation Army given up going around with the War Cry.