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  1. was played last night
  2. Still cant get it have we been cut off
  3. Any news regarding organised trips by Toronto owner.
  4. Your biggest game of the season was last week which seemed poorly attended no Bradford fans there ?.
  5. Bradford may say different at this moment in time.
  6. You've got two don't be greedy
  7. Maybe a chance against Doncaster, Haven an Batley. But the banker and most important two are against Town
  8. Are we both comparing the same fixture lists I would say Hunslet have the easier run in. Which fixtures do you think Workington and Hunslet could or will pick points up. Lets be honest not many Hunslet fans would have said before the game they were expecting to win.
  9. Would be nice for the Dockers to win and carry on their successful season.
  10. Fancy a win for Siddal seem to be back to normal after slow start to season.
  11. Interesting game Hunslet Parkside v East Leeds will be a test for Hunslet.
  12. Seems your experience has gone and that's by reading what your own fans put on the forum.
  13. Just being realistic I assume then no players in your team have long contracts and your support will not reduce in numbers if you do not have a successful season. Then you will have no worries paying the wages next year if this is the case you are very lucky..
  14. Brace yourselves because next year you will struggle even more you were never SL material and never will be. You just used to be a big fish in a little pond and are now are back to being a little fish. You are now just like many other teams at this level you will probably have two or three decent seasons run out of money then have a few lean years. As the saying goes what goes around. I think the hardest part will be keeping hold of your supporters and not see them drifting to watch a SL club. Please do not think this is sour grapes just past experiences.