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  1. BOCM cup

    Surely its not sponsorship that's lacking but more teams and players as at the moment the standard of the league needs to improve.
  2. Yorkshire cup Semi finals

    My teams got no game today does anybody know if Lock Lane v East Leeds on.
  3. Yorkshire cup Semi finals

    Do any of the Three Tuns players who played that day also play for Doncaster or any other semi pro team or is this not true.
  4. Yorkshire cup Semi finals

    Marauder please clarify what you mean because I may be naïve whats happening ? Is this because as previously stated by yourself both teams have beaten you recently.
  5. Yorkshire cup Semi finals

    Surprise , surprise same weekend as 1st round of Challenge Cup which three of the teams have been invited to enter. So at least one team has two cup games that weekend.
  6. Toronto v Hunslet

    was played last night
  7. Website

    Still cant get it have we been cut off
  8. Toronto

    Any news regarding organised trips by Toronto owner.
  9. Leigh to ignore Salary Cap

    Your biggest game of the season was last week which seemed poorly attended no Bradford fans there ?.
  10. Leigh to ignore Salary Cap

    Bradford may say different at this moment in time.
  11. Squad for Leigh

    You've got two don't be greedy
  12. Squad to face Halifax

    Maybe a chance against Doncaster, Haven an Batley. But the banker and most important two are against Town
  13. Squad to face Halifax

    Are we both comparing the same fixture lists I would say Hunslet have the easier run in. Which fixtures do you think Workington and Hunslet could or will pick points up. Lets be honest not many Hunslet fans would have said before the game they were expecting to win.
  14. Big Hull Derby

    Would be nice for the Dockers to win and carry on their successful season.
  15. Leigh Miners v Siddal

    Fancy a win for Siddal seem to be back to normal after slow start to season.