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  1. georgehadgingerhair

    Pennine website (New)

    Really good hope it is kept updated and clubs support it with news and match reports. Marauder noticed Moorends not in top league didn't you come second to Toll Bar last year. Already four out of ten games postponed on opening day not good. Still think clubs should be fined for not fulfilling fixtures. Clubs should not have the opportunity to cancel two games per season my reasoning behind this is some clubs will cancel games if they have to travel a distance but still play them at home and pull out at the end of the season if they can't win anything without playing them. Or play against a team they feel they have no chance of beating and pull out at the end of the season without playing them. This then spoils it for those two types of teams as you could have more than one team doing this in the league so teams are not playing regular get fed up and pack in. I think you criticise summer rugby and always compare Yorkshire League with the Pennine League regarding the fulfilment of fixtures how come you do not include that other summer rugby the NCL in your figures. Don't you think we could learn from the NCL as I have previously said sometimes I think the Pennine League and Yorkshire League are more like friendly leagues and some teams are less committed than they should be.
  2. georgehadgingerhair

    Winning start in Widnes for Broncos

    Well done keep up the good work
  3. georgehadgingerhair


    Heard he was approaching players from other clubs for next season.
  4. georgehadgingerhair

    Remaining Fixtures predictions

    Unbiased opinion but looking at the fixtures I think Oldham and Workington will miss the play offs and can see you only winning three more games. I think 34 points you have chance down to points difference to reach them if you get 36 or above your in. Must congratulate both you and the Whitehaven supporters on this forum for keeping the rest of us entertained it seems every article gets turned into a us and them discussion. But sometimes it gets a bit too near the bone. Lets face it nobody in this division has a massive bank account in credit else we wouldn't need to borrow players we.
  5. georgehadgingerhair


    Well it can't get no worse than last year and you do continually try to pull summer rugby down and put the Pennine League on a pedestal.
  6. georgehadgingerhair


    How many teams will kick off early this week due to football also a good opportunity for clubs to increase bar takings which I think most clubs could do with.
  7. georgehadgingerhair

    R15 Toon on Tour

    Their own or dual reg
  8. georgehadgingerhair


    Really good idea from the Pennine League looks like they are trying to work with the summer leagues. Wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of teams opt for the shorter option of October to Feb/March if it means they will be playing every week not like last year and I think a lot more teams will complete their fixtures
  9. georgehadgingerhair


    So how many did you play and how many cancelled
  10. georgehadgingerhair

    Play Offs and Coach

    Lose to Doncaster is your season over or do you think you will still make the playoffs also if you don’t will Leon still be with you next year
  11. georgehadgingerhair


    How many league games did your team actually play in the Pennine League and how many were not fulfilled by other teams. You continually try to put Summer rugby down and as I have previously said I prefer Winter rugby as well but lets face facts the Pennine League last season was a joke no continuity of fixtures and in the Championship am I correct 14 games in nine months plus cup games no wonder teams and players lose interest.
  12. georgehadgingerhair

    Attendances - Updated R19

    Thought it was a house on wheels and a horse
  13. georgehadgingerhair

    Attendances - Updated R19

    I think your attendance average will now gradually drop as the season goes on and out of curiosity what would your average attendance be without the Bradford match included. Also other teams cannot wait for York to visit them with there army of supporters have you filled a coach yet
  14. georgehadgingerhair

    Pennine League Fixtures

    Looking in the League Express you have played seventeen matches how many have you actually played it seems at least half the teams have pulled out of your division. I sympathise with you as you are a staunch believer in winter rugby and I am also but you must find it hard the support the way the Pennine League is run. Does it have a date when the season ends because I do not believe it is has tried to work with other leagues like you have previously said it has and by not doing this it is harming itself.
  15. georgehadgingerhair

    Pennine Tables

    Marauder can you please if you know how many teams are still playing in each league as the tables make it look as if all the teams are still playing or have completed their fixtures for the season. Am I correct in saying earlier on in the season you were comparing the percentage of fixtures fulfilled in both the Pennine and Yorkshire League do you know the percentages now. Also do you have any involvement with the Pennine League if so can you explain why there is no fixture list at the start of the season. I honestly think the only problem with the league is that teams are not playing regular and can go weeks without playing a game and the players get fed up. Thanks.