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  1. I know you lost but you played better than a lot of your supporters expected and to make you feel a bit better if Keighley did not have points deducted they would be top of the league not Whitehaven.
  2. 4 x £15 = £60 Couldn't your friends all go in together and sort the finances out when they got in even if they only had £50 notes surely the gate had plenty of £10 & £20 notes probably not real supporters.
  3. Stand behind the sticks at one end at Barrow Island you can only see the players at the other end from the waist upwards and behind the sticks at the clubhouse end there is a fence which is no more than 600mm from the dead ball line surprised nobody has got injured because of this.
  4. Who are Hunset do they play near Winslet or near the team that's top of the league Hunslet !
  5. Marauder is the Drig game still on still shows on Pennine it is.
  6. Billy don't particularly watch any team just noticed this as I turned up to watch it when it was cancelled had a look on the Pennine League fixtures it still shows the Warriors at home.
  7. See Hunslet Warriors v East Leeds has been arranged for March 2nd this cannot be correct after Warriors cancelled the away fixture and a 30-0 result given to East Leeds. The cancelled game should be treated as Warriors home fixture and the new fixture should be played at East Leeds. Otherwise you will get teams not travelling and be happy to give a 30-0 result.
  8. At warriors yesterday apparently they have pulled out of the league, see East Leeds have been given a 30-0 I think East Leeds would have rather played the game normally a decent crowd for local derbies between them.
  9. Why are there only fixtures showing for the third division in the Pennine League for the forthcoming weeks. I thought the league were going to produce a fixture list this season. I was hoping this year would be better than last but it seems it won't. Anybody got any suggestions to propose to the league to improve it as I'm sure the people that run it look on the forum.
  10. See a number of walkovers this week in both the cup and league why do teams enter the cup and then not fulfil fixtures is it because they are just hoping for a home game and are not willing to travel. What date is the season end in the Pennine League as some teams have only played just over half their games in division one Drig and East Leeds are in this position is this because other teams are postponing against them or just that these teams are not been allocated games. The same will happen this season just like last fixtures will not be fulfilled and to make it look like the season was completed teams will be given 30-0 results. Like I said last season teams should not be given the right to postpone games if some teams want to keep that rule let them but give all the teams the option then have one league where teams are willing to commit to playing each week and have a fixture list created at the start of the season and stick to it. with free weeks for the early rounds of the BARLA cups and if you go further then games will have to be rearranged.
  11. Noticed some teams have had points deducted but no reason given is this for not fulfilling fixtures or for some other reason.
  12. Surely if you are a player you know if you are signed on or not
  13. Pennine League have said teams will be allocated league games if they are not involved in district cup games on December 15th to try and ease backlog.
  14. Jackhammer do not assume such things I played before summer rugby existed maybe the players that want to play every week should have joined teams that have a big enough squad to be able to fulfil fixtures. Maybe teams that cannot commit to playing every week should have joined YML and played friendlies when they could rather than spoiling the Pennine League for teams who are available to play every week. Finally out of interest how many games have you postponed so far and who against I thought you were only allowed to postpone two.
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