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  1. Games Off Saturday 3rd March

    Davo I think you are the clown . I personally would like as much information as possible put on the forum by the NCL so we know the information is correct . It would also create interest on the forum and the information could be discussed on it and our opinions as supporters may be noted by the NCL.
  2. Pennine League Fixtures

    Is the present fixture list for this week up to date as there are no cancellations showing if it is great
  3. Pennine League Fixtures

    Is this because teams are cancelling or fixtures not been given to East Leeds. Like I said previously the Pennine League must be the only one that cannot supply a fixture list for a full season at the start or are we just making allowances for teams to pull out when it suits them. Would teams think more about leaving and fulfilling fixtures if they had to pay a entrance fee which would be held by the league with fines etc deducted out of it and whats left returned at the end of the season to teams or saved by the league for the following season and topped up if required for fines which have been paid the previous season. I know this seems a bit extreme and would mean teams which are not committed probably would not join meaning smaller leagues but at least teams remaining would be less likely to cancel games or pull out of the league and we would be able to be provided a season long fixture list at the start..
  4. Pennine League Fixtures

    Marauder you don't mention Boothtown and Silsden who have pulled out of that division. From the start of the season nine teams so far have pulled out of the four divisions which is just short of 20% of the teams. Why I suggested earlier it was like a friendly league you partly answered me why have the option of cancelling two games and would it not be better to complete the league and Barla National cup fixtures before playing the Yorkshire cup, Pennine Cup and District cup which are not that well supported. Finally have Brighouse folded the results show several 30-0 results so to me it seems you are just juggling figures to suit.
  5. Pennine League Fixtures

    Going through the league tables this morning noticed how the numbers of games played by teams in the same league varies so much why is this. Surely the answer would be to give a fixture list at the start of the season and stick to it. The league seems to be run like a friendly league would it not be better to charge a signing on fee which the league could then use to deduct fines etc for non fulfilment off fixtures. I know this seems extreme but would teams make more effort to fulfil fixtures than cancelling on a Thursday night and causing players from the opposing team to lose interest in the game.

    Have they folded noticed they have conceded a lot of games thought at one point in the future they were going to be a top team. With the management team in place and the facilities which were excellent they had a lot of coverage. r
  7. BOCM cup

    Surely its not sponsorship that's lacking but more teams and players as at the moment the standard of the league needs to improve.
  8. Yorkshire cup Semi finals

    My teams got no game today does anybody know if Lock Lane v East Leeds on.
  9. Yorkshire cup Semi finals

    Do any of the Three Tuns players who played that day also play for Doncaster or any other semi pro team or is this not true.
  10. Yorkshire cup Semi finals

    Marauder please clarify what you mean because I may be naïve whats happening ? Is this because as previously stated by yourself both teams have beaten you recently.
  11. Yorkshire cup Semi finals

    Surprise , surprise same weekend as 1st round of Challenge Cup which three of the teams have been invited to enter. So at least one team has two cup games that weekend.
  12. Toronto v Hunslet

    was played last night
  13. Website

    Still cant get it have we been cut off
  14. Toronto

    Any news regarding organised trips by Toronto owner.
  15. Leigh to ignore Salary Cap

    Your biggest game of the season was last week which seemed poorly attended no Bradford fans there ?.