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  1. georgehadgingerhair

    Latest addition arrived

    Well done all involved
  2. georgehadgingerhair


    Has everybody left the forum
  3. georgehadgingerhair


    Lot of postponements this week nearly 50% unless playing cup games. Marauder noticed your games postponed how come that's two games now at least looks like you will have a backlog again just hope all teams eventually play you.
  4. georgehadgingerhair


    makes sense but some players may not feel that now
  5. georgehadgingerhair


    Heard Queens have decided to call it a day can't get numbers.
  6. georgehadgingerhair

    Pennine website (New)

    Now showing quarter final fixtures for Yorkshire Cup
  7. georgehadgingerhair

    Swinton v Town final, final, final

    Can you please name the twelve or are you just speculating I bet on game day you have a full team. All this doom and gloom when you are having another opportunity at promotion its like you are all preparing yourselves for defeat hope all this negativity does not rub off onto the players who go on the forum. True supporters will be there regardless of what team you put out not using it as an excuse not to go.
  8. georgehadgingerhair


    Yes I heard the same but surely they must have strengthened their team when joining the NCL. Went to Myton this year and one of their players said he had been approached by Beverley to play for them next season. Be interesting to compare last seasons team with next seasons team when they begin playing apparently trying to do a Hunslet Parkside.
  9. georgehadgingerhair

    Squad for Bradford

  10. georgehadgingerhair


    Cant get numbers would it be worth joining with woodhouse.
  11. georgehadgingerhair


    As I have previously stated last year the season dragged on don't you think this is why teams did not complete there fixtures some teams were playing one league game a month due to postponements etc. Until it is played as a serious league without the option of postponing games this will still go on. Some teams do not only play in the Pennine League so although they try to play all there games it is made difficult due to teams who only play in it and do not seem concerned how long the season goes on for. If you were in the same predicament as the NCL teams what option would you take you continually try to put down the NCL is it not your clubs ambition to be in it. Hopefully some teams will try to play previously postponed games next week although it is grand final weekend
  12. georgehadgingerhair

    WOrkington V B*lls final

    You better be quick another team playing in a final has also approached Seacroft to see if he is available
  13. georgehadgingerhair

    WOrkington V B*lls final

    Tansey now playing in Division Three of the Pennine League with Seacroft Sharks
  14. georgehadgingerhair


    Beginning to think there will be another backlog of fixtures like last year too many games are getting postponed due to this stupid rule where you are allowed to postpone two games per season in a short season. Would it not be better to let the league know before the fixtures are published when clubs cannot fulfill a fixture so they can allow for this and just allocate games to teams that are available that week. Some teams still have not played a game and we are three weeks into the season. Some teams I think are picking and choosing which teams they wish to play due to either travel or afraid they will get beat. Would it not be better if the Pennine League reduced the chance to postponed games down to one now although the season has started and some teams may have used both options already. Finally will same happen this season like last NCL teams will leave without completing there fixtures due to this.
  15. georgehadgingerhair

    Pennine website (New)

    Really good hope it is kept updated and clubs support it with news and match reports. Marauder noticed Moorends not in top league didn't you come second to Toll Bar last year. Already four out of ten games postponed on opening day not good. Still think clubs should be fined for not fulfilling fixtures. Clubs should not have the opportunity to cancel two games per season my reasoning behind this is some clubs will cancel games if they have to travel a distance but still play them at home and pull out at the end of the season if they can't win anything without playing them. Or play against a team they feel they have no chance of beating and pull out at the end of the season without playing them. This then spoils it for those two types of teams as you could have more than one team doing this in the league so teams are not playing regular get fed up and pack in. I think you criticise summer rugby and always compare Yorkshire League with the Pennine League regarding the fulfilment of fixtures how come you do not include that other summer rugby the NCL in your figures. Don't you think we could learn from the NCL as I have previously said sometimes I think the Pennine League and Yorkshire League are more like friendly leagues and some teams are less committed than they should be.