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  1. Does it matter about the money? ,,As we can now all say Alex Walmsley.."He is one of our own"...and a great player.
  2. Let us see what Friday brings us, and then complain. The squad rotation in my opinion is a result of us for the first time ever being in a position to be able to do it.
  3. 1. Liilycrop 2. Brown 3. Smeaton Rochdale in my opinion beat themselves, 36-12 up and blew it ! Ball in hand I thought they played some good rugby, and scored some very good tries. However they lost it with - Total indiscipline, and today is not a one off. - A lack of fitness,
  4. I thought we played well at times on Sunday and stuck in until the final whistle 1.Dave Scott 2.Dane Manning 3.Dom Brambani
  5. 1.Walker 2.Farrell 3.Scott
  6. Well done supertyke, and thank you
  7. I honestly could not pick a man of the match. Every player who pulled that shirt on yesterday deserved it. A superb TEAM performance.
  8. Scott Day Homes
  9. The kick off time has now been changed to 2pm to 2.30pm.
  10. ?
  11. 1.Dave Scott..Mr Reliable 2. Tom Homes - Made a difference 3 Joel Farrell- Made a difference
  12. 1,Dave Scott 2.James Davey 3 Dane Manning
  13. And our team is?
  14. My vote has to be 1. "Pie Man" for his dress code at the match.- The Englishman abroad 2017 Spring collection 2.Dave Scott 3.Dane Manning
  15. You look a top Bobb(le)y Dazzler in the that hat Roger T.