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  1. Looks like Henry Paul is their new man. Keeping it in the family.
  2. Does anybody know the exact kick off time ? I have seen 3.00pm, 3.15pm. and 3.30pm....?
  3. When i went with the club the first year we all stayed at the Best Western Hotel Capitoul. It was very central and near the popular bar areas, We caught the metro to and from the ground, The Metro station was a short walk from the hotel.
  4. It will be a typical boxing day heavy woollen derby..there will not be a lot in it in my opinion.
  5. We should have a good turn out down in the South of France. No doubt the Melting Pot will be very popular watering hole after the game again, if we can manage to get a win. Has Coolie booked his flight yet?
  6. William you are better off booking your own flights and accommodation, Fly Ryanair to Carcassonne and get the train to Toulouse. Some great deals at the moment,
  7. Let us all move on now,, Dane "with the broken thumb" is now once again a Batley player. Welcome back Dane...A Batley lad.
  8. Does anybody know what time the game actually kicks off. Is it 3.00 pm, 3.15 pm, or 3.30 pm ? I have seen three kick off times. I am considering booking on the Flybe Manchester to Toulouse flight on the Saturday morning which arrives in Toulouse at 2 pm. Depending on the kick off time could make it tight getting to the game.
  9. Fair play to the Giants. So..why do not Batley put an advert in the Huddersfield Examiner, the Yorkshire Evening Post (Which was being given away free in Briggate this Tuesday ?) and the Telegraph and Argus(To wind up the Bulls ).? We have a great offer them all. Just my opinion. Competition is brilliant. No good complaining..
  10. Just read the posts. In my opinion KN's post means that he would like BISSA to continue doing the brilliant job they have done for a number of years..and totally Independent, and not merge with the other groups as a previous poster suggested, Maybe I am wrong.
  11. Congratulations John.. A true gentleman and a scholar.
  12. Free bus travel !.Free admission !..A Free bar Derek ?
  13. Sky Bet offering 100/1 for a Bulldogs win tomorrow night.
  14. Yesterday surely the In goal touch judge should make the call ?
  15. Just a very evenly contested game IMO. Two very evenly matched teams giving everything, which could have gone either way. And both sides deserve credit.