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  1. Not me...and the majority of Batley fans....
  2. Well done to all of the lads and MD...a quality performance. 1. Dom Brambani..Best game SO FAR this seasons IMO 2. Izac Farrell....Everything coming from the half backs was much quicker 3. Jason Crookes...Now I know why MD signed him on. 4. The other 14..
  3. 1,Dave Scott 2. Patch Walker 3.James Harrison
  4. Well done to everyone involved in the project. A fantastic community effort.
  5. Brilliant to hear Sammy Kings Penny Arcade being played when the lads ran out. A Batley song.
  6. It is the peak Summer time in Toronto. Looking at flights and accommodation prices yesterday it looks decent value.
  7. Congratulations Dave. Thoroughly deserved.
  8. 1.Dave Scott-Watch out Patch 2. Alistair Leak 3. Alex Bretherton
  9. Lets face it the majority of Bulldogs fans think a lot about Gareth. And I for one wish him all the best.
  10. I sincerely hope our chairman got his wish today ? "Cant wait for Rochdale away when can sit back have a beer and enjoy Rugby League."
  11. Lets get the campaign going,,,Bring back Battler. Never mind what is happening on the field.....Battler is bigger than any player or coach..
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