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  1. Wirral Warrior

    Wembley Crowd

    Point really well made by Dunbar re aggregate crowds at the major events. If you also add in the trips to France (and Australia) which never existed in 'the good old days' , the crowd figures are reasonable when evaluated in this context.
  2. Wirral Warrior

    New Wigan Coach(es)

    What did others think about how Proper Sport Radio (Mon 6-8) covered , or rather didn't cover the story? Its usually a good listen, especially from Phil 'the voice of reason' Caplan amidst the Schoey rants and RWS ' endless sarcasm. Lam and particular the return of Edwards ( not just to Wigan, but to the Game) was only given a relatively short mention late in the show. This was the story of the week , if not the month or season. But they relegated it behind the increasingly boring and unfunny references to 'Leeds in Crises' and the Pyongyang Pylons etc I admire their passion but they need to get an editorial grip. This was clearly the biggest story even for a Yorkshire programme. When they did cover it , it became an all out attack on Leneghan and Radlinski because they thought Shaun Wane's feelings would have been hurt. Shaun Wane has , and always will have the utmost respect from the vast majority of Wigan fans, but all parties realise there has to be a 'new direction' ( to quote GH) and change is inevitable. Securing Edwards is a massive coup for the game as a whole and ironically, the delayed start date will inevitably generate proportionately more coverage for the game. Only 'The Voice of Reason' seemed to grasp this point.
  3. Wirral Warrior

    BBC1: The Rugby Codebreakers

    Agreed - its a superb documentary. I did write to the producer/presenter Carolyn Hitt (?) to congratulate her, as she cleverly and movingly told the story of the movement of players and uncovered some of the other reasons ( as opposed to financial) for code breaking. She acknowledges that it shed new light on the game on Rugby League and she changed her views from her original preconceptions.
  4. Good news that it is back. Dave Woods is a consummate professional and even when being critical he exudes confidence and positivity. Agree they need to feature more contributors , particularly those who don't always get a platform. The agenda should focus more about the game, the players , form, tactics etc. Too many forums including the local Radio Stations now just revert to endless speculation about politics - structures , finances , governance. To the outsider it would appear that the sport is too inward looking with no confidence or belief in the merits of the sport. In football you never hear constant and boring opinions on re-structuring options - they talk about THE GAME.! Hope Back Chat doesn't fall into that trap.
  5. Fully agree - all 3 clubs should be applauded for their ambition. If the 'authorities' are not willing or able to progress the game, the clubs have no other option than to act decisively and progressively.
  6. Spot on ! Light in the pack and mechanical in attack is the perfect description. I would also add too light in Centre's. In addition lacking composure and allowing poor discipline and decisions creep in. If they spend the FPN money it has to be spent wisely to correct these areas rather than another project player or this season will be continual catch vv Saints, Leeds, Wire and Cas
  7. Wirral Warrior

    Joey Barton

    Joey Barton seems to be on a 1 man mission to talk up TGR every Monday morning when he guests on Alan Brazil's Breakfast Show on TalkSport. He is brilliant - he does not miss an opportunity. This morning he was telling the world about how the Video Ref system works in RL. He didn't say it was perfect but presented the positives and said he was amazed when Steve Ganson ( yes that Steve Ganson) said that the FA had not asked their advice and how to operate a VR system.
  8. Complete high,build pressure,stay in the game,wear them down,don't panic...attack right hand side.....we can do it!
  9. Wirral Warrior

    Media Watch World Cup

    During the Wales v AB game,Inverdale gave the briefest briefing about the. RLWC Final next week. He didn't make any comment about the epic Semi this morning.
  10. The Aussie guy queried my assertion that Origin is in decline. Footy Show are always pushing the fact that tickets are available etc etc. Lets see how many go to the MCG next year
  11. Have the tournament without them then.Was in Sydney last week.....none of locals seem to know there was a World Cup....no that is supposed to be a hot bed??? All they are bothered about is the declining Origin. They don't seem to realise NRL is being marginalised by AFL, Soccer, Women's sports.Perhaps they will wake up one day and realise the true merit of International RL.
  12. After 1st 10 mins today at 18-0, Bennett was playing the tournament not the French. Everyone should calm down. With such limited prep time including friendliest, he is doing tournament prep as we progress . I would expect a settled team and pattern of play come PNG. He has had to manage the key resources (Lockers,Hall,Graham) Remember it's tournament football!
  13. Generally impressed with France. Scored points v Leb and competed at times with both Eng and Oz.
  14. He had to get game time for all squad in case of injury later on, but now we are in knock out ,experimentation is over.Another precious weeks training should finalise the key positions and sharpen the mistake free mentality that Bennett demands.
  15. Stabilised more with O Loughlin back on