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  1. 12 teams home and away moving to 14 teams home and away as soon as practicable Bring CC Final to late May and use early round(s) as part of pre-season Scrap Magic in favour of a Magic CC Quarter Final Day Scrap 2nd Easter fixtures - spread games across the full weekend from Thurs to Mon mixing with Championship matches Start season no earlier than March 1st to enable a longer more productive pre-season Ensure room for mid season International weekend in June (coincide with Origin) If necessay plan in a mid week round of fixtures (eg Tues) by ensuring previous round matches are all Friday and all following round matches are played the following Sunday
  2. As stated earlier, pivotal game for Wigan. Need to knock off a top 3 team soon as we near the playoff's. To win at Hull would be a good marker in Wigan's season. Will need the pack to step up though
  3. Better discipline, reduced error count, pace, improved support play to name but 4
  4. Not that he is ever going to admit it, but Bennett is out of order with his comment that Sutton would not have been spotted unless he was playing in NRL. Thats's a poor reflection on his, or UK based scouting/coaching team, awareness of Super League talent. Sutton had been playing for Wigan for 5 seasons winning 2 Grand Finals and a WCC and had been steadily improving. Lazy analysis by Bennett. Elstone spot on to call him out. We would be calling him out if as Chief ExecSL he wasn't vocal in supporting SL.
  5. Good decision....but who's going to tell Schoey?
  6. Agreed...Hicks was over compensating last week. The 'authorities ' should not put ref's in that position. Sutton should have been over here for French and all NZ matches,
  7. That's why we need neutral refs.....he's a good ref but he is put in a difficult position
  8. It's all gone quiet over there........for now
  9. Fantastic occasion.....pity no neutral ref. Sutton should be over here doing Eng games and Thaler/Hicks over there
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