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  1. Early in Ian Lenaghan's reign, Wigan used to be very pro-active in promoting games - they once advertised a Wire Match on TV and used to run 'The Big One' concept to target a particular game to get a big crowd . I think Leeds was the first v Leeds in 2009. They also used to use the London Broncos/Harlequins match as an opportunity for special promotions such as Sponsors days such Heinz Family days etc. Given the recent financial losses , marquee signings now and Central Park/Robin Park initiatives, perhaps there is not the budget to fund these special promotions. That said , it is interesting why everyone seems concerned about Wigan's attendances, which for the size of the town arguably still performs fairly well compared with clubs from bigger towns/cities?
  2. Do others agree she is a really good interviewer? She kept pressing Lam for a full explanation on the 'attidue' issue from last week - what caused it, had it changed etc. She was also robust in her interview with Brian Mac. He isnt the easiest to be interviewed but she pushed for an answer as to why O'Brien had not been previously selected. Even O'Brien himself got the same treatment. Fans want selection decision questions and not just ' how disappointing was it lose ' etc etc
  3. Desperate news for him and his family. Tremendous competitor and well respected. Good luck Rob!
  4. Good article. The argument about 'less is more' with NRL reducing to play 22 rounds plus SOO and Internaitional Football has got to be the way forward for SL. 29 plus CC and Play Off's is ridiculous in such a high intensity collision sport. The season should start in March giving ample time in the off season for recovery and skills preparation. How can SL clubs and administators sanction starting in late January?? Get rid of loop fixtures and create the space for a full pre-season and international football. If marketed correctly 'less is more' is a valuable tactic because in SL ' More is definitely Less'!
  5. All our politicians have said much dafter things this week. its a good suggestion. We have no creativity in form of cut out passes, kicking etc from loose forward since SOL finished. Williams can kick, pass and tackle....he just can't organise....that's what Widdop is there for.
  6. Typical Aussies....Fox coverage all about transfer rumours in NRL. They are supposed to be previewing an International??????....they will be talking Origin next.....Cmon Tonga!!!!
  7. It's Test Match football....if we played more international football including club matches on tour, the better cohesion in terms of attacking partnerships
  8. Dave Woods seems to be panicking......we are just getting more territory
  9. Morning....This is the key game that determines if tour a success......or not
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