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  1. Come on Kells,those boys don’t like a trip to Cumbria👍🏻😉
  2. Koukash and new Cumbrian club - good idea?

    From my point of view,for what it’s worth,he can stick his Cumbrian franchise up his hoop.
  3. Does anybody know when the draw will be made for the National Youth cup? I think the 1st round is due to be played on 14th Jan.
  4. Toronto and Toulouse packages 2018

    I’d rather go to Swinton and support them with my money.
  5. Jono Smith

    Whenever I have seen him play he’s always been a handful for the opposition,If Cresta does see him as a good fit I’m happy with that.
  6. Big loss

    Always took us forward and solid in defence,sorry to see him leave. Good luck at Town,I’m sure he’ll be a good asset for them.
  7. Barrow v Whitehaven

    First of all it was great see such numbers at Craven Park,a tremendous following from Haven and the Barrow people came out to cheer on their side. The game as was expected a close tough encounter which either side could have won,the Raiders just shading it for having the bravery to cut loose a couple of times and set Shane Toal free.What was more impressive for me was the Raiders goaline defence which in effect won them the tie. Commiserations to Haven who tried all they could to win the tie,it was a shame that there had to be a loser. Last but not least,congratulations to Cresta and his staff and team on the season. It has had some very memorable moments and the Raiders deserve their promotion,I just hope now that somebody will back them next season and cut the yo-yo string.
  8. Cracking result for Barrow today??
  9. Top team gets promoted,then 2nd v 5th 3rd v 4th I think?
  10. Does the RFL director of rugby's remit reach beyond Super League? Discuss,if you can be arsed?
  11. Promotion.

    What is the club stance on IF we were to be offered a place in the Championship this season?
  12. Bradford Bulls / HMRC / Administration

    What about promoting Barrow,beaten Grand finalists in league 1 and giving them a +12 start!