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  1. Does the RFL director of rugby's remit reach beyond Super League? Discuss,if you can be arsed?
  2. What is the club stance on IF we were to be offered a place in the Championship this season?
  3. What about promoting Barrow,beaten Grand finalists in league 1 and giving them a +12 start!
  4. Cracking result for the Raiders at Donny!
  5. Ok
  6. Hello Robins,no they are English mags from late 80's early 90's
  7. Hello,I have the following programmes for sale if anybody is interested Oldham v Barrow 15th October 1955 York v Whitehaven 6th September 1958 Leeds v Whitehaven 8th March 1958 Leigh v Leeds 1st March 1958 Halifax v Huddersfield 25th December 1958 Huddersfield v Whitehaven 1st November 1958 Oldham v Salford 30th November 1957 Warrington v Whitehaven 7th November 1959 Wigan v Whitehaven 18th October 1958 Whitehaven v Oldham 29th August 1959 Workington v Whitehaven 1st January 1960 Warrington v York 23rd September 1950 Workington v Barrow 11th February 1961 Hull v Dewsbury 5th September 1959 Bradley v Doncaster 27th August 1955 Cumberland v Yorkshire 15th September 1958 Bradford Northern v Dewsbury 8th November 1958 Hunslet v Leeds 17th September 1955 Leigh v Barrow 14th November1959 Castleford v Batley 7th January 1961 Halifax v Carcassonne 15th April 1957 St Helens v Salford 14th April 1958 Featherstone Rovers v Doncaster 23rd October 1954 Hull Kingston Rovers v Whitehaven 4th October 1958 Keighley v Whitehaven 6th December 1958 Liverpool City v Dewsbury 15th March 1958 Liverpool City v Whitehaven 15th November 1958 Whitehaven v St Helens 30th September 1959 Workington v Barrow 18th April 1960 Wigan v Leeds 27th February 1960 Rugby League Magazine Vol 1 No.4 Lancashire schools handbook season 1957-58 Lancashire schools handbook season 1959-60 Please PM or reply for more information,thanks.
  8. Hello,I have the following Rugby League Journals for sale if interested, Numbers 1,8 to14,16,17,18,19 to 24,26 to 32,34 to 37,40,43 to 53 I also have to Annuals from 2005 till 2008 plus the Rugby League in the Fifties and sixties editions. Please PM or reply if interested,thanks.
  9. Hello,I have the following Rugby League Review mags for sale if interested. Issues 2,5,6,7,10,11,12,14 to 23,25,26,27,29,30,31&33.
  10. Hello,I have the following Open Rugby mags for sale if anybody is interested I have from number 22 through to 146 with the following numbers missing 26,75,79,89,90,104,117,118,125,130,132,134,138,139,140,142 and 144. I also have 188 and 214 PM or reply on here,thanks.
  11. Hello DJ69, I have two Liverpool City programmes from the 1958 season in good nick if you're interested?
  12. Really enjoyed the way we blew them away first half,it looked to me like they didn't want to know. Payback for what they did to us the other week
  13. Nice to see BRLFC invited up to BAFC for their hospitality,hopefully both clubs can work a little closer to each other for the good of both sets of supporters. Having experienced the Bafc hospitality myself this season,I have to say what a really professional,intimate experience it is and I take my hat off to them.It was also very good value for money in my opinion. I think BRLFC could do something similar,I know we have the (exec) boxes but the BAFC package puts it to shame to be honest,maybe the ex players association could get involved somehow?
  14. Great effort to raise £17k,well done to all concerned!
  15. Deffo worth a look a look at in my opinion,give him a run out in a couple of friendlies to check his fitness and how he fits in.Would provide some experience for the younger lads.