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  1. It would be anti-Australian and inaccurate but it cannot be racist.
  2. As far as I can see the only time football looked in such danger was an internal civil war at the FA over professionalism and the aftermath of two world wars.
  3. I fail to see how there is zero coordination, unless you are deliberately ignoring the very public coordination that occurs. Merging the two organisations would be a mistake and would most likely result in a more disjointed organisation that plans even less strategically than both organisations currently do.
  4. That would assuming the other clubs do not increase their attendances. If Broncos average 2k and the other clubs achieve a 3.5%+ increase the average will not be lower.
  5. Even if there were no International games at all, clubs should be doing this anyway in coordination with their governing bodies.
  6. That depends on how important they are. Strong performers will always be treated differently to others. Any organisation that dismisses somebody for testing positive for illicit drugs is not a great company and deserves contempt, the exception to that is if that act had put others safety at risk. Wigan should be commended for this, as for the other two clubs he has played for ........
  7. Nostalgia viewed through perfumed rose tinted glasses
  8. I do not find it odd, I find it dismissive and judgemental with little logic or reason. The idea that people go along simply because NFL events because American Football gets mentioned in the odd high profile Hollywood film or TV show is ridiculous given the engagement from the people that attend. Marketing only goes so far, there has to be genuine interest for people to attend in such numbers so regularly. The original post made the comparison with London Broncos, if they engaged with their supporter base half as well as the NFL do they would have retained many of the fans that have drifted away as well as attracting many new supporters. They have a number of advantages over the NFL but have failed to take advantage of them.
  9. I think that is being hugely unfair on the work NFL has done. They have worked hard at this and had many setbacks, they do put a lot of effort into engaging their supporter base. NFL has much media coverage than RL does in the UK.
  10. I do not think it is a fair comparison. For a long time, there has been an interest in the NFL, the London NFL games have become regular and popular fixtures.
  11. It is the best thing to happen to SL since their absence, though I can see the inevitable crowd watch going into overdrive.
  12. I do not believe that is the case, Leeds/Wigan/St. Helens it would be easy but for London Broncos it is not. There are a lot RL fans from the traditional areas but most have little love for London Broncos, it is much easier to sell to RL fans in South East England that have no emotional attachment to other English SL clubs. If people flock to London Broncos games next season they might be pushed into playing some matches at other grounds.
  13. It will have a relevance as to where the museum is. A museum in Wigan would have definitely had some examples but a lot less likely in the museum was in the West Midlands or Bristol. It could be argued that the football players had a much bigger impact on attitudes.
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