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  1. In certain social groups you would be right. This would be the same social groups that bemoan the PC brigade being responsible for curbing their right to spout whatever abuse they wish. Fortunately in Australia nowadays these dinosaurs are a minority. There are combat sports that do not resort to this type of behavior, why should rugby players not abide by the norms of society especially when they are considered part of the entertainment industry which itself is more tolerant and respectful than most other areas.
  2. History suggests having such a game handled by a major broadcaster makes next to no difference difference on the popularity of the RLWC. Having a game aired at 10:30 on a Saturday morning is going to struggle unless there is a big following for that event. If you want evidence of this there are other sports that demonstrate this very well.
  3. Yeah they are playing hardball, but it is hardball with the broadcasters. The main broadcasting partners for the RFL are committed to RL. The are thinking more long term than the world cup, it is not often the RFL gets accused of thinking strategically. As for interest, this is a match the other side of the world against a team England should hammer comfortably. The Equivalent of the England cricket team playing a 3 day match against Afghanistan in Chennai. The only big draw would be Australia and more recently arguably New Zealand, but not Samoa. If the RFL only got two paying subscribers for this and it resulted in better deals following the world cup than they got for this match I think it would be worth the risk, and they would at least learn some lessons from streaming such an event I do not buy this idea "it is not about money, it is all about attracting new fans". Firstly we know how tight-fisted some people are on this forum and secondly this is not the vehicle for that, the World Cup and 4N is the effective way to do that along with other major RL events.
  4. It is about more than that. The RFL had offer(s) to broadcast the game but they felt it was not enough. So rather than take what was offered they decided this route. The strategy is that next time around they will get better offers. A gamble yes, but it certainly does not deserve all the hysterics it is getting.
  5. You do not do angry. Even your mock anger is not convincing.
  6. Well there are plenty of expert armchair referees on here both during and following matches. So there would be almost no end of people of the required standard.
  7. My thoughts exactly.
  8. So you are saying that some people in Notts (all of them male) with an obvious keen interest in the club scene of RL know of Offiah and Hanley. That is not supporting evidence that either were household names, I go with Johnoco's definition. I still stand by my idea that "spitting image" appearances as being the litmus test of somebody being a household name. If anything Sky has increased the profile rather than reducing it, pre-SL what was it 5 terrestial tv stations. Now there is a lot more competition, Sky has helped RL deal with that. The multi media era reduces the dependency and control of Sky, rather than reinforcing it, and it is a risk Sky have only recently recognised, they have been slow to adapt to the digital age. This is why there have been a significant number of people that have risen to prominence due to digital social networks with little or no exposure on traditional media outlets or even record a deal or TV show. If you want to see how much sporting stars are likely to be household names, what percentage of UK medal winners at the last two olympics are household names? The answer is a small percentage.
  9. Arguably of those names, Offiah was the only one that was recognisable outside those interested in rugby, and even that is highly debateable. If you want a litmus test for sports people that were household names during that time period, how many RL players were featured on spitting image? None that I am aware of, and there was a fair number of sporting stars on there. Shortly after arriving in the UK for the first time, not too long before the period you mentioned I was not aware of any RL players and neither were the vast majority of people I met.
  10. This conspiracy theory does not stand up to scrutiny. The approach you talk about is not in their interests. If SL attracts more people and people from more diverse backgrounds. It means that they are able to charge more for advertising slots and more companies will be interested in those slots which will also allow them to charge even more for those slots. Sky have plenty of other sports they use as filler and I am not sure if you realised but recently they have opened more channels dedicated to sport which shows that they have little trouble filling their air time. Sky have raised the profile of many sports and that includes RL.
  11. It would be in Sky's interests for RL to be more popular, if that happened and the perceived audience was more diverse than it is now then sky would get much greater revenue. On the BBC RL has live TV coverage nationwide of the major rounds of the Challenge Cup and just about all England internationals. It has a weekly magazine programme for Super League. Using the same logic Football is also represented almost solely on paid for channel subscriptions. National media is an outdated concept, print media is declining and has been for a long time. If you want evidence of this take a look at circulation statistics for nation print media and the equivalent statistics for their online output. I would seriously doubt many RL players were household names across the country before Super League.
  12. What was the state of RL clubs immediately prior to Super League ?
  13. Do you mean as a trademark or a copyright?
  14. At which point was the RLWC referred to as Rugby World Cup? You cannot copyright a phrase but you can register it as a trademark. There is a big difference. As far as I am aware, no such copyright exists.
  15. Last time I looked there were plenty of former members of parliament in the House of Lords. On several occasions the House of Lords has attempted to put the brakes on some of the excesses of the government. They are certainly more independent than the house of commons is.