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  1. dhw

    Player Drain

    Losing your best players, to a competition on the other side of the world, reduces the standard of club RL in England. Those players also get reduced media coverage and are less visible to juniors playing RL in England. It could be argued they also have a reduced profile when they return.
  2. dhw

    Player Drain

    Yes to a degree, the majority of the players going to play in the NRL have been established stars of SL or players on the fringe of the England elite squad. Having those players in the NRL means less control over the players and certainly less access. Such a situation is not good elite club RL in England on a number facets.
  3. People on Zero hour contracts are not going to have any significant impact. Where most amateur and part-time RL takes place has the lowest rates of Zero-Hour contracts in England. Whilst you might have a point about manual work, there was a published survey by Sport England on the demographics of those playing RL, the result would have surprised many on here, and outside traditional areas, the results would be even more surprising. The above issues for RL would be insignificant when compared with football participation.
  4. dhw

    The inevitable??

    Have you not checked out flights from Edinburgh -Stansted?
  5. dhw

    The inevitable??

    ... and thousands of people do the same almost every weekend. If you want to spend a lot of money on a trip to London it is easy to do but it does not take that much effort to see the CC Final for around 100 GBP including the ticket.
  6. dhw

    The inevitable??

    why do you need two nights? Do you not eat and drink normally? Plenty of people go to London for weekend sporting events and spend a fraction of what you are spending.
  7. dhw

    Bring back franchising!!

    That is what was happening under licencing. Bradford got into trouble because of this, London was not a well-run club under Licencing. There is no evidence that licencing led to clubs having good financial controls though there is plenty of evidence to the contrary. Licencing had focus on different areas and those areas would place financial pressures on certain clubs.
  8. It has happened in football several times, I am not sure if it has happened at the level of the EPL but it has definitely happened at the next level below. So I do not see it as embarrassing for the club or RL in England. I would say they do not need to be replaced by Toronto, Toronto should be there on merit, not because of some people finding this situation embarrassing. Arguably it would be far more embarrassing if Toronto replaced Salford simply because of this situation.
  9. http://www.totalrl.com/sam-tomkins-among-trio-called-up-to-englands-elite-performance-squad/
  10. England entering the world cup would have helped with their development.
  11. Many predicted that if London got relegated they would disappear. That has not happened, so they clearly are not a failure as a going concern, but a failure according to the unrealistic criteria from certain quarters. Having London Broncos and to a lesser degree London Skolars have helped develop an interest in RL in and around London that in itself is a success.
  12. People play sport because of pressures from their communities and peer groups, because they enjoy it, the social element. Only a tiny fraction participate in sport with the sole aim of playing professional sport.
  13. dhw

    NRL Investing In Pacific Cultures

    Development of Pacific Island nations should be the responsibility of the RLIF and local governing bodies.
  14. Which social media platforms were you thinking of? Both players have featured on the likes of youtube and twitter.