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  1. Burrow is an exceptional example. If he believed what he told as he was developing about being too small to play professional RL he would most likely have been lost to the professional game. There have been several other high profile players that were told the same. In general terms; players have become a lot more uniform in size and shape.
  2. Regarding development officers and increase in participation. That is not what happened , based off of SportEngland's statistics. Increase in development officers coincided with falling participation, so clearly simply decreasing the number of development officers cannot be blamed solely for reduced participation.
  3. Woods gone

    Brian Barwick is there albeit in a largely ceremonial role, but one who fits that profile. Only people would regard him as a successful appointment. Most of the high level administrators in high profile sports are not particularly good administrators, they often ride on the popularity of the sport in terms of followers and participants.
  4. In terms of safety, it has. In terms of punctuality, it has. In terms of facilities and comfort, generally it has. There are now more services than ever before. The various governments before privatisation had decommissioned plenty of services and lines, the rail network in the uk is one of the densest in the world.
  5. He appears to be talking about when his current contract finishes, so he would most likely be as a 33 year old.
  6. To ensure licencing does not return
  7. Football is still the most appealing sport to watch and play. It has all the things you mention and more; it has has had significant problems with three of those but has done well to deal with them. If it was truly hit and miss on the pitch, hardly anybody would be attending matches or watching it on tv.
  8. Monarchy

    He does not need to.
  9. Latest World Rankings

    Why is it a joke?
  10. BBC coverage(again)

    Your opening post stated there had not been any new items in the last three days, rather than admit your error you have altered your argument. Which stories have occurred since that article that are more newsworthy? Since the initial story of the final there have been at least 8 stories published.
  11. South Africa

    I seriously doubt there are 500,000 rugby players of both rugby codes in RSA let alone RU players.
  12. Are you sure about this? If it was this forum and the associated publication would not exist. What you are thinking about is high profile blanket advertising, that is not realistic. Some clubs do well at marketing and some do not. Even London Broncos had various stabs at marketing not many were particularly productive. Celtic Crusaders tried it also, which was more successful albeit for a short period. Advertising will may get people to a game or watch it on TV but that in itself will do little to keep the interest those who were enticed by that advertising.
  13. Not a particularly good comparison though is it? HKR have been out of SL for one season and have a long tradition of being in the elite level in England, Toronto have neither. A more appropriate comparison would have been Celtic Crusaders following their promotion to the second tier. Given the funding and momentum they have behind them they should be relatively successful.
  14. The reality is Australia contributes hugely to the development of International RL, Given that there are only two full time professional competitions that should be seen as a positive thing and not a negative one,. The heritage route if used sensibly can be very beneficial, a case in point would be Lebanon. Going forward an option could be that when a player chooses a country to play, they also nominate another country that they are eligible for, they are able to switch only one time. That will have the advantage of experienced professionals providing input into developing teams.
  15. As implied earlier I think you do not appreciate the impact of SOO.