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  1. So it seems their mood was usually placated by food.
  2. The NRL and ARLC have done more for international RL than anybody else, it could be argued they have done more than everybody else combined.
  3. Take a look at Leeds injury list in recent times. Take a look at their lack of player rotation. In recent times they have had two of the best players retire but had nothing significant in place in terms of a plan to replace those players, that indicates again playing those players too much. Their injury list over the last two seasons indicates that their player welfare practices are at best inadequate. Who selects who plays? Those people are in complete control of how many games players play. Clubs can formally object to the fixture list when they are created. Clubs could have voted against changes to the structure of the fixtures introduced recently, they did not. Clubs that look after their players the best tend to have the fewest injuries over a given period of time. Clubs that get plagued with injuries are an indication that their training methods are at fault. player rehabilitation procedures are insufficient, do not monitor players performance, or physical condition or recovery periods well enough.
  4. They clearly are not trying very hard at doing that. If they were Radford and McDermott show that at least two clubs are making Zero effort at this. There is very little rotation, if there was was any significant effort at rotation such an article would not exist. They have control over the number of games and they have control over injuries. Of course there is more to this than manage your players, but player management is fully within the control of the clubs and is the major contributor to player welfare outside the laws of RL.
  5. It is the clubs that are flogging the players. They should be managing their players better and showing greater concern for player welfare. It should not be that difficult to rotate players and doing so would benefit the clubs. Quality of the games this week may or may not be a result of the recent fixtures. Radford and McDermott are the ones most in control of the situation, so why do they not do anything about it?
  6. Which regular RL events would these be?
  7. Depends what you mean by "no time", but must such stadiums have not paid for themselves in a short period of time. In 2012/13 Wembley Stadium had operating costs of two thirds of it's revenue. Net profit was in the region of 8% of revenue. Not sure RFL has a great deal of cash reserves but for argument sake let us imagine they took out 80% funding of the stadium. 40M at 5% is 2M a year in interest alone. Now if we say 10 events a year at a 40k stadium with average ticket price of 30 GBP sell out. That would bring in 12m, take out 25% for ticketing costs, which still leaves 9M minus 2 million for interest. This is assuming that all events sell out and that there are 10 events and there are no ticket returns. The liklihood is that there would be maybe 3 events a year there. Currently the RFL would struggle to get 10 events a year with great ticket demand. What events would be a candidate? The figures do not add up for the stadium paying for itself in a short period of time.
  8. I do not think the GAA would be too keen on that.
  9. Rugby League as a distinct separate game did not come about until the 1897/98 season. The previous two seasons it was essentially RFU rules with a small number of minor changes. So it would be a better idea to consider the third season of the NU.
  10. Those real issues do not stand up to even the most superficial scrutiny
  11. Based on the logic of your final paragraph, there is little evidence to support it. If there was then following the last world cup there would have been a huge spike in new players taking up the sport across most age groups and and similar affect on attendances. This did not happen. This by comparison was a friendly match of no significance on a saturday morning against a scratch side, and was a perfect vehicle to test the water whilst making broadcasters think twice about what they put on offer for internationals. The RFL took a sensible gamble and lost very little.
  12. Lots of juniors from NZ trial for NRL clubs. Many get pro contracts. In addition to this given the number of Kiwis living and working in Australia contradicts the viewpoint that nobody wants to leave New Zealand. In France whilst the situation is not the same they are more willing to play outside their locale than you seem to believe. What has changed recently is the greater willingness of English SL to consider French players, that has created a different mindset among French players which might also itself cause a change in attitude of les Catalans in how they treat upcoming juniors.
  13. In certain social groups you would be right. This would be the same social groups that bemoan the PC brigade being responsible for curbing their right to spout whatever abuse they wish. Fortunately in Australia nowadays these dinosaurs are a minority. There are combat sports that do not resort to this type of behavior, why should rugby players not abide by the norms of society especially when they are considered part of the entertainment industry which itself is more tolerant and respectful than most other areas.
  14. History suggests having such a game handled by a major broadcaster makes next to no difference difference on the popularity of the RLWC. Having a game aired at 10:30 on a Saturday morning is going to struggle unless there is a big following for that event. If you want evidence of this there are other sports that demonstrate this very well.