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  1. They also have committed themselves to SL. Given they have lost rights to other sports including losing it's share of football it is in their interest to continue supporting RL.
  2. RL is most likely financed by football. If you want to see evidence of this look what happens when a SL goes up against PL Football match as opposed to the BARB figures when it does not go up against any significant football matches. That ties in with Sky. BARB research which shows that a significant number of subscribers that have football as their most watched sport regularly watch RL, that pattern is not replicated with most other sports with the exception of Darts.
  3. At what point did Crusaders do well? Not sure how Hughes subsidies could be defined as inadequate, London could not even give away tickets publicised in the most widely read newspaper in London.
  4. They were funded properly and at the same time they had a secure elite structure. They had other things in their favour also. This was happening just after the RFL were stating that RL was the fastest growing sport in Greater London and the club had access to best rugby information sources in London. The reason it feel down was a lack of interest and a fickle fan base, that was not helped by the club wasting opportunities Though it did not fail through lack of funding and instability in the elite structure. The same can be applied to Crusaders. The exception to this is les Catalans, but crucially the situation is not comparable because RL was already well established in the area and was created from two existing clubs.
  5. If that was true London in one of their various incarnations would have been extremely successful. Put a club where there is not significant grass roots activity and it will most likely fail. The only caveat to this is if they are very successful and even that is not a guarantee.
  6. Well based purely on TV coverage alone you are both wrong. IT has even been broadcast on a FTA channel by sky. Added to this, MW gets more more coverage than regular SL weekends do and then there are also the extra articles due to it being held in a non-traditional location in a large venue. So the "general level of coverage is zero" is completely ignoring clear evidence to the contrary.
  7. Depends on the terms of his contract. It is not retiring, anymore than anybody else in any profession/vocation on a fixed term contract moving to a different employer on another fixed term contract in a different but related profession. It happens almost everyday. Sport clubs have far too much control over players and coaches, the sooner they are brought into line with the rest of society in a liberal democracy the better it will be.
  8. I would have said blame the standard of the coaching from juniors right up to the elite level. Doubling the player pool might help but not by much. There are enough people playing RL to be able to match Australia and New Zeland in terms of skills. Using the numbers game India should be dominating cricket in all forms of the game, but they have never done so. Yet England, West Indies and Australia have done, whilst RSA has outperformed India since they returned to international competition.
  9. It should be comparing against previous RL international events, particularly previous 4 nations tournaments.
  10. With it being the Scottish national team will largely sell itself with little effort. Pushing to get senior players and coaching staff interviewed beforehand on local and Scottish broadcast media would itself have raised awareness. 1800 in Glasgow would have been of more benefit to Scottish RL and arguably the tournament than having the match in Hull.
  11. How many billions of dollars do the tv networks in the US pay for broadcast rights of live RL matches?
  12. He came from a RU background, but has not played professionally.
  13. The weather in Leeds is the same as in Auckland today. So they should have are already acclimatised, adapting to the food on show is going to be a bigger ask. The Kiwis having lost a test series last season in England, so they were hardly going to say anything different.
  14. The RFL have published strategic plans on more than one occasion. The current one contained goals that were easy to measure. Are you aware of their cirrent strategic plan?
  15. How do you know this would not have happened under licencing?