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  1. Over recent years media coverage has grown, the same goes for sponsorship, growth at the pro and semi-pro has occurred. Comparing attendances is difficult because it is problematic comparison comparing with 3, 7, 10 years ago. Do not need to compared with any other sport, RL should be compared with RL, it is even of little benefit to compare SL with NRL.
  2. Why do you think the he did not like RL ? He has always made it clear he moved to RL for financial security, he moved back to Wales for personal reasons. Given the amount of respect he has and continues to show to RL, I am not sure how anybody could state he "didn't really like RL".
  3. So the biggest asset to RL is RL and the people who participate and interact with it. The same could be applied to almost any other sport, activity pastime. The problem with this it is far too vague. If nobody participated in RL it would not exist, and obviously without that it would not exist. It is a recursive definition, so hold little meaning or relevance to the question
  4. So who/what is RL's biggest asset? You did not answer my question, Though at least you were a little more specific. The rest of the post was pretty much recycling what you already had said. The moral duty and obligation stuff is just pretentiousness.
  5. Define what you mean by Australians. Administrators, sponsors, stakeholders, players, coaches, fans, etc? You need to be more specific. The ARLC and NRL contribute more to RL than everybody else combined and are RL's biggest asset.
  6. Regarding SOO I was referring to countries closer to Australia than the windswept outer reaches of the Eurasian landmass. Now we have gone all to easily from talk of moral obligation/duty to demonstrating moral indignation.
  7. What does the 'A' in ARLC stand for? NZ Warriors are in the NRL because it benefits the NRL and it's clubs. The PNG President's game has been going on for some time, but it is not because of some pretension of a moral obligation. Moral obligation are usually associated with much loftier ideals.
  8. The responsibility for the development of RL across international boundaries lies with the overarching governing bodies and that includes regional federations. The ARLC are responsible for the game and related competitions in Australia and that includes the NRL. It is in their interest to have involvement with the schools, community links are important for the competitions and it's clubs. It is in the interests of the nation to have people involved in sport it also contributes to the economy which itself brings in revenue for local and national government, so that funding is beneficial to the government. I am not sure how SOO is becoming increasingly irrelevant, it still remains extremely popular in Australia and still holds relevance outside Australia ARLC does more for the game globally than all other governing bodies combined. Though they have no obligation or duty to do so.
  9. It has no such duty or obligation. This is a sport and a pastime, it is involved in the entertainment and media business, this talk or moral obligation is comedic. Having said that it has done more than any other to develop growth of the game, it even develops players for the RFL.
  10. Deluded Pom was making a joke. Take a look at the bottom of his post.
  11. There is nothing to stop PNG doing it's own development in conjunction with the RLIF. It is not the responsibility of the NRL and ARLC to be the academy and breeding ground for RL from countless other countries.
  12. Kent County Cricket Club market themselves as Kent Spitfires for limited overs tournaments. Warriors and Raiders is a nickname in some sports with logo to match. There are probably plenty of other examples.
  13. Independent valuation of the arena is currently 60 million. Operating loss is decreasing, I am not sure where you get the 3 million figure from. Revenue is up, number of events hosted is up, successful introduction of the Wasps netball team, hospitality sales should a significant increase, extra sponsors landed, 25% increase in season ticket sales. So I am not sure how they are not in a good position. As for the bond price, if the investors did currently have serious believe Wasps Holdings would default they would be trying to offload their holding in the issue and that would be reflected in the the trend of Bond valuation. The current value is less than 1% below par on an upward trend. Defaulting on the bond is a risk, but a relatively small risk unless the situation at Wasps Holidings takes a dramatic turn for the worse.
  14. Wasps have already expressed some interest at hosting a SL club. This would be one way of doing it. If Coventry Bears actually became the major club playing at the Ricoh,would the owners want to drop the Bears? They have already hosted an international RL match, that poses a bigger threat yet they have shown interest to host others.
  15. In terms of the viewing rating figures, the market share for sports is falling and most likely will continue to do so. That has already caused Sky to rethink the we they package things. This maybe why the RL journalists mentioned believe there will be a reduced offer for the next contract, in addition to this SL clubs have been more proactive about sounding out about generating more income. So I would suggest they have a better than most. The likes of Google, Facebook and Netflix are not new arrivals in terms of providing content. Though in terms of competing with live sports coverage they are not direct competitors, they are more relevant to the entertainment, documentary, films.