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  1. Well that is not the case, makes as much sense as people saying people do not attend London Broncos matches because the stadium is not adjacent to London Tube Station
  2. Experimental RSA team, not a full-strength England squad. For RSA the Rugby Championship is of greater importance, essentially the test series is a warm-up.
  3. Online access to it is banned in certain countries, due to it highlighting human and civil rights abuses in those countries. I wish the BBC would take a similar attitude. Over on AOB it seems neither is considered a serious news organisation.
  4. dhw

    Hardaker to Wigan

    How has Castleford shown any class in this matter, but Wigan have not?
  5. Depends on which laws you are thinking of. Adjusting the current laws and interpretation so that players stay fully bound until the ball exits the scrum would help in that manner.
  6. That does not appear to be the case. Skolars seem to have formally acknowledged they need additional funding to achieve their goal of playing in the Championship, and have been inspired by recent events. Hopefully Hamish will give some more details here on the rationale.
  7. dhw

    Kyle Eastmond

    The same argument was used for Ben Barba, now how has that turned out?
  8. dhw

    Magic Weekend

    That is not how it works, even having the best marketing department available will not guarantee a sell-out, the only sure way of doing that is the amount of demand for the event. If there was no marketing department, MW would not even exist and you would not know about it. Plenty of people know about it, plenty of people go regularly, plenty of people know how to get tickets, plenty of people know when it is and where it is.
  9. I would have said it is vague, and does not match up to the title of the thread. That poster shows no indication of the level or nature of any involvement in this effort by TWP. As a piece of evidence to dismiss the notion that TWP are doing no domestic development, it is at best flimsy. TWP may well be the main instigators of this and the main organiser though that is not how the poster comes across. Having said that from as far as I can tell they have done plenty to raise the profile of RL in Canada, that in itself will raise interest domestically in people taking part in RL.
  10. What is TWP's involvement apart from having their logo on the poster? A logo on a poster is hardly evidence of TWP doing development work.
  11. So the consensus is, there is no consensus. There is no such thing as an optimum format because the status of professionally RL will change regularly. Even if there was one and if it was put in place, there would be numerous threads such as this proposing a new format.
  12. That is the responsibility of the governing bodies in those countries and the RLIF. The ARLC and NRL do more than all other bodies combined at developing other nations. If the NZRL did a better job at developing their own players rather than relying so much on the ARLC and NRL to do their job for them then those competitions would be in a far better state.
  13. Over recent years media coverage has grown, the same goes for sponsorship, growth at the pro and semi-pro has occurred. Comparing attendances is difficult because it is problematic comparison comparing with 3, 7, 10 years ago. Do not need to compared with any other sport, RL should be compared with RL, it is even of little benefit to compare SL with NRL.
  14. Why do you think the he did not like RL ? He has always made it clear he moved to RL for financial security, he moved back to Wales for personal reasons. Given the amount of respect he has and continues to show to RL, I am not sure how anybody could state he "didn't really like RL".
  15. So the biggest asset to RL is RL and the people who participate and interact with it. The same could be applied to almost any other sport, activity pastime. The problem with this it is far too vague. If nobody participated in RL it would not exist, and obviously without that it would not exist. It is a recursive definition, so hold little meaning or relevance to the question