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  1. I never understand posts like this. If you know a name just say it. If you don’t think you should be saying it, why bother posting anything at all. No offence 9’ oller. That twerp from Dewsbury is the biggest culprit. Graham something?
  2. In Diskin's first year we under performed badly but he was new to coaching at this level and, by is own admission, took some time to adapt to the part-time environment. In his second season we started quite well, winning 6 out of 10, culminating in a win over Toulouse at home. Then we hit a horrible patch of injuries and suffered a long list of defeats (10 from 11). When we got players back towards the end of the season, and Louis came in, we looked good. Had other teams stopped playing? Did we flatter to deceive? Now in year three and we seem to have hit our third crisis under Diskin. Gone are the previous excuses of year one (experience) and year two (injuries). I'm running out of reasons to defend these poor spells. Couple the above with the fact that Aston appears to have got our ex-players playing in a way they didn't look capable of for us. It does make we consider the possibility that we need a new coach.
  3. The commentator doesn’t know who half the players are. ??
  4. I've bought mine on the website. It seemed pretty straight forward. Fingers crossed.
  5. This point. It could have really helped us last year. Why not give yourself options? In the past, when it's not worked, we've gone with a smaller squad and relied on DR. I don't think that is the case this time around.
  6. Was one of them the big bald chap who kept knocking on in the first half? He was dreadful.
  7. Farrell’s attitude was his problem.. not how he was used.
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