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  1. Lone Drinker

    Bulldog inbound Toby Everett

    He sounds like a direct replacement for Tommy Holland.
  2. Lone Drinker

    Bulldogs v Eagles MOM thread shield game

    JC Galbriath Dom
  3. Lone Drinker

    Batley Bulldogs

    He was in Priestley’s last Sunday with Matt. You muckraker.
  4. Lone Drinker

    And another Bulldog inbound Danny Yates

    Codswallop... Johnny Campbell to Dewsbury, Brown to Fev etc.. etc... A big eared muckraker is what you are.
  5. Lone Drinker

    Batley V Rochdale MOM thread shield

    Gledhill Brown Leak
  6. Lone Drinker

    BISSA SIGNING ALERT Louis Le Bulldog 2019

    Brilliant signing!
  7. Lone Drinker

    Barrow V Bulldogs MOM thread shield

    Jouffret Brambani Day
  8. Lone Drinker

    Rowe, Davey, Farrell and Crookes

    Wage structure, for one, if you offer him more you potentially have to pay others more. Not being able to match another offer from a different club, and avoiding a bidding war. His age maybe? Can he do another year at this level? It’s difficult to comment without knowing the details. That said...I like Rowe and would liked to have kept him.
  9. Lone Drinker

    Barrow Away 2/9/18

    Anyone thinking about not going because they can’t be bothered driving should hop in.
  10. Tomlinson Harrison Brown
  11. Lone Drinker

    Dewsbury sunday

    After losing twice to Dewsbury I think we owe them a thumping. I’m not holding my breath.
  12. Lone Drinker

    Leigh &Mr. Beaumont.

    http://www.totalrl.com/derek-beaumont-to-leave-leigh-centurions/ He is walking away entirely, whether you believe it or not.
  13. Lone Drinker

    Rowe, Davey, Farrell and Crookes

    Crookes has really grown on me. I was underwhelmed when we signed him but he's been one of our best and most consistent performers this season, mostly played out of position. I would keep him.
  14. Lone Drinker

    Content to be also rans

    You're conflating two issues. So, to be clear on this season, I'm not happy with the number of losses (losing to a poor Dewsbury team twice and Sheffield at home being the lowlights) or the number of points conceded in some of our defeats (Halifax and Fev away spring to mind). I would make an educated guess that the Chairman, coach and most fans think similar. I don't think the answer is to throw the family silver at one or two players for a couple of years.
  15. Lone Drinker

    Content to be also rans

    Fev added Ridyard and Holmes, and went backwards. Leigh added a new squad of highly paid, highly experienced players and went backwards. ? As Kev has clearly demonstrated above, we consistently over achieve. We are a financial sound club, who own our own ground, that consistently finishes higher than those of similar means. Plus, in the last 10 years there have been 3 outstanding seasons. And ....I think we have the best chairman in rugby league, bar none.