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  1. I'm staying at the Hôtel Novotel Toulouse Centre Wilson.
  2. What are you looking at Roger? He was there last year wasn't he?
  3. I think most Batley fans, me included, would love JC back at the Mount. However... He missed the whole 2014 season. He had two significant injuries in 2015, including the awful ankle break against Dewsbury. He only played six games last year. I think that means he's play 21 games in three years. Is he still the same player he was?
  4. This. It should be recognised that sports clubs are assets of the community and they should be protected from ' or bust' owners.
  5. It seems the story has some legs yet. The current proposal seems to be to liquidate them and create a new club, still competing in the Championship. Weird eh?
  6. He's coming back from injury.
  7. It reads like a typo. http://www.loverugbyleague.com/news_24355-batley-boss-bullish-on-future.html Happy to be proved wrong.
  8. http://www.pulse1.co.uk/win/batley-town-centre-christmas-light-switch-2016/ Not too late for someone to organise for Battler to be there. I hung about in the rain for hours last year so will give this one a miss.
  9. Don't you go 'down the Swanee' rather than up?
  10. I think these are two very good signings. BISSA should be congratulated.
  11. Yes. Time to close this thread in my opinion. The club have dealt with it.
  12. He had a function to attend after the game, hence the chopper. It was out of necessity rather than a stunt.
  13. Are you sure the two things are related?
  14. I think the sooner the club puts out a statement the better, as it did with the recent 'homophobic abuse' incident, highlighting exactly what has gone on. At the moment everyone is judge, jury and executioner on rumour and hearsay.
  15. When's it repeated?