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  1. Good News

    It’s been played on for 120 years. It’s a thing of beauty.
  2. Izaac Farrell

    A very exciting signing IMO. I hope he stays the full season, gets plenty of game time and continues to progress. If so, I think he'll do very well for us.
  3. Blackpool Bash

    My least favourite fixture of the season. Summer Bash wants binning.
  4. He is back

    Your grammar?
  5. 2018 Squad.

    Utter drivel. I don't know why people insist on posting spurious gossip online. Worse still are those that genuinely find out stuff from players etc.. and rush onto the forum to hint at it. I guess it make them feel important. Show some decorum.
  6. I know the season is over, but.......

    I've watch the video, nothing wrong with it. There's certainly no elbow used. That said, he gives too many penalties away and looks, to me, like he gets caught out of position quite a lot.
  7. Bulldogs V Seagulls semi final

    Chandler Harrison Leak
  8. Toulouse v Dogs MOM Part 4

  9. Toulouse v Dogs MOM Part 4

    I went..... Ainy - For his enthusiasm Gledhill Hill
  10. Semi final

    Is it really fair discussing the lad on here? Not really any of our business. When Kev says he can come back, he will.
  11. Dogs v Rams part 4 MOM

    Part 6 including the Cup and Boxing Day.
  12. Bulls v Bulldogs MOM

    Leak Harrison Dom B
  13. Rochdave V Batley MOM

    Breth Scott Manning
  14. MOM Batley v Swinton

    1. Scott 2. Bretherton 3. Brambani
  15. Final seven matches

    Do we know the order in which we'd play these games yet? I heard yesterday that it'll be Toulouse (or Halifax) up first.