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  1. Lone Drinker

    Social night/fund raiser. 17/11/2018

  2. Lone Drinker

    Why oh Why

    This point. It could have really helped us last year. Why not give yourself options? In the past, when it's not worked, we've gone with a smaller squad and relied on DR. I don't think that is the case this time around.
  3. Lone Drinker

    Average Attendance 2018

    Work it out then!
  4. Lone Drinker

    Bulldogs V Lions shield game MOM thread

    Jouffret Scott Day
  5. Lone Drinker

    Leigh v Batley

    Was one of them the big bald chap who kept knocking on in the first half? He was dreadful.
  6. Lone Drinker

    Sam Wood signs

    Farrell’s attitude was his problem.. not how he was used.
  7. Lone Drinker

    Leigh V Bulldogs MOM shield thread

    Jouffret Scott Campbell
  8. Lone Drinker

    Bulldog inbound Toby Everett

    He sounds like a direct replacement for Tommy Holland.
  9. Lone Drinker

    Bulldogs v Eagles MOM thread shield game

    JC Galbriath Dom
  10. Lone Drinker

    Batley Bulldogs

    He was in Priestley’s last Sunday with Matt. You muckraker.
  11. Lone Drinker

    And another Bulldog inbound Danny Yates

    Codswallop... Johnny Campbell to Dewsbury, Brown to Fev etc.. etc... A big eared muckraker is what you are.
  12. Lone Drinker

    Batley V Rochdale MOM thread shield

    Gledhill Brown Leak
  13. Lone Drinker

    BISSA SIGNING ALERT Louis Le Bulldog 2019

    Brilliant signing!
  14. Lone Drinker

    Barrow V Bulldogs MOM thread shield

    Jouffret Brambani Day
  15. Lone Drinker

    Rowe, Davey, Farrell and Crookes

    Wage structure, for one, if you offer him more you potentially have to pay others more. Not being able to match another offer from a different club, and avoiding a bidding war. His age maybe? Can he do another year at this level? It’s difficult to comment without knowing the details. That said...I like Rowe and would liked to have kept him.