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  1. Do we know the order in which we'd play these games yet? I heard yesterday that it'll be Toulouse (or Halifax) up first.
  2. Scott Ainscough Walker
  3. 2014 - Rovers 52 - 6 Batley Bulldogs 2015 - Rovers 44 - 16 Batley Bulldogs Really?
  4. It was a superb day Kevin and the team responded brilliantly. As with the pink weekends, the Jo Cox game last year and other such occasions, the club always seems to react superbly and entirely appropriately. Well done.
  5. Walker Reittie Farrell
  6. I agree Buford. I was all for giving him a chance a month ago. But he's showed no signs whatsoever of being capable of turning it around and I've no confidence that he can. He might benefit from a period of reflection.
  7. Brambani Harrison Lillycrop
  8. There is a whiff of agent provocateur about this Dogstew character. And I don't mean lingerie.
  9. Do either warrant inclusion on current form? I do recognise that if they were all picked on current form we'd only have about 5 players.
  10. I can't think of a game I've looked forward to less. I'm expecting it to be painful and the pressure to intensify on the coach.
  11. I 100% agree with you Buford that's it's incredibly frustrating that after two very tough years under Kear we have a great season last time out and get ahead of the game, so to speak, with a very good squad. Only to look like we're slipping back. Also, Diskin might find he needs to adapt his approach to be successful at this level. I certainly don't think he's blameless.
  12. Highlights?!? If you can call them that or a chance to see those missed tackles for the amateur video analysts. It's not pleasant viewing.
  13. One of my pet peeves on here is people starting a new thread is when there is no need, couldn't you've added this to the 'taxi for diskin' thread? It's all part of the same conversation, surely.
  14. I disagree. I think it's far too soon to even suggest it. Also, some of the abuse he got yesterday was out of order. Some supporters were very critical of John Kear for much of his tenure, pointing to dour rugby and rigid one dimensional tactics. Some of the same people are now arguing the opposite with Diskin, hankering for more structure and organisation. He's obviously trying to put in place his own brand of rugby and needs time (and support) to do so. The one thing Diskin doesn't have is Kear's vast experience. It's yet to be proved if he can turn this around.