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  1. Positives: A good turnout for our first game at Queensway Gameday arrangements went well. Food and drink were well apreciated and actually added to the club finances. Lots of support from a friendly bunch of Swinton Fans (40+ estimated) We didn't get nilled by a very good Swinton team 6 debutants got to play their first game for Crusaders To work on: Cut out penalties - particularly lying on - we got pinged for that too many times Capitalise on pressure when we build it MoTM No.15 for Swinton. He was unstoppable and bossed the game
  2. A good turn out from Swinton supporters yesterday - thanks for supporting the game in such numbers. One of your fans won the 50/50 half-time raffle: A cheque is on its way! Swinton took good advantage of the chances on offer where Crusaders didn't capitalise on our pressure in the first half. We seemed to get stronger as the game went on but didn't have an answer for your No.15 who bossed the game. Swinton looking like a good outfit and should compete well in the Championship. Pob lwc/ Best of luck
  3. I witnessed Joe Cobb give one of the worst refereeing performances ever at a North Wales Crusaders game a few seasons back, however I have seen him give decent performances once he was promoted to Super League but he was prone to howlers Whatever we feel about his performances as a referee he should never be subject to bullying and homophobia by his employers. If this is endemic as suggested by some of the posts above then this goes against the whole "Respect" ethos of treating everyone equally no mater what their age, race gender, gender orientation, faith or sexual orientation. The RFL must treat the allegations seriously and ensure all players referees ,officials directors, managers, employees and volunteers can be involved in Rugby League without prejudice.
  4. Good stuff. this caught my eye as a retired firefighter so I watched the Dragons TV footage. It seemed a lot slower than I remember when I went to Fire Service training school - but in fairness they weren't familiar with the drills and the equipment. It looked like a good bonding session.
  5. I've registered North Wales Crusaders Wheelchair Team on the BBC Get Inspired pages of their website. It was pretty easy to set up. I thought it may be something that other clubs may want to use to attract players or volunteers and advertise their activities. It could help, you never know. http://www.bbc.co.uk/thingstodo/activity/wheelchair-rugby-league-02/occurrence/831319
  6. I hope there are lots of Lions fans able to make the trip. We look forward to making you all very welcome.
  7. Hi Riggy. I've just been browsing the Swinto Lions RLFC website. The direction to the North Wales Crusaders game on Sunday 15th January is directing them to the Racecourse Stadium. We now play at Queensway Stadium Queensway Wrexham LL 13 8UH. If your coming in via the A483 from Chester turn of at Junction 6 onto the A5156 (Nantwich) follow this over the first roundabout and on to where the A5156 meets the A534. Take the second exit (right) onto Styt Holt (Holt Street) go straight on across 2 roundabouts. You pass a pub and shops (on your right) near a pedestrian crossing. Turn Left into Montgomery Road (speed bumps) and continue until you reach a roundabout. Queensway Stadium is the first exit off this roundabout. Can you update your website. I hope this is helpful. Mark (Crusaders Supporters Club)
  8. I met up with Andy Moulsdale today. He went to see Swinton v Oldham at the weekend and tells me that Swinton have a strong squad and will give us a stern test. Lets hope we get a good crowd out to cheer on the lads.
  9. Hard Braxit = relegated to League 1 Soft Braxit = remaining in Championship with -12 points and £150k playing budget
  10. A meeting has been arranged with Supporters Direct on Thursday 19th January 2017 at 7pm at Wrexham and Districet War Memorial Club, Farndon St, Wrexham (opposite the garage at the entrance to Tesco) At the meeting we will have a presentation from Supporters Direct and formally vote to set up a Trust. We can hopefully set up an interim committee to oversee the introduction of a trust, registration with the various agencies and set up a bank account in the very near future. The meeting is open to ALL supporters of North Wales Crusaders RLFC
  11. North Wales Crusaders had a 'difficult' year financially last year and has ongoing financial management to deal with in 2017. We have geared up for a tough year in League 1 but are in the process of becoming our own stakeholders by setting up a Supporters Trust. 2017 would be far too early for us for promotion to the Championship.
  12. Rather than playing it on a PC, I'm trying it for real!! I'm in the process of setting up a Supporters Trust (with the aid of Supporters Direct and other fans) to get a new income stream for North Wales Crusaders. I've also volunteered to be the matchday coordinator - arranging everything from Ground Safety Officer and Stewards, to ballboys and liaising with all the other volunteers to run the game on the day! Oh and I'm continuing at the Team Manager for North Wales Crusaders and Wales Wheelchair Rugby League Teams. The game need volunteers and activists. Get out there and do it!
  13. I hope England do get to the final of RLWC2017 - if only to stop the bleating on this forum! but it would do a lot of good for RL in the UK. I also hope that Toulouse make it to SL; it will make French RL stronger and that can only be a good thing I think Toronto will do well without my vote. I want Wales to get to the RLWC Quarter finals, I WISH they get to a semi-final, and John Kear is given the Freedom of Wales. I WISH only good things for North Wales Crusaders; settle into our new home, attract back some of the support we've lost and play some attractive rugby in 2017. Finally I WISH that Wheelchair Rugby League gets the recognition it deserves; We have a fabulous domestic league from Folkstone to Hull - and 2017 is also Wheelchair RL World Cup year. Prince Harry could do the game great service if he is steered in the right direction and promotes the game for the RFL.
  14. Parky would be proud of the way this thread has been derailed into a discussion on Hemel Stags! Merry Christmas to Parksider and all other posters.
  15. Looking forward to meeting our friends in York; we've had some close games against York City Knights in the past and I'm expecting nothing different for the League 1 Cup.